Sekelip Mata


Ramadan 1430 (2009) - 29 Days in the Calender

Dated 2009 Sep 7 Mon

Which began, 2009 Aug 22 Sat. I completed the first day at home in Sg Merab. Followed by a drive after iftar to Terengganu to continue with the second day et seq. Which appeared to be a possible alternative precedence. And during non-ramadan, as well. It coincided with the week school break. Which deswelled the roads into a reasonable veins for getting to a place. In Trg too.

A sleezy morning of Ramadan begining in the school break, made a peace of traffic on the bridge.

2009 Aug 28 Fri, adding into the fold: a two and half years black Kelisa.

The weekends that followed were very "porous". First a "hole" of Aug 31 Mon (52 nd merdeka day) which called for a break (and for many others whose papers I signed) on the pre-date. Leaving only Sep 1 Tue to chair a meeting, in KUSZA, to thrash out the 'plight' of FPB first batch to get them graduated in Jul next year. Attended were the PPI which dictated the University courses, the UJK which supposedly control the quality. And mostly was the BPA who had supposedly kept the records of the progressing students. And the Ko-ku skipper. FPB AR was also present together with my AA Deputy. But I still could not unstress my nerve for their fate through the senate, the alienness of the 'pedigree' faculties, the inheritness of its beginning, the untamed academic shepard, etc, etc.

Also on the Sep 1 Tue, the FDS 3013 which I could not afford another switch. Alya helped to accompany the trip. Otherwise it would have been another long home away.

In between, the Sep 2 Wed meeting of task force c/tee of "kajian hala tuju pertanian" in KLIA's Pan Pacific, and at the same time an attempt to have a deal to have Prof Ghizan, the faculty external examiner, my counter-part in the UPM Agri, visiting the faculty, possibly in late Oct, or early Nov. A completely new personality to me. Incidently it was his last chairing (the third meeting) of the task force c/tee, which would be continued by the UPM new Agri's Dean, effective from Sep 1.

And waiting for another "hole" Sep 7 Mon (nuzul Quran), some urgencies in the faculty were relayed by comn. One was the 2006 program structure which ironically absent in the Academic record. Which I incidentally kept one from a copy given to the student in 2006 registration day, which I then relayed to be made available. Another was my faculty list for the Excellence award which I had to proxy to the FTM dean.

Silver Lining On The Night Clouds

Dated 2009 Sep 16 Wed

13 Sun morning was rainy, quite heavy and persistence since the wee hrs. 14 Mon was mysteriously very foggy, but not unsual for a sea-side dwelling site.
The air cruise was very comfortable, to and fro in B737.

After days of contempleting, I finally decided to join the Gold Club, which was for the first time, 2009 Sep 14 Mon 2110 on MH 1339. It was the first by air too in 2009 after none at all in 2008. I left at six, taken to the airport for the 2110 flight, which airborned exactly for forty minutes, to 2150, and home by 2240. Yes, as anticipated, it was different, but perhaps too short to get a dicernable taste, apart from the usual "tastelessness" of the full course meal, including the 'teh tarik'.

The real time was not much different. I could have started off at five to reach at ca 2300 with the 'on the move' iftar at the Jabor speghetti. But of course with a cargo of goodies plus an added stress.

It was for the TNCAA in the FELDA_IPT function, 15 Tue evening in Felda Perdana, KL. In between two sittings I could not avoid: one of the Library matters 13 Sun, and one of the Special Academic 17 Thu.

The function was a para-academic. Presentation, then Q&A of the monologue type. More of a briefing. Or from another view, a showcase. Suggestions from the 'one hundred percent grey matters species', even the bones, of the world solution quality. But of more significance was the warm 'reunion' with several who were known as long ago as in the 1970's as mere creatures swarming in criss-crossing the paths of irreversible life. During which our being were so infinitesimal with the future so fateful and so unforcasted. It has always been an amazement (or rather an amusement) to watch how the some were so unyielded to their own desire to stay 'imortal'. And to watch the wiggling of the successors who kept unlearned that the desire is as mortal as the beings themselves.

It was followed by the gallant iftar which included all the FELDA staff in the vicinity. Which contrasted beyond reasonable doubt with those on the ground which otherwise would not make such evening possible through to the night.

Tan Sri Dato' Dr Yusof Noor (the FELDA Chairman), hosting; Prof Dato' Ir Dr Mashkuri Yaacob (NC UNITEN, Bangi); Prof Dr Razak Habib (a dean in UniTAR, Kelana Jaya); Prof Dr Mat B Zakaria (a dean in UDM, KTrg); Prof Dato` Dr Mortaza Bin Mohamed (TNC HEP, UMK); Prof Dr A Manaf Ali (TNCPnI, UDM); Prof Dr Abdul Hamid Abdullah (a dean in Berjaya Univ College of Hospitality); Prof Dr Khairuddin Ab Hamid (NC UNIMAS) who was born in a FELDA in Melaka, and thus iconic in the event; Prof Dr Aziz Deraman (NC UMT); Prof Dr Rosli Mohd Yunus (TNCPnI UMP); and two (only) lady reps. And several more who were not possible to get acquainted within the short time.

The 'antethesis' was perhaps that being watched being picked by Perdana into the back seat, and disapperared into the brownic hecticity of the city, creating a huge vacum to be filled with all sort of speculations in the monastry, perhaps up to the level six. At least as a variant to reckon with. Something that sporadically sparkling in the dark.

Shawal 1430 (2009)

Dated 2009 Sep 23 Wed

Just brothers and sisters and cousins, and the kiddies of the next generation.

Which was 2009 Sep 20 Sun after 29 days of Ramadan. The sun-set before which we arrived from KL, through to the morning which we spent in Paya Datu for the prayer in Buluh Gading. Right after which before every one's eyes a fire raged a PPRT house. It was so furious, in a few minutes, the inside was razed to ground-zero, including the cookies the post-mortem said that was being re-heated on the gas stove while the occupier left to pop in neighbour-relatives places, leaving only the perimeter cement-brick wall and the asbestos roof. The show was long over, via the garden hose from the neighbours' tap, or perhaps on depletion of more material to burn, when the fire engines (three loads of them) arrived. Alya initiated the call of 999 which apparently enrouted to KL before taking up the team in Gong Badak, who beyond doubt were in full of dedication judging by the fact that some of them were still wearing the shawal-morning dress inside the fire-proof garment.

In the meantime, the 'clan' gathering, this year in Wakaf Tembusu, at my sister Ani's new home, was as 'perfect' as last year 2008, in Kg Batin, Seberang Takir. Obviously some of those who were absent last year, are present this year, replacing some of those who are absent including my #2daughter et al who were in Yan, Kedah, with her in-laws, and #3Son who went to join his in-law in Melbourne, and my brother Jo et al who went off 2 hrs earlier to join in-laws in Jitra, Kedah. And some obviously with added new members. Making the head count a 'futile' attempt. And undeniably I was the male-eldest, and my brother's widow, Kak Yah was the female-eldest.

