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2009 - Second Semester 2008/09

Dated 2009 Jan 3 Sat

On to the new year 2009, leaving the receding 2008 and 2007 irreversibly further and further. Miladi new year, on Thu, was not a holiday in Terengganu. Hijri new year 1430, which was a national holiday, was three days ago on 2008 Dec 29 Mon.

We were reminded since two weeks ago to buckle the rear passengers of the car, failing which summones would be issued.

From a blog, ...

Membebankan rakyat? Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Come January 1st 2009, the rear seatbelt rule will come into effect. Based on the recent poll and the observation on the comments streaming in through the website (here and here), it is amazing to see how some of us can come out with the excuses that totally miss the point.

Where do they get the idea that the government is trying to make money by making the rear seatbelt compulsory?

Even before the ruling was made, careful considerations were given to the feasibility and economic impact. Hence the exemptions for vehicles registered before 1st January 1995. Vehicles belonging to this category are about 14 years of age. Even that, some leeway is given to vehicles registered after 1st Januay 1995.

The point of this whole exercise is to save lives. It is easy for armchair critiques to easily get carried away without reading through the fine print of the ruling. There is no hidden agenda but to save lives. ...

The country had enforced several measures to increase the level of road safety. The "helmet" and the "bright ride" for the motor-cyclist to turn-on the light even in the day-light. For the motorists, the "front seat belt", then "the third brake light", and now the "rear seat belt". These are in the background of modernised road which were "highwayed", widened, straightened, and smoothened.

The result of which had swelled the desire of the motorists to a speedier acceleration which could tend to metamorph into Brownian motions. Which could be averted only by additional civic enforcement which requires the society to firstly developed into a full imago. This last part is too imaginary for the country in which its people always choose the end no matter by whatever mean to achieve it.

Sem VI for the most senior in the faculty, the Agricultural Biotech first intake 2006 Jul. The drum beat for the first University degree conferement was loud enough since late last year. The first would be held perhaps by Aug this year 2009. By Apr 2010 the Fac first intake would have completed the program. Aug 2010 they would be parading in the degree conferement. The first for the faculty. Or with a bit of luck, the faculty first degree conferement would coincide with the University first conferement as well.

It was an early w/shop of P&P on the new year in the nearby TEResort for which I had to rush back to KTrg, deffering the final day of the leave and missing the two days weekend. To settle down without much change for the start.

A Galactical Blip

Dated 2009 Jan 11 Sun

During the first home weekend of the new year, while strolling the spaces, waiting for the time to travel back to Trg, I stumbuled upon this perhaps "new development" which I was not aware of that it did take place. Apparently the hydra had budded. Must be quite "recently". It did not matter to me anymore anyway. The bud would eventually mature, and would surely fall off from the mother, and become a full faculty.

It reflashed the moment I had with the then UKM's Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof Zawawi in Manchester, England in 1981 February 16 Mon night. The Feb winter cold in my home in the Upper Chorlton Road. The Faculty was then on the draft of forming the Department of Material Science, in which I was to be targeted and for which I was pointed to pursue my doctorate in polymer chemistry. And in which Architecture was to be an incipient to grow into whatever it would evolve. For which I was asked to snoop for any interested potential candidates in the UK to nucleate the department. I did. And once in Aberdeen, Scotland, since many Malaysian in Aberdeen were doing applied courses like electronics, QS, and architecture. 1981 April 3 Fri for a week while having some fresh air with my brother who was there for his degree. Many of them really responded, especially knowing that they could go on with a further degree. However, things were so primordial at that time that eventually all became cosmic dust.

On my return 1983 Mar, things took a different course. Science faculty "broke up" into three faculties. There was no mention of Material Sci. 1984 Nov 1, engineering faculty was formed. The Science dean became the engineering dean. And with that, the material science sank deeper into the galactical spiral. Until 1987, a new nucleus was formed. I was in the committee. The things finally materialised as a Programme under the then Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences. The pioneer students registered for their first lecture in Jun 1992 (Sem 1). I was given a fundemental paper in Sem II, November. When sciences faculty were re-consolidated into Faculty of Science and Technology in 1999 Jul 19, the programme resided in the School of applied physics.

Nothing was about architecture. At least it was not in the science. Apparently it budded, in 2002, in the engineering fac, the faculty the pioneer dean of which had had a "transcendental" moment with me a long time ago in 1981, in a land far away from home.

