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DRVKUL For Ramadan 1443H

Dated: 2022 Apr 15 Fri 13 Ramadan 1443H

Apr 1 Fri 29 Shakban 1443H was a quantum shift for covid. It was re-graded from PANDEMIC to ENDEMIC. SOP was more of personal matter. Strict monitoring was lifted, MySejahtera was fading away. In the Masjid, the smayang line returned to pre-mco. Saf rapat-rapat. North and south borders were re-opened. At 0001 on Apr 1, it was a rush from S-pore to Johor, in frenzy like the feral. The arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-01, for 2022 Apr 1-15, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of which began to loosen.

APR 1 FRI 29 Shakban 1443H, made a quick visit to PASAR PAYANG, for some kitchen sundries, for the Ramadan Start Apr 3 Sun. In the afternoon, went to Masjid Telipot for the Jumaat. Noted the SOP was weived, notably the saf was rapat-rapat, but the mask was prevalence. The Bilal, and the Imam reminded the jemaah on that. And expectedly the Masjid was overflown just like when it was with body-distance-SOP.

Apr 2 Sat 30 Shakban 1443H. DRVKUL in Nissan with NA, trying hard to be in Sg Merab for the first Ramadan the next day Sun. TAV stayed in the Keong of Cenering, recovering which might take up to three months. The weather was fine indeed. Cloudy, no burning sun-heat, and in fact showery in Dungun. It was a very slight drizzling when we took a break in Paka RR. And another break in Temerloh, to rendz with MUZANI et buddies on their way home from a fishing trip in Kemaman since Fri night. And traffic was favourable too. The only congestion was at BTS the never-end-mega-construction. We were home right at the sun-set.

Apr 3 Sun, RAMADAN 1443H commenced. In the evening Muzani, Malini et al spent the FIRST IFTAR with us.

Apr 8 Fri, Ruby et al had an iftar, and stayed to after teraweh. Zidni et al made it on Apr 9 Sat.

Apr 11 Mon 9 Ramadan 1443H, CB tended to the nostalgic clock on the IT wall, the chyme-CITIZEN. It stopped ticking and hrly-singing since several weeks ago. It was bought in Taman Tun Dr Ismail then-one-and-only shopping mall in 1988, when I was commuting to PAP there to write KBSM-2 with Rashidi. CB replaced the engine with a new one. And it ticked again. Nonetheless a chyme-less ORIENT was bought in LOTA at the ex-FOTO shop as a standby, and currently was placed in the kitchen, above the overhead cabinet.

Apr 14 Thu 12 Ramadan 1443H, SB returned from Ayer Keroh for the home-weekend. Fri was a break for Melaka. Ramadan was well into the second half.

B-DAY-71 in Receding Ramadan

Dated: 2022 Apr 30 Mon 28 Ramadan 1443H

Apr 16 Sat 14 Ramadan 1443H, the arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-02, for 2022 Apr 16-30, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of which began to loosen. MySejahtera was still enforced in the public rendz, with optional temp-meter. In a while its applicability would be decided. In the Masjid, the saf were already rapat-rapat since Apr beginning.

Apr 26 Tue 24 Ramadan 1443H, DRVKUL for the Shawal 1443H. The weather was fine, and thr traffic too in both LPT-s. Nonetheless we detoured at Kerteh toll to dropped at Kijal for a LEMANG. And re-entered h-way in Jabor on LPT1. Arriving in KL at off office hr, ca 5-30, it was some congestion on MRR2 at the notorious places, i.e., the AKLEH vic, and BTS. The rest were fine.

Apr 16 Sat 14 Ramadan 1443H, MALINI, RUBY et al joined the IFTAR with us, and thus with SB still around. It was the time the SUGARCANE harvest for this year. However, to get the sugarcane pressed for the juice was a challenge. The scarcely juicer operators in Bangi were not prepared to take the job. The last harvest of the sugarcane was last year Ramadan.

Apr 18 Mon 16 Ramadan 1443H. SB left for AYER KEROH just after subuh, he said direct to work place. And with NA in Nissan, made a DRVTGG in the mid-morning, bye-ing CB and ASRI for a few days. Traffic and weather were fine, except as always at BTS the never-end-construction. In LPT2, took the Ajil exit to coast the local road for the iftar meals, targeting the nostalgic Ngadang Baru, the bazaar at the place just after my alma mater SMKPM, KT-ward, with a lot of love. Arriving home in W-Tengah ca 6pm, all were in order, except as always the menaces by either the feral or the cattle.

