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2018G Diary

Ending Shawal, a Home-Coming

Dated 2018G Jul 13 Fri 29 Shawal 1439H

It was still a very much 'shawalness' for the last two weeks of Shawal, the first two weeks of Jul. And we were mostly in Sg Merab.

Jul 6 Fri 22 Shawal, accompanying NA in SIME DARBY CONVENTION CENTRE KIARA, in her MNRB RAYA. Similar event last year was in FELDA PERDANA JLN SEMARAK.

Jul 7 Sat 23 Shawal, accompanying NA in KISAS KLANG, in her RAYA REUNION. One of NA's batch was DR FAIS, a neighbour in Sg Merab, a son of the late Utz Jamli, a residence pioneer in the area in the late 1980's.

And Jul 8 Sun 24 Shawal, 4-beranak, a quick visit to MASJID AL-UM, Sub-Sec-1/3 BB BANGI for a couple of objectives. It was an open invitation for the MASJID Shawal celebration. I started spotting the Masjid being built as early as in 2014 when I was detached from UNIZA and returned full time in Sg Merab. The place was where we first settled in BANGI, Jalan 1/3C, in 1983 upon returning from England to resume academic career in UKM, then had moved from PANTAI BHARU to BANGI since 1978. Many ex-neighbours are still there. NA needed to see Utzh Mukminah to pass on her cousin's number as both were very close class mates during school days, and had not been seeing each other for decades. She's an ex-Ustazah in SRK Jln-2 who taught the top four of my children, and the wife of Dr Shafie Abu Bakar ex-YB of BB Bangi. Since the neighbourhood is one of the earliest opened, many of my ex-colleagues live in the area. In all, it was quite a reunion.

And still Jul 8 Sun 24 Shawal, after the AL-UM visit, DRVTGG with NA, bye-ed by CB-ASRI, for a few days, to tend to NA's matters in KTRG as well as in KEMAMAN. And while in TGG, made a daily trip, Jul 10 Tue 26 Shawal 1439H, to JERTEH to see the orchard. Durian was in mind. Both in P-Panjang and Tok Bugis.

Jul 11 Wed 27 Shawal 1439H, DRV-KEMAMAN, in the first leg, where in the CT, NA amicably settled her matter which otherwise would take today and tomorrow for the hearing. And with that, as early as 11, continued with DRV-KEMAMAN-KUL.

Arrived early in SG MERAB home. And timely to fetch SB in KLIA at night, who was on a Thai Airline from GERMANY on a home-coming session summer break. Perhaps this is the marker for the Shawal end. And SB's staying through to after Eid Haji.

All Thirty Pieces

Dated 2018G Jul 24 Tue 11 Z-Kaedah1439H

An all-gathering was organised in Sg Merab home. Jul 14 Sat 1 Z-KAEDAH 1439H, while bye-ing Shawal 1439. And on Zidni. All thirty of us were in, including the real SB who was on home-summer break from OSNABRUCK, and those of ALYA from JB on home-weekend.

Jul 20 Fri 7 Z-Kaedah 1439H, DRVTGG, with NA. CB-SB-ASRI 3-beradik followed the next day in Myvi which was the first time on the road to TRG. And in accompaniment by ZIDNI ET AL who were on a break. CB returned to Sg Merab on Jul 24 Tue, and Zidni, on Jul 25 Wed. SB-ASRI were 'detained' to help clearing the back of W-Tengah house which needed some attention since quite sometimes already.

Leisuring. One in UKM astaka, Jul 15 Sun morning with Malini's and some of Muzani's. And the following day, Jul 16 Mon in Alamanda, 4-beranak. And the next day Jul 17 Tue, TAMAN TASEK CHEMPAKA (TTC), 3-beranak. And the next day Wed. And the next day Jul 19 Thu, 4-beranak with ASRI joining.

Not Quite a Spree

Dated 2018G Jul 31 Tue 18 Z-Kaedah 1439H

Jul 21 Sat, it was a Walimah in UiTM Hall in Dungun. NA's partner of Dungun Branch. And in the evenng, when the 3-beradik arrived, took along SB-ASRI to JERTEH for a well-wish majlis.

Jul 23 Mon, it was a durian time, but not quite a spree, in JERTEH for the 3-beradik, just like during the SEGAMAT days of the 1990's for the elder simblings, during which we were talking in Pajero loads of durian.

Jul 28 Sat 15 Z-Kaedah1439H, after a week in TRG, it was high time to return to KUL to spend the rest of Jul. CB DRV-KUL Jul 24 Tue, and ZIDNI et al Jul 25 Wed.

Four were available for the help, and wasted no time to prune the back side of W-Tengah house, the area the neighbours suspected to harbour some of the babis which roamed even in daytime. The area part of which had been carved out for the access road reserve, but would not become the access road because the of unavailability by the neighbouring lots.

