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Dated: 2022 Jul 6 Wed 6 Z-Hijah 1443H

Jul 1 Fri 1 Z-Hijah 1443H, covid was still very much around. The arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-07, for 2022 Jul 1-15, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP left was just the personal choice of the mask. MySejahtera was detached.

Jul 1 Fri 1 Z-Hijah 1443H, tagged as "RE-MPI", went to Masjid MPI for Jumaat, 3-beranak with CB, ASRI. Last smayang in MPI was 2020 Mar 13 Fri. Then under SOP, it closed. When it reopened in Jun under SOP of 1m free-volume, the Masjid regulated the attendee, restricted to members with some quota for the outsider by registration. We then moved to Masjid Sg Merab, with also similar strict SOP. We then opted to Masjid BBAGINDA, where the Masjid management put the attendee as the priority. We sticked to it ever since.

Jul 2 Sat 2 Z-Hijah 1443H, NA took MRT in Kajang, riding to BC in KL for an AJK meeting. She had not been to her alma mater for quite sometimes, perhaps in years after she left RYP in 2019, which was followed by MCO.

Looking forward, and preparing for the DRVTGG for the RAYA HAJI scheduled to be Jul 7 Thu 7 Z-Hijah 1443H.

Raya Qurban 2022/1443H

Dated: 2022 Jul 15 Fri 15 Z-Hijah 1443H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Jul 7-15 was MCO-F5-08, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much relevant.

Jul 10 Sun 10 Z-Hijah 1443H, RAYA HAJI 2022. A day late than in Saudi which declared Wukuf on Jul 8 Fri (9 Z-Hijah in Saudi). This was a rare time the lunar event differed from that in the calendar. We were in W-Tengah. CB-SB-ASRI 3-beradik arrived since Fri evening. Muzani arrived Fri m-nite, and Alya the next day Sat evening. Ruby arrived Mon evening, she spent the Sun Raya in Kemaman DITC. ANI et al visited in the evening.

Jul 15 Fri 15 Z-Hijah 1443H Amin Alias hp-ed from his place in the Golf for a kopi, and thus four of us rendz-ed in the Coffee Garden Gong Datok. The last time we met was many years ago, before MCO. Salford mid-70 was full of memories. Many funs and funnies. The time when we were young and energetic. When we returned home the fun naturally diluted by our own business with our own living to make.

Jul 7 Thu 7 Z-Hijah 1443H, DRVTGG in Nissan with NA, bye-ing CB and ASRI who would be joined by SB ex-Air Keroh in the evening, then all three DRVTGG Jul 8 Fri, to rendv in W-Tengah, as well as Muzani et al. Alya would join Jul 9 Sat, and Ruby Jul 11 Sun. Weather-wise, and traffic-wise were favourable.

Singgah Kemaman, exited at CHENIH, and took by MOK LAGAM with NA behind the wheel, arrived rumah Fakro ca 1515, to fetch the SAMSUNG WB150F which NA arranged, thus replacing the Canon-185 which was shut down. It was a present to him, dated perhaps 2012, and he never used it. Resumed DRVTGG ca 1700, re-took LPT2 at Kemasik-Kerteh. The camera was used for the first time Jul 8 Fri, and it replaced well the Canon 185. Nonetheless iFoon-5 was used throughout the DRVTGG.

Jul 8 Fri 8 Z-Hijah 1443H, CB-SB-ASRI arrived in the evening in BKD, while Muzani et al arrived at night in XTrail. All were ex-Bangi. Congestion was reportedly not yet built up.

Jul 9 Sat 9 Z-Hijah 1443H, cleaning the TJHOME, off the dust due to the re-tiling. The 3-beradik CB-SB-ASRI were very helpful. The finishing touch of mopping was done by Muzani. And in the evening, took Muzani et al, and ASRI to see the LAND ex-their mother, ex-her father, in Paya Datu. It was an orchard, neglected, and thus full of tall trees, surrounded by newly built houses. ALYA et al arrived in the evening, started with a frolic at the beach of Kubang Badak, with Muzani et al, and Asri. And a dinner in W-Tengah, Alya settled in TJHOME.

