2006 April: The Longest April. The Revenge of SAS

The long Apr commenced since Mar 25 Sat the day Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS) in Putrajaya was officially hatched into Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SSAS). Its real soul it said it brought from Cheras that became the matter in SSAS was rather not pretty at all; as it was from the beginning when it snatched the name SAS in Cheras and put it in Putrajaya. The only thing nice about it was that that school in Putrajaya is SSAS, and IT IS NOT SAS. SAS has not become SSAS. SAS is still in Cheras, and thank goodness it is crystal clear now that SAS is still in Cheras/BTRazak, not in Putrajaya. The one in Putrajaya is definitely NOT SAS. It is NOT SAS! No! it is NOT.

The hard rock fall off on April 5 Wed when the gang of 7 were expelled from the school; that eerie incident included the HB. It was a case of, in ordinary words, extortion involving money; in SBP jargon, "high council"; in street language, "gangsterisme". That the HB was involved was scary indeed. I could not imagine myself what could I have done in 1970 that would made the HM decide to expel his HB from the school. It was narrated that the HB "guarded" the "tradition" of SAS. That when it was made known to the Principal about the "tradition", the Principal got very mad, indicated that the "tradition" was not pretty at all. The "tradition" was more of a "ritual", containing many anecdotes of a long epic.

(L-R) The SAS Principal 2003 when SAS moved from Cheras to Putrajaya. He groomed the "ritual" by indifferentiating the "crime commited" by 13 years old timid boys with the menaces of the tyranic 18-yrs teenagers. But he has the consolation of never saying "no, you cannot go home", to the students or the parents. Perhaps he still has some covalency with the bricks that made up the wall of the school. Then the "ritual" began its menaces by indifferentiating the fellow mates with the teachers; it swelled the ugly side of SAS into a dark matter. It squeezed the softy Principal 2004 into a transfer in early 2005. The SAS Principal 2005 who turned to 2006 SSAS deswelled some of the dark matters in 2006; he has nothing to shy against the uglyness because, unlike the previous two Principals who were SAS-ians, he is not, although his own alma mater in Kuala Kangsar had long become an anti-matter and invisible in the sky.
The Bad, The Good, and The Ugly;
The Bad, HB 2005, standing on the edge of a cliff. He was lucky that only a few grams more would tilt him into the gorge. He was just an inch away. Within that short distance he led the pack into an hegemony, feeling that that was the way. He got his name carved on the wall, but he missed the chance to become a name to remember; the only chance he had in his entire life. That was bad. The Good, HB 2006 Jan. He knew very well the "ritual", perhaps he was also part of it. Perhaps in the short months he experienced the kiss of fire. Knowing that he could not get unentangled later, he extricate himself out, dropped the altar, pretended to pay more on the lessons. He smarted himself; gave up the then and grabbed the future. That was good. The Ugly, 2006 post-Jan HB who grabbed at the first touch when the Good dropped himself off. Poor boy, he came from a distance, the son of an old teacher, coming to start to make a life better than his father. Persuaded by the desire to have the name carved on the plaque on the wall of the school, but forgotten the inner half, the resposibility to keep defending the honour of being HB of a boarding school. That was very ugly indeed.
The seven unfortunate who were netted to pay the price: The HB (#1), a prefect (#2), a class monitor (#3); the rest are in some places in the koku. They were born "SAS-ian" in 2002 and grew up to full "SSAS-ian" 2006, failing to uphold the dignity of SAS 63 at its raison d'etre. From the other side of it, they were lucky because they got the lessons of life early;