And how galactical away I am now. There is a new regalia, perhaps "non-phonetic", in the campus. """Ar""". It used to be only "Dr" for the physician. Then a similar "Dr" for the doctorate. Then "Ir" for some who wished to be distinguished, and now "Ar". It's not too difficult to differentiate, or indifferentiate between "Ir" and "Ar". But not the "Dr" of physician and doctorate. Some had felt so emotionally different that "DR" was suggested to be different from "Dr", which had found difficulties in the printing world. And one even sarcastically used "dR" to elude from both "Dr" and "DR".

The Monsoon Closes in Terengganu

Dated 2009 Jan 18 Sun

And precisely, it was in Kuala Terengganu. The weather had been fine since early Jan. The last visible pounding waves was Jan 2 Fri, from TEResort where we were having the P&P W/shop. Since then it was a great sun-shine. Even though cloudy on the land side, the sea sky most of the times was alluring blue.

The contest was between UMNO's Wan Farid and PAS's Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut. The former was defending his forebearer. The latter was the Wakaf Mempelam DUN, one of the four in the P-36. And a third independent Azharudin Mamat @ Adam, who himself was not even a voter in the P036. As announced at 9.30 pm on the polling day, PAS wrested the Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary seat from Barisan Nasional with a majority of 2,631. PAS candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut garnered a total of 32,883 votes compared to Barisan Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, who got 30,252 votes. There were 665 spoilt votes. A total of 77.76 per cent or 63,993 of 80,229 voters cast their votes. The constituency has 1,302 postal voters.

The closing monsoon was rather erratic. The blue sky turned grey by the Jan middle. Spotty rain. And was very windy most of the time. It was cold, even in the afternoon. But was very fine on the polling day.

The event had created the opportunity for UDM with the much awaited "go order" of the Medical Faculty first intake to be this Jun. Although it was schduled for 2010, the much talked-about knot was the hospital needed for the teaching purpose. Every quarter was arguing along the line of a new hospital, and who would or should build it. With that announcement, even though nobody mentioned the hospital, the neighbouring SNZ hospital could not elude itself for the time being. The new hospital will become the subject of the next talk-about when medical graduates begin to take the shape.

The ceremony was seized and executed in a lightening speed from being forwarded from Jan 12 Mon to 9 Fri, to the layout of the logistic matters and security procedures. In a manner when it comes to correct order, in less than thirty six hrs, KTrg after all was not as sleezy as percieved.

With the monsoon over, every one was looking forward for the next sea-going of "squid-ing", and even fishing in the off-monsoon sea. This time we were talking about setting off from Kuala Dungun, off of which is Tenggol Island which I have not yet visited.

The Great Unexpectation

Dated 2009 Jan 31 Sat

A Great Change of a metamorphic degree, with an "obamic" expectation, concluded at ca the same time.
which I always contended that at best would fall to the default that only the time actually changed, with the like of "gone with the wind".

The great expectation was in the land far away. The inauguration of 44th US President Obama, 2009 Jan 20 Tue. 1.5 million American gathered to physically present at the National Mall. Very many more millions followed it via media. The event was historic in the highly acclaimed democratic US. A media tagged it: 'achievement for the nation'. Ironically, for the making of an African-American the American President. The great expectation was: CHANGE. Hopefully inclusive of the US foreign policy of military intervention. Millions of earthlings had been killed by the American bombs and bullets, and millions more died from bombs and bullets in trying to counter the American bombs and bullets.

On this inauguration day, Obama delivered one greatest change that he implicitly promised! He made the American changed the colour of its president: from white to black. The human skin colour that America was so obsessed for so long. The human dna-derived feature that had never been of concern by any other races, civilization after civilization, who had inhabited this earth long before America was created. To visualise the promised change, reading from the past, look not on what the president is doing, but on what are being done on the president.

The change of a great unexpectation, greatly predictive though, was here in the KOTA campus of Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDM) in about the same time. Which was actually a sequential events since Jan early. A deja vu of 1970. The history repeating itself in different time and frame. With a slight natural twist in the plot. Which thus end up like I was a round peg to fit into a square hole. It's a rare chance though to be in two similar histories in two different settings in one life time. The circumtances in which the major pushing slices were too galactical to arrive in real time.

