CheGu Aishah Mohd Zahir, (Datin) Gegraphy teacher in 1968 through to SPM 68. In 1967 (Form 4) I learned geography from CheGu Puteh Maheran. Geography was the only 'art' subject taken by science pupils in SAS. This was the only subject that interphase me with my former buddies in Padang Midin for two years, 1967-68. When CheGu Ghazali announced in the assembly on Monday morning of 1969 Sep 15 that I would be the school HB for 1970, CheGu Aishah was the only teacher who congratulated me, and Rohana Asran was the only colleague who did so. 1993 Feb 25 Thu, I fetched Pak Dahan and his daughter from Subang Terminal 3 to Bandar Damansara BPG to appeal for her teachers college admission, and the person I saw was Datin Aishah. She did not recognised me and I deliberately did not introduce myself because I want to keep the trump card for myself for later use. We had a small gathering in Pan Pacific on Sat, Oct 11, 2003, and reflected on how we had our times in those years in SAS. [Pak Dahan's daughter was admitted in 1994.]