An F5 2005. He was "born" in Cheras in 2001, so he has the trait of the Principal who was blind in differentiating between the "crime commited" by 13 years old timid boys and the menaces of the tyranic 18-yrs teenagers. It was the beginning, 2005 Aug 7 Sun morning he assembled all F1 and mounted a challenge to pressure to dust all those who disobey him. He even dare to invoke the names of alumni with disrespect as though he came from nilhilo. He had disturbed the peacefullness of the souls of his forebearers who carried SAS a long way to his day. It was his day. Not everyday is his day. He will see at least a day when all the souls he disturbed would curse on him; he would see a day not his day.
A midget teenager F4, 2005 Jul 18 evening, enjoyed himself by confusing the little innocent F1 while filling his belly with fatty burger. First he summoned an F1a asking him to go to another F1b to tell the F1b to buy for him a burger using the money the midget F4 said had already been given to F1b. So F1a went to the F1b to tell the message. F1b denied he received any money; F1a insisted that F1b had received the money. F1b misjudged F1a that F1a had swooped the money. In the mean time F1b was scared to death. The F4 kept on pushing the F1a to push the F1b for the burger. F1a told F1b that F4 is after him, so F1b was on the run all the time. Most of the time, F1b would surrender and F4 earned a burger for his belly. Some F1b did not have the money, so he felt haunted all the time; he started to develop the hamster character.
Left, another F4, 2005 Aug 4 night; pleasuring himself to the climax by menacing the 13-years old F1s in C3 and C4, after pretending that his lost shirt was stolen by one of those in the dorms. He really enjoyed himself watching the small boys in agony of having to endure all kinds of new punishments he and his 'team' designed or created. Throughout 2005 he lived in the curse of small innocent boys no one did not hate. Many of the boys became incomprehensible trying to understand why they have to do those things their parents never asked to do in their life before. It never occurred in his mind that those innocent boys had nobody to tell, but their parents. Right, the dorm stool of C3 just watched his little brothers being drilled, perhaps he too drew some pleasure out of the little boys agony; or perhaps he enjoyed it doing the same thing in another dorm; the act of prostituting his little brothers he supposed to look after. Incidentally, both are classmates;
Who dare to tell anyone, especially to the teachers and more especially to the parents that life in SSAS is full of "ritual" and "tradition" that make the leaver a hamster or a gangster, shall be irradiated irreversibly to full gaseous state; knowing cowardly that F1 and F2 dare not;
The future SSAS-ian (thank God, they are not going to be SAS-ian). Now in F2, had already learned, like a hyeina after being roared by the lion, wake up to transiterate the 'roar', first to their next neighbour, the nearest creatures that will not bite back. Over the coming years they will nurture on the fear of others, enjoyed themselves - an escape mechanisme - in trying to forget and to overcome the trauma that all days in 2005 there was no day they were not in fear. The hate of getting trapped inside the dorms, was transmitted to - by the coward way behind the back - of those luckier who managed to osmosized. They began to hatch the ugly characters of being the leader of the pack many apologetically say normal in SBP. For a year they had the chance to grow in a wild, and built up every repulsive defense mechanism.
Two just rised from the Frankestein coffin of F3 2005. In F4 2006, the duo become the wizard apprentice in the school band brigade; performing acrobatics to F2 and new members F1 at any slightest disobedience, pretexting decipline in the brigade. Some F2 felt unartisticalness in the music group, decided to leave; and wasted no time, the duo poured fire by asking to get the written permission from the rest of the members; an act of impossibility to accompalish the duo desired to pleasurise. Their other buddies enjoyed in frenzy their dorms being cleaned every early morning by F2 hand-picked the night before at their wishes like the pimp does to prostitutes in a den.

Some perverted educationist intoduced the way to intimate the juniors F1 and F2; the F5 quickly saddle it into some machostic infos, blessed by the Principal without looking at the content, very distasteful to digest. The logbook, one piece the penitentiary record book. This one was lucky to have the same warden "on duty".

The "ritual" left a few objects as clues: the hall Dewan Perdana Putra, the piano, the steel ruler, and the burger;

The incident bridged the gap I was wondering all these while: that SBP-er did not perform during the Matriculation, some of them even has to be terminated because of less-than-2 PNGK; that SBP-er in local Universities were known non-performer; that the academic cloud in the local universities is like with SBP-er absence. My thesis is: that majority of the SBP-er are in agony under non-academic stresses throughout their stay in the school that it took away their academic exercises to unstress it. The only one thing they were looking forward was the time it would be over; they are happier when the time come rather than getting worry about how to go beyond it. The small fraction who made it were by virtue of their destiny since they were picked. The rest fall to a background function.

