Month -3-12, January

The year began one second later than as last year; i.e., the year 2005 was one second longer than the year 2004; for the last seven years from 2004, a year was one second shorter than the year 2005. Another leap second would be in 2012. The earth is spinning slower day by day because the energy is continuously leaking through the friction of tide resulting in increasing length of earth-day. The mechanics of the motion of earth with respect to the sun gives the effect that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. With the continuously 'dilating' earth day, the 'sun shining' is getting longer every day. Different planets have different mechanics of motion with respect to each other. The moon's spin is in synchronous with the earth so that the same side of the moon is facing the earth. Astronomically, a time will come when the 'sun shining' time is very long for the earthling; and after that a time will come when the earth spin is in synchronous wrt the sun, just like the moon is wrt the earth. One second every seven years. When this second come, only one side of the earth is facing the sun; this face get sun shine 'forever' and the other side is dark 'forever' except the star-light and sometimes the moon-light. The sun-shine side will be scorching hot by the continuously burning heat of the sun while the dark side will be chilling cold by the devoid of sun light, except the infinitesimal light from the distant stars.

Passing this 'equilibrium' second, as the earth spin getting slower, a second for every seven years, the sun will be seen as starting to set down again after a very very very very long day; but it set in the east and rise again in the west; the opposite of what is seen today. And there are many other opposite things happening between now to the 'equilibrium' second, and from the 'equilibrium' second the the second when the earth stop spinning. Things like 'the sun rises twice a day', or 'the sun re-rises', or 'the sun hides', or the sun zig-zagging in the sky, etc. But do not forget, before the earth stop spinning, the vast amount of the lost energy which forms a major part in the delicate equilibrium of motion of celestial objects earth-moon-sun-planets-etc, must resulted in a substantial realignment in some way. One of them may be by shortening the earth-sun distance which causes the earth to be getting the hell of increasing greater gravity pull and the heat of hell, evaporating every thing, especially the water that start the tide phenomenon which cause the energy to 'leak'; the revolution around the Sun, the ecentricity of the earth eliptical orbit, the tilting of earth's spinning axis, etc. May be it happen before the earth stops spinning. May be it happen as the earth start to figure out it want to begin a retrograde spin after the current spin stops. May be. Men actually had not yet experienced any astronomical shock on this earth.

'RU' supposedly under new management since after Ramadan 2005; the 'previous' management can hold only for about 12 months. Judging by the display of the menu, I think this one would not be much different from the previous one. Each management opined the same: the premise was hastily designed, ommiting many crucial determinants; like everybody were impatience: the architect/designer, the builder, and the operator. To the end of Jan, the 'community' around the science enclave were always in a state of hungry;

Although the second semester (2005/06) started right after Xmas 2005 Dec 27 Tue, the actual kicking was a week later, Jan 3 Tue, the same time the school began their 2006 session. Delightfully, I could free myself from the entanglement of the faculty's ICT STPD1113 lecture (each session ca. 600+300 students) which for the last nine semesters since Sem I 2001 and two semesters before that (assisting as a tutor) had been in a very bad shape logistically due to a gross negligence and disinterest by the deanery. It is very sorry that Dr Kadderi and I, who deposited a large fraction of our time (and never been provided with any necessary tools), had to put up a 'fist fight' in order to untangled ourself, and to help to get something (eventually) straightened in the lab. The lecture was ok; it was in DAM, I like it very much when the microphone in my hand works and the LCD was delivered by the deanary's ICT 'officer' and read my 2001 Presario. The malaria came with the practical classes: to arrange that sheer number of students to the AST sets (1995 133 MHz CPU, 16-32 MB RAM, 1-2 GB HD), numbering to only about 60 working sets (from originally 240 pcs, inherited from FTSM). The dangueic thing is that no one up there have any sense at all about the senselessness of "(133 MHz CPU, 16-32 MB RAM, 1-2 GB HD)" in the year post-2000s. All worshiped to the mithos that as long as someone is teaching, theere is no problem. In the mean time as from last session, STKK1113, the fundamental physical chemistry, STKK2922, the polymer paper, waited till after Dr Maimunah ends the first half in Feb; but STKK6122, macromolecular sistem, was in reverse order of turn; I coordinated both papers.

