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By 69 the total number of students from K Trg in SAS reached more than 40. I took the initiative to organised a chartered bus trip for the to-and-fro term holiday home journey. I managed to organised one for the 69 second term holidays in July/August, and another one for the 70 first term holidays in April. The fare was marginally cheaper, but the convenience of being picked and returned at the hostel doorstep was very invaluable.
I charted a "Central Pahang Omnibus Co" which has a sub-office in Malacca Street. This is the bus, CA2929, parked in K. Trg bus station on August 9, 69, waiting to board for return journey after 2nd term holiday. Typical views of K TRG bus station in July 69. The bus loading-unloading bay is on the right.

Fellow friends were indeed very happy, and (right pic) the famous KT Bus Station toilet which got its "catch pharase" among the local people.

A break in Kuantan for a meal and to stretch the legs.
And during the 70 first term trip (April 3), we stopped for a fresh air at Telok Chempedak, Kuantan. Second term 70 holiday, I did not organise because I was in bad shape, and third term every one wanted to go on different days after the SPM and STP exams.


"Malam Senirama 70" accompanying Speech Day 70 on Monday, March 30.

And "The Annual Exhibition" continued to the next day, Tuesday March 31 with the school was given a special holiday to watch and endeavour the exhibits together with visitors from other school, Kolam Air, SMK Kajang, etc.
On my 1st day of 20th year, on April 20, 1970 (19th birthday); just completed 19 years of life the day before.
In early 70, SAS received its new bus, a 42-seater, on top of the 12-seater coaster. Abang Shaari drives the new bus, while Gopal drives the coaster. On Saturday, May 30, Science Soc organised a study trip to RRI in Sungai Buloh: (L to R) Husin, Mat Zakaria, Sulaiman and Izzudin.

On Saturday, June 13, it was Annual Sports Day. We could not find the school flag in the store, and Mr Tan blamed me. Thus, during the march pass, we were one flag short, and I carried the Malaysian flag. Mahali, the "contingent head" carried the "Sport Flag". Jariah, the HG hold it when he was reading the "declaration". Three big things happened on this day. 1. My former teacher who I had an anectdote with, CheGu Hussein Ahmad who was then the HM of SMK Sri Petaling, was one of the guest of honour.

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Read My Days in SAS in | 1967|| 1968|| 1969 || 1970 || My Buddies Autographs ||