Me Pals
Abdullah Embong, B.511 Kg Wakaf Chagok, Batu Rakit. My classmate and hostelmate 64-66. Muhamad Endut, eldest maternal grandson of my father's elder sister. But he is younger than me.
Azizah Mohamad, my classmate in 64 from Seberang Marang. She quitted when the school moved from Sultan Sulaiman to Padang Midin in October 64. Khamsah Mohamad, 1643 Gong Pauh, Kemaman. My classmate and hostelmate 64-66. We met again briefly in UKM 71-73.
Syed Mustafa Abdul Rahim, my classmate in 64-66. His name is Wan Jaafar (now a MARDI officer), a kampung folk, but I always call him by his elder brother's name, Wan Hamzah (WAHBA), a writer in Utusan Melayu, Kuala Lumpur. They stayed in Tebauk, having a big house along the way to Bukit Tunggal School. In my "adventure time", I used to strayed as fas as to the back of their place, where there was a large bamboo growth beside padi fields; looking for birds and fighting fish.
Norimi, much younger than me. Her father is my mother's maternal uncle. Mokhtar, a very honest and sincere person, next only to my father. To simplify the relationship, he is my cousin, of my age. His father was my father's eldest sister's husband. His mother's mother was my father's maternal cousin.
My cousin, second son of my father's younger brother. The picture was taken during his freshmanship in police field force.

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My younger sister (left), Rubaihah, born in 1963, in her standard 6. I loved my sisters, all younger, five in all, with none the least, but this one is the most because she never forget to remember that I always need two pillows to sleep. My elder, and eldest brother (left) in his late-teen in late sixties, with his friend (right), Talib, also a kampung-mate. ... and with his wife in early seventies.
I had forgotten her name, younger than me, a neighbour of my mother's maternal uncle in Hiliran. Her elder brother, once, married to my cousin, my mother's eldest brother's youngest daughter. A personalised greeting card from a relative. ... with some saying.