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2011 Diary

From Here to Beyond the Bridge

Dated 2011 Jan 11 Tue 6 Safar 1432H

Patah Tumbuh, Hilang Berganti

Dated 2011 Feb 14 Mon 11 R Awal 1432H

They were not there in the beginning,
The red rose and the yellow alamanda were planted, and they grew. Infrequent attention, they proliferated,
They needed to be re-phased, in a piece with the original, and the guarding peripherals,
They budded, they grew into a new phase, in one piece with the original and their peripherals.

Yang Mengganti Grew Mysteriously Fast

Dated 2011 Feb 25 Fri 22 R Awal 1432H

Three buds grew top down consecutively. Very fast. Sprouting of red delicious leaves. The strong green stem with thorns as sharp as in the wild. Ready to grow up to serve to pick up.

Since the first msg contact transmitted 1852, 2011 Feb 14 Mon 11 R Awal 1432H, in ten days, only three times watered, all the thorns were fully grown. Pierciable into which ever part of the flesh.

But leaves have to be green before the flower bud could come out to bloom into a red blossom.

And dry weather of pre-mid year may deccelerate or even inhibit to a fully grown new life.

As I used to say, it's hard to believe it will happen, but it's harder to believe after it had actually happened.

The Thorns of New Life

Dated 2011 Mar 8 Tue 3 R Akhir 1432H

Sturdy, young, fresh, very masculine, sharp, piercing, and tightly guarding the very stem.

And Life Goes On

Dated 2011 Mar 11 Fri 6 R Akhir 1432H

And so unfortunate if in every mode, mood, and means, lessons were not learned.

The Blossom of New Life

Dated 2011 Mar 18 Fri 13 R Akhir 1432H

In two months from 2011 Jan 28 Fri 23 Safar 1432H to dawn 2011 Mar 18 Fri 13 R Akhir 1432H,
A pink (NOT red) blossom came to a full bloom, with a plenty of new buds, well-guarded all around.

Rezeki dan Ilmu: The Mechanics of Living Nature

Dated 2011 Apr 20 Wed 16 J Awal 1432H

(This one in local lingo, for local consumption). Bahawasanya rezeki itu diturunkan melalui ibu-bapa, tak kira apa bangsa dan agama. Inilah mekanisme nature yang menjamin kesinambungan benda-benda hidup, berakal atau tidak. Tanpa ibu-bapa, rezeki tidak sampai ke anak-anak. Malah ada yang tersekat di belakang rumah sahaja. Hatta secapai tangan. Kerana tangan ibu-bapa lah yang menjadi penyambung antara pemberi dengan anak-anak.

Kerana itu dalam Islam, memberi makan anak-anak yatim, dan menjaga harta anak-anak yatim sangat-sangat dituntut dan diberi ganjaran yang besar pada hari kemudian kelak. Sesetengah ulama mengkategorikan memakan harta anak yatim itu sebagai mengkhianat agama.

Demikian juga halnya dengan ilmu. Bahawasanya ilmu itu turun melalui guru. Tanpa mengira bangsa dan agama, murid atau guru. Murid mesti bertentang mata dengan guru, barulah ilmu guru turun "in one piece" kepada murid. Tidak sempurna ilmu yang dipegang itu jika ia tidak diperoleh melalui guru. Hanya melalui cara ini nature memastikan "the knowledge about nature" boleh bersinambung dari satu zaman dan berkembang ke zaman berikutnya. Amalan SBL di sekolah adalah amalan "self-annihilation" ilmu dan kemahiran. Ia akan memundurkan tamadun bangsa itu, bukan membina ke arah yang lebih maju.

Tamadun akan mulai runtuh, beransur-ansur, apabila berlaku penderhakaan anak terhadap ibu-bapa, dan penderhakaan (baca: BUKAN berselisih pendapat) murid terhadap guru.

That today, 2011 Apr 20 Wed 16 J Awal 1432H, I am exactly sixty, is not relevent any more.

Drifted From A Past

Dated 2011 May 17 Tue 13 J Akhir 1432H

2000, Jul 22, 5 pm Sat,

2011, May 17, 5 pm Tue.

The compound when it was in pre-1970. Better known then as open cinema court.

And the compound today, in 2011 May.

Ca eleven years ago. Dated back to 2000 Jul 22, 5 pm Sat in then Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS), Bandar Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, on a routine visit to Zidni, then in F5.

And today, 2011 May 17 Tue 13 J Akhir 1432H, on a similar routine visit to Ashbihani (SB), F4, on the same spot eleven years ago. The school unfortunately had changed to Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah (ASIS), since 2003.

Over the eleven years things changed by evolution and by revolution. Asri was then five months in his mother's womb. Asri today, 11, thus seated on his mother's previous spot. His brothers and sisters grew up over the years not as fast as him, even though SB and CB are obvious. Rubaini and Malini since then had born three children each. Muzani is very soon, but Zidni does not appear to (I mean their wives Niza, Intan respectively). Alya is in the transition. They are here today 2011 May 17 Tue 13 J Akhir 1432H to remember the moment eleven years ago, 2000, Jul 22, 5 pm Sat.

June of the Year - Brave New Phase

Dated 2011 Jun 1 Wed 28 J Akhir 1432H

Everything slowly converges to one end point, in a time of equally short. Peripherals detach in term of un-understanding in extrapolatory-literacy. Incapable to fill the vacuum of the short time.

Many moments I was unable to comprehend the new phase. Many times perceiving as discontinueous from the previous phase. And sometimes analogised to a short summer in Tundra which has to be quick in order not to miss. Very different from that which had just receded from me. A kind of no-looking back at whatever yell one heard. Irreversible. Irreproducible. The kind until recently my children only heard about it about others, but now, about them being heard of by others.

I always believe in fate. Never a moment I did not. But it took a while, many times quite a while, to comprehend the making of it. I was fated to return to TGG. In soul, body, and matters. All were made up for the fate. And everyday I am in the making of it for the next day. Every tick and kick of it.

I always imagined that I would undergo only a simple life like that of the past sixty years that I deserved, and never imagined that it would turn more complex after that other than the derivatives of the simple life. Never ever that of the kind I do not deserve, and unable to hold on to. That is the beauty of fate.

The House on Which Once Upon a Home was Built

Dated 2011 Jun 21 Tue 19 Rejab 1432H

It was always a home. From the time there was not even a brick of it in 1983. To a majestic shangrila when we moved in, 1987. And trangressed into the lost horizon, after a short 23 years, 2010, every year of it was always like yesterday.





Sekelip Mata

2011 Diary