Jul 11 Mon 11 Z-Hijah 1443H, RAYA-2 HAJI 2022. NA's Qurban time. We joined in the Surau Putih Kg Jati Gong Badak, Qurbani-17. It was performed in the Gong Badak Abattoir near by The lapah was carried out on voluntary basis with guide from pro. Asri and Muzani were taking part. We took home our 1/7 part, and managed ourselves. And gulai-ed the reminder for ourselves. CB-SB-ASRI 3-beradik left for Sg Merab, followed by Muzani et al. Mek et almost all ank-cu2 turned up in the evening. Hah et al could not make it, not even an anak.

The Raya ended with Alya et al left for JB Jul 12 Tue, in the morning, and in the evening Ruby et al to Bangi. Both reportedly washed into quite a congestion. POST-ADHA was obviously recovering. And enduring the vacuum after being together during the Adha period.

Alumni SMKPM SPM 67/68 3.0

Dated: 2022 Jul 31 Sun 2 Muharram 1444H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Jul 16-31 was MCO-F5-09, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much relevant.

Jul 23 Sat 23 Z-Hijah, the RU of Alumni SMKPM SPM 67/68 3.0 in Masjid Seberang Takir, in which I was made to chair, just like in 2017 Apr. It was smaller than in Awana, Kijal in 2017 April, but much bigger than in DITC Telok Kalong 2022 Sep. Like the previous two RU-s, all were fully sponsored among ourselves. The gathering was a success, many turned up with full of surprise. And returned home with full of nostalgic memories rekindled. Many could not make it even though initially had committed to come. Many would never come again.

Jul 16 Sat 16 Z-Hijah, while recovering from a selsema, went to see the final touch of Sepetir home of the front-back wall-fence renovation, and porch-tiling.

Jul 17 Sun 17 Z-Hijah, seeing TAV for the first time since warded in KEONG Chenering Mar 31. The pomen said a coil was still needed to be further diagnosed. Otherwise it could have been released.

Three times visiting JJABAT SSAKER. Jul 13 Wed, to inquire the non-accorded of the Perentah with the oath-signed DDA forms of every sibling in the Mar 25 Mon hearing in which a name was excluded and another name instead was included, They admitted the error, and asked to see the Pegawai. Jul 17 Sun, met the Pegawai who admitted by body language not by words that it was an error due to carelessness, and promised to correct it and to inform when ready. Jul 19 Tue, collected the PERENTAH, corrected for the non-accorded she made. The correction was immediately taken to JJABAT TANAH. It was respond-remarked "MABUK". Ironically, the apology was to JJABAT TANAH, not to the RAKYAT who would suffer endlessly in the legal wrestling if the silly error from the carelessness of the PERENTAH CREATOR was not immediately rectified. The agony would be exponentiated by the fact that it would take years for a PERENTAH to come down. The silly error may amount to unforgivable.

Jul 19 Tue 19 Z-Hijah 1443H, the first contact with TTB. Love in the first sight. It was in BAKRI in Wakaf Beruas. Slightly more than the advert in the media, but banking on noting that it was all-Terengganu. Put up a 2H booking, and started moving the fun-d from TH in Setiu Jul 20 Wed. Test-drive was on Jul 21 Thu.

Jul 20 Wed 20 Z-Hijah 1443H, DRV-JERTEH, detoured at Telaga Papan to Chalok, northward singgah PERMAISURI, SETIU. Dropped-by TH. Pak Kanchil, the Masjid, Kari kepala ikan, Kompleks Pejabat Kerajaan were among names and places that kept on dancing in the memory during the UDM-UNIZA time, especially post 2010. In Jerteh, stayed in the LOT P-PANJANG, planted an anak-durian, ex-Muzani's the reminders of Sg Merab.

CB arrived by D-Iman, Jul 24 Sun, early morning to continue the procedures of including of a trial in CIMB KT. And made it delivered Jul 25 Mon. And accompany-ing its drive to Sg Merab, Jul 26 Tue.

Jul 26 Tue 26 Z-Hijah 1443H DRVKUL in Nissan with NA, accompany-ing CB in TTB on its first leg journey, which eventually to JB. The weather, and especially the traffic, except as always the never-ending in BTS, were very fine. We reached home just after five beating the homing-rush in KL. And the next day, Jul 27 Wed, TTB was sent to MAEE in Sect-7 to finalise its touch up of fan-frame-motor.

