Month -3-02, Nov

The spaces and places in chemistry were shrinking fast - Nov was very quiet. Dec would be quieter;

Life in November was in post-Ramadan mode. The U began with the sleepy week in bracing for the first semester 2006 final exam beginning Nov 6 Mon. It dragged to seamlessly weave into the semester break from Nov 25 Sat. The immediate 'benefits' from that was the 'fights' for the parking lot - among the staff, and with the students - temporarily ceased; plus the temporary ceasing of the sectorial blackout on the Level 2 south Chemistry. The schools were reopened with the virtual opening of the month to be closed again for the 2006 session end, Nov 18 Sat. (In SESERI, SPM began Nov 20 Mon to Dec 4 Mon).

The new VC who appointed the new dean and the new deputy dean, joining the two current deputies.

But by the first weekend, some dust settled down with the self-announcement of the appointment of FST new Dean, and consequently a new deputy (of the R&D); both from Nov 1 Wed, the former, a former deputy, oddly for twelve months while the latter for normal thirty-six months. Incidently, the former formal due is in this month Nov, thus the apermanency is apparent. The "deep blue sea" would stay stormless for the next six months.

Albeit, it was sensed that some 'realignments', or new 'alignments' will occur; some legends and culture will be remade. Some, e.g. me, felt like being redefined and recharted into a new zodiac for I have not been orbiting neither. Some felt it so ordinary that the exercise was a non-event. But the rest, the majority, evidently continued without taking much notice. FST is a Savanah in the hands of Nature where every one, no exception, grazes.

The "Rivera" that conceded to Ramadan in Sep end, ...

... appeared to be kicking a bit in early Nov.

... and eventually kicked off during the week #2 Nov.
The operator was many around the Sciences had known before since in Kamsis/Kolej UO. A basic fact none of the patrons was actually interested was that, who actually signed the papers. Was it this third operator? Or his "superior" like the case the two previous operators. The answer determined whether the Scientists and the Economists here would stayed full or hungry again in 2007.

It appeared impressive; some modifications that made the place more conducive and "logical". Judging by the "continuous" flow of the patrons, the news spread by words very fast, even for its first week during this time of the season.

But, the operator's experience could tell that things would remain quiet for the rest of the year. New semester would start in 2007 Jan; then only the full 'capacity' will show up and predicts the fate of this third operator of "The Cursed Rivera".

The "cursed" apparently had not been unspelled. The 'student-orient' of the operator was the source of bumbling. That included the food posture and attire; currently rather inferior for the staff. They were entirely unsuitable for the honorable titans in FST, who after all were mostly public-shy.

This month hike is on one of the human life essentials;

Obviously the water hike was no news compared to the Klang "Palace" controversy - appeared in both prints and electronics media since Oct end. And attracted debates among all walks of life, up to the real Palace. The bashing lovers in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya were instantly attracted to it like flies being imbibed by the garbage dump. The legal notch of the debate was that it was built before or without the MPK approval, like thousands other premises in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor; perhaps not yet in Putrajaya. The rest were like murmering heard outside a cinema after watching a movie - excluding the show by P&D half an hour before the movie.

In my graduation year 1974, the figures were in reverse. Only a couple of hundreds graduated; many thousands were needed. If I were doing economy, even the 'simplest' rural agricultural economy, I might have been one of the directors; even might have been entangled in one of the nets. If I were not persuaded to become a U staff, I would be in the school education, and might have become a similar one. Many of my school mates are there currently - and looking forward for retirement together next year 2007.

Hidden between these inverted figures are the term "job market". In hard times, when the jobs are scarce, nobody want to talk about it. In modern times, jobs are commodities just like sugar and oil. People are now so devoid of living skills that without it and with enhanced surrounding insupportivity, they find it hard to survive. Some try to divert it by twisting to other reasons, other than that they are in short supply. And in broader perspective, it is the job market in developing countries; in westerm terminology, the third world, which never become the second world, and getting further and further from the first world. Some drowned themselves by adopting 'technology' as the index for the division; some made it more subtle with the 'acquisation of technology'. They have deliberately forgotten that it is the 'dependency' that actually made a country a first, a second, or a third world. The first worlds need the third worlds to depend on them no matter how advance technologically the latters are. Like primary industries' dependence on secondary industries - the former advancement is sanctioned by the latter. The second world merely bridges the dependency. The first world countries are producers for the consuming third world countries - at best only producers of raw materials for the first world. For that matter, the 'pentadbir' are the professional in the third world and the professionals are the labourer (rebranded to a nicer name: human capital, from human resource from labour - locally, 'modal insan' from 'sumber manusia' from 'boroh').

The Count Down to SPM 2006

The "solat hajat perdana" in SESERI, 2006 Nov 3 Fri; which preceeded the "majlis restu ilmu", internally, i.e., between the pupils and the teachers, to be held next week. The the eventual 'zeroth hr' of SPM begins ca. Nov 20 for three weeks to early Dec - the SPM season actually opened in Nov mid; but not many events. Then when the 2006 session completely closed in early Dec, only then the "inmates" realise that they would miss the frolic in SESERI - they would miss a lot; and grow bigger lot as they move longer and further away from SESERI.