By 2009 Jan 21 Wed it was fax-clear that the FPB dean Prof Manaf was ascending to be the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation (TNC-PnI), for three years, beginning Feb. A move Dato' VC anticipated for some phenomenal change on the research side, some of which were of my opinions. The day I was 'seduced' into an unprecedented hecticity to get involve into VC, the Medical Dean, and all their peripherals in searching for places in the KTrg town to accomodate the expanding Agro-Biotech and the Medical. Including a 'solemn' lunch with the leaving dean in 'the daun pisang'. It was also 'leaked' that Prof Afandi would resume his TNC-AA from the same time.

The first FPB 2009 faculty meeting was set since last week for the next day 2009 Jan 22 Thu noon. And thus was supposed to be the current dean's last chairing. However, the emergency took him and the whole family on a drive back to Perlis. And he left the faculty to me to proceed unimpedingly. I made the faculty to record his congratulatory ascension, together with tributes to those who had left the faculty, voluntarily or otherwise. The jocular mood of the meeting was already that of the well accepted new dean. Only sans congratulation from buddies, friends, and colleagues, which was 'invalidated' in the absence of the appointment letter.

The day ended with a drive back to KL for the weekend (with a colleague, Tajul Afif), which was actually for recuperating from a flu, as well as the inequilibration between the desire which were alluring and the pressure which were scary, which I suffered since the day before.

Jan closed with another academic congregation in Mayangsari, Dungun. Something like we had in Sutera, Merang, Jan early 2008. In which I had no choice but to continue carrying on the baton that fall unexpectedly in my hand in the relay track. And an endless thanks to senior buddies and junior staff who created a highly cooperative mood and mode. Nonetheless in their own unique competency.

"Buah Cempedak Di Luar Pagar"

Dated 2009 Feb 6 Fri

The sea, appears "empty", sustains unlimited sources of life. Its much unaccessible corners guard the origin of raw ideas to begin. The change the wave pounds the beach originates from the sky, but much of the world mysteries are still locked in the sea. The sea always refreshes and replenishes.

Feb began at home in Sg Merab. I thus missed my first Senators Sitting on the first Feb Sun. Prof Manaf had arranged, while still in his jurisdiction, for Dr Abdullah, my "Co-Dean", to attend and answer for the faculty. My absence was extended by the arrangement since three weeks ago to attend the usual MoE's MatriQ Curriculum Material Development meeting, Feb 3-6 Tue-Fri in Pearl of Jln Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur. The job I liked very much, a nich to refresh too, but appeared that soon I would have to loose my grip.

In my absence, Prof Manaf carried on with the "Anugerah Dekan", Feb 5 Thu, during which, as was narrated later by Dr Abdullah, he announced the two new Deans. The other one being Dr Abdullah himself for the newly materialised Faculty of Food Technology. My absence had reduced the extollere in the campus at ground zero; the staff who knew it since the first 2009 Faculty meeting, Jan 22 Thu, which I chaired, in which, I announced that the Dean was moving on. As well as myself.

The extollere nevertheless "broke loose" in the MatriQ itself 2009 Feb 6 Fri morning, the last session of the workshop, while we were having the coffee break. It was by Prof Datuk Dr Hamid Hadi who got it fresh from Dato' VC who happened to be in town for some matters. There were Prof Rosiyah, Dr Nor Kartini, both from UM, Dr Razak Ali of UTM, Dr Shafida (UIA). Understandably, all were in a sense of congenial and relief. I was unconcealably flattered. Prof Musa and Wan Yaacob, both of UKM, tailing inexcusably concealing the phobios and philios state of minds. The ritual extended to the home fronts after the MtriQ.

New First Day For Many

Dated 2009 Feb 12 Fri

I could not gauge the mood during the first week of Feb because of my absence. But for many, the second week from 2009 Feb 8 Sun was the re-first day. Not only in City Campus, but many more in Kusza Campus. Kusza-ness was receding quite speedily in UDM. Apparently it was an academic reconfiguration, involving almost all faculties. The largest in number was the FKI, involving the Dean, its Deputies, and all the Head of Departments. Together with FPPP, FPB, and the newly born FTM, which also got its own new Dean. As I always believe: destiny.

The every day since then was not the same again. Strolling a lot of places around the faculty. Having a variance of things to do. Attending many meetings. Chairing many more meetings. Met by many. Cooling down many personalities. Weighing many pros and cons. And eventually, the most scary thing to do: deciding on something, saying some words, or sometimes lost the words to say and signing papers. All may bite back, or may not accomplish the hope the reason I was made to do so in the first place.