Apr 30 Sat 28 Ramadan 1443H. Ank-cu2 gathered. ALYA et ADAM-s returned from JB with SB fetching them by driving to JB from Ayer Keroh, and back to Sg Merab. Farhan to join later. All were present during the IFTAR, but Farhan. As always such gathering were merry-ed with BD invocation cakes of Apr-born. POKJO 4-beranak were also included.

Shawal 1443H

Dated: 2022 May 15 Sun 14 Shawal 1443H

MAY 1 Sun 29 Ramadan 1443H, the arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-03, for 2022 May 1-15, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of which continued loosening. MySejahtera was no longer enforced in the public rendz. Many FB-ers had archived their screen-shot. The mask-ing was applied in certain conditions only, but no longer in pablic places like in the park.

May 2 Mon 1 SHAWAL 1443H, HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI 1443H. It was a break from the as-in-the-calendar for decades, which in the calendar the 1-shawal was May 3 Tue. The announcement caught the people in surprise since the raya mind and schedule were set for May 3 Tue. Smayang raya in SNR, 5-beranak, plus ALYA 3-beranak, and Zidni. Had not been in SNR since 2020 Mar, the onset of MCO. Farhan arrived from JB. POKJO et al, and RUBY et al joined in Sg Merab after smayang. Muzani et al spent the raya in Bayan Lepas, and Malini et al the last turning up, at night after all day in Meru vic. With that Shawal 1443H ended.

Twice northward. May 4 Wed, to Banggol Setiu 5-beranak, NA needed to catch Nasaee. The second, May 5 Thu to Jerteh for a walimah, also 5-beranak, but in two cars. Singgah P-Panjang. CB 3-beradik skipped. But on reaching K Nerus, it was a great agony of unprecedented congestion. CB took the Saujana route, was similarly on 3-h sembelit as my Permaisuri route.

As arranged-promised, on Ruby intermediary with all her maternal unties-uncles, I chaired a get-together among them at night. Invoking the spirit of parental efforts, the discourse was in a harmony to settle what were left by their parents. It took altogether three sittings to settle to an agreed division, to be heard in JJABAT SSAKA, May 23 Mon. NA helped in making the documents legally palatable. The hurdles would no longer come from among us, but from the JJABAT SSAKA.

May 9 Mon 8 Shawal 1443H, joined the folks in KALANG ARANG in cleaning the KUBUR, the traditional activities on SHAWAL 8, since as long as I could remember. Some childhood buddies were there, reminisce-ing the past. Some looking forward to the 'future'. Most of the younger were unaware of who I was.

May 10 Tue 9 Shawal 1443H, DRVKUL. Deliberately detoured at CHENOR exit, to BANDAR PUSAT JENGKA, visiting NA's mother's younger sister who migrated to settle in FELDA in the 70-s when she was with three children. On resuming the DRVKUL, dropped by TEMERLOH-by-the river. But it was already evening, the patin merry had died down. The weather was fine. The traffic, as always had spotted cobgestions, viz in AKLEH-FLAMINGO, and the never-end-BTS.

May 3 Tue 2 Shawal 1443H, DRVTGG, convoy-ing with CB 3-beradik in BKD and ALYA et al. The weather was favourable. Traffic-wise was relatively fine, except at the never-ending-construction BTS, and on entering MTD at Gombak, and along the route. After terowong, the road was clear. Ruby et al were on drvtgg yesterday late afternoon May 2 Mon 1 Shawal, and was in Tok Jembal ca 9 pm. Alya et al arriving at night, joined Ruby in Tok Jembal. With that only the #2, 3, 4 were not in TRG.

May 6 Fri 5 Shawal 1443H, ank2 ended their RAYA BREAK. CB-3-beradik in BKD setoff from W-Tengah first thing in the morning to avoid early congestion of post-KARAK sectors. ALYA et al left, a few hr later, en route to JB, she said to detour at Gambang. Ruby with a few left by Bus at night, and thus joined us being invited for the open house of neighbour ZURAIMI, after Jumaat. By May 7 Sat, the TJHome, was ready for a leave audit.