Alya in her Form Five in SMS Seri Puteri is looking forward for her SPM later this year; and well adapted to the 'choruses' (of the teachers) in the school. CB in SASputra, rebegan in Form Two, and everyone, especially Alya, lent every moral support he needed. The last in the long tow line was Asrizalni; who clearly unhurried to grow up, 'reluctantly' stepped in the TASKI Sg Merab (the alma mater of SB), for the beginning of his new phase like that of CB. The first weekend Jan 7 Sat was a wise non-insane punctuation for the school was given the break on the 9 Mon and 11 Wed, so that everyone could celebrate the Eid Haj 1426 on 10 Tue. Everyone at home prayed in MPI (including Izati from a break from UPM). Asri for the first time 'prayed' together at the men side (otherwise with his mother); he felt the confidence. The following 13 Fri, Muzani tagged him again, on his insistence, for the Friday prayer (while Ashbi and I in SASputra - a blessing this year for SB's SRA three-days a week were Mon, Tue, and Thu, unlike last year, Mon, Wed, Fri); and this would be his take off. The problem was it had been three Mon already, and on each Mon I lost two hrs, and each Tue one hr of STKK1113 which this semester rest mostly on my shoulder because my pardner Dr Harun and Dr Ishak were in Mekah for the Haj. In Jan, everyone at home was practically pulling themselves together to go on.

Kajang satay cost 60 cent a piece from 2006 Jan. It was 10 cents in 1971 when I first tasted the delicacy (a C70 cost only about RM750.00). It was 20 cents in 1977 when I could afford a family treat (a C70 cost about RM1.5k). It was 50 cents last year 2005 (a C70 cost about RM5k). Some years between 1977 and 2005, beef satay was dearer than chicken satay by 10 cents; also other meats satay (venison, rabbit) were introduced; even other body parts satay (stomach, lever, intestine).

The irresistable sate;Half of the q-ing to pass through the MPI traffic light, to Bangi, twice a day at exact time, ca. 7.15 - 8.15 am, and 5.15 - 6.30 pm.

After the EID Adha Jan 10 Tue, things returned to normal: fighting with the students for the parking lot; chasing for the drivers of the delivery lorries in the afternoon to get out of the parking lot; pushing and excusing oneself to get into the lecture hall in the crowding students at the door; getting nervous at every beginning of the lecture for any LCD, Laptop, or microphone suddenly does not function; a very long line waiting for the green light at the gate, towards the campus before eight in the morning, out of the campus immediately after five in the evening. And since Nov last year 2005, the exactly similar phenomenon occurred at the MPI junction (opened since 2005 Dec when the Sg Merab 'highway' was completed - following the Bakar Baginda 'highway' since just before Eid Fitr 2005); even worse, it happened both ways.

Still have not got the opportunity to check on this 'evolution'. The extensive demage done on the green parts of the whole curry plant. The black larvae that kept on 'harvesting' the greens. The chalky white beetle of aphid size that are seen flying in and out of the plant. Are these two daughter and mother? Nevermind that they are colour contrasted. And only on the curry plant;

Jan ended with the virtually 'coincidental' arrival of the dog's CNY on Jan 29 Sun and the Hijrah 1427 Muharram 1 on Jan 31 Tue (and not to forget, after a month of new Gregorian 2006). Both calenders are lunar-based but coincidental are rare because the former kept on 'updating' to coordinate with the Gregorian seasons, to the extent even adding a month (making thirteen months) in a particular year. CNY normally fall in late Jan or early Feb. No wonder they said that Mandarin oranges ripe only when CNY arrives, because it always in early spring in the temperate zone where they are farmed. Hijrah never bother to get coordinated with the Gregorian. The incidental Gregorian 2006 Jan 1 Sun and the Hegira 1426 Zulhijah (12th) 1 Sun is of no significance. The new Gregorian 2008 will be in a close coincidence with new Hijrah 1429. Bundle in it was another blessed ten days school break from 28 Sat through the two new years to Feb 5 Sun;

Some kicks of the old charms - an eventual 'workshop' by Aras Mega, from Jan 24 Tue, but sporadic, at its premise in Sg Merab, (oxymoronic to imagine in places even like Sri Malaysia), to prepare and to submit, in Mar, an ms Chemistry-5 under the English KBSM. It took all the CNY break which was curried together with the race against time for the three STKKs Qs, mid and final;

Chapter dated Jan 31, 2006