The first shawal was rather short. My sister with whom I was staying, began to move to her new home in Wakaf Tembusu since Ramadan. The place she deserved after a long endurance with the residues of the previous generation. Knowing that then I would be staying alone in the home where I was born, the kiddos #45678, made a quick clean-up around the place, especially Muzani before he left for the reminder to be with his in-law in Bayan Lepas.

I noticed a great deal of reduction in the traffic movement density. Even though it was reported a heavy congestion on the LPT entrance in the west since Thu night, mysteriously it was very mild on the shawal day here in Kuala Terengganu. Society apparently had changed its behaviours and characteristics, perhaps responding to the "kemajuan" they had forgotten the kind they asked for. Shawal appeared to have become a rare unbroken break to unstress the push to keep on ticking and kicking. The society might have lost altogether the mother of all the meaning of Shawal.

The post-Ramadan was Sep 23 Wed drive to Sg Merab. Fearing a heavy traffic on entering KL, we had a detour of good time in Kuantan to late afternoon. To be in the office again for Sep 27 Sun with a series of waiting 'fun and fury'.

Home Sweet Home

Dated 2009 Sep 27 Sun

Every one was back in office by 2009 Sep 27 Sun for the post-Shawal recovery, after almost all were on leave for the three days Tue-Thu.

Home-sweet-home. The house I footed for reconstruction in 1985, which had undergone several touch-up and fixing before that, in which I was born in 1951 Apr 20 morning, and was raised for the next twelve years, before I left for the distant school in 1964 Jan.

Now sharing for shelter at night with an old rooster. So old that, unlike others, it had forgotten to "cock-a-doodle-doo" in the early morning and did not leave its "sleeping quarter" before seven thirty in the morning when the sun was already high on the horizon. And a family of cats which had to find their own feed on the ground because I did not have any left-over provision when I leave for the office in the morning. And the legless land leech I spotted dying on the dying drying grass at the back of the house. And obviously many arthropods which feed among themselves. Out side on the trees, I still heard the "kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kweak", the bird once when I was a timid boy said to be accompanying a tiger, as a mynah bird does to a cattle.

The Fun in Fury

Dated 2009 Oct 7 Wed

Part of the 'funs' was actually briefed in a Special sitting Sep 17 Thu in KUSZA's Conference Hall, chaired by NC himself, who nicked: "The October of Events", attended by all the top managers. The eventual results of which, being made public or not, would affect the forward courses of the steerers, both in the academics as well as the admins.

It was a rather quiet start though; Sep 27 Sun. The new cafe operator invested a feed for every one in kota from ten to two. Who apparently did not bother to know the skipper with whom I was having mine in a Raya mood. On the first operation day, he seemed to have forgotten a cardinal rule: to give a due respect to the host in whose field he grazes.

Sep 28 Mon seeing to diffuse the ADS matter in an envelop of goodies of books from "Majlis Ramah Mesra FELDA-IPT" in which I represented him Sep 15 Tue, and asking to invite Prof Emeritus Dato' Dr Noramly Muslim, who I met in UKM Convo #37 during which I promised him a day trip to Terengganu for our monthly colloquium.

Sep 29 Tue, 2-4 pm, last lecture for FDS 3013 for this semester. Then it will be taken over by the co-lecturer, Asmaliza to the exam time.

Sep 30 Wed Senate #16 in the morning, in which the ADS matter was presented. It was peacefully acknowledged by the floor even though in the furious exchange of opinions. It was buried by the gallant night of student-organised Faculty Dinner in Dewan Gamelan of the Primula Beach Resort, Officiated by NC. In which the "Anugerah Dekan" was the main show. Plus students appreciation to all lecturers with a respective tag. This was my first "Anugerah Dekan" (of the Sem II 2008/2009 exam results) since taking over the faculty in Feb.

Oct 1 Thu, ten in the morning, I chaired the faculty management meeting. Mainly deliberating to the faculty's variance of what were briefed on Sep 27.

Oct 2 Fri, first thing in the morning in 4747. Picked up Dr Sefai at Wakaf Beruas for the company for a special mission to Kuala Jengal, Dungun. Visiting the Primary School for my former SAS 1969 Head Master CheGu Mohd Ghazali Hanafiah who was Terengganu's Chief Director of Education in mid 1980's who mounted an unprecedented effort to build a hostel for the primary school. It was the first in Malaysia. Since then he built another two: Kg Buluh, and Tengkawang.
It would be a delight to him when I would report the visit. That, even though the original school building was replaced with a new modern one at a new location. the hostels were still there, in one piece, for boys and girls respectively. They were in fact to be renewed with a more modern building. Which perhaps would entice him for a revisit. Which I prepared very much to host. The girl warden CheGu Norzalina was equally delighted with our visit. Added on the way back, by a plus luck of meeting my class of 66 buddy Mohamad Shahir in Padang Ping, Dendang.
Oct 3 Sat, the very reason for not driving back to KL on the weekend was the Majlis Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang (Excellence Service Award Ceremony) in which I had to recieve for the bulk for my staff, other than the top six, plus the Shawal gathering for the KOTA-zens.
Which made me missed the "Graduation" of my #6Son CB in his SMK Jalam Empat, which was held in the hall of GMI in Bangi. Which meant he was to end his tenure in the school by the year end after the SPM exam in November.

Oct 4 Sun, every one was bracing for the big Audit; the next day Oct 5 Mon the Audit Negara commenced, while a briefing was held in KUSZA's Dewan Persidangan with the MQA Auditors.

Oct 6 Tue morning, a short rapport with Prof Dr Bauke W Dijkstra (protein crystallography) of Groningen University (established in 1614 - long before the Dutch took Melaka in 1641), Holland, who Dr Abdullah, Dr Aziz, and I had given an "Ikan bakar" treat in below-the-bridge Restaurant, Kuala Ibai, Oct 4 Sun night. Brought to UDM by Dr Osman Hassan of UKM, on the intercontinental research network scenario, (the full program of which I was given the green light but had to cancel because of the audit) with a yet to soul-search the contribution from the so-called Malaysian "malim".
Followed by the FPB Faculty Meeting, the second since taking over the faculty. Mainly to brief the MQA requirements which would begin their search on Oct 11 Sun. The "Sijil Perkhidmatan Cemerlang" for my staff were "ceremoniously" given at the end of the meeting. Including one for myself. Plus a small extra treat, supposedly the faculty's Shawal gathering.

I Could Tell That They Could Feel It

Dated 2009 Oct 9 Fri

It was rather quiet on Oct 7 Wed, but I was memo-ed (as were many others) by TNC PnI to attend the "PECIPTA" opening ceremony in KL. The flight was full, leaving a choice of hiking Mat Ropi for an early afternoon ride back to KL to be fused otherwise with the weekend homeward-bound ride.

Sitting with a former chemistry colleague, Dr Jamaluddin who conceded himself to IIUM, in Kuantan in the same year 2007, carrying with him his all-life water filtration system.