May 7 Sat 6 Shawal 1443H, another DRV-JERTEH for a walimah in Alor Lintang. Traffic-wise, the return drive was not as bad as the two before. However this time the drive was by TEMBILA. Noted that by the evening, petrol supply was running out of stock, only RON-97 (very expensive) was available in some station, seen some cars, stay put in Petrol Station waiting for the supply to arrived.

Took the time to drop by at the HOME I was born in 1951, and grew up until I went to distant school at thirteen in 1964. It was unfortunate that the house was so neglected, it was in the middle of its end.

May 15 Sun 14 Shawal 1443H, was a Malaysia break of Wesak. NA made a makan2 for anak2, and notably for her anksedara who stay in Lembah Kelang. Attended were also CG ROS et ank2.


Dated: 2022 May 31 Tue 30 Shawal 1443H

May 16 Mon 15 Shawal 1443H, the arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-04, for 2022 May 16-31, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP of which continued being dropped piece-wise. MySejahtera was no longer enforced in the public rendz. Many FB-ers had archived their screen-shot history. The mask-ing was entirely on personal choice. The masjid returned to normal.

The sea in TRG was calm, the day was bright, although some skirmish rain at night. However, the fish had not been landed as much as before Ramadan. In the media nonetheless, was full of img of amateur returning with loads of SUTUNG in a night CANDAT. Unsure the extent of 'indah khabar dari rupa' since the sutung price on the stalls by the beach road were not less than 30rm/kg.

May 23 Mon 22 Shawal 1443H, in JJABAT SSAKA off MYDIN sorting for good that of left of 2008, 2010, and 2022. The petition-er was Awang, all five other siblings were present. Since the hearing was limited to a max of 6, I opted out, since none of them carried an oath-signed surat persetujuan which had been prepared each for them, even though Azizah and her children needed a rep to hear it. NA had prepared the docs in a nice easily digestible representation. That was perhaps made the hearing lasted for exactly 30-min considering the involvement of three gemulah, seven pcs of bid-ee which had once gone to a pemegang-amanah-ship.

May 27 Fri 26 Shawal 1443H, the last event of Shawal in Terengganu, was in Angullia, Seberang Marang, that of TRG BAR.

May 28 Sat 27 Shawal 1443H, ank-cu2 gathered in the evening through to the night. Almost all, sans only Edi, Munif, and Arifah. Zidni made it 3-beranak in the morning, sans Intan-Ainan. ALYA 3-beranak, SB were on home weekend.

Alya 3-beranak left JB-ward in the late afternoon May 29 Sun, while SB the next early morning May 30 Mon to Ayer Keroh. With that settled down 4-beranak. SB however drop by home on May 31 Tue night while on a hop to Penang Jun 1 Wed with a buddy for an assigned task, the first since he joined COHU ca a year ago. CB and I took them to KLIA. They would be home on Jun 3 Fri night.

May 16 Mon 15 Shawal 1443H, was HARI GURU.

May 16 Mon 15 Shawal 1443H, was Malaysia replacement break of May 15 Wesak. Made a DRVTGG, bye-ing CB 3-beradik, with SB intended to return to Ayer Keroh either in the evening, or the next day Tue. Malini was in as well, she just dropped by. A break in Temerloh was hi-ed by TAHA SMKPM-68, and NA's ex-staff SEPIAN of RYP et al. The weather was fine, cool, and many places were shady. One a downfall from after Kijal LB to just before Paka RR.

A quick visit after the SSAKA MATTERS to The Mayang Place, Batu Buruk, where an array of foods were made available among friends of lawyers.

May 25 Wed 24 Shawal 1443H, DRV-JERTEH, for the late Shawal visit, preceded by an impromptu b-fast with UMAR, a SAS-an junior, and Prof Zul, an x-UNIZA colleague. And was in JPJ KT the day before, May 24 Tue, renewing Nissan r-tax.

Dropped by, seeing Hussein in Jabi. Visiting Abg Murad in Padang Luas. Finally peeked in all, P-RIMAU, T-BUGIS, and P-PANJANG to get the durian updates. In P-Rimau, the tok-litop bear no fruits et al. In the other two, some fruits were seen high up on the trees. Overall, the coming season would not be as bumper as yesteryear.

