CheGu Jimmy Thomas. General Paper Teacher, STP 1970, Sekolah Alam Shah, Kuala Lumpur. General paper in STP was a must for a full certificate. To us GP was an english lesson; sometimes it was called 'Special General Paper'. When 1970 began, I lagged a bit in the lessons, thus was demoted to CheGu Jimmy Thomas's group. Actually this group was the luckiest because CheGu Jimmy Thomas was a superb english teacher. I learned faster in his group than in the previous group.

Being the HB of the school, and began in the early year with a 'demotion' in the academic, he knew how I felt. He acted fast and took the role of a 'private teacher' to me. All the time in the class CheGu Jimmy Thomas never forget to keep me in one piece infront of the students no matter how bad I performed. He never start a new lesson to the class until I was in, no matter how late it was, he always waited for me to make sure that I would not miss any of his lessons. Unfortunately he was not a warden who stayed in the school quarters. During the last two terms I was promoted to CheGu Shahriza's group, but Mr Jimmy Thomas never let me down.