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2018G Diary

October In

Dated 2018G Oct 5 Fri 25 Muharram 1440H

Started the Oct in W-Tengah home. The weather in TRG since late Sep was rather hot and sunny, like the Monsoon would not come. Very contrast from a month ago, which many had contended that Monsoon is coming early this year. The sea was calm under a blue sky. And breezy too.

Oct 4 Thu was Tok Jembal, mowing the perimeter. It was on the eve of DRVKUL of Oct 5 Fri, which we pre-started at KETAPANG BAZAAR. The fish at the market were alluring, both type-wise and size-wise.

Most of the time in TGG were spent in W-Tengah home. And took the opportunity to make the home better and better, and objectively a well-defined perimeter.

Oct 4 Thu, DRV-Jerteh for NA's small matters in RYP. A quick day trip. The streets in Jerteh would be less and less roamed. Back in W-Tengah on the bazaar was just starting.

A Tok-Ki, For the 16-th Time

Dated 2018G Oct 13 Sat 4 Safar 1440H

Oct 6 Sat 26 Muharram 1440H, in the Q1-hr of the date, I was communicated by ZIDNI the arrival of grandchild #16. The #16M#3M#2M; in HUKM, just like his #1F, my #12F#3M#1F, 2015 Oct 20 Tue 7 Muharram 1437H. This is the last for this year 2018, retro-ed, #15M#5F#1M MAY 1 Tue 15 Shakban 1439H, #14F#1F#6F Feb 18 Sun 2 J-Akhir 1439H. And last year 2017, the #13M#2F#5M Nov 2 Thu 13 Safar 1439H.

A belated posting on Oct 6 Sat, intended for Sep 26 Wed 16 Muharram 1440H, the 3-rd aniversary of the wedding event, 2015 Sep 26 Sat 12 Z-Hijjah 1436H.

Oct 13 Sat 4 Safar 1440H, ZIDNI made the AQIQAH for his 8-days old #2M - AIDAN ZIKRI. NA helped gulai-ing the kambing. And it was in Sg Merab, just among adik-beradik.

On the same Oct 6 Sat, it was a Walimah, in GMI of Prof Jalil Kadir, a colleague of ex-UKM, ex-USIM. Numerous ex-colleagues were there to celebrate. Had it not because of the so loud music from a live band, many would have stayed to the end to reminisce.

And the next day Oct 7 Sun the Walimah in Dewan Seri Melati of PUTRAJAYA CORPORATION, Precint 3. The groom reception of Abg Murad's daughter wedding. The congener event of the bride was Apr 28-29 Sat-Sun in Jerteh.

And unexpectedly met an 'acquaintance' who I had a substantial research anecdote with during my deanship in UDM.

Oct 13 Sat 4 Safar 1440H, was also the anecdotal PRK-PD of DSAI, who at the end of the day, secured a parliamentary seat he badly needed to re-join the power that be. The PRK was contested by 7 candidates, each with a 'unique' background. The victory marked a new phase of wake up call. Some interesting happenings would take place after this in the array of the power that be.

The Milestones of October

Dated 2018G Oct 21 Sun 12 Safar 1440H

Forty years ago, 1978 Oct 14 Sat 13 Z-Kaedah 1398, our 1-st child was born. Rubaini. Today she's exactly forty. A new milestone to us, and to her. At forty, her eldest child, a daughter, is forteen. The youngest, the sixth, is a ten months old daughter. When I was forty in 1991, she was thirteen. My youngest child then was the fifth, a two years old daughter, Alyani.

An img I have forgotten that it had already been published. Jan 7 from a pic published in 1991 when I was 40.

My 'affair' with DBP started as early as when I was in 2-nd year in UKM, 1972, then in Lembah Pantai. The affair was most intensified when I was a staff in UKM which since 1978, moved to Bangi. The effort was concluded in 1992 Jul 30 Thu in Crown Prince Hotel, Ampang. I was awarded THE PROLIFIC WRITER AWARD by the DIVISION OF EDUCATIONAL BOOK of the DEWAN. Datuk Abu Hassan Omar, the Minister of Domestic and Consumer Affairs was the GoH.

