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Board of Prefect 1970. (L to R) Front Row: Baharuddin Bonandar, Jamaluddin Ghani, Wahid Salleh, Yahya Abu Bakar, Rohana Asran, Mat Zakaria (HB), CheGu Mahpor (HM), CheGu Ibrahim (Chief Warden), Anon, Tajul Ariffin Nordin (Sec), Jamalluddin Shamsuddin, Jasmi Abdul, Abdissalam Said, and Suhaimi Muslim. Middle Row: Syed Akhir Syed Abdullah, Mohamad Awang Lah, Mohamad Md Tan, Md Zaidi Johari, Mahali Taib, Asmah Rahmat, Norsiah Md Nor, Norhayati Hashim, Kamariah Sidek, Norbee Abu Bakar, Shadin Taib, Zamani Asnain, Alias Yusof, Md Wahid Samsudin, Manan Jais, and Rahmalan Ahmad. Back Row: Mohd Najib Ahmad, Kamarudin Yusof, Jasin Ahmad, Raja Daniel Ismail, Zakariah Awang, Mohd Dahan Abdullah, Munir Tusat, Zainol Salleh, Zaini Asmawi, Izzudin Hamzah, Abd Aziz Sidek, Che Jaffar Sulong, Abdullah Sani, Mahzan Bakar, Abd Hakim Borhan, Sulaiman Md Nor, and Husin Wahab.
Food Committee 1970, which practically selects from suggestions rather than suggests for selections. (L to R) Front row: Saleha, Baharuddin Bonandar, Jamaluddin Ghani, Anon, CheGu Mahpor Baba, CheGu Ibrahim Yahya, Jamalluddin Shamsuddin, Yahya Abu Bakar, and Zawiah Chik. Back row: Anon, Jasmi Abdul, Anon, Shadin Taib, Izzudin Hamzah, Abd Aziz Sidek, Abdisalam, Zamani, and Malik.
A handful of senior girls in 70 were sufficient to form a performing netball team, or even absorbed in the table tennis and badminton teams.

On a Sunday, July 5, I went along with a school society for a picnic at PD beach, then on Monday, July 20, I participated in the Interschool Science Exhibition at LI, Jln Pantai Bharu. With Sulaiman, Husin and Izzudin, in a team, we exhibited the "Radio Transmitter". We won only the consolation prize because it lacked local content.
We went again to PD on Sunday, August 30, this time exclusively among members of board of prefect. Wahid Samsudin is on my right.
Our last trip we made before STP 1970 set in was on Saturday, October 10, to Cameroon Highland, organised by English Soc. It was a two-days trip. We put up in Sultan Ahmad School (class-room), Tanah Rata for the night. On returning the next day, Sunday, we stopped at Templer Park for a breeze of "green" air.

In Ringlet, October 10

At Boh Tea Plantation, October 10. (L to R) Front row: Anon, Hakim Borhan, Mumtaz, Mohamad Yaakob, Azmi Md Nor. Back row: Aziz Dollah, Alias Yusof, Zamani Asnain, Izzudin Hamzah, Mat Zakaria.

In Sultan Ahmad Shah School, Tanah Rata, October 11. (L to R) Md Jelas, Mat Zakaria, Mumtaz, Abang Shaari (bus driver), Alias Yusof.
In Templer Park, October 11. (L to R) Alias Yusof, Mat Zakaria, Azmi Md Nor, Md Jelas, Hakim Borhan, Mohamad Yaakob.

And farewell dinner 1970, on Saturday night, October 24. Left Picture (L to R): Anon, CheGu Ibrahim Yahya (DHM), CheGu Mahpor Baba (HM), Mat Zakaria (HB). Right Picture (L to R): Mat Zakaria (HB), CheGu Rafeah, CheGu Aminah, CheGu Hassan, CheGu Osman Rani, Pak Hitler Natasuwarna, Pak Junos. Ramadan started on Sunday, November 1; STP started on Tuesday, November 3 (practical) and Monday, November 16 (written); Wednesday November 25 STP ended; Thursday November 26, left SAS for good; Monday November 30, Eid with family at home.

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