Edition dated 2007 Mar 25 Sun

Kolam Air Eventually Visited

Once Upon a Used Dream;

2005, Mar 11 Fri, I attended the 3rd AG meeting for a moral purpose, and incidently got elected; it was by the sheering fate; and it could have been in many different ways pivoting about the SESERI;
The 4th AGM was on 2006 Mar 10 Fri. My CM 'membership' was reconfirmed by those attended; thus another year in the SESERI PIBG. 2007 Mar 9 Fri, the AGM #5. I opted out, thus the end of the 'affair' with SESERI. Yes, I surely am, I loved SESERI very much, as much as I do my alma mater SAS.
CM 2005-06CM 2006-07

2007 Mac 25 Sun, The Sports Day #4, at which I anticipate my "frolic" with SESERI ultimately ends. The place and the people were too familiar. And it appeared that I was too familiar even to the "new comers" of SESERI.
However, my presence was for the participation of the Homestay programme with the Japanese Hipo Family Club. The host here was Hiroshima International Club. The programme was under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.
Her name was Sakiko Aizawa, 11. She is going to stay with the family for the week, till Friday morning. The end would be on Apr 2 Mon. Every one was excited when she arrived at home ca. 3 pm, especially CB who has a few japanese words he would have the opportunity to put in practice even though the motive of the club activity was reciprocal.

2007 Mac 09 Fri, The AGM #5, the moment Alya and I were expecting. The end time. As always, it was held on the last day of a school break - this time, mid-term of the first sem. Being parents of ex-students, we are eligible to continue the membership, and may opt to be re-elected. However, I opted not too. Let the current parents deal with the school in "real time". Like many others, I would like to end the "affair" with SESERI. I had expressed my wish during the last CM 2006 meeting, Feb 10 Sat, and I had expressed my sincere thanks and gratitute to the teachers and the school for having taking care of my daughter. There would be a few events in times to come, the school will remember me, and probably invite me to participate.
The new CM, including all brand new in the teachers block;

The four from the AGM #4 CM re-elected: Front row, third from left: En Abu Hussein, Dr Mohd Izham (NYDP), En Nor Adnan (YDP - re-elected), and second from right: Puan Haslina; En Mohd Lokmal (absent).

2007 Mac 01 Thu, The "Makan Beradab" Noon, I guessed this one for Mac. Again I could not make it. The STKK2922 was right at 12 to 1 noon. It was the monthly occasion if it was like the Feb 10. It was not that of the B.D. type because if so it would be at night, even though it was once done during the afternoon (2006 Sep 21 Thu). And occasion at night usually best done on Sat. I would not know among my "colleagues" who attended.

2007 Feb 16, The "Ikrar" Day, for those taking SPM in 2007, in Gelanggang Anggerik Sari. Exactly similar event of 2006 Jul 22 Sat. The other thing the school apparently adapted from that of last year. It was visualised that the early "ikrar" is more real compared to the late one which was really imaginary, or more polite, ceremonial. However, I could not make it. Most probably the YDP. But Lokmal was certain.

2007 Feb 10 Sat, Three in one Day, the "Bicara Tokoh"; the noon "Makan Beradat"; and the PIBG CM Meeting. The first one was another name or the glamourous name for the classical "Career Talk", to F5 students. I was asked by CheGu Noorisma to arrange for an engineer to talk about engineering. He was Prof Ir Dr Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Director of Pusat Kejuruteraan Termaju, UKM's Engineering Faculty; a chemical engineer. The first event for this year 2007 was actually the F4 reception, Jan 31 Wed. I was engaged for something else.
Then we were the GoH in their "Makan Beradat". Apparently they do this frequently from this year 2007, not only three times a year as it was in 2005 and 2006. Only that in sans birthday celebration, it was rather simple. Nothing to be given away. Just eat, politely.
After quite a break, it was the CM Meeting of PIBG. The last for this committee before the AGM. It was thus focused on the AGM agenda, and any necessary strategy.