Jul 30 Sst 1 Muharram 1444H, was Malaysia break of HIJRIAH new year. Only TRG, KLTN, KEDAH, and partially JOHOR felt it because the following day Sun was cuti-ganti. Other states were no effect. Jul 31 Sun 2 Muharram 1444H, went to visit NS FEST in Nilai SQ. 4-beranak. SB opted to stay at home. Seeing Muzani leading the PPNN9, and most of all NA seeing her KIK batch-mate, the wife of NS MB. The FEST was practically an EXPO of FOOD PRODUCTS, mostly those at the end of the line, those in direct contact with the rakyat the consumer at large. Nonetheless NA's mission was very cordial taking into account that both were just batch-mates, neither room-mate, not class-mate, and had not seen each other since after F5 in 1987.

The August Moon

Dated: 2022 Aug 14 Sun 16 Muharam 1444H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Aug 1-15 was MCO-F5-10, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much relevant.

Aug 8 Mon 10 Muharram 1444H, ALYA 3-beranak returned home in WWS with SB who drove to JB the evening before from Ayer Keroh. And SB returned to Ayer Keroh at night. Principally Alya returned to man her Institute in MAHA 2022 in MAEPS Serdang. Her schedule duty was Aug 9-11. Malini took care of the ADAM-s while Alya was in MAHA. In he while she had the first taste of TTB. Aug 12 Fri, ank-cu2 gathered for the usual CAKE-ing for the AUG-TIANS, including SB who returned home from Ayer Keroh to join. Nonetheless Edi, Munif, Niza, Firdaus, Sofea could not make it. The first two were not around, the last three were too tight. NA and I came to realise that at the moment we had more grandson than the grand-daughter (7/19), just like I had more sons than the daughter (3/8).

Aug 14 Sun 16 Muharram 1444H, DRVTGG, after 20 days homing in Sg Merab since Jul 26 Tue 26 Z-Hijah 1443H, bye-ing the 3-beradik CB, SB, and ASRI. SB would drv-Ayer Keroh either tonight or early tomorrow morning. Sg Besi, BTS were exceptionally un-congested, perhaps because it's Sun morning. MRR2 was relatively very clear. A pitstop in Temerloh RR, noting that a NES was 3RM. The weather too was clear in LPT1, but some skirmish rain in Kemaman-Dungun stretches. Met many groups of RXZ along the LPT, especially LPT2. Apparently there was an RXZ gathering in TRG during the weekend. Arrived in W-Tengah home at 4, to find that the backyard were menaced, especially the PISANG, by the feral cattle and pumba.

AUG 1 MON 3 Muharram 1444H, for the first time visited HERO in KIP MALL ex-BANGI UTAMA. The HERO was ex-GIANT, ex-BINTANG, ex-WARTA. It was not of characteristically better. It's a prevailing HAR-BANG venture in the clouds of the deswelling mall. This 'ancient' part of BBBangi is dimming by other newer and more sophisticated parts. Nonetheless this place has quite an ample of places reserved for free parking.

Aug 13 Sat 15 Muharam 1444H, Alya DRV-JB-homeward 3-beranak, in TTB. The drive was TTB continued journey from TRG to the intended destination. Legally the owner of TTB was CB.

The Return of TAV

Dated: 2022 Aug 31 Wed 3 Safar 1444H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Aug 15-31 was MCO-F5-11, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much being observed by the individuals.

Aug 20 Sat 22 Muharram 1444H, DRV-JERTEH for a routine tengok2, but mostly in P-Panjang. Worked with the STIHL until warned by distant thunder, and dark sky. NA could only met her child-kampong-mate for a treat of NASI-PILAO in Nasi-Arab Tok Janggut. But managed to sneak to see P-RIMAU to note that a fat tandan of KELAT was emerging, it was the second from the cluster, just like in W-Tengah. And the LEMBU was on the other lot, making it possible to manage.

Aug 22 Sat 24 Muharram 1444H, another DRV-JERTEH. This time spent a whole day in P-RIMAU, camping under the rambutan tree. Mainly mowing to expose the KELAT along the eastern border. On leaving the lots were chain-locked, to send the message to the tuan-lembu that the lot has the owner. Nonetheless, before dashing homeward, popped-in T-BUGIS to see how the plants were doing. P-Panjang was skipped entirely.

Aug 24 Tue 24 Muharram 1444H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. This was the first time TAV was driven for a long distance since recovery Aug 15 Mon after a 138 days of warded in Keong Chenering since Mar 31 Thu. Singgah Batu-6 for some sundries. The weather was fine, and the traffic too. But of course a bit at the never-ending BTS. Opted for the last leg the PLUS, to stop by at SERDANG RR, home in Sg Merab by 1744.