The event preceeded by the PIBG's CM meeting; to be the last for this year 2006 - but when I arrived the meeting was over. The last CM meeting would be in ca. Feb 2007 in preparation for the AGM #5 one Fri morning in Apr 2007 in which the 'senior' CM would be automatically relieved. The pengetua was no where in sight, reported to be unwell from the week start. The only function left would be in Jan 2007, the new intake F4 reception. After that SESERI and KOLAM AIR will exist only in the real memory and actual virtuality. I dreamed of it in 1970's. It came true thirty five years later, in 2005. Virtuality has no frame, thus events have no form. Extracting one out, would appear in different forms in different times.

Leading the mass was an utz/teacher from VI, the same one as last year, a motivator, and religiously attracted by both the pupil and the attending parents.

Refreshment; and the opportunity to get to know closer the VVIP.

A Biannual Gathering - April, November

A gathering, the results at the end of which make a lot of difference to nearly twenty thousands people who were in the quest for a difference in their future. 2006 Nov 6-11 Mon - Sat; it was in the local Residence, the place we had been 'too' many times already.

The "court" was prepared while members were checking-in;
The 10th team hard at work;
... Clockwise;
... Eating time was always the measure of satisfaction - and the only exit to unstrain the stressed grey-matter muscles; and the cross-linked crystalline eye lenses;

The last visit here, was Aug 31 Thu; and before that 2005 Nov 19 Sat;

Three Days in a Row

Nov 11 Sat (Asbi - SRA), Nov 12 Sun (Asri - Taski), and Nov 14 Tue (Asbi - SRK)

... then the weekend that followed, the schools closed for the 2006 session. The next day school day in 2007 Jan, would be in new 'phase'.

Surprises from the 'Sky'

In early Nov, Fundamental Research Grants of the Ministry of Higher Education which every body was at them like mad in Sep, fertilised and hatched. One of Dr Ishak made it, small though, around 60K for one and the other required three. The one by Dr Ambar did not survived, although he servived to become a full professor after the submission. Previous month submission was the e-Science under Prof Dr Pauzi; the proposal we worked out together with Dr Jumat, to Nov end, had not been seen kicking in the midsts of others which were all chirping in high pitch.

One odd high probability in Nov, it made appeared very peaceful indeed in Iraq - unprecedented since the 2003 invasion. Perhaps amerimockracy was securely installed; diplomatic ties was quoted between the long lost Syria, like it was that American soldiers had long left the Mesopotamian valley.

With bush visiting as far as Indonesia, which followed by the pledge of soldier to Iraq, the distant bali-3 would probably be KIV-ed because Kaeda will be at bay when the soldiers are outstation in the middle east.

Perhaps, most of all, the pipeline was securely unplugged for the free flow directly to petrodollar without passing petroeuro. The convectional heat was felt up to this part of the world. But here, the perfect timing would be next year end or the beginning of the year after it.

On the ground, this is a simple ancient barbaric imperialism of the white race - robbing everything owned by others - re-run in the post-civilisation with many thousands times more barbaric ends. Many were riding on this perpetual saddle.

Nov 26 Sun, Restocking the Freezer

The last visit was Jul 1; that was close to five months ago. 0030, "gears" were gathered; 0115 the engine switched on, and off to Selayang. It took only about half an hour. In two hrs, I was poorer by 739 RM for a full boot of Wira TV.
... at the following rate per kg;
... sorted, and resided well in the freezer.

The next visit would be in 2007. The price reminded me that of thirty years ago in 1976 when the market was in Jalan Ipoh: They were all lower than one tenth of these; the time when a 1400 cc car costed only 8k, also one-tenth of a current equivalence. But unfortunately, my current salary is only five times of that thirty years ago; meaning my 'standard of living' has dropped to become half of that thirty years ago.

Come 2007, something sure is waiting - things no one ever imagined thirty years ago: that going somewhere is a commodity the price of which increases regularly - like the fish in the market - the same fish that we have been knowing all along and the same amount we need them daily;

The last frolic in Seseri in the abundant signs of days in real yesteryear;

SPM (practically for SBP and non-technical schools) began on Nov 20 Mon; Alya sat in and it was the only major exam we have this year 2006. Nov end began the end of the end of the affair with SESERI. The last frolic in SESERI was Nov 19 Sun, the 'eve' of SPM. A couple more steps, ends the end of the end. "KOLAM AIR" and SESERI will then exist only in the real memory and actual virtuality. I dreamed of it in 1970's. It came true thirty five years later, in 2005. Virtuality has no frame, thus events have no form. Extracting one out, would appear in different forms in different times. The Nov end blended in quietly the end of UKM Sem 1 06/07 exam, followed by the beginning of inter-sem break from Nov 26; peace and serenity to come in full Dec.

Chapter dated Nov 30 Tue, 2006

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