Chemistry was then receding from me in return for the demand on the background that was getting more and more intense. Making one, a "gavage", as suggested by a colleague Prof Osman Hassan. But I prefer my own, a "homo-bolus", or in some dialects, "homolus", or "hobolus". It comprises the material state, shape or geometry, texture, configuration, mobility, viscosity, fluidity, density, and surface tribology.

The first feeding of it was taken for digestion and taste 2009 Feb 12 Thu during the home week-end to-and-fro trips.

Taming the Storm in the Tea Cup

Dated 2009 Feb 19 Fri

The first official function in the faculty: 2009 Feb 19 Thu, Officiation of the first club in UDM, the Agribiz Club (ABC), jointly with the Dean of Food Technology Faculty.

The academic demands were as ever. Pushed by the need for the stability, swelling number of students in a constant volume space. With the "daughter" faculty of Food Technology born, the staff were reconfigured. But the movement was so limited by the constant space, and swelling number of new staff reporting for duty. Plus the actual taste of sweet, sour, salty, and stinging (4S-es) of the new job. Silver-lined though by the VK letter effective 2009 Feb 16 Mon dated the day before, which I collected by hand while incidentally seeing the Registrar to talk about the re-configuration of the staff in FPB and FTM. On the same day the ECER-KPT-UDM was held in Primula which was the inaugural activity of the much publicised ECER, which was officiated by Terengganu Menteri Besar, Dato' Ahmad Said. During which the Bornoulian took the effect stronger and stronger. Reverberating all over the campus. Obviously with everyone's expectation.

The sea was so imbibing and so alluring. Calmer than the storm in the tea cup, which was actually brewing before I took over, waiting to be vented out. Perhaps it was the very last leg of the monsoon. In between the uncountable meetings. And meeting the staff, every one seemed to have something to apologise for a personal opinion. A few with suggestions though, especially those who used to the such constraint.

Driving for the home weekend, I believed I had won the trust of the UDM "sixth floor" dwellers. Which, from the past lessons, had to be carried literally like "menatang minyak yang penuh". Which made a large difference from the previous every day. Ostensibly, with a new time punctuation of 2010 Feb 15, superceding the 2009 Aug 6.

The 4S-es: Sweet, Sour, Salty, and Stinging

Dated 2009 Feb 28 Sat

The Senatus of UDM: Was officially welcomed 2009 Feb 25 Wed, although it should had been last month, the very first day of the membership 2009 Feb 1. On which I was in KL to attend the MatriQ.

So far so good. All were in just a month period. Sustainable and manageable. But rather "salty". It would had been "sweeter" had it not been constrained by the constant space volume against the swelling number of new staff. Which sometimes rather "stinging", but not yet caustic. And never missed, some "sour" grapes too.

My first class of FDS 3023 for this Sem was on 2009 Feb 23 Mon, taking over from Asmaliza. 104 pieces comprising all the three programmes of Agrobiotech, FoodTech, and Animal Sci. A sign of steady growing.

An hexagon has six sides. A line has two sides, the top side and bottom side. A circle, which is made by unifying the two ends of a line at a point, as well as a sphere, has two sides too: inside and outside. The chemistry, physics, and ecology in both sides are very different. The equations too. It is like that of the world of anti-matter against that of the matter.

The space outside a circle is so vast and concaving, beyond one's two arms length. That make one almost like an independent Brownian particle. No one notice its being and its mortalness. For many years I was outside of a circle. Being a Brownian particle, wandering the wilderness of the vast space. Once a while knocking the wall of the vessel, making a speck of an infinitesimal pressure. To a large span of my life. And disappeared into an oblivion no one jotted a note.

Then the fate and destiny snatched my being and threw into the inside of another circle, incidentally close to where I was born and raised to be a bona fide timid boy. As though the rest of my life was to be abstracted, in twenty eight days, I had all the 4S-es. Waded through them, with small rowings, quietly to un-notice "kiambang yang bertaut". Which reminded me of the days when the river Nerus was a major part of my daily life. In which in a small sago-trunk-boat that I carved with my own hand, I rowed. Coasting to and fro along the river bank close to my home about Pengkalan Arang, looking for some fun of something to take home to show to my mother and my father, and to share with my brothers and sisters. Something to eat or to play with.

Being a particle in a small circle is so hectic. But its agility is so contrained by the smallness of space. With a free-volume so defined. With so high frequency of contact that maintaining an elastic collision is impossible. Too many values that change the variants. That defining a path is impossible to be independent of the destiny.