And another, Oct 15 Mon 6 Safar 1440H, DSAI sworn-in as an MP in coincidence with the new session. The speculations in the media continued with more expectations than those before May 9 PRU-14.

Oct 19 Fri, took NA to DBP for her meeting in organising the 3-rd MOOTING she had involved since her Chairmanship time in TRG BAR. The 1-st was in UKM 2016 Apr 16-17 Sat-Sun, the 2-nd was in USIM 2017 Nov 11-12 Sat-Sun. This 3-rd time is in UM, Nov 17-18 Sat-Sun.

The October Bless

Dated 2018G Oct 31 Wed 22 Safar 1440H

Oct 24 Wed, DRVTGG. 3-beranak, with ASRI. It was a very clear drive, both weather-wise, and traffic-wise. Exited LPT2 at AJIL, and strolled Giant Hiliran before eventually settled in Tok Jembal home.

Oct 25 Thu, NA had a reminiscence in KT CT, a long time case, rather big. Moved to W-Tengah home. Followed up the pruning at the back of the house. The southern perimeter. It has assumed more or less the 'primary forest'.

Had a drive spree in town on Oct 27 Sat 18 Safar 1440H. It was drizzling. Firstly went to hi a NA's colleague, in his office in Jln Sutan Omar. It was an interesting 1-hr chat on land acquisition, about which he had a vast experience. Then a landing in THE KITCHEN, next to Grand Cont, Tanjung. And the Chef in Western Dept, was incidentally EMI ZULAIKHA, one of my student during the FPB time in Unisza. On the way home, stopped at MARDI Manir, where an agricultural expo was held. The ROAD TO MAHA. Today was the second day, the last day, and it still drew a lot of citizen. Well, a coconut plantlet of 25rm on the opening hr had reduced to 8rm on the closing hr. It's a state affair, in the confinement of MARDI compound.

Oct 28 Sun 19 Safar 1440H, the return DRVKUL, 3-beranak, after just four days in TGG, practically reversing the route, entering LPT2 at Ajil. In low season, the traffic was fine, as well as the weather, except the unchanging toll, the PRU-14 promise which as has been stone-carved will not be met. On leaving the east coast, the sea was in a preliminary state of receiving the monsoon. Breezy evening, skirmish rain at night to the morning, and sunny late morning. And as always taking notes along the way.

Oct 31 Wed 22 Safar 1440H, end of the month, was a memorable day. With NA, went to JABAT TANAH, defending our home in the Pecah Bahagian process. The issue was more or less addressed at the Jabat Tanah level. Yet to wait and see how the surveyor translate the solution. NA's contribution was detrimental. Her courtroom experience was noticeable by the attending officers, even without the docs she had prepared. We were blessed.

The Monsoon is Knocking the Door

Dated 2018G Nov 12 Mon 4 R-Awal 1440H

Nov 2 Fri 24 Safar 1440H, ALYA-ADAM were on the home-weekend in SG MERAB, extended to Nov 6 Tue on the DEEPAVALI Malaysia break. As always, being on Fri, Ruby et ank2, Malini et al, and Muzani et al joined, thus just sans Zidni et al. Malini was in conjunction with her #4s and #5s BD.

Nov 6 Tue 28 Safar 1440H, DRVTGG with NA, soon after ALYA-ADAM left for their place in JB. Terengganu was wet. Many places have already submerged.

The following day Nov 7 Wed, DRV-Jerteh. Noted that Jerteh was still blessed with duku-dokong, even some durian, but being in wet season it was a challenge to bring down the fruit, especially the DUKU which in wet time, it split to no commercial value. The orchard in Tok Bugis and P-Panjang were included. In the while, NA went to RYP, perhaps for the last 'frolic'. She has already transferred her licence to KL, currently parked in a friend's firm.

Discovering a new recipe for the barracuda Muzani brought home from his occasional sea-venture. NA did it. Haruan tasik and belitung, both were currently below 10rm/kg, had been tried successfully before.

Nov 8 Thu, unprecedentedly a sunny day. Made a quick trip to TOWN. NA wanted to see, and thank, a buddy for helping in the opinion in the INQUIRY of Oct 31 Wed. Made a drop in Air Lilih, the ex-plywood factory. Noted that, the town is all here already. Including the parking fee.