2007 Jan 31 Wed, The F4 Reception, I was engaged for something else. This was the first event of the year 2007. The commitment till AGM in about Mar should not be perturbed; but surely so since the daughter was not there.

2006 Nov 3 Fri, The Count Down to SPM 2006, the "solat hajat perdana"; which preceeded the "majlis restu ilmu",which is internally, i.e., between the pupils and the teachers, to be held next week. Then the eventual 'zeroth hr' of SPM begins ca. Nov 20 for three weeks to early Dec. Then only the "inmates" realised that they would miss the frolic in SESERI.

The event was preceeded by the PIBG's CM meeting; to be the last for this year 2006 - but when I arrived the meeting was over. The last CM meeting would be in ca. Feb 2007 in preparation for the AGM #5 one Fri morning in Mar 2007 in which the 'senior' CM would be automatically relieved. The pengetua was no where in sight, reported to be unwell from the week start. The only function left would be in Jan 2007, the new intake F4 reception. After that SESERI and KOLAM AIR will exist only in the real memory and actual virtuality. I dreamed of it in 1970's. It came true thirty five years later, in 2005. Virtuality has no frame, thus events have no form. Extracting one out, would appear in different forms in different times.

Leading the mass was an utz/teacher from VI, the same one as last year, a motivator, and religiously attracted by both the pupil and the attending parents.

I always admire the pupil participation, given the opportunity. "Bukan salah ibu mengandung, tetapi salah didik asuhan".

Something to hold on to in the moments of despair.

Refreshment; and the opportunity to get to know closer the VVIP.

2006 Oct 13/ 1427H Ramadan 20 Fri, The Iftar & Tarawikh, which was for the first time held in the school, since 2003, with the parents participation. It was not mention in any PIBG CM meeting beforehand; so I guest it was the novel idea of the (new) Pengetua.
However I missed this occasion, because I supposedly scheduled to attend the similar occasion for FST in the UKM Mosque, which I missed too.

2006 Sep 21 Thu, The "Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum 2006 & Makan Beradab #2 2006", the former of which was ordered to be done on separate day; unlike last year, it was rolled 3-in-1. And nonetheless tagged together the Birthday Formal Dinner (Lunch) #2 for this year, for those of Sep-Dec; thus missed the nightly elegance when the cake was paraded in with the songs of lights. The transition of the Pengetua in April had delayed many traditional activities of SESERI; only those date-anchored were not adjusted. The VVIP was Pn Marina Chin, the name and picture that flooded the sports section of TV screen and print media in the 1970's. She was the Queen of the Track; currently a teacher in Kelana Jaya where she lives in a normal family life with husband Jagjit Singh (a rugby star). There are two more events to take place before the SPM commences. Both are after Shawal 1427; one is "Majlis Restu Ilmu" which is internal, i.e. between students and teachers, and the other one is "Majlis Solat Hajat" which involves the parents as well. Then SPM, and then SESERI 2006 ends. Then the eventual end is in sight.
The Formal Dinner (lunch actually) setup was the exact replica of the Aug 30 Wed minus the three speeches by the Pengetua, The YDP, and the VVIP, and the chicken chop (replaced with a walimah menu); but plus the daylight;

2006 Sep 16 Sat, The "Malam Gemala Puteri 2006", the third batch (ORION) for SESERI since 2004, the "traditional" night solely for the F5 - the kind of 'primitive' F3 Day I had back in 1966 in Padang Midin, Trg. In the previous two, it was done right on the very last night of their SESERI tenure; with the parents were waiting outside (not allowed to join the pupils) to take their childrem home for good. But this year, the #2 principal "suggested" that parents be involved committedly, thus PIBG; thus the guest of honour a.k.a. VVIP; so that at the end of the day, "everyone" win out of the effort invested.