The exposition was in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre 2009 Oct 8-18 Thu-Sat. It was in fact a "verbatim" PWTC MOSTI's MINDEX in the nineties re-played; during PWTC was the tallest. Obviously since the birth of KPT after 2004 GE, the previous similar function of MOSTI became obsolete. It was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister. All IPTA took part, sans UDM though. A sense of regret as seen in the eyes of #1, and especially #2, and the registrar, without realising what it would have taken to go there, which I reckoned #1 knew the sense of staff-costly as put forward by #3. I defended both arguments with an independent third argument of packaging unrediness.

Unavoidably, I transgressed the path of many old monks from the monastry-in-rigor-mortis, undeniably still remembered my 32 years 8 months and 8 days of monky years in the monastry. Many were actually just bee-ing themselves. From which I could tell the feeling. Of both ways. I could read their mind, as well as they could read mine. Making it unnecessary to get transgressed on the monastry's booths. I'd rather chosen to go on with Dr Abdullah with my business of seeing the Agricultural products from UiTM and UPM , which ostensibly rounded into mostly the food/consumable products, and in particular the aquaculture from UMSabah which had only a speck of visibility.

'Angin Barat'

2009 Oct 15 Thu

Sea goers found it misleading with the serenity of the beach in the morning. The traditional coastal fishermen had a very mature experience with it. The "angin barat" (westerly wind) would unpredictively appear from nowhere like a ghost deed in the evening. With a stormy wind and thunder-and-bolt. Which created scary waves in the open sea. Which often delayed the landing and take off at the SM Airport. After which the sea calms with a surface like under a vacuum.

Forty years apart,...

2009 Oct 10 Sat late morning, I was visiting my teacher, CheGu Ghazali, in Kg Tunku, PJ, bringing for him the Kuala Jengal pieces, for which, being so excited with my visit, he apparently deferred his plan to go to the medical centre to collect some letters.

The day was also the Shawal feasta for the whole UDM-zens. The staff as well as the students, and their families. And it was in KUSZA campus, with two cattles and two buffaloes downed. From the morning sun-rise. But the more formal event was at night 9 pm on the lounge of the new hostel office with the invitation extended to the top management for a dinner and their forward speeches. Plus some student shows. Basically it was a HEPA event. I joined the KUSZA event, immediately on touching down in AK5388 from KL. In the drizzlng post-thunderous-down-pour. To near m/night when the event was passed on to the non-student outsider to perform the gxlxk. I preferred a good night sleep rather than witnessing an annihilition event.

Which was followed in the next three days Oct 11-13 Sun-Tue by the visit of the MQA auditors. Who wanted to see among the variants in MQA document, for FPB, the research labs support facilities in which they spent a large fraction of the allocated time, from three to nearly six.

Oct 13 Tue, 3 pm was the closing meeting which supposedly revealed the shortcomings in this IPTA. Attended by all from the top to the deans. The full written report obviously would take sometimes. Essentially, MQA was an academic 'spin-off' institution of the third millenium phenomenon. Even if manned by non-academicians, the mechanics and operation were fully by the academicians. Which thus a deja vu contents in every event. Including this so called audit.

It was entirely an academic exercise. In toto as that we used to 'audit' the final year project proposals, then their final reports after exercising the proposal content. A viva in a sense. Bla, bla, bla,, but, bla, bla, bla. And, bla, bla, bla. Bla, ba, bla, zzz.., zzz..., zzzzzzzzzzz..... In an adult level obviously. An exact replication of what an education lecturer does to his teacher-to-be. All were in the education mode. The kind like every one was used to be asked: "Why did not you collaborate?" if you do it alone. "Could it not be done alone?" if you collaborate. And the best part perhaps, "It's better if..." when you had done it otherwise after years of deliberation.

In the "hal-hal lain", I raised the lingua franca matter. Which was very dear to an authentic educationist. Which was not a variant in the OBE equation. Which was admitted as an "A" in the pedagogic alphabet for the effective T&L. Especially by the chairman, like myself, with a bleeding tongue, but apparently neglected by others who still insisted that our IPT dwellers are very well in the so-called Sc language. Implicitly was the Bloom taxonomy which included Piaget which resulted in 40 hr SLT for a country like M'sia, whereas only 10 hr for the USA. That 30 hr gap was actually for the lingua franca.

And like the sea after "angin barat", the campus died down with a fluid-mirror-like surface. Again, judging by the rythm, the mechanics of operation, and the song that was sung, the event had a predictable and ostensible fate. Be patience, time will tell.

The "angin barat" week ended with the hosting of the visit of SHAM students. The event I owed TNCA since Jun. Like last month Dean Award ceremony, I asked the Student Society to run it. To give them the experience content. The next twelve hours was an agony.

The Robotic Arm

2009 Oct 18 Sun

The waiting was an agony. It began with an unupdated info by the matriQ that it was such an IPTA called UDM. It was not just the UMT. Thus the scripts which should arrived at 4.30 pm 2009 Oct 15 Thu, at my office, went to the beach of Tok Jembal which met no reciever. They were then taken to the HQ in town waiting for the next working day which would be Oct 19 Mon (18 sun was holiday for the 17 Sat Deepavali). Which was the day they were needed in The Mines, Seri Kembangan. I was contacted for the misadventure from both Putrajaya and the courier. It took spikies to 5.30 to make them deliver to the guard post. Which they did not by 6.30 when I returned to collect. Which they promised again to take them there by 7.15. Which they did it only at 8.15 when I re-returned after a quick meal at KK Ladang. The move thus commenced only at 8.30, rather slow because weariness began to set in. To reach the LPT at m/n.

The q for the robotic arm at 4.10 wee hr at a toll plaza.

My top-up was running rather low. It was thus reserved for the city ride only. So I had to drive through the "tunai" slit on entering after a quick nap at Jabor after m/n. It was another two hr needed recess at Gambang RR, before eventually, at 4.10 of the wee hr I had to go through the "tunai" slit again. The TnG and Tag slits were in the cold of customerless. And here the amazing arm of a robot was in operation. As I had been observing every where else. Who apparently was not lured by the $ since the arm knew very well that it was just a robot. Having the numbers tie-up at the end of a session was more missionic. Or perhaps the $ sign is nowhere visible.

Watching the arm in operation was fun, and predictable. When the driver arrived at the opening, he initiated the auto-operation by lowering the wind screen, and poked out his arm. The sound of the wind screen triggered the robotic to slow-motionly extend out its arm. When the arm was fully extended, the driver put something on the extended-out palm, which re-triggered the fingers to fold, and auto-initiate the arm to retract back in slow-motion and disappeared into the inside of the opening. For quite a moment it was not known what ever happen to the arm. Dead silence. Then the arm slowly extended out again with an open palm but nothing on it. It apparently waited for the driver to respond something. Usually the driver would cause the palm to get touched by putting something on it. Which would cause the arm to retract back into the opening. This second time retraction is followed by a similar dead silence. Plus many moments longer than the first time. After which the robotic arm appeared to extend out again without being triggered by the driver, but this time with something on its palm. The arm keep on fully extended for as long as it takes for the driver to respond by emptying the palm. When the palm was emptied, the arm snapped itself in retraction into the opening. Which signaled the end of the arm operation cycle. If the driver needs something extra from the arm, he has to re-initiate by extending out his arm once again. And the cycle repeats. One cycle may take one to three minutes, depending on the moments taken by during the second retraction, and on whether the third extend is necessary or not. As at current technology, there is no way to make the arm to cycle faster with a frequency in seconds instead of in minutes. These robotic arms are indeed a variant in daily life of tens of thousands of commuters. And their slow-motion-ness are so invariance, irrespective of the day time, night time, festival time, congestion time, or even wee time.

