All in the family in SAS Saturday about 5pm, Jul 22, 2000. This time of the year in pre-70's was normally final weeks of the second term. Students were very eager to go home for a break; everyone, including teachers was in holiday-mood.


To date in 1970 Jul 22 (1390H, J Awal 19), Wednesday: I was on duty today, with Sulaiman, at the [radio transmitter] stall in the [ESSO National Interschool Science] Exhibition in Language Institute, Lembah Pantai, from the morning. While around the stall, I took the opportunity to exchange badges of other schools from the student visitors. Today I got one from a student girl of Sultan Abdul Aziz Secondary School, Kajang. I came back to school in the afternoon and had a nap at three. In the evening I played several games of carom and at night I chatted with Husin and many other friends in the Prefect Room. Holiday mood is prevailing, it will begin this weekend.


To date in 1969 Jul 22 (1389H, J Awal 8), Tuesday: Lessons went on in the class as usual. We got the advance for our comming second term holiday home trip. I took fifty bucks. I did not attend the GP class in the afternoon because I wanted to go to KL, but had to cancel because Jalil had something to do in his class. Anyway in the evening I went to Cheras with Lajis and bought some sundries. My duty tonight was in 5Sn3.


To date in 1968 Jul 22 (1388, R Akhir), Monday: Miss S.K. Cheong came to class to teach math as usual. Magic show in the school hall by a Pakistani professor. I did not go, instead I went to library. I felt very much disturbed by many elements around. Some other teachers also came to the class but only to discuss recent mid-year exam questions or just sat down marking the answer scripts. I really had a bad day today, feeling lonely and missed the folks at home, and in the class I felt very sleepy indeed. I tried to make it up during the afternoon prep-class. I got my trouser from the laundry chinese in the evening. There was football and sepakraga matches between SAS and Serdang Agriculture College, but I did not go to watch. During night prep-class, I spoke to friends what I wanted to speak and did what I wanted to do.


To date in 1967 Jul 22, Saturday: Today is STTI sports day. I went to watch it - there was a band march. My dorm was lighted via connection from the corridor light. Abdullah went to town and I asked him to buy a pack of clearasil with the five bucks I borrowed from Omar yesterday. Abdullah also bought seven KL-KTN express bus tickets for the comming second term school holidays beginning this weekend. Othman and I were not in the seven, we hope to catchup with them later. At night there was open air cinema; the film was about a spy thriller.