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2017G Diary

April of Sans Blossom

Dated 2017G Apr 6 Thu 9 Rejab 1438H

MANGO turned up in pasar-malam, but the price was not any nearer to the usual 3kg/10rm. The over-ripe banana was forever demanded for making the cekodok.

NA was in Sg Merab home during the weekend of the first of the Apr month. The et seq img was captured at KOPI TIME while taking her to KLIA en route to TGG, Apr 2 Sun early hr.

The Bridge-2 Penang

Dated 2017G Apr 12 Wed 15 Rejab 1438H

Apr 7 Fri, DRV to PENANG in BKD 4-beranak. CB, ASRI, and their UMI. ZIDNI et al, and ALYA-FARHAN were joining, the latter by air from JB. MUZANI et al, hosting. The mission, to attend the walimah of En Karim in Bayan Lepas the next day Apr 8 Sat. En Karim was such a nice Penangite who almost never miss my invitation since knowing him in 2008 which led to the 2009 wedding trip, my last trip to Penang, that this time I am greatly obligated to attend. There were other significance too. One was NA's mini-reunion with her old KIK-UM buddies who work in the area. But the time was so short, we could only reflect. Penang was a place every one wanted to remember once they have been there.

From Fifty Years Ago

Dated 2017G Apr 19 Wed 22 Rejab 1438H

I was given a task I could not refuse by one Mariam, and perhaps inflamed by Zawiah, to gather as many as possible the buddies from as early as 1964 that were destined to meet in the pioneer Malay-Medium secondary school of PADANG MIDIN. It started Jan 28. I was at the same time tighted up with the preparation for Jan 29, and Feb 19 events. It didn't take too long to get the support of ever-waiting Razali Yusof, Abdullah Che Din, Wan Mohamad Musa, and others who were consequently contacted. All were arranged in virtuality for the reality. It's to be known as KIJAL 15 APR. The REUNION of SRP-1966 SMKPM (then, Sekolah Dato Amar which was then refined to Sekolah Dato' Sri Amar Diraja), Kuala Terengganu. 78 alumni responded to come, many were very eager indeed, and many were obviously accompanied, making up a total of 142 attendees.

For the first time by KLIA2 on an AK, TGG bound. Arriving from TGG was just once before, after my retirement 2014 Feb. AK was never our first choice.

Done Sixty-Six Since 1951 Apr 20

Dated 2017G Apr 20 Thu 23 Rejab 1438H

And on the way into sixty-seven. NA started on her own in TGG, and spent in Sg Merab for the weekend while attending a meeting in ETIQA Bangsar. For the rest, FB led.

Walimah of April

Dated 2017G Apr 30 Sun 3 Shakban1438H

April 25 Mon was M-sia break, the installation of Sultan Kelantan as Agong. And the following weekend of the Apr end, was a full series of walimah in KUL to attnd. In fact in TGG too.

Apr ended in its last two days with four walimah. One of Shabir, a junior ex-SASIAN ex-UKM, in MZ B-Baginda, and on the same day, the AQIQAH of Abg PAR's granddaughter in Subang. The former was obviously swarmed by ex-UKM that I knew and knew not, in both ways. And the next day of Mohd Shah ex-SMKPM in BUANA GARDEN Bangi, and finally in BANGI AVE, of ROHAIDA NORDIN, a UKM's LAW Assoc Prof, one of NA's close Fac-mate during her UM days.

In TGG the break was even 'breaky'. Mon and Wed. NA though could only join in BANGI in the weekend which overlapped with SHAKBAN (Apr 28 Fri) and MAY (Mon 4 Shakban 1438H).

Homing in May

Dated 2017G May 11 Thu 14 Shakban 1438H

The Apr end weekend was actually extended to MAY 1 Mon, a M-sia break of MAY DAY, and was with one walimah, of SHIREEN, a daughter of CheGu MAHPOR, my Head Master in SAS when I finished the school in 1970 Nov. And MAY slipped in quietly to begin carving the middle of the year with notable arrival of Ramadan 1438H May 27 Sat.