The week end Oct 17 Sat late noon, was in Dewan Komuniti Taman Ibukota, Gombak. Seeing a buddy, I last met in 1975 in Salford, England - Aminah Said. It was for her #3daughter. Her #1son who was the matter when we were in Salford, had already have four children.

Adnan Khalid_Nazaimun just finished, but joined by Amin Alias. And later Hasmah Haron. Among whom we had a short retreat back to more than thirty five years ago, in a land very far away from home.
Creating a community, no similarity with any at home, where the extended family condensed into one small figure in which every one was in all, and all were every one. Her courage and endurance in being student-wife very far away from her husband, eventually paid off.

The Time for Love

2009 Oct 25 Sun

Two important sittings I left behind for my deputy to carry out in Oct: 21 Wed and 22 Thu, through to 23 Fri weekend, because I was in KL for the MatriQ, in the Wellness, Seri Kembangan from 19-24 Mon-Sat. In which in the limelight, on the stage at the rostrum, it was the time I longed for the love. At the third consecutive times, said Prof Dr Rosiyah who I first met 2006 Dec 5-8 in Crystal Crown, Petaling Jaya. My twelveth involvement in such gatherings of the total twenty two times.

At the rostrum from where I spoke, I was made to acknowledge that I had to love them as much as they did. It became a place to go because then it was a place every body knew. More than a hundred of them, that unfortunately I could not be as close to every one as to some of them. Not excluding my buddies, and ex-colleagues.

Steering their own groups were my reinforcers Pn Che Su Endud of USM about whom I slipped my memory that she was actually one of my students in UKM during my early tenure in l977 in Pantai Bharu; Pn Che Sofiah Saidin of USM; my long time school-mate PM Dr Razak Ali of UTM; another similarly Prof Dr Md Jelas Haron of UPM, a newly promoted En Manoharan Veeran of USM; similarly Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Tahir of UPM who was teaching the Chem paper in UDM part-timely before I tookover it, unknowingly, in 2007 Aug; the veteren PM Dr Mohamed Abu Bakar of USM; my ex-colleague PM Wan Yaacob Ahmad of UKM; and another veteren PM Dr Azli Sulaiman of UTM. There were nine other reinforcers. At the same time, Pn Fauziah and Qamarul, were seen overlapping to take over from Pn Anita Ariffin (since the last sitting Aug 11-14 Tue-Fri in Ancasa, Jln Cheng Lock (Foch Avenue), Kuala Lumpur).

I was contending to my buddies a better way, a faster way, a less stress way, and a more consistent way. Which delighted however only to some of others. But, nearly impossible for one to foster it upward judging by the advantages of the beneficiaries of the currently otherwise.

My first engagement was in 2003, Jul 8-11 in Guoman Resort, Port Dickson, from the words, I was told by the coordinator Pn Rosna, passed on by my ex-colleagues, knowing that my involvement with the first year chem was substantial. After another similar engagement Jul 21-24 in Eden Garden, Johor Bharu, I paced on in full gear in the following Sep 24-29 in Awana, Genting. Since then I never missed its gathering.

Dato' Prof Dr Zainal Abidin Ahmad

Pn Rosna Nordin

Pn Anita Ariffin

Pn Fauziah Abdullah

Five times in 2004: Dynasty KL (twice, Jan, and Mar), City Bay View Penang (Jul), Impiana KL (Jul), and Royal Adelphi Seremban (Oct).

Five times in 2005: Holiday Villa Subang Jaya (Apr), Eden Garden Setulang Laut JB (May), Royal Adelphi Seremban (Jul), City Bay View Melaka (Aug), and Residence Uniten Bangi (Nov). The one Nov 14 - 19 in Residence Hotel, UnitenBangi, the fifth of the sort I participated, was a step up to KPP, and on since then.

Five times in 2006: Corus Paradise PD (Feb), Grand Bluewave Shah Alam (Apr), Residence Uniten Bangi (twice, Aug and Nov), and Crystal Crown PJ (Dec), In the one Nov 6-11 in Residence UNITEN Bangi, Pn Anita Ariffin was seen overlapping to take over from Pn Rosna Nordin.

Four times in 2007: Pearl International Jln Klang Lama (twice, Jan and Dec), Royal Adelphi Seremban (Apr), Golden Legacy Melaka (Aug - the one missed), and Residence Uniten Bangi (Nov). The one Apr 23-28 in Royal Adelphi Hotel, Seremban, was seen by some as my last involment after retiring four days before that, Apr 20. On this occasion, I managed to visualise my presence to the then Director, Prof Dr Zainal (seconded from USM) who was visiting us. I missed the one (material development) Aug 14-17 in The Golden Legacy, Melaka. But resumed (material assessement) in the one Nov 05-10 in Residence Hotel UNITEN Bangi, with the applauded introduction by Pn Anita of my new UDM residential. To many, my once absence was unnoticed, and my return was unrealised.

Three times in 2008: Residence Uniten Bangi (twice, Apr and Nov), and Impiana Casuarina Ipoh (Jun).

Five times in 2009: Pearl International Jln Klang Lama (twice, Feb and Jun), Residence Uniten Bangi (Apr), Ancasa KL (Aug), and the current one in Wellness Seri Kembangan. The one 23-26 Tue-Fri in Pearl International Hotel, Jln Klang Lama, was the first onset for the Technical Programme, the Matriq launched this year in three colleges (Pahang, Kedah, Melaka) for ca. 300 places. This one Oct 19-24 Mon-Sat in Mines Wellness, Seri Kembangan (the first time here), was probably the last for 2009 season.

During this Wellness gathering, my #4daughter# reminded me that thirty three years ago, 1976 Oct 21 Thu, I married her husband's mother. I knew it, it was for every one, including my own, and for their mother too. The weekend after which, 25 Sun, Azizah et al cooked for a comprehensive lunch for something her mind had spoken, with everyone, seventeen of us present, plus one #3daughter# Intan in Melbourne. A rare occasion to be as many as this in one time.

The second part of the long leave from the office was in Rumbia, Kuala Paka, Terengganu. Which was for the w/shop I called for my staff to plan to equip the Tembila Labs with the apparatus and instruments. Together with the Faculty of Food Technology. Which consumed 26-29 Mon-Thu of the Oct. To where I drove from KL at the sun-rise of 26 Mon.