In the while took a peek to Malakt Aug 27 Sat, and a morning Tenera strolling, Aug 28 Sun. From the former I could not stop wondering why the SOLAT training among the children was conducted in english. In the latter, a merdeka-65 promotion was held, and was supposedly attended by an MB who I did not see.

Aug 15 Mon 17 Muharram 1444H, TAV was fetched from KEONG, Chenering, after 138 days in the ward since Mar 31 Thu. It appeared that the state was returned to the pre-pumba-incident. But, naturally, more specifically, entropically, the changes was always positive. NA drove it homeward to W-Tengah. Some blips were not needed on the panel, and needed to be rectified.

Aug 18 Thu 20 Muharram 1444H, another gathering of the ALUMNI P-MIDIN RU3-VOLUNTEER, a kind of post-RU get together. It was in ANEES HOMESTAY, Tg Gelam, by the beach.

Aug 23 Tue 25 Muharram 1444H, strolling PAYANG. It was late noon. Not many visitors were in the market. Noted the seller's art of selling her merchandise. Asked for two pacts of fifty of the latest arrival of the dodol-palas, which she said that all hers were newly arrived. She insisted to help in getting them from the piles. At home we found that one pact, yes, the latest arrival, but the other one was not. Proceeded to Simpang Budiman, rendz-ed with Dr Abdullah over a bowl of chendol. And before conceding homeward, visited his RAMLY MART for our routine of supplies of frozen kitchen sundries.

Aug ended with the Merdeka-65 celebration Aug 31 Wed 3 Safar 1444H which was in a very low profile because the political climate was so monsoon-ic. But the most was attending Mac-15 tantric restart, sometimes hours before it reached a workable state, albeit, clouded by unpredictable radom restart. Saving-Reloading the data. Swapping HDD-SSD. Re-installation of Sierra-Catalina was not excluded with other regular accs tools. And swap-permutated the RAM.

The interest on flora around the house was not neglected.

The Mac-15i-16G, and Convo of the Last

Dated: 2022 Sep 15 Thu 18 Safar 1444H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Sep 1-15 was MCO-F5-12, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much being observed by the individuals. Nonetheless suggestion was in the air to entirely getting mask-free.

Sep 1 Thu 4 Safar 1444H, the Mac agony ended. Initially it was the arrival of the 2x4G RAM for the Mac-15i-8G, which when fitted appeared to improve a lot wrt the tantric restarting, even though later it was still observed the unpredictable restart. But what really took away the agony was Zidni's Mac-15i-16G which he let departed to me. The tantric Mac-15i-8G was returned back to CB for him to revisit his Mac tech-know-how. Thus for the next two days, ICT-wise was the data migration from Mac-15i-8G to temp-HDD to Mac-15i-16G.

And at night of Sep 10 Sat, as always, a gathering with ank-cu2.

SB and ASRI had a matter in JJABAT SSAKER, from my Nov last year application to drop my PEMEGANG AMANAH which was endowed by them during the Terekoh in 2012 because at the time both were still TAK-CUKUP-UMUR. The matter was resolved Sep 12 Mon 15 Safar 1444H in a 2 min hearing by an m-pegawai, which otherwise would be attended by a very young f-pegawai, the matter of which was well known by many legal quarters as very chaotic. I would have to visit the JJABAT at least once more, i.e. to collect the PERENTAH, then twice in JJABAT TANAH, once to amend the GERAN, then another to collect the amended one. With that the 2-beradik returned KL-home by AK the next day Sep 13 Tue 16 Safar 1444H.

In the while, the weather was fine in TRG. Sunny during the day, blue sea with a very clear line of the horizon. And slight rainy at night through to the wee hr to cool down. On the beach thus the fish landed fresh from the sea. The kembong season returned. Strangely the waiting consumers were making a selar-rush. More strange was that the selayang was not in sight at all.

Sep 10 Sat 13 Safar 1444H, the convo of the last, but not the last convo, of ASRI, in IUKL. All siblings attended in cheering.

Sep 11 Sun 14 Safar 1444H, a DRVTGG, incidentally 4-beranak with SB and ASRI, bye-ing CB, and Alya et al, who would DRV-JB the next day Sep 12 Mon. The Sun surprise was that no-congestion in BTS. However, a drizzling started from AKLEH interchange. And apparently all the way to the eastern side of the Titiwangsa. Noted that due to the drizzling it was a slight congestion on the opposite direction on approaching Gombak toll. It was a fine weather on both LPT1 and 2. And a lot of motorist taking RnR in both Temerloh and Gambang. The first stop on arriving in W-Tengah was the bazaar. Then eagerly to see how far the menaces had been inflicted on the plants at home by the free-raider pumba and cattle.