And the VVIP was Senator Datuk Wira Syed Ali Al Habshee, with the annoted 'regalia', Chairman of the Cheras Education Foundation.

And the usual VIPs - the principals of the surrounding SBPs, the top 'SBP brass' at the KPM and the JPWP, and the PIBG; and their spouses.

Pupils were 'paraded' in quantum, in their only time of 'unleashed' best attire; making them very indistinguishable from their teachers. Every one was on the stage, and they enjoyed themselves for the glorious moment.

Some parents - those who had the strong 'sense' of togetherness;

Every one was on the same menu;

The show; the 'must' MM show;

The speeches and the promises. But the the most was the surprises of the presents;

The finale - all of them;

Finally, Some private moments while being 'chased' by the hotel because the time was up;

2006 Aug 30 Wed, The "Makan Beradab - Ambang Merdeka" Day, the first of 2006, rather belated, and appeared to have been combined to give a large number of BD-girls: those born in Jan - Aug. Since I missed the one like this last year, I made every effort to be with them this year. It was in the dining hall "Geraha Puteri" from after sun-set. Since the second part last year, those in the occasion, born in Jan - Aug were given the token, the invited, and the visitors included. The event has thus expanded to become more like "national", and no longer in-house as before. It was then followed by the "Ambang Merdeka" on the assembly court at near mid-night, the mid-night count down, and the 15-minutes of first Aug 31 Thu. Essentially it was an out-door TV viewing; official one because VIPs were included on the confort of the cushion; extracted from TV3 broadcast live from Kuching where the national celebration was being held; into LCD and transmitted onto a makeshift fabric screen spanned between two flag poles. The VIP, was the CEO of the Wilayah Persekutuan KL Department of Education by the name Hj Abas Awang. As always he spoke, in a speak that had made him ascended to where he is. I admired the sheer perfection they managed them. I complemented one of the teachers that this is what education is all about, not the A's that the pengetua always compared among each other, although I reserved to agree with him that this could be done only in boarding schools.

I guessed the sheer perfection was acquired through repeated activity. They have done this at least ten times already.

It took the VIP to explained the paradox menu of chicken chops, chips, corn-on-the-web, fork and knife, on the eve of Merdeka Celebration. And he received a fruit basket in return from the pengetua. The "swollen" birthday cake was mentioned as a contribution of committee members of PIBG; later supposedly to be cut into ca. 260 pieces. It cost ca. RM1.50 for each pupil.

Some of the BD-girls which was about three quarters of the school population.

The VIP and some of the guests.

More guests; the MC and the souvenirs.

And the rest of the stories... And on, at 11 to the assembly court for the "Ambang Merdeka".
It reminded me of the open air movie we used to have in SAS back in 1967-68.
The 49 birthday of the country was marked with the "cutting" of "pulut kining" - "nasi kunyit"; a deviation from the traditional cake. The only pupils' show of the night was the "dikir barat", which was brilliantly renamed "dikir puteri". The background KLCC toward which the pupils turned to when the fireworks began irrespective of what the VIPs were watching on the screen infront;
The climax was at mid-night, the "twi-day" second. Every one wave the flag, big or small, old or young,
and sang the patriotic songs "seriously".
The occasion ended at half past mid-night; to joined the traffic jam spilled off from "Merdeka Square" reportedly to have harboured about ten thousands celebrators.

2006 Jul 22 Sat, The "Ikrar" Day, for those taking SPM in 2006, in Gelanggang Anggerik Sari. Perhaps functionally, it was only a form of psychological support. Tuan Haji Mohd Kholil Mohamad, the head of Academic and Examination Management Unit, of SBP Sector, witnessed; the same person I first met when he was invited VIP in 2005 April 1 Dinner. And he spoke of the same thing "Amalina" without realising he was in a SBP where "Amalinamenon" would never happen. I reckoned the ceremony was too ceremonious. Parents were called to co-sign the "pledge", otherwise a teacher was authorised to represent the parents. It was decided that later it would be sufficient to be done during, or a few moments after they were first registered in SESERI. At least some times and energy could be diverted for more intense focus in other activities. But again, the apparent current trend is identical every where: ceremony will envelop a non-filled content. Last year I missed this occasion - 2005 Jun 18 Sat - to attend the "non-event" SAS Alumni #21 AGM in Putrajaya's SAS. This year, I do not have alternatives for both reasons: Alya and PIBG. We arrived within time, but still late in the Q: M3.

