UKM 35 Years How old is a University life? Well, UKM is 35 years old. Being a university, it is a very young one. Very young indeed. UKM was born in 1970 May; its 'courtship' began as early as in late 1960's amidst all the oppositions, including, like those of 'Uda dan Dara', its 'parents'. Like many of us, I was part of the birth of UKM; I was a student in 1971 May; then I was a tutor in 1974 Aug; then I was a lecturer in 1976 Nov; then I was an Assoc Professor in 1984 Dec; then that was all I was. 2005 UKM 'celebrated' its 35 years old; Nov 28 Mon was perhaps its climax with the "Hari Anugerah Kualiti 13". Some of my seniors could celebrate together as 35 years with UKM, but I have to wait till next year 2006 to do that. But next year, when I would be 35 years with UKM, it will not celebrate it for me, because its rather odd to celebrate 36 years old.

Nonetheless, I was not forgotten, as were many others. Many of the many others apparently were very much the UKM themselves, unlike me, who was just an employee of UKM.

The gratitute the university expressed to its employee who had endured 30 years with it; the similar item I was given ten years ago in 1995 June 9 (UKM 25 years old), supposedly for 20 years of my endurance in UKM, the ceremony of which I attended in DKU.

The prize I 'won' for the web page competition; at least it is better than the similar prize I 'won' in 2001 for similar competition when UKM celebrated 30 years old. CC apparently had collected quite a goodies of sponsored items. I did not know to which it was meant for. I put up two entries. One was my personal page in non-academic category, and the other was the Pusat pages in the academic category. I knew, none would 'win', because I did not know the criteria in the assessement, and I never bother to recompose them to suit the criteria. And I even never bother to workout a leave to attend to collect it in the ceremony in the DECTAR. Two days after the ceremony, it was delivered into my pigeon hole. Thank you very much dude!