In the middle of it was on 2009 Feb 28 Sat, when in UM_Pahang IPTA carnival, and later in Kuantan M.S. Garden meeting of the JK TNC(A). Seeing many things from the inside of the circle. And being seen by the eyes which were once so astigmatised.

The Birth Right, or the Riding Since the Birth

Dated 2009 Mar 14 Sat

The regalia, Dr Abdullah and I were among those 'ordained' in for the first time, 2009 Mar 12 Thu, since the birth of UDM, 2006 Jan. Was it our birth right, or simply because we had been a "seluang melaut", riding since the birth. We knew very well the 'graffitti' written on the other side of the wall. Fortunately they were behind the destiny. Prof Manaf skipped to the next higher color.

It was a hectic first forteen days of Mar. So many things took the limited space of time which left very little residue in which then all were to be archived. 2009 Mar 3 Tue UDM furnished further the package, on time for the extended weekend which included the Terengganu Coronation Mar 4 Wed and Maulud Mar 8 Mon. It resided well in both homes. Including a round trip to Bayan Lepas, Penang to arrange for some family matters.

Every one was out of town on the weekend of Mar 13 Fri. Leaving the campus in the hand of the acting TNCA (for the second time).

I took the liberty to visit the farm in KUSZA campus. In no one's notice, including the horraying students in the nearby archery field, and the security who gave the salute on both entry and exit at the gate to the noticeable car and the sticker. For the first time since taking over the deanery, Feb 1. For which I have signed many LO papers to get it running, which I saw was very much in the progress. Except to the souls who had seen me and my father before when I was a little boy passing along this place on an old bicycle. Riding along the gravel road, many times, on the way to the beachland to visit my mother's relatives. Like it was a reunion with the time during KUSZA was just an arid alien land of Savanah bushes of gelam, kemunting et al, and wild grasses of pearcing leaves on brissy sand joining the spots of scary marshlands.

It was in the evening. The day end was on the horizon. Soon it would be a twilight. During which certain heavenly objects such as Venus raises. And quickly sets for some others day.

And another day the next day 2009 Mar 14 Sat, which otherwise was my day in Bangi. A late afternoon in Terengganu Trade Centre (TTR) seeing the officiation of "Karnival Halal" for UDM. And at night, for the first time being eulogised time and time again for being the VVIP in closing the students' Debating Final for the UDM CE. Which I knew very well in the watchful eyes of some in the KUSZA's DKU.

A Close Encounter

Dated 2009 Mar 21 Sat

It was rainy in Kuala Terengganu for several days. Like it was in monsoon season. Curiously, sans windy. The city was wet, cloudy, and quiet. It was a sheer pre-luck 2009 Mar 16 Mon. I was driven to 100 km away to the District Office in Besut for a meeting when the entourage arrived in the Kota. And happened that the teeandsee PnI who was the acting visee had just arrived from KL. Otherwise, as I was told, I was to be made to U-turn back to Kota to answer the questions because I was the acting teeandsee AnA, the then highest available in the order. When I arrived back in the office in the second half of the day, everything was back to like nothing had happened. Not even the gun's smoke, or the settling dust of the receding horses. The entourage accomplished their mission in a lightening speed, with the results no body wanted to predict.

In the short days after the full hecticity from the weekend days, in the so much sweeties that I had not have before in moving in and out of the campus, I was thinking of how temporary would all those be. I was aware very well about that, and thus submitted to the destiny for whatever path it would take.

Another close encounter of different kind 2009 Mar 18 Wed, when PPPI invited several speakers in Kuala Lumpur: KPT, MOSTI, MARDI, and UPM. They were meant to make the UDM staff exposed to the federal culture of a University. Not just constrained in the smallness of the previous state college locality. The one from KPT, to the surprise of the audience was so scared of me that when I wanted to ask a question, he asked me whether it was a personal or for the audience. Apparently he knew that I knew him. And that we spoke in IOI the same language in one occasion when we were sitting on the the same chair in 2003 Oct. However, he was luckier. He became a Tom Sawyer not long after that. I remained a Huckleberry Finn to the end, until I landed in UDM, which I believed took him by surprise. He sensed the plight variant. So, inconscientiously, he defended himself from being picked up from where we were in Oct 2003.

The anecdote would have been an anti-climax had the MC Dr Lua and the chairman Dr M Senawi realised that I was the acting teeandsee AnA on the day, and invite to give away the souvenir to the speakers. It did not happen, because I did not mean anything beyond what his eyes could see that my eyes were sharply piercing his eyes.