The Shadow of the Mind

2009 Oct 31 Sat

The first w/shop that I called since taking over in Feb. In Rumbia, Kuala Paka, Terengganu, 26-29 Mon-Thu. It was to equip the labs of the Agrotechnology Complex in Tembila Campus, Besut. Plus other necessary infrastructures that invariably had to be with the agriculture, especially the farms.

Including one of OBE on the 28 Wed afternoon. Supposedly, being academic in nature, and in the opposite mood, an intermission out of the monotonous paper exercises. Which touched the ground only when it came to humours. Alas! All were locals. The rest were high in the sky, exactly like a rainbow. Particulate in nature, continuous in view with diffused bounderies.

The final night which I sub-named "Bengkel Penataran Kerjaya" was a "night out" with the former, founding Dean of the faculty, the teansee peani. Especially with the youngsters. The sputtering heek-heek and haa-haa woven in unleashed discrete terms. Of similar pascal as it would from a teanseeay. Sans binder.

During which many minds were ticking and kicking. But in the shadows of the light high in the sky. Thus in different monochrom forms, the substances of which were different in different minds. Producing beacons, an erred landing from which, will result in an evaporating crash. The continuous mind versus the particulate matter. The minds of no resonance with the boundary of the matter. The complex continuous spectrum of mind versus the countable line spectrum of matter.

Many things were told in the shadows. Which began to manifest the results of intensity measurement. Predictable, no matter how much was the potential. The meander was getting intestinal. Very risky for a long hauler.

Striking the Iron

2009 Nov 6 Fri

Initially it was "Taming the Elusive". It was not actually elusive. But only untamed. It needed only the strike, thus while hot. The mission was then to collect some coal to heat to hot. First collection was the accompaniment during dinner of 2 Mon RMK10 W/shop in Permai Inn. But 3 Wed a new one descended thro PP that my candidate was extra-vetted. Tried to rectify in the afternoon, first by the submission of 2020-projectile, and the mention of SHAM report. Added by the following day 4 Thu noon with additional visuals.

The monsoon was in the air since Nov arrival. Intermittant down-pour, from the sun-less black-spotty grey sky. Sneaking between the intervals to get from a shade to another. While playing on to get the W/shop product ready. The drive back to KL for a quick weekend was thus on the wet Jabor road to LPT. KL was apparently gloomy too, only less wet.

Fated on Two Guests, One was More Significant, the Other was More Major

2009 Nov 12 Thu

An exceptionally sunny day in Nov in Kuala Terengganu.

It was a devine intervention. I asked to defer a week from Nov 3 Tue to Nov 7 Sat because of my tight schedule with the unavoidable timetable. Which turned out to be the week of non-stop rain. In fact it was reported as the arrival of the monsoon, sans storm. Many places were actually sunken. Unrealising that, I had previously arranged for the external examiner to visit us in the same week. The week the weather was summer bright with the blue sky laced with spotless white cloud. The tale-tell kind, I humourously said to a colleague, that was scoopable by the children into their sacks to grow on earth.

The former arrived 7 Sat evening for a tight purely private schedules to Tue evening in which I was a part of it. And wasting no time, visited the "Institut Pendidikan Guru", Wakaf Tengah. The teachers training college, the first agenda he put forward to get set up when he was the Education Chief in Terengganu 1973-75. The location he said was an unwanted wasteland.

The following day, 8 Sun morning, we were in Trg Trade Centre, sitting in the front row for being the private guest of the current Education Chief of Terengganu in the launching of the Trg Education Expo 2009, officiated by the Chief Minister. To whom I managed to remind about the 2.2M research fund on Dioscorea, but especially the permission to use the hectres of land in Telaga Papan and Chalok, both in Setiu, for the faculty farms.

In Trg Education Expo 2009 Nov 8 Sun, "... Raaajaaa kiiitaaa seelaaamat beeertakhtaaaa ...", in front of the audience including the Chief Minister, et al. But some, after being honoured to perform, still refuse to utter it, or were not taught to utter it.

Accompanying CheGu Ghazali in his private visit, Prof Dr Ghizan was visiting the faculty.

At the Mausoleum of Imam Rasul Bin Shahrum, the "Orang Kaya Imam Indera Gajah Pahang", or more well known as "Tok Gajah", d. ca. 1901. CheGu's mother's mother's father, the late Hj Mohd Amin, was a brother of Tok Gajah. The late Mat Kilau was a son of Tok Gajah.

The hostel he was approved for in 1974, built in 1984, and saw it for the first time in 1990, just before his retirement, and second time 2009.

In SK Kg Buluh, the current HM, CheGu Hashim, was the first warden when the hostel was first used in 1985.

Searched, and found. Pasar Payang, P#20. The son, whose father, Abd Latif, passed away a couple of years ago, was his helper-driver in his Chief Education days. The son was then 3-4 yr old.

The quest began after the launching. In the late afternoon. To SK Tengkawang, in Ulu Terengganu. To see the "ramnants" of what he worked very hard for it: Pupils hostels for the very remote primary schools which were accessible only by the rivers. In SK Tengkawang was one of them. PPD were alerted, and we were waited by the Guru Besar and the hostel warden. It was a warm welcome. The school will remember it for sometimes to come.

We ended the day at the other side of the Ulu Terengganu. Pasir Nering. In his days, Pasir Nering was also accessible only by the river. A place some distance away on the river bank was the Mausoleum. Makam Tok Gajah, which he visited for the first time by the river nearly twenty years ago. A road was then built, more or less parallel to the river to Pasir Nering, and the Mausoleum is just by the road side.

It was late evening then. We had to get back to town for my more major guest Prof Ghizan had arrived, 8 Sun evening, for the Mon and Tue schedules. Purely for the faculty matters. With whom we had dinner at Bora-Bora.

His schedules commenced 9 Mon, by first taking to his office and meeting the faculty senior staff. Including a courtesy call to teenseeay. My deputies took him around the premise in the afternoon. And a hospitality dinner of 'ikan bakar' by the Ibai Bridge on teanseepeanai, attended by the faculty senior staff. And a short visit to the farm in KUSZA the next day morning.

In the mean time, CheGu Ghazali and I, accompanied by Dr Md Sefai, drove for the next 'tango' to Ulu Dungun. SK Kuala Jengal. His dearest school that he built the pupil hostel. Then, like Tengkawang, was accessible only by the river. Like yesterday, PPD were alerted. And we were waited by the welcoming party, including the Head Master, CheGu Abdullah and one ordinary staff who during his visit in the mid 1970's was a pupil at the school. He was more than 'tantric' about the visit. Plus that I had briefed him in my visit Oct 10 Sat at his home in Kg Tunku from my scouting Oct 2 Fri. We left the school after a prayer which he asked me to lead in the hostel surau. And an "eternity" record of his third visit. Kuala Jengal was very deep in his heart. Perhaps it was not just the school. The furthest town along the road after Kuala Jengal is Pasir Raja, at the foot of the Titiwangsa, beyond which is Tembeling in Pahang where he belonged. Pasir Nering further north might be a variant too.