2006 Jul 15 Sat, 3rd Excellence Award Day, the 3rd for SESERI, in Dewan Gemala Puteri. The YDP En Adenan arrived early, and already "on alert" waiting for the VVIP, this time, the recently appointed deputy director general of education Malaysia, Dato' Salleh Mohd Hussein, together with Pengetua, and other invited VIPs. I was the second PIBG to arrive, and the last of the fore-runners to arrive; and was ushered to join the crowd. The invited VIPs were the pengetuas of the surrounding SBPs, viz. Puan Norlia of SBPI Gombak, and Haji Edrus of SMSAS (my alma mater), En Ghaffar (SBP Head of Deputy Directors in Putrajaya), and Puan Nik Ramas (head of Academic Sector, JP WP), and Puan Hajah Sabihah, the former SESERI first principal, now the Sri Puteri Principal in Cyberjaya. One invited VIP started all the more interesting event today, the reason d' etre I was destined to be with the SESERI for these retrangressing years, from the first second she saw me in the lineup, and still could remember me very well: The Pengetua SBPI Gombak, Puan Hajah Norlia Mohd Shuhaili. It started here, and it needed to restart here to trace the link.
The Pengetua SBPI Gombak, Puan Hajah Norlia Mohd Shuhaili was a VIP invited. Since last years many events in SESERI, this was the first time she managed to clear the time. In waiting since last year she was destined to carry with her the "key" to unlock, all the way from Perak where she was recently transfered from. It started here, and it needed to restart here to trace the link. She was in F5 here in 1970; she was in the flock in the bus who went to visit SAS in 1970 Mar 21 Sat, she was a close friend of the HG Norilam. She kept in touch through the years to today; she confided each other, from that 1970 Mar. I could tell that, and she instantly knew that I was prepared to. She kept on towing; and while moving on with the itinery in the occasion, by Norlia's key to unlock, I was on her phone across the Titiwangsa relinking the dots from the cold winter 1974/75. As always, an occasion like today, the lunch was the fullstop; after the lunch I thanked Norlia at the goodbye. I would like to see Norlia again in a more informal cause. Had she met me in 2005 Jan, I would have asked her to have Alya transfered to her school; after all, a bunch of Alya's friends were at her school and Alya would not have the inertia she had when she first checked in SESERI early last year 2005. But, no, it was meant to be here, in Kolam Air; the place at one time, long ago, I always wanted to have a reason to go. That is how it was destined to happen.

Fauziah Romli 5G Nurhayu Rusdi 4E 2006 April 22, something to remember. I paid my due in full, for the 3RM in 1963 to the teacher I never knew. The difference was to take care of the cost of the time dilation. This is a mark in the curve on their way to their own destiny, the way I was. Alya may not understand it, but she could expect that some companions would remember her in SESERI for quite a long time to come. Without her, I would not have the reason I need to be in SESERI.

2006 Apr 9 Sun, Sports Day, the 3rd for SESERI, in the same place as the second, Stadium MP Selayang. I was expecting as it was about a year ago with the previous principal; this year trying to convince the new principal, that it is better and more elegant. Unlike last year whence she just marched, Alya took part in 800 and 4 x 400. She enjoyed herself very much. More parents attended because PIBG 'suggested' that after the events they were allowed to take home their daughters, like that of the F1 Run last Mar; the incentive PK HEM had to learn to live with by the consent of the new principal, in contrast from the previous principal.