A Lesson Never Learned

Dated 2009 Mar 28 Sat

For the first time I attended the Senate sitting, that of 11/2009, 2009 Feb 25 Wed, and that was while I was the acting teensee Academic for a week from today to Mar 2. And also attended the maiden Food Tech Fac meeting, sort of farewell to the staff who until 2009 Feb were the staff of Fac of Agric n Biotech.

But, I never understand why. It happened again and again. As though they were equiped with just the instinct rather than the intelligent that put them in the place. Similar syndrome in the hand of two similarly-positioned persons in two different times. Both mysteriously attempted to fix it by using similar tool: COORDINATION. The earlier one faild miserably. The current one had just applied the same tool. And had just failed more miserably. The tool was the inhibitor, rather than the fixer. The problem was wrongly identified to the tool. It was the content. Not the style. And the content needed the tool for desire, the zeal, the keen, the self-motivation, and the unimpedence. Even sans remuneration.

Two blessed buddies who et al budded themselves like forever.

2009 Mar 26 Thu a meeting decided to revert. "Kembali ke pangkal jalan", resorting to what I think would lead into a tunnel with some light at the end of it, dim though. Because it was identified: The CONTENT. To let the style and design to vary according to the desire and competence of the faculties, like it was which has shown some standing. And leads them from there to a better level.

The weekend 2009 Mar 28 Sat during which I attended the Walimah of a buddy not worth of intentional miss. Zaharuddin of Malaysia Nuclear Agency. Whose close buddy Khalid's I missed last 2009 Mar 14 Sat because of the engagement for the University management.

During which I met many "ex"-buddies who perhaps felt cheering up knowing where and who I was. They were very glad, unconscientiously, in the light that the shower of fate was in my destiny. Including who I thought I did not need to see again who knew what I knew, and knew if I ever forgive I would not forget. And knew my last kiddy that tagged along would not forgive.

The mood was so merrily that I could have stayed to the end. But, cautiously conceded so that it would not ante-climax, so that it would always be a next time in some other times and places.

A Little Too Late for So Little for So Much

Dated 2009 Mar 30 Mon

But at last I did it. That had made my memory a bit "unstressed". 2009 Mar 30 Mon ca. 10.30 pm. While strolling to Pengkalan Maras with MoktarMekAbang, my boy-time folkmate, and a cousin, for an 'ikan bakar' treat, told me that his workmate who I knew as Mahat, a distant relative of my father, had a elder brother who had passed away, ca four months ago, aged seventy plus. His elder brother, the one no other than that who had carved permanently in my memory. Which had been unweathered to this day by the heat or the cold of the night, or by the acid or monsoon rain. The elder brother who I knew as AbangWel who had lived nearby my father's sister place Batu 6. Who had played such a vital 'devine' role in the making of my life during the period I was a timid boy walking to and fro in the mid-day heat, or wet of monsoon rain, to Sek Keb Bukit Tunggal to finish my primary school in the early 1960's. And during this period of time, whenever he crossed me (and my brother) swarming with school folkmates on the tarmac road, on his bicycle either heading to Bukit Datu ferry for work in Kuala Terengganu, or going home, he never failed to drop for me a few cents. He never failed every time he crossed, even once. The few which was so much to me then. He was like MakSuCheBah who fed me in the school canteen whenever she saw I was hungry, and centless.

So, while Mahat was stepping off from the back seat of the V6, I grabbed from my rear right pocket the smaller pack. Perhaps two or may be four, or may be more hrm, and asked him to pass it on to AbangWel's widow. It was very little for once so much. It was a great relief, feeling like just arrived home from a long oversea away. A little too late though.

Eyes Wide-Opened

Dated 2009 Apr 3 Fri

My new deputy, the Academic and Student Affairs was eventually appointed, Dr Nashriyah, who I announced when I chaired the Faculty Meeting 2009 Apr 2 Thu, the first since I took over the faculty. Along the standing deputy (Development and Extension), Dr Mod Noor, who was so when I checked in 2007 Aug. And also the Head of Department of Animal Science, Dr Mohamad Aziz, who joined the Fac at about the same time I was appointed the Dean. Replacing Dr Kassim whose contract expires in the middle of 2009 Jan. The management had already approved their appointment since middle of Mar, and I had endorsed their inclusion into the Examination Board during the Senate 12/2009 sitting 2009 Mar 25 Wed.

A mahogany one hundred kilometers away.

The event for every body in the campus. The students, the management, and the deans.