A drop at Jerangau Veterinary Training Centre to accompany Dr Aziz to secure the site for practical session in coming Dec semester of the expanding Animal Science Program. In which CheGu Ghazali witnessed how his "murid" had evolved into a person of his position.

Nov 10 Tue, I made sure to be with his final leg of the visit before taking off in the late afternoon. First thing in the morning to Sek Keb Kg Buluh, in Setiu. Another primary school with the hostel. Then, as narrated by the Head Master who was the warden when the hostel was first used in mid 1980's, was one of the roaming area of tigers. The visit was a surprise, but the welcome was warm. The town, now renamed Permaisuri, is no longer remote. It is on the extended corridor between K Terengganu and Jerteh. The hostel thus is irrelevant. But, said the Head Master, different approachs are being planned. Including, as I anticipated, for the poor and the needy pupils from all over the state.

One last mission to accomplish. In Pasar Payang, K Terengganu. To find a man who in his young was the helper-driver in CheGu's Chief Education days. He had only his first name Abd Latif, and was also a helper in a batik boutique on the first floor which he had only a faint memory of how to get to it via the stair, if the market is of the 1970's lay-out. That was where we were going to start the search. And after the second enquiries from the main stair, we were led to a stall #20. The owner was a young man, whose father, by the name Abd Latif had passed away a few years ago. The son, and his charming wife, could not remember anything of his father in the mid 1970's because then he was only 3-4 yr old. But CheGu admitted that the young man was his driver's son, judging by the characters and the look. Apparently the son inherited the stall from his father who eventually owned from the owner who he worked for. It was ca one in the afternoon.

With that, the whole mission of coming to Terengganu was considered accompalished. The rest of the time was to draw to the flight home to Subang at half past four. We learned many lessons of life on the way to the airport. My mother's own: a teacher is a father/mother too. In both ways. From CheGu: once a teacher, a teacher for life. I noticed: knowledges are acquired via teachers, exactly like the rezeki descended via parents.

The other spices in the week included a blogging by one who claimed a "... kawan lama penulis" who apparently tried to stone many things under one topic. With most of the contents that he did not quite apprehend; only from his memory while "bersembang" during his younger days. Unfortunately thus, pegged irrelevantly from a local media, perhaps for grudgingly different reason. Who, with which, uncarefully exposed the last end of his true self.

A sprinkle of JPJ and Cop salt for not fastening up the seat-belt at the corner of Jln Balik Bukit, in front of Felda Residence, where I put up CheGu. Which I settled the next day.

I practically returned to the office on 11 Wed to officiate the Faculty Colloquium, second series. Organised by Dr Sarwar Jahan. Who took over from Dr Hafsah in the first series, 2008. Almost all the staff were scheduled to present, that I could not resist the temptation to present too. I thus chipped in as the first presenter on a cross-section of the chitosan epic. And that was after a surprise visit by my school day buddy Jalil, who brought along another SAS70 buddy, Ghazali Bujang, who I last saw him in 1970 Nov, just before the STP was over and we all left SAS for good. He was the only buddy in our batch in 1971 who managed himself for a sponsor to go to England for an engineering bachelor, while all the Australian candidates were settled in the UKM, and later quite a fraction were sent to Indonesia.

Raison D' être

2009 Nov 21 Sat

MH 133816NOVKULTGG1945OK C 30K
MH 133917NOVTGGKUL2110OK C 30K

It was a rather long distance week. So to speak. Only one day in the week, Nov 17 Tue, helping Dr Hasbullah to chair his finding to LTN, of undeveloped kenaf in the farm in Telaga Papan. The other four were a-day meeting in KL, another in Putrajaya, and two days pre- and post- respectively.

CB began his SPM Nov 18 Wed to Dec 8 Tue, excluded a short break of Eid Adha, Nov 27 Fri. The school last day for 2009 was Nov 20 Fri, to the third day, Sun of the new year.

A reflection from 1975 in Ellesmere Ave, Salford, England. A VC who was more than willing to put up for the night (instead of in the Piccadilly Hotel) with his students/tutors.

Prof Mohd Ghazali, our NC (Acting) in UKM, visited Salford on Mar 10 Wed, perhaps, a return visit under IUC. Prof Phillips, the host, asked me to arrange all his transportation, fetching at Piccadilly in late morning, a lunch in the Union House with all Malaysia Prof Phillips could gather, and off to Wales with Prof Phillips; fetching again at Victoria the next day to spend the whole day through the night with mostly UKM-grads in Jamal's flat, Ellesmere Ave (Dr Md Nor, Mcr, and Hassan, Lon, were accompanying); took him to Salford again the next day for a meeting and from there 'disappeared' to New Castle Upon Tyne, which we knew only the next day Mar 13 Thu when we phoned En Mokhtar Bidin.

Malam Kasih Ghazali, 2009 Nov 20 Fri, DECTAR, UKM, 8 pm

In memory of the late Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali Abd Rahman. Who, with a few others, mid-wife-ed the birth of UKM in 1970. And especially, with Dr Noramly, the faculty of science, in which I was born, academically. He was the first dean of the faculty, and he signed my bachelor degree certificate in 1974, as the vice chancellor, when I graduated. The latter signed as the dean.

Prof Ghazali (extreme left) final moments with the Faculty of Science (and Technology), 2006 Mar 28 Tue. The event was organised about UKM initial moments, with his colleague Dato' Dr Noramly (extreme right) who seemed to be juggling with a lists of regrets. Crept in in his absence.

Profesor Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali Abdul Rahman passed away 2007 May 25 Fri 00:13., 69 yr. Four days after I visited him at night after isyak at his home in USJ. About a month after I retired at 56.

The "Malam Kasih Ghazali" was organised to collect some money. Payable to UKM Bursar. While the fundamental physics may be straight forward, i.e., donation in the name of the deceased's goodself for good use, the fundamental chemistry needs some spectrocopic scanning. The donor parted with his money to the bursar, the "pahala" from which is donated to the deceased. The incorrect spectral reading is to donate to the deceased and on behalf of the deceased the donation is spent for good use. Where as the deceased is incapable of receiving any donation! Without these lines of spectrum, many more mining activities would take place in his good innocent name. Many more money collecting events in fact are in the pipeline.

On the way to the event I was cynically asked, did I know the deceased, to which I said, he was my "friend". Beyond that it would not make any sense to him. Again, many never believed that a history had taken place in Jalan Pantai Bharu, Kuala Lumpur, long before Bangi was created. Which was exactly during the gallant event, in which I saw many "dead" monks in the old monastry, my ex-monastry, trying to regain from a rigor mortis, every one into their own fate. Except a few.

A Wet Terengganu

2009 Nov 26 Thu

Terengganu was very wet again. Sans monsoon wind though. The whole sky was grey-black. The downpour was so ubiquitous. The river swelled. The road loaded the water on the sides. The rolling tyres began digging the potholes.