May 26 Thu 25 Shawal 1443H, the first briefing of RU-3 of Padang Midin SPM-1968. Nine members were present with Zali, Abdullah Salleh, Razali Ismail, Wan Mariam, Rohaniah, Lijah, and Zalila. It was in rumah Nafisah, in Seberang Bukit Tumbuh. NA was cheered for accompany-ing.

And it was on DRVKUL. Resuming KUL-ward from the Angullia on the beach route. Joined LPT2 at PAKA toll. The weather was just fine. The congestion in MRR2 was just in BTS. Arriving in Sg Merab at ca 10. Alya 3-beranak, and SB were in already ex-JB, ex-Ayer Keroh respectively.

May 29 Sun 28 Shawal 1443H, attended the Raya, 5-beranak, in BBaginda. That of NA's KIK buddy. It was a warm occasion. Many of NA's buddies had known me very well before on several occasions.

A Look for the Memoire

Dated: 2022 Jun 15 Wed 15 Z-Kaedah 1443H

JUN 1 Wed 1 Z-KAEDAH 1443H, the arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-05, for 2022 Jun 1-15, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP left was the personal choice of the mask. MySejahtera was no longer relevant.

Thinking of replanting the backyard of Sg Merab with new trees. They were 1980-s trees currently had become big and tall, still fruiting, but rather served the monkeys. Moktam-merah, Moktam-kuning, Moktam-anokskoloh, Moktam-chekder, Dokong, Duku, Langsat, and Chempedak. One Soursop however was rather recent.

Jun 12 Sun 12 Z-Kaedah 1443H, passing by to have a look for the memoire, a note of manifestation that life is a short happening, a mere 34 y, over a stand still venue, appeared unchanged. It began in 1976 Oct, 46 y ago, and ended in 2010 Jun, 12 years ago.

Jun 15 Wed 15 Z-Kaedah 1443H, DRV-JERTEH. Stay-ing quite a while in P-Panjang, joining Hashir de-weeding NA's orchard. The thick lalang on the open area in the vic of BIG DOYAN tree was finally rid off, exposing the two young trees.

Jun 4 Sat 4 Z-Kaedah 1443H, an ubiquity of the saying of "to be seeing someone you have seen before, and to be in places you have been there before", being visited by a fellow academician, first seeing 2007 Nov 18 Sun in Awana, Kijal, happened to be in a team, on an MTDC spree. However, it was her hubby who knew NA on BAR membership that culminated the continuing acquaintances.

Jun 7 Tue 7 Z-Kaedah 1443H, SB DRV-A-KEROH first thing after subuh. And by mid-morning, DRVTGG with NA in Nissan, bye-ing Cb-ASRI. Apart from the notorious MRR2, both traffic, and weather-wise were favourable. Both Temerloh and Gambang RR-s were rather crowded. Nonetheless, our dinner was from KUZA BAZAAR.

Both Sepetir and W-Tengah homes were in order, the former was progressing well in the making of the western wall-fence. The same tukang, POK PAR was engaged to rectify the FLOOR in TOK JEMBAL home which "tembak" in 2021 Dec late. The SEPETIR home and the TJHOME, were the task-wise during this trg-return.

In T BUGIS, it was noted that IDI had come to clear the undergrowth, perhaps a week ago. It was on time for the BUANG BURUK. And finally in P RIMAU, as frustrated as ever with the LEMBU. The feeding ground was now extended to become the shed under the rambutan tree.

Canon Shut Down

Dated: 2022 Jun 30 Thu 30 Z-Kaedah 1443H

Jun 16 Thu 16 Z-Kaedah 1443H, the arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-06, for 2022 Jun 16-30, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP left was just the personal choice of the mask. MySejahtera was detached.

Ruby was on USIM matter in admission carnival in UNIZA. She MH-landed Jun 16 Thu evening, and departed on a Darul Iman Jun 19 Sun night. Ruby's other colleagues were also acquianted. Dr Fadlina Alias and her colleague Dr Intan Suhana Ghulam Khan, both in Law Fac, the former the daughter of the late Alias Kamis & Rohani Ahmad, my mates in SAS and UKM students, and Faculty staff to retirement. The latter related by her hubby who was NA senior in KIK.

Jun 21 Tue 21 Z-Kaedah 1443H, the work of restoring the floor in TJHOME started. The work was ca 3-man-days. The real time, as always, longer, but hopefully not later than by Raya Haji.