It's Been a Month

Dated 2017G May 15 Mon 18 Shakban 1438H

May 12 Fri, after jumaat, DRVTGG, solo in Merc. My last return to TRG was la month ago, Apr 14 Fri by AK to run the Reunion in Kijal on the next day. And returned on an MH on Mon the following. It was a hectic return, with twice DRV to Jerteh to recover NA from her unwell over the weekend, which include a stroll, my first time, on the beach of Pantai Air Tawar, Kuala Besut, at the expense of having some times with the house of W-Tengah. Plus, on the return DRVKUL, May 15 Mon, a meeting with RAZALI, at his place in Dungun, on the mechanic of Tabung Kebajikan of SMKPM. Like in the Kijal matter, it was well liaised, with the targeted TARBIYAH ISLAMIYAH AL-FALAH to be accomplished by the fourth week of coming Ramadan.

The drive along the beach road to join LPT1 at Jabor was with a lot of development notes. The road once was the only link to Kuantan from Kuala Terengganu. Like the beaches themselves, the old nature was a lot being 'menaced'. And it does not appear to stop at any point.

Manir, May 13 Sat. Tobacco is a very well flourishing merchandise here, as before, and very well patronage-ed in the light of very expensive cigs. And it's a sustaining local produce among other traditional produces.

Brewing for Ramadan 1438H

Dated 2017G May 31 Wed 5 Ramadan 1438H

The penultimate week of May was very quiet, except one visit to Mid Valley, May 19 Fri, the place I have not been for many ten years. It had been like any other place in KL, becoming irrelevant, just passing by. The last visit was perhaps during the Real Reward years of pre-2000's. The week was mostly the time to prepare for Ramadan 1438H which was expected to set-in May 27 Sat.

While in TGG, I visited the Pasar Payang once. The only one left from the three of the traditional market place of Kuala Terengganu. The two that had disappeared were Kedai Binjai (which initially transformed to public taxi stand, then to Hotel Sri Malaysia), and Kedai Tanjong (which transformed to Padang Shah Bandar which set the beginning of the beach high rise building for leisure). Pasar Payang is in turn in a very bad shape, and it does not appear to be under contemplation to make it better, in fact the background construction on the river estuary is hinting that the place is best not for the market place.

Ramadan 1438H set in on May 27 Sat, as in the calender, as of many-many years already. Astronomy is getting smarter day by day. Moon sighting had become just an historical ritual. On the same day of first Ramadan, the school commenced its mid-year 2-week break which was immediately after the mid-year exam. In Asri case, F5, it was the last exam before SPM Trial.

May 26 Fri 29 Shakban 1438H I made a DRVTGG with ASRI. And thus started Ramadan in Tok Jembal, with NA 3-beranak. CB was alone in SG MERAB. And for the first time ALYA started the Ramadan on her own, in JB. SB obviously was in Osna Germany, mid Ramadan would be his exam time.

Six initial days of Ramadan, ending May, we were in TGG, 3-branak with NA and ASRI, during which I made twice round trip to Jerteh to help NA with her office works. NA continued two days more in SG MERAB when we made a DRVKUL Jun 1 Thu.

Noted Ramadan in TGG, not as merry as before. Visited Pasar Payang, noticed its end stage with dwindling patronage, especially the fish section as well as the local produces section, which was similarly reflected by Pasar Batu-6, et seq.

Done Twenty Days

Dated 2017G Jun 16 Fri 21 Ramadan 1438H

The school reopened Jun 13 Tue 18 Ramadan. Asri is getting closer to his SPM. SB's exam period commenced. His second year degree in Osna, Germany, and it would be for three weeks through Shawal. NA's absence, Jun 3-15, was one of a long period, otherwise we rarely miss on the weekend. Nonetheless, Jun 16 we made it rather grand in PWTC.

Into the second ten days of Ramadan 1438H (2017G), and in Sg Merab 3-branak. The school has a week more of its mid-year break. Mon 17 Ramadan, the Nuzul Quran is the last day. It was a big lull in things done and to be done. Thus the img et seq are mostly from DRVTGG in early Ramadan.






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2017G Diary