CheGu Ramli Ismail My add math teacher when I was in Form 5 in SAS and through to SPM 1968. He took over from CheGu Baharin who left the school the year end before. We knew CheGu Ramli as one who had a very strong memory; he possibly remembered the names of his pupils more than other teachers. In about 80's he worked in MARA as the director for the sponsorship. Every time he visited UKM, Bangi to see the MARA students, he never forget to get a few minutes to see his former pupils in UKM who then were seniors lecturers. I met him once in the department in the middle of 80's; then again in his office in MARA HQ, Jln Raja Laut in early 90's. Since retirement in the 2000's he made every effort to get along with us, once in Bangi (2003 Aug 7 Thu) and again in Pan Pacific on Sat, Oct 11, 2003, and reflected on how we had our times in those years in SAS.

CheGu Ramli took note on the progress of his pupils whenever possible, and even, in 2004 Sep 25, in UKM, he attended the inaugural lecture of Prof Nor Muhammad Mahadi, one of his contending pupils in 1969 in SAS, who went to his alma mater, Monash University, Australia in 1970. (Middle pic) CheGu Ramli; to his left: Prof Ibrahim Abu Talib (Physicist), Prof Zainal Abidin (Zoologist); Obviously when he turned up in a place like UKM, he would be surrounded by his former pupils. (Right pic) CheGu Ramli; to his left Prof Othman Omar (Microbiologist), Prof Zainal Abidin (Zoologist), Prof Basir Jasin (Geologist);
Even to the wedding of his pupil's daughter, Dr Mohd Zahari Bakar, 2006 Jan 29 Sun in Pan Pacific, KLIA. Consequently, he was surrounded by so many of his pupils, including our seniors, the like Minhat Mion.

CheGu Ramli telah berpulang ke RahmatulLah, 2020 Jul 9 Thu 17 Z-Kaedah 1441H, tengah hari, dan disemadikan di Tanah Perkuburan Taman Selaseh, Gombak. Al-Fatehah.