Jun 22 Wed 22 Z-Kaedah 1443H, POKHARUN, a fifty years ago happening was revoked in BATU RAKIT. Then, he was Harun, just married to Mah, the niece of Mek & Abg Sehad, at whose Police-Q in Sg Way we were staying. The common link-memoire between us was our one day Vespa-ride, Sg Way to KT, perhaps in Oct 1971. The ride was my first balik-kampong ride for RAYA, after giving up the Yamaha to Soh Motor for the Vespa in Ban Guan Thye, both in Bangsar. I was young then. Pok Harun was a native of Batu Rakit, but moving outward in his young days in search for a better life. Nonetheless, in his mid-age, he returned to where he was born to inherit what his father left.

Jun 24 Fri 24 Z-Kaedah 1443H, another DRV-JERTEH. The task was to visit all. Tok Bugis, P-Panjang, and P-Rimau. All were not to the expectation. Nonetheless, in P-Rimau SETANDAN KELAT was harvested, the first pisang planted there. And two new ank were planted. The LEMBU 2-beranak were getting worse. Carts of cut-grass was brought into the lot.

Jun 25 Sat 25 Z-Kaedah 1443H, Liaison Meeting of RU-3 of Alumni SMKPM 67/68. It was at the water front of Masjid Seberang Takir.

Jun 26 Sun 26 Z-Kaedah 1443H, DRVKUL, once again by way of JERTEH, then GUA MUSANG. To the former to collect some DOYAN for Sg Merab consumption of ank2. The drive was adventurous, weaving with the super-bikes. And s stop in Gua Musang for the Masjid-with-Kaabah. And refreshment. Gua Musang - KL was by no mean a fast drive even though K Lipis centre was avoided, no escape Raub, but escaped Bentong centre by the so-called SPINE, which on merging with KL-KRK, was a moving-congestion parade, cleared only on MRR2, with surprisingly 'light' congestion at BTS. It was an 'uncomfortable' DRV because the UNFUNCTIONING CANON ISUS. iF5 replaced but needed a lot of finger skills. Somehow nearly managed, and obviously with the help of a power-bank. iF is known to be very power-hungry.

The house in Sepetir was in the middle of progress. Basically the work was upgrading the perimeter walls. The works started in early Jun by POK PAR, while we were in Sg Merab. Currently the back side was in the middle of the work, involving Taufik's the nebor house. The final work would be the tiling of the car porch.

Jun 20 Mon 20 Z-Kaedah 1443H, another DRV-JERTEH. Today main task was in TOK BUGIS, the primary tool was the STIHL. No mower. Expectedly it was the DERIANG, and it was. Nonetheless, the STIHL had its day.

All were in order in SG MERAB home. By Jun 28 Tue all the durian were consumed, but sans Alya in JB, and SB who was in Manila on job-tour from Jun 27 Mon to Jul 1 Fri. Muzani spent quite an evening on Jun 27 Mon, helping fixing the mower throttle cable feeds, then planting an MK and an IOI he said he bought from J-Pertanian.


Dated: 2022 Jul 6 Wed 6 Z-Hijah 1443H

Jul 1 Fri 1 Z-Hijah 1443H, covid was still very much around. The arbitrarily assigned covid was MCO-F5-07, for 2022 Jul 1-15, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es, the SOP left was just the personal choice of the mask. MySejahtera was detached.

Jul 1 Fri 1 Z-Hijah 1443H, tagged as "RE-MPI", went to Masjid MPI for Jumaat, 3-beranak with CB, ASRI. Last smayang in MPI was 2020 Mar 13 Fri. Then under SOP, it closed. When it reopened in Jun under SOP of 1m free-volume, the Masjid regulated the attendee, restricted to members with some quota for the outsider by registration. We then moved to Masjid Sg Merab, with also similar strict SOP. We then opted to Masjid BBAGINDA, where the Masjid management put the attendee as the priority. We sticked to it ever since.

Jul 2 Sat 2 Z-Hijah 1443H, NA took MRT in Kajang, riding to BC in KL for an AJK meeting. She had not been to her alma mater for quite sometimes, perhaps in years after she left RYP in 2019, which was followed by MCO.

Looking forward, and preparing for the DRVTGG for the RAYA HAJI scheduled to be Jul 7 Thu 7 Z-Hijah 1443H.






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