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Blogger hairul said...

    assalamualaikum... saya nak tanya.. pakcik ni betol2 ker ex-boy alam shah?
    sebab.. kalau pakcik ni betol2 ex-boy alam shah.. x kan pakcik sanggup bukak 
aib skola kiter.... pakcik... yang jahat bukan semua...
 bila pakcik post artikel ni... semua orang kena... so... 
saya mohon pakcik delete la artikel ni and pakcik turun padang... 
datang alam shah and tolong kitorang.... kalau pakcik masih sayang alam shah.... 
datanglah... bagi sumbangan kpd alam shah... (wakil pelajar alam 

    9:22 PM
Blogger Othman Awang said...

    hmmm.... jadilah blogger yg bertanggungjawab. identiti penulis??!!

    7:25 AM
Blogger zidni said...

    saya juga bekas pelajar. sungguh sedih ape yg trjadi kepada nama alam shah, 
agaknya, entry ini utk mnyedarkan kita semua, it takes more than 1 or 2 parties 
utk pulihkn alam shah..

    satu persoalan.. mcm mana pemilihan pelajar yg masuk ke alam shah? 
kalau turun padang pun.. adakah ini dpt diubah? adakah ini di dalam tgn kita?

    5:58 PM
Blogger Aiman Manap said...

    salam wrt..

    saya rasa x ada masalah dalam pemilihan pelajar utk masuk ke alam shah.. 
kalau dgr cerita, kononnya pemilihan pljr alam shah ni, drpd best of the best.. 
mmg benar, ritual2 byk bawa kesan buruk kpd sekolah.. 
tp, perlu juga diingat, mana datangnya ritual tu kalau tidak daripada generasi 
pelajar2 yg sebelumnya.. x boleh nak salahkan satu pihak sahaja.. 
saya pun merasakan bahawa kalau bekas pelajar alam shah sendiri 
yg memantau perkembangan generasi2 pljr ni, inshaAllah akn ada perubahan.. 
mgkin mengambil masa, tp utk kepentingan sekolah juga.. alam shah, 
tetap alam shah.. walaupun dah tukar nama.. walaupun dah tukar tapak sekolah..

    tak boleh gak nak marah2 sama pakcik mat.. andai kata terkena hidung kita sendiri, 
tentu la kita akan bertindak sedemikian.. saya yakin, pakcik mat masih sygkan alam shah.. 
cuma saya berharap, 
dptlah digunakan pendekatan yg berhemah utk memulihkan keadaan..

    sekian, wassalam, wallahua'lam..

    + + wakil batch 0206 + +

    8:00 AM
Blogger Lanujang said...

    pulangkan balik nama 'SAS' tu ke Cheras. Lagipun sekarang, 
yg di PJ tu dah ada nama baru SSAS. kenapa nak simpan nama SAS lagi. 
Bangunan nya pun masih ada lagi di Cheras. Sejarahnya masih di situ dan akan kekal di situ.

    8:05 PM
Blogger Muhammad Khairul said...

    love your website.. long live SAS

    10:59 PM
Blogger basit abd rahman said...

    assalammualaikum.....dr xnak sembang2 dgn saye ke?

    8:46 AM
Blogger kluangman said...

    Perkara yg lalu knapa nk diungkitkan lagi. kalu nk jdkan sbgai pengajaran pun, 
knpa pak cik x turun padang shj. Stakat post artikel camni, 
ni kecut namanye.yg brlalu biar berlalu.... 
Kitakn dlarang untuk membocorkan keaiban orang lain. Allah marah.....

    1:26 AM
Blogger norazizul_mohamad said...


    saya setuju dgn pendapat saudara aiman manap. drpd dok melenting xtentu pasal..
lebih baik balik ke sekolah n pantau keadaan sekolah. 
sesungguhnya ramai ex-boys yg xnk tgk skolah lama dier jd truk..
albeit dh tukar nama ke..dh tukar tapak ke..but SSAS still org akan cakap formely known as SAS. 
insyaAllah bile saya dh habis uni n start keje, 
sye akan tlg sas. jikalau ade masa yg tluang.coz occupation sye nnt maybe xmengizinkan..
but Allah knows best.

    salam perpaduan

    7:12 AM
Blogger basit abd rahman said...

    assalammulaikum......mesti ingat saya kan?takkan tak ingat...
anak Dr Mat pun mesti ingat saya jugak kan....sekarang dia dah form 4 kan?tanya la...
best ke tak jadi senior....
harap2 jadi senior yang baik.die berasal dari keluarga yang baik2.
kalau ada masa boleh la kita berbincang panjang2 lagi....

    10:50 AM

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