In the reflection while on the drive for home-weekend 2009 Apr 2 Thu: Things that I needed to watch out because every bit of it was on an edgy path. Even an exhale would tip off.

For the full two days from Mar 31 Tue. To accomplish the event of the first visit of the current Chief Minister of Terengganu which was "indexed" with the tree planting in front of the JPP building in the Tembila Campus Besut Apr 1 Wed. Which somehow fall right from the top on my shoulder. Which began with a last minute rush to Gawi, Kenyir on Tuesday evening for the right size of Tongkat Ali. Helps abound, sans dative. The end of which, I was told to 'embark' for another smaller similar index for the LPU meeting Apr 19 in the same place.

Followed by the night in Primula the "Anugerah Sukan". The Deans attended to give away the prizes to the winner the games of which were sponsored by the respective faculty. FPB has sponsored the table tennis, but I was made to fill the absence of the FRIT Dean for Volley Ball, then the vacant archery, while the table tennis was given to the newly form FTM whose faculty had yet to 'adopt' a game.

The first FPB Fac meeting, 2/2009, since I took over, was on Apr 2 Thu in the near afternoon. Some how, I managed to persuade a 'wakil' for Sat student activity, and thus by six we were speeding off along on Jabor route to KL for the weekend. In anticipation for a bigger 'expectation' next weekdays.

In Kuala Lumpur, a great event took place: 2009 Apr 3 Fri, the 6th prime minister of Malaysia sworn in. He was (Datuk Seri) Mohamad Najib Tun Razak. Replacing the leaving 5th PM, (Datuk Seri) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. I had noted considerably on the PM-ship in 2003 Oct.

Into the Pride for the Roar

Dated 2009 Apr 12 Sun

The first and then perhaps no more.

Roaring, into the nature of savannah. That was thermodynamics. In real life it would be the kinetics, which naturally would take into account the energy barrier. Which many times would be unreachable because of phase transition takes place along the path.

Not even after it was stepwisely finished, 2009 Apr 8 Wed, in the Meeting Room in the Wisma Darul Iman, Kuala Terengganu. And a repeat in the lobby where the Dioscorea hispida, and its 'derivatives' were displayed. A pay off for many days of gathering the pieces. Which as before always ended up with my final touch.

A large sum was roared off to the delight of everybody which for a few days became the talk of the campus. Which was from the proposal which I handled in Feb, soon after I was made to take over the faculty. Unexpectedly, 'verbatim'. Undeswelled even a sen. The sum which tickled every neuron. Elating the 'level-6' to ecstacy.

The proposal was a comprehensive program for the agriculture of the hispida, spanning both ends of upstream and downstream. through twelve projects. Ostensibly, the apprehensible language was the lower branch of the latter. Which would have to be geared fast. And mostly in the sister faculty of Food Technology. Which could be accomplished pretty easily and fast. Which actually was demonstrated during the presentation with the few cookies. Which attracted most the roarer, and 'out-casted' the variants of the so-called the traditionals. Which demonstrated the great differentials.

Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort & Spa, 2009 Apr 10. (L-R) Prof Dr Abdullah Abu Bakar, the Dean of Food Technology, Prof Dr Zubaidi A Latiff, the Dean of Medical, Prof Dr Mat Zakaria, the dean of Agriculture-Biotechnology, Dato' Prof Dr Alias Daud, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Afandi Muhamad, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Prof Dr A Manaf Ali, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), En Nordin Jusoh, the Dean of Student Affair.

The weekend 2009 Apr 10 Fri that I have to lend to Prof Zubaidi to attend his faculty's student dinner and award. With almost all the top UDM managements. In the Ri-Yaz Heritage Resort & Spa, the contemporary Duyong. The site all of us have a close and fond memory of being the people of Kuala Terengganu. The river estuary which provided almost everything to every body, in every season, including so much fun to the kids for the weekend.

The once-upon-a-time serene Duyung, with provision of fun for every one, a child or and adult.

And the contemporary Duyung. Selective fun for selective people from selective gerontosphere.

