Does God Really Talk To Bush? We Shall See Does God Really Talk To Bush? We Shall See By Jim Moore 4-24-5 Only a few men throughout history have actually heard God's voice, or so we are told. Men like, Adam, Moses, Noah, Saul, Lot, and of course, our very own president, George W. Bush. Think about that. If we believe that God actually speaks to human beings (in their own language, of course), then we would have no reason to doubt that He also said something deep and inspirational to Bush. That, at least, is the scuttlebutt inside the Beltway. During that suspenseful period of time during which this administration was deciding whether or not to send troops into foreign lands, Bush told America in no uncertain terms, that he was communing with the Lord, and that God had told him (apparently also in no uncertain terms), that he was to take the lead in bringing freedom, democracy, even Christianity to our whole pitiful planet. And that, earthly summum bonum, by George, is what President Bush seems to have dedicated his life to - starting with Iraq. Personally, I have no problem with people who claim to have heard God's voice. The Lord's voice, like flying saucers, is not in my purview. But I do concede that it must get pretty lonely Up There and God might just want to rap with someone down here from time to time. But hold everything. I once read that God is a Spirit. Without physical form. Thus, with no vocal chords, God does not literally speak to us. What Bush is hearing may be his own voice telling himself what he thinks God would tell him - if He could talk. Which is fine if you're the President of the United States with the power to do something nasty to dissenters who dare to question your relations with the Almighty. Be that as it may, there is little doubt that God is SOMETHING. And that SOMETHING, in terms of spiritual qualities, can be defined in generally accepted terms as: LOVE, LIFE, TRUTH, and PRINCIPLE. So, if God spoke to him, as he said He did, Bush wasn't paying attention because his mindset and actions are anything but Godlike. And here are some examples to prove the point. PRINCIPLE? Not here. Bush has turned his back on the principles, values, and laws of this nation by ignoring the need for a legal declaration of war, preemptive strikes on a sovereign nation, refusing to protect our borders from illegal aliens, and ignoring our Founders warnings about empire building. A nation that ignores its founding principles is already dying. LIFE? Look elsewhere. Bush professes the sanctity of life with his stand on traditional marriage, 'leave no child behind', and anti-abortion rhetoric, but he thinks nothing of sending more soldiers out to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also conveniently forgets his Texas record of killing more inmates on death row than any other governor in American history. Some respect for life. TRUTH? What's that? Bush insisted there were no 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq. He promised to be a uniter, yet he has polarized America along racial, class and cultural lines. In fact, on every occasion since 9/11, he has given us nothing but fabrications, tall tales, rationalizations, excuses, double meanings, ambiguous language, and more 'God' talk. LOVE? That's a laugh. Bush may love his family, his position, and his fortune, but he shows little love for anything or anyone else but himself. It's also doubtful that he loves his country, or he would not be destroying it by consistently breaking his presidential oath to 'preserve, protect, and defend' the Constitution of the United States. America doesn't need that kind of love. If God talks to him whether a reality or delusional thinking - Bush owes the Lord more than a deaf ear. Comment Alton Raines 4-24-5 While exiting the funeral of Pope John Paul II, a reporter managed to get Bush to lean over a railing and respond to a question: "Why did you think of Pope John Paul II?" the reported asked. "I liked him. He was a good man. A Christian man. I liked him..." Rapidly, the reporter shot back, "How did you feel about his opposition to the war in Iraq?" Without hesitation, Bush replied with a shrug, "He was a man of peace. A man of God. He didn't like war." It was all too visible across his face that he had just consigned himself and defined himself by contrast as one who likes war, as one who is not a man of peace and not a man of God. A man of war. A man of evil. A lover of war. Disclaimer Email This Article MainPage This Site Served by TheHostPros