I decided to revert to travelling by land to catch the half day meeting Nov 24 Tue in Agri UPM, with the Agriculture colleages for the future agriculture education. The fourth meeting. Chaired by the new UPM Agri Dean Prof Mad Nasir. While enjoying the extended acquaintances of the good "samaritans" Prof Ridzwan of UMS, and Prof Japar Sidik of UPM's Bintulu Campus. The UMK's Ibrahim Che Omar was represented by his head department, Dr Ahmad Anwar Ismail. Absent was the UMT's Fakulti Agroteknologi dan Sains Makanan" rep, normally the dean Dr Sayed Zain. And returned to Trg in the evening for the faculty matters during the next two days, during which the sun-shine returned, but the river still swollen.

The Eid Azha 1430H (2009M)

2009 Nov 28 Sat

Which was 2009 Nov 27 Fri, and in Sg Merab. The time to reflect on the flocks after ca 28 months on the move since 2007 Aug. Thanking for the goodness all along since we set foot in Bangi 1983 Mar. The reason for being here then was purely derivatives.

Year1 Shawal10 Zulhijjah

2009 (1430H)Sep 20 Sun, Kuala TerengganuNov 27 Fri, Sg Merab. Syarbini in the middle of SPM
2008 (1429H)Oct 01 Wed (1429H), Kuala TerengganuDec 8 Mon (1429H), Kuala Terengganu
2007 (1428H)Oct 13 Sat (1428H), Kuala TerengganuDec 20 Thu (1428H), Sg Merab.
Zidni's engagement Dec 22 Sat
2006 (1426/27H)Oct 24 Tue (1427H), Sg Merab,
Alyani closing to SPM
Dec 31 Sun (1427H), Sg Merab.
Jan 10 Tue (1426H), Sg Merab
2005 (1425/26H)Nov 3, Thu (1426H), Kuala TerengganuJan 21 Fri (1425H), Sg Merab
2004 (1424/25H)Nov 14 Sun (1425H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 1 Sun (1424H), Sg Merab
2003 (1423/24H)Nov 25 Tue (1424H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 12 Wed (1423H), Kuala Terengganu
2002 (1422/23H)Dec 6 Fri (1423H), Kuala TerengganuFeb 23 Sat (1422H), Kuala Terengganu
2001 (1421/22H)Dec 16 Sun (1422H), Kuala TerengganuMar 6 Tue (1421H), Sg Merab
2000 (1420/21H)Dec 27 Wed (1421), Sg Merab.
Asrizalni was 34 days old

Jan 8 Sat (1420H), Kuala Terengganu
Mar 16 Thu (1420H), Sg Merab
1999 (1419H)Jan 19 Tue, Kuala TerengganuMar 29 Sun, Buluh Kasap, Segamat, Johor.
1998 (1418H)Jan 30 Fri, Kuala TerengganuApr 7 Tue, Kuala Terengganu
1997 (1417H)Feb 9 Sun, Kuala TerengganuApr 18 Fri, Sg Merab
1996 (1416H)Feb 20 Tue, Kuala TerengganuApr 28 Sun, Kuala Terengganu
1995 (1415H)Mar 3 Fri, Kuala TerengganuMay 10 Wed, Sg Merab
1994 (1414H)Mar 14 Mon, Kuala TerengganuMay 21 Sat, Sg Merab. The founding APCCS, May 24-27.
1993 (1413H)Mar 25 Thu, Kuala TerengganuMay 31 Mon, Kuala Terengganu
1992 (1412H)Apr 05 Sun, Sg Merab. Syarbini was 37 days oldJun 11 Thu, Kuala Terengganu
1991 (1411H)Apr 16 Tue, Kuala TerengganuJun 22 Sat, Sg Merab
1990 (1410H)Apr 27 Fri, Kuala TerengganuJul 2 Mon, Sg Merab
1989 (1409H)May 06 Sat, Sg Merab. Alyani was 8 days oldJul 10 Thu, Sg Merab
1988 (1407H)May 17 Tue, Kuala TerengganuJul 24 Sun, Sg Merab
1987 (1407H)May 29 Fri, Kuala TerengganuAug 4 Tue, Kuala Terengganu.
Jul 18 Sat moved from Bangi to Sg Merab. Completed the move Sep 27 Sun
1986 (1406H)Jun 09 Mon, Kuala TerengganuAug 15 Fri, B B Bangi
1985 (1405H)Jun 20 Thu, B B Bangi. The break was too short.
Rubaini began her std 1 this year.
Aug 26 Mon, B B Bangi
1984 (1404H)Jun 30, Kuala TerengganuSep 5 Wed, B B Bangi
1983 (1403H)Jul 12 Tue, B B Bangi. Zidni was 4 days oldSep 17 Sat, B B Bangi
Details since 1967

The drive in the eve was incidentally counter-current, against the home-rush traffic. One at Bkt Diman-Jerangau where the previous heavy downfall had sliced half of the road into the revine down the hill, and another on climbing to cross the Genting Sempah tunnel. Reaching home after m/night. As always the three days break had the city deserted, Bangi-Sg Merab included. Including the MPI mosque where we went for the prayer. Where bangla and indon filled a significant safs. With the only visitor was Zauriah et al.

Which closed the Nov. Plus the leave for all between the two Fri-s of the first week of Dec.

In the Anticipating Mood

2009 Dec 5 Sat

A lull at the end of the week. The sky was getting clearer, and the traffic return to "normal" at the infamous MPI junction. Trailing down over the Sg Merab flyover.

A 2006 Jan pic

Post-Eid was very quiet in Bangi. And thus Sg Merab too. Only the sound of the late afternoon torrential thunderstorm and the rainfall. The sound of monsoon in Terengganu, wet though, would be merrier. The leave between the two fri-s seemed very long indeed. The year end seemed asymptotic. Very much was the anticipation in Kota where the space was "sold by sq ft" now, like in a highly metropolitan city. Animal Sc was only in the second batch, half way to saturation. It would by 2011 Jul. Food Tech would be full by next year 2010 Jul. Agrobiotech was fully filled since last Jul. The neighbouring medical was growing more atomic, and as always, had become the favourite. I thus remotely gave the order to move into the slowly vacated first floor.

2009 Dec 5 Sat, post-Eid solo drive back to K Trg. In the morning to catch a moment which traced back to moments of school days fun in 1964-66 in Padang Midin, Kuala Terengganu. The venue was in Dungun. That of walimah of a buddy Razali Yusof. Present were some of Padang Midin buddies that he could gather. Around Dungun, and Kuala Terengganu.

Mohamad Awang, Anwar Rushdi, Mohd Shahir Mohamad, Md Noor Isa, Mohamad Ali, Shamsuddin Abd Rahman, Zainal Abidin Muda, Taha Sulong, Muhamad Musa, Razali Yusof, Mat Zakaria. I was amazed, which I could not reciprocate, to some of them who remembered me very well. After more than forty years of not seeing each other. It was a short three hours nano-reunion, which we ended after "minum air" on the beach of Sura, Dungun.