And whenever free, and dry, the work in W-Tengah perimeter, especially the rear, continued to create an emulation of a primary forest.

Nov 10 Sat 2 R-Awal 1440H, the returned DRVKUL. It was after a visit to MANIR BAZAAR, and after TAV was serviced by HONDA in Gong Badak. It was a sunny day. Manir bazaar was very merry with both petty sellers and buyers. Plenty of fish even though monsoon is already at the door step. But the KARAS perfume was no longer available, she said, very hard to get the KAYU.

Weather-wise, the returning DRVKUL was very fine, with only a short skirmish rain in the vicinity of Temerloh, and the traffic was very light. It was a 6-h bench mark TGG-KUL drive started ca 230. It used to be that, arriving home by land in Sg Merab at night was traumatic, especially to ASRI. KL was still un-awake for the night out when we arrived even though constructions were all along the MRR2, especially in Melawati and BTS.

A Misc November

Dated 2018G Nov 23 Fri 15 R-Awal 1440H

In Bangi, Nov was very wet, from the early, raining almost every late afternoon through to the night. However, the rain subsided as Nov receded.

There had been a steady attempt to drive KITOSAN into its practical use, since I was in UDM. Today Nov 22 Thu he successfully arranged for a rendz in BANGI.

NA had the 3-rd BAR-DBP MOOTING, in UM, Nov 17-18 Sat-Sun. The series was from the 2-nd in USIM 2017 Nov 11-12 Sat-Sun. And the 1-st was in UKM 2016 Apr 16-17 Sat-Sun. With that Jalan Pantai Bharu came into being again. And concurrently the initial part of the Federal Highway, where ANGKASAPURI is. About which I was there many times in 1973 to 1974, and again between 1977 to 1979. Seeing the monsters surrounding the Angkasapuri, it's not a surprise one day it's no longer visible from the Federal Highway.

In the while, Nov 18 Sun, I attended a walimah in Puchong, that of Mohd Nor Hassan for the wedding of his son. Mohd Nor was a close friend of mine when I was a timid boy in the hostel of SMPM. He had a brother, a teacher in the same school. CheGu Halim, a BM teacher, and the Advisory teacher of Persatuan Bahasa Melayu. The last time Md Nor and I were together was in 1965. He's my senior, with the character of a humble buddy that had secretly harboured my trust. We hang around very often in the hostel.

A Quick End

Dated 2018G Nov 30 Fri 22 R-Awal 1440H

Nov 23 Fri 15 R-Awal 1440H, took ASRI to accompany NA to BAR KL, by MRT for the agility in the area. Took the opportunity to reminisce the places I was in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur during my early life in KL from late 1960's. A lot of the landmarks were still there, but obviously in some way had metamorphed.

Nov 29 Thu 21 R-Awal 1440H, the return DRVKUL. The night we were leaving, in W-Tengah, it was raining, almost all night, through to the morning. Windless though. Some pools of excess water were seen. It was expected that more to come in welcoming the Dec. Nonetheless, as the morning progress, the rain stopped, and sunshine appeared, peaking among the 'stained' white clouds. On LPT2, the rain was spotty, the sky was cloudy. But the road was wet through out.

November came and went very fast. Lightening, leaving no marks and traces. Nov was always a short month. And soon December, to close 2018.

Hinged around the MALAYSIAN BAR, Jln LEBOH PASAR, between the CENTRAL MARKET, once the wet market, Pasar Besar Kuala Lumpur, the congener of Pasar Chow Kit which still exist today, and the Kuala Lumpur original where MASJID JAMEK stood to this day.

Nov 24 Sat 16 R-Awal 1440H, DRVTGG, with NA in TAV. The school break started today, ending the 2018 session. Somehow both traffic and weather were clear. NA had some matters to deal with, all were related to the last visit to KL a few days ago. The remaining time, quite a lot, was spent in W-Tengah home. Maintaining the 'primary forest' character around the house. And Tok Jembal is forever.

MAHA 2018

Dated 2018G DEC 1 SAT 23 R-Awal 1440H

A reminder that the whole Dec is the school break. Many parents took the early half of the month to equip their children for the 2019 session. Noted the year 2021, meaning a lot are still in the store.