The Greatest Contempletion

Dated 2009 Apr 20 Mon

Involving the thing that I loved to do very much, under whatever monsoon: the MatriQ 2009 Apr. Which fall on the date of the calender of a considerable significance: 2009 April 20-25. Which was communicated to me as early as in Feb during a similar occasion. And it was proposed for #1 the turn of which the circle considered had long overdued. Which nevertheless had to be deferred because that would involve almost a commuting job to BM KPM in Putrajaya. which I could not afford to do it from Kuala Terengganu. Before, when my immediate superior was the dean, teensee-A approval was subjected only to arrangement with the dean. But now with him my immediate superior, the condition was different. Events were then chartered to align for the pre-empted slot. First it was the FDS3023 exam the date of which I asked to be after it. But it did not turn on. My PA said the person she spoke to went on leave after that, and time-table was done when he returned. It was scheduled Apr 21 Tue, which I have to delegate to the dean of FTM. Then the lpu meeting in Bkt Keluang Apr 19 after which I was asked by ensee to provide for another set of eight trees to be planted by the members. I managed this by appointing my Dev Deputy with the help of En Wan, and a memo to the Agriculture officers and assistant. My absence was informed even personally to the ensee who did not disagree my replacement of mahogany with "damar minyak".

The trickier one, which happened later, and could not be absolve, was the academic management meeting. Which was time-tabled to be Apr 19 Sun, which was then deferred to Apr 26 Sun. Undeferred, I could swallow the weekend and dash off after the Sun meeting for the Mon MatriQ, and had a few days kiddy-frolicking. Deferred, I could have the weekend, but I must dash off Sat after MatriQ. And then finally forwarded to Apr 23 Thu. The greatest ever contempletion was to have both ends. Like I was before. Which I decided to take. By appointing my Academic deputy to represent. Which may make the teensee-A, my immediate superior, sigh.

PPSKTM 2009 Mar 25

PPSKTM 2009 Apr 17

PPSKTM 2009 Apr 18. The last. Then never mind.

Strolling the spaces while waiting for the MatriQ, I made a courtesy visit to my obedient ghosts. The last time I e-visited them was twelve months ago, 2008 Mar 19 Wed, which was untouched. Except a hasty deletion (or update!) of the contemporary academicians which I saw causing some injuries to some configuration. And it was twelve months after I left. With a will to the guarding ghosts: never change the stories in the history.

It appeared that closing to twenty four months, some tags were added on. With some chipping on the front appearance. Which appeared like by the uninformed and unlearned. Perhaps the bloggers kind. Who blogged without the 101 of html and a tedious graphics nibbling. At least about the way I did it. Otherwise, it could have been by a neat substitution. Glancing the source, 'demage' to the style code was severe. A re-coding was necessary for a neat appearance. Perhaps it was fed to the third party for the editing, and thus the source code was re-written, but not accordingly.

The proliferativity was glaring on the 20090418. What they needed then was a new page, created out of zero. By which ever lesson they learned. Leaving mine in peace. Undisturbed. The more they were chipped, the more they would retialiate. Retaliating ghosts are very nasty indeed.

Till then, I trusted them to take care of my history. It's their provision. They would guard for their own existence. It's immaterial to visit or not to visit again. Time to get undwelled.

At least they knew and acknoledged that I was in a place since Feb MatriQ mini-gathering in Pearl. And knew that I was happy. Previously it was just news. A few had seen it for themselves. Perhaps some in disbelive. And as I had noted many were cheerful enough to try to resume from where it suddenly stopped.

But two things that I constitutionally owned were stolen from me, and whoever stole it must return to me unconditionally in return for my eternal forgiveness: the farewell token from UKM, stolen in my absence 2007 Nov 7 Fri 3.00 pm in Grand Ballroom, Hotel Equatorial, Bangi. And the farewell token from PPSKTM, stolen in my absence 2007 Nov 16 Fri 2.45 pm in Bangi Golf Resort.

In the meantime, a reminder from UDM of the Apr 20 date. My 58th. Exactly twenty four months in the retirosphere. About twenty months on annual contract in UDM. The second contract to expire 2009 Aug 6 was supersided by the new VK7 contract to expire 2010 Feb 15, in substentiating the current post to 2011 Jan 31. That was the academic story line on the drawing board. The mechanics may take a path entirely different altogether.

Time seemed dilated for the past few weeks, despite piles of piles of things to do. After being in a close proximity with the UDM management I gathered that I could have done it if I had an earlier opportunity. It was just my feeling though. That it was not in the earlier destiny, I came to accept that I could have misdone.

Or perhaps because of the privilages that tagged with the post. Which transcend the horizon which in turn relatively dilate the time. I used to take that events are more important than the time of the event. Eisembergian pair or so to say. Events that I want not to miss, or that they do not want me to miss. Does not matter sooner or later, thus unscaling the time.

BD greetings from a special one. And from a cocerned superior.





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