The New Registrar Office

2009 Dec 10 Thu

In Jalan Engku Sar, Batas Baru (off Jalan Sultan Omar)

New office, with the auxiliaries.

Leaving the whole 'floor' for the FPB to stretch. And the Dean to oocupy the ex-registrar room. With the two deputies nearby. More spaceous, which was closer to an unimagined, which means more temporary. For the faculty at least some kind of organization was more or less better defined. Especially the office staff. In particular PP for her to make-up herself. Which would be more permanent than the dean himself.

And ostensibly with the concomitant added stress of post-resettlement.

FTM would get its similar tratment at the bursar floor. The third floor of the other wing. Better, I guess. More spaceous. Complete with a meeting room. But perhaps at the year end, or early next year. Or slightly later, because they were moving to KUSZA instead where the premise was being renovated.

Apart, quite quiet, including the monsoon, it was only to chair three meetings. Mon, Tue and Wed. Freeing Thu, whence the Faculty resumed functioning in the new site, for a rather early home weekend. Bracing for Dec end, when the new semester, II 2009/2010, commence. Rather restless of anticipating imposed hardship. On proper staff. But even so the alternative staff.

Rather decisive semester. The eighth for the first batch. With anticipation for the pioneer graduation in Jul next year 2010.

Two Ends, One Unknotted

2009 Dec 18 Fri

In the new circle in the Royale Bintang, Seremban. The place the receptionist knew I had been there several times already. Including during its previous Royal Adelphi. The last was 2007 Apr 23-28.

2009 Dec 17 Thu ca 2310 hr.

Standing tall on the horizon was the second sem 2009/2010, to begin Dec 27 Sun. It was the eighth, and the last, for the first batch. Thus decisive for Jul 2010 graduation. But rather 'thorny' when in need to the accomplishment. VK contract ends 2010 Feb 15 Mon which decides the dean-ship first 2-yr term completion to 2011 Jan 31 Mon. Very much looking forward for both dates.

Hoping for an unstress by going to the "National Conference on New Crops and Bio-Resources 2009" in Seremban, by MARDI. With five other Fac staff. To stumble with many of the Food Prog from the ex-monastry. Fortunately for separate matter at the end. The first of the two quota for 2009. Because of the time constraint, the second would most probably evaporate.

But in constant contact with the staff in the faculty in Trg for the updates as well as to update for the matters within the last ten days of Dec. Which they themselves seemed to have no end in updating. Read: changing.

The worth of lingering around for a while more. For the arrival of #19F in the family. Which conferred my fifth "Datuk", in Putrajaya, 2009 Dec 17 Thu, close to m.n. In Hijriah term it was already the new year 1431H Muharram 1 Fri.

Returning from which to Trg were a series of waiting home-welcoming "parties". Shaking the bone by the inadequacy below, and by the unpermeating unnecessary rigidity, above. Of what a journalist used to tag "shooting one's own foot".

Dec in Trg was not like it used to be. There is no more fun of festival of water. The flow of water in the river is replaced by the flow of cars in town. Flocking the roads which seemed to have shrinked every day. In anticipation for a peace and serene uncity biosphere.

Every drop of rain used to be a blessing to every matter in Trg. Living or non-living. Man or non-man. Flora or fauna. The stone or the soil. The beaches were replenished in Dec. Driven by the monsoon. For Jun festival in which all the land creatures met to tango with all the sea creatures on the beach for a few days.

A Monsoon in Duyung

2009 Dec 25 Fri

2009 Dec 21 Mon night, straying to Bukit Depu, near Panji Alam. Attending the farewell dinner by the Rukun Tetangga to En Mohd Khalili Hj Ahmad, Pengarah Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional Terengganu, who was moving on to Melaka beginning the new year.

Duyung today is no longer an island. Apart from the span of Sultan Mahmud Bridge across it, the Kenyir Projects has "floated" the islands in the river estuary. Both began in the 1980's. Very soon, together with Pulau Ketam, the fate would toll Duyung like that of Pulau Kambing, Pulau Rusa, and Pulau Sekati. With the river side of Kg China and Kedai Payang being reclaimed, the "annexation" were accelerating. What was a majestic Terengganu River, with the santuary of the estuary, would be just a lane of waterway.

A monsoon family of cats. We shared the same roof every where.

A loner on its way, to mind its own business. We share the bath.

Returning to Trg Dec 19 Sat for a full week engagement. Every day, Sun to Thu, necessitating the 'twilight' time to deal with the matters on the table. The densest was on full Mon-Tue in the Ri-Yaz, Duyung for an ordeal on academic event matters for 2009 as well as forcasting 2010.

And another, Dec 24 Thu full day, in KT Golf Resort, Tok Jembal, for the "Dialog strategik dengan Agensi Pertanian Negeri Terengganu" where I had to 'overseer' plus covering that of teensee peanai who was still in KL for matters relating to our permanent site in Tembila. I gave the due background in the opening speech, on why and how FPB and FTM could be part of the moving agriculture troupe. The closure of the event was officiated by the state "minister" of agriculture, who I first met on the KPM PARI off Kapas, 2008 May 1 Thu, on the way home from an invited squidding 'spree' on the gigantic KPM PAUS.

It was not rainy in K Trg. But windy. Of the "angin bah" type. Making the branches of trees waving and clapping each other. Bringing back the sporadic homely breezing sound of the early days. The spotty, 'dry' monsoon was definitely here in this Dec. Which I hit sporadically on entering Kemaman area of Jabor H/way during the solo 4747 drive for home weekend Dec 24 Thu.

The Crucial FPB Eighth Semester

2009 Dec 31 Thu

The second semester of the 2009/10 session commenced Dec 27 Sun. Final sem for the first batch of the faculty. DoD test for the faculty steerers. Especially the Vet Sci program which had entered the fourth sem with nearly furnished laboratorial schedules but no farms yet available, with the news about the land for one, being kept "gagged" from time to time. Giving a considerable stress to Dr Aziz. And for the first Agricultural biotechnology to graduate in Jul.

But around the bend, the Academic had the one last unfinished business. Ironically, the one that should be the first thing to do: The curriculum design which defines the university policy and concept. Which apparently kept on "monsoonic". Which was on the very end of the year Dec 30-31 Wed-Thu in the Grand Cont, K Trg.

The W/shop made all the deans, and all his subs to attend in order to formulate one understanding that yet to be understood. The variance was so wide that it raised a suggestion to join the activity team to taste the fruit.

Dec 29 Tue received contract one year extension to 2011 Feb 15, 15 days after my first deany end 2011 Jan 31.

End of the year 2009, apparently was not so significant. Even in preambling the new year 2010 Jan 1 Fri. Apart from creating a congestion on MRR2, which drove us to detour through Kg Pandan, Jln Tun Razak and PLUS, which may coincide with those driving for a rather long home week end. Which I consumed in my home in Sg Merab with all nineteen in the family.





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