MAHA 2018 was in Serdang MAEPS. In the 60's when we were in school, MAHA was one of the attractive event that the school encouraged to visit. And those days it was held in a disused tin mine in west PJ, along side the railtrack KL-Klang, by which visitors were ferry-ed FOC from KL Station. The place was developed into a rakyat housing area called Kampung Medan. My last MAHA visit (with Alya, SB, and Asri) at the current MAEPS site, was MAHA 2010 (Nov 26 Fri - Dec 5 Sun), Nov 26 Fri, eight years ago, I was then the dean of FPB of UDM, which was invited to put up the dioscorea in the TRG PAVILION. Ostensibly, the posts in early Dec were on the visit, especially for NA which was her first time visit in the MAHA existence. MAHA 2018 was on Nov 22 Thu to Dec 2 Sun.

The Monsoon is Here Already

Dated 2018G Dec 12 Wed 4 R-Akhir 1440H

Dec 7 Fri 29 R-Awal 1440H, DRVTGG with NA and ASRI, joining RUBY et al who setoff the day before. It wasn't very much Dec in TRG. The sky was always cloudy with intermittent rain, but many times with bright sunshines.

Having ample time, MANIR was not missed, Dec 8 Sat. The weather was very fine, sunny since in the morning. And the street carved in childhood memory which had been massively updated. The last visit was Nov 10 Sat.

With Ruby in, life in Tok Jembal was merrier, her mother's blood is running in her. On her return DRVKUL Dec 9 Sun late afternoon, AIDAH-ALIMAH opted to continue staying with us, and in W-Tengah. ASRI was accompany-ing.

Dec 11 Tue 3 R-Akhir 1440H, a day trip to PERMAISURI, then to JERTEH, accompanying NA for a small matter in both places.

A Feast of December

Dated 2018G Dec 22 Sat 14 R-Akhir 1440H

Dec 13 Thu 5 R-Akhir 1440H, the return DRVKUL in TAV with ASRI, and AIDAH-ALIMAH even though their Abi et 3ank arrived from KUL last night and spent with them. It was a gloomy day in the east coast, alternating sunny and rainy. From KNerus it was spotty, but from Kemaman onwards, it was a downfall, even during a break in Gambang. The roads of both LPT were wet. The rain subsided on climbing the Titiwangsa. Kuala Lumpur was dry.

Approaching the edge of 2018. In Sg Merab it was raining almost every evening, as though it's a ritual. The house perimeter could not be maintained on time due to the wetness. The work on Dato's wall appeared to have stopped at ca 95% complete, and none done on the base restoration, especially the cement debris and the drain. A w-msg, Dec 18 Tue, saying the agreement was reached on the matter of Oct 31 after a little hitch brought up Dec 5 Wed.

Ending 2018

Dated 2018G Dec 31 Mon 23 R-Akhir 1440H

The feasting continued. Dec 23 Sun, acoompany-ing Lokmal and Che Lah visiting Md Nor in Salak Tinggi. Four of us have the common denominator of UDM-UNISZA. In particular, Lokmal, a FRIM staff, he's a PhD graduate of Unisza, the first, 2012 conferment, since the birth of UDM in 2006. The visit ended in an eatery in Nilai vicinity, said to be highly Nismilan in nature.

BYE-ing 2018, ank2 organised a BOWLING treat in IOI alley, Dec 29 Sat 21 R-Akhir 1440H. All were in, including Alya et al who were on home weekend, except Edi, and of course SB.

Followed by the walimah of Wan Fuad in Perantau Hill, Sg Merab. Ostensibly, hi-ing many x-career-friends. And un-hi-ing too.

Dec 30 Sun 22 R-Akhir 1440H, DRVTGG with NA, for some pending engagement dates. ASRI opted to stay with CB in Sg Merab. The weather in last two days of 2018 in TRG was rather cloudy, some rain in the wee hr, non-rainy daytime. 2018 bye-ed us in W-Tengah. In 2018, Asri had not been to the school even a day. He has yet to decide what and where to continue his study.






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2018G Diary