2006 Mar 26 Sun, F1 Charity Run For the first time for a SBP, although not infrequent for surrounding schools before the F1 proper every year. This year such was not carried out; it thus replaced; nonetheless a week after the F1.

2006 Mar 10 Fri, AGM #4 The 4th AGM: the dissolution of 2nd CM and the election of the 3rd CM. The YDP had to go because he no longer has a daughter. The succeeding YDP was from the dissolved CM, voted uninamously. Similarly the NYDP whose membership is still valid this year. Five new F4 parents were also voted in;

2005 Oct 1 Sat, Solat Hajat for the 2005 SPM, in which I attended for the PIBG. The Utz invited to lead was the one from VI, and he was a superb motivator.

It was preceeded by the PIBG's CM meeting; to be the last for this year 2005. The last CM meeting would be in ca. Feb 2006 in preparation for the AGM #4 one Fri morning in Apr 2006 in which the 'senior' CM would be automatically relieved.

2005 Jul 22, Formal Dinner #2: An Honour for SESERIAN born in Apr, May, and Jun; the second installment after #1 Apr 1 (Jan, Feb, Mar). Beyond even a blink of doubt, SESERIAN had carved their name and tradition one would proud for a long time to come. Every Seserian would become a graduate. Perhaps the occasion was also a mark for the exit of the first Principal Pn Hjh Sabihah who moved on to Seri Puteri Cyberjaya; and to welcome the new Principal Pn Hjh Zuraidah. Both were present in the occasion;
The 'show' of the night was a surprise inclusion of PIBG, the wishful thought I uttered infront of the three deputies only a few minutes before it happened. It began with a complete wordless surprise when it came to my turn; then the YDP himself Dr Shahir (who was absent and acted by En Adnan); the loudest clap was when both the former principal and the new principal had their respective turn;

2005 Jul 2, 3-in-1 Events: The Excellence Day, Cocurriculum Carnival, and Open Day; all were for the first time since SESERI's birth in 2003 Jun, especially the former. As in the sports day in April, I was stunned by the perfection of the running, obviously and understandably not including the contents.

Almost every one received the award, and not excluding the teachers and the support staff. The day ended at the sun set; and also like a sun-setting was the true rumour that the current principal was moving to Seri Puteri Cyberjaya. She rang me from her new office on her first day, Jul 4; perhaps I was among the first PIBG to congratulate her;

2005 Apr 17 Sun, Sports Day, the Second for SESERI, in Stadium MP Selayang. I was stunned by the sheer perfection of the students performance allbeit they spend only two years in the school; I dont mean their running records, but their programme running; unhitched. The mere two uniformed team, the 'police' and the 'army' paraded in perfect oneness. The houses marched in a gallant show of each uniqueness. The contestants ran in stallion spirit jolted by the pouring support of their house;

There would be time when they will be taken to these times to remember in the school;

2005 Apr 1, a dinner; it was amazingly run by the Board of Prefect (of course, all arranged by the Teachers). It was for those, students, teachers, and support staff, born in Jan, Feb and Mar. It was called "Makan Beradab". I said it should be "Makan Beradat" because there were certain 'protocols' during the dinner, although it was actually just a dinner. One always eat 'beradab' be it alone, or with others; but during 'makan beradat', there are other things one had to observe apart from one's normal 'adab'. "Adat" is more of a culture, one is acceptably differ from another. "Adab" is manner, and there are so many common denominators of manners of eating/dinner, no matter how differ their cutures are;
The Guest of Honour and The Principle; his speech exposed a lot of vulnarabilities;
The parents and the students; had the former be given independent says, a lot more could be enjoyed by the latter;

The 3rd AGM, 2005 Mar 11 Fri;

The CM 2005, the second CM since SESERI took off 2003 ca. Mar. The rest were consequential;