Sep 14 Wed 17 Safar 1444H, romancing TJHOME after accompany-ing NA in Sepetir seeing Pok Harun et al to seek a legal procedure in Jjabat Tanah, followed by a selar-rush over a plenty of kembong in Pantai Kubang Badak.

DRVKUL on 7th Anniversary

Dated: 2022 Sep 30 Fri 3 R-Awal 1444H

The arbitrarily assigned covid for 2022 Sep 16-30 was MCO-F5-13, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of personal choice of the mask was very much being observed by the individuals. The masking in a closed space was no longer a must. It was entirely up to the premise owner. Nonetheless many individuals took no chance and made it self-compulsory.

Sep 17 Sat 20 Safar 1444H, a double KENDURI of a distance apart. One in K Berang, a walimah, and another in Setiu, a house warming. Both were NA's acquaintances, the former a KIK-mate, and the latter an RYP colleague. We were in the middle, thus yo-yo-ed to both places. The drive was in the hinterland. It was a note to be taken that the development had long reached them. Apparently many of them enjoyed a better living environment than the coastal-ites.

Sep 24 Sat 27 Safar 1444H, another DRV-JERTEH, spent entirely in P-PANJANG. Planting a doyan, and mostly pruning to make the lot appear having the owner. Singgah TEMPINIS, to see the land Roslan just managed the tambun, together with his.

Sep 26 Mon 29 Safar 1444H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. It was a superb weather. Detoured in Bkt Besi exit, took the rakyat road to Jabor, then the LPT1. Noted the tremendous changes along the Jabor road relative to over ten years ago. One last img dated 2014 Feb 24 Mon. Some land marks were beyond recognition, some even lost altogether. "The Bends" changes was especially noted. MRR2 was surprisingly clear from Gombak and on. Congestion was only at BTS. Home before dark. And when the night set in NA realised that today was our 7th anniv, since 2015 Sep 26 Sat, Zulhijjah 12, 1436H.

Over the last seven years since 2015 Sep 26 Sat, Zulhijjah 12, 1436H.

Sep 28 Wed 1 R-AWAL 1444H, had a chance to see the fate of Merc in AUTO FLEXI Sect-7 where it was warded since 2022 Feb 3 THU 1 REJAB 1443H, for the cooling coil. It was however protracted to the BRAKING SYSTEM involving ABS pump, etc. And apparently the parts were not cheap as prevailed. In the while, ASRI took the Kelisa for a vibration check, suspected to be the engine mounting. It was fetched the next day Sep 29 Thu for a 13Hrm with a plus of some other parts. ASRI appeared delighted.

Sep 18 Sun 21 Safar 1444H, another DRV-JERTEH, direct to LIMBONGAN, for a NNAWAT. He was the hubby of NA's mother's cousin. When we arrived, the jenazah had already been taken to the Masjid for the solat. Conceding to the visit, singgah in P-RIMAU to see the land, then dropped by in P-PANJANG to similarly see-ing the land and the plants. It was a slight drizzling when we left Jerteh. And arrived home before dark.

While lingering in TRG, tended to the backyard of WT-HOME, try-ing to minimise the menaces inflicted by the raiding pumba and cattle. And other peripheral things, including a short rendz with Dr Abdullah. The beach was always fascinating.

Noted the HOME of SG MERAB was finally defined with all four set of BATU SEPADAN, CB said several days ago, and had the indentity of LOT 66936. Since acquired in 1983 as 3082, it was disected by the monsoon drain into 102316 and 102317. The former was in 2020 was dissected to the individual owner to become 66935, 66936, 66937, and 66938. The 102317 was still untouched, and still carried the four names ownership. Nonetheless, on the ground it appeared to had been intrude-cleared for some development.

Sep 29 Thu 2 R-Awal 1444H, ALYA 3-beranak returned for home-weekend, arriving at 2140. TTB appeared calmingly very helpful. They stayed on to the new month. The gathering was rather virtual, braising for a trip to MEK's walimah in Petai Bubus, Oct 9 Sun 12 R-Awal 1444H, M-sia molud break.






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