And was visited, Jul 29 Sun 16 Z-Kaedah 1439H, by a long time acquaintance, a lecturer-student acquaintance since 1973 through to the post-grad years in Manchester, England, and had not been seeing perhaps for the last fifteen years. Dato Mansor Salleh, who's still teaching in MFI BANGI where he once was the CEO.

An August

Dated 2018G Aug 12 Sun 30 Z-Kaedah 1439H

All of us were at home in Sg Merab when Aug arrived. And bracing in Aug was the arrival of RAYA HAJI, expected to be Aug 22 Wed.

Aug 5 Sun 23 Z-Kaedah 1439H, DRVTGG with NA, to see the TRG-HOMES, leaving the 3-beradik in Sg Merab. And back to Sg Merab, Aug 8 Wed. NA had matters to attend on the following Thu, and Fri.

In Aug, SB asked to have the backyard cleaned off, especially the BANGSAL. And together with ASRI, the mission was accomplished for a better walk-about. A remnant piece of 1976, during which these were the high end gadget of the time. The whole set was shipped from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur.

And the same in W-Tengah home while in TGG Aug 5-8.

A Double Revisit

Dated 2018G Aug 16 Thu 4 Z-Hijjah 1439H

Been passing this area many times. The last in depth revisit since 1979 was 2008 Aug 8. Today, while taking NA to UM's LAW for her meeting, narrowed down to this place of highly nostalgia to almost every student of UM, UKM, and LI, even till today.

Aug 16 Thu 4 Z-Hijjah 1439H, a visit to BUKIT BINTANG golden triangle was not properly a revisit. It was a new 'adventure' on the recently launched MRT, from Kajang direct to Bukit Bintang in not more than 40-min. And the Bukit Bintang Station was perhaps right below the LOYAT Plaza. An RM4-20 return, the SENIOR CITIZEN rate, plus RM5 for car parking was actually a very reasonable trip for a light-weight shopping, especially at the LOYAT for the ICT h-wares.

That, Bukit Bintang is so transformed. One may momentarily feels, while on the streets, that it's not in M-sia. The environment was so unlocal. Filled with people from all corners of the world. Carried with them are their own culture and norms. The sky-high buildings, and many are still in works trying to reach it.

The last time in JANDA BAIK was 2013 Nov 3, in full house. This time, only partial sans Malini, Zidni, and Alya, et al. It was an eleventh hr arrangement. Preceded with seeing NA's UM u-grad h-w buddies who run a well-built resort in Janda Baik.

Pre-Idul Adha

Dated 2018G Aug 21 Tue 9 Z-Hijjah 1439H

Aug 17 Fri 5 Z-Hijjah 1439H, DRVTGG with NA in TAV by LPT1&2. CB, SB, ASRI 3-beradik followed the next day Sat in Nissan, CB said he took the Jabor-Jerangau. All for the Idul Adha, in TGG. The rest of the kiddos were on their own. Ruby, Malini, Zidni, Muzani, et al, were in BANGI vicinity, including Alya who made an eleventh hr decision to return home.

Aug 20 Mon, attended the Walimah of En Ghani Ambak in Edani's River Resort, Kg Laut. The place where Bar organised its Shawal Celebration last May. And met many SAS-ians, mostly juniors of En Ghani batch.

The EID ADHA was on Aug 22 Wed 10 Z-Hijjah 1439H. It was noted that in SAUDI, 5 hr behind, the 10th Zulhijjah was Aug 21 Tue, a day earlier.

Waiting for the day, the strength of the 3-beradik were gathered to tend to the back of W-Tengah, pruning to the border, for tidy-ness. More or less resuming the job of last couple of weeks ago.

From the Walimah, was the DRV JERTEH, daily trip to RYP. NA has some matters to sort. From KT took the old route, the original KT-JERTEH, JALAN KELANTAN. It's been a long time I have not been through it. Along the way noted that currently is the CEMPEDAK season. However, buying it wasn't like it used to be.

While in Jerteh, popped-in P-PANJANG, and also TOK BUGIS in which apparently DUKU of the first phase has ripened. They are very high on the highest branch of the big tree.

Idul Adha

Dated 2018G Aug 31 Fri 19 Z-Hijjah 1439H

The EID ADHA was on Aug 22 Wed 10 Z-Hijjah 1439H. It was noted that in SAUDI, 5 hr behind, the 10th Zulhijjah was Aug 21 Tue, a day earlier. 5-branak were in TRG, since Aug 18 Sat 6 Z-Hijjah 1439H, The rest of the kiddos were on their own. Ruby, Malini, Zidni, Muzani, et al, were in BANGI vicinity, including Alya who made an eleventh hr decision to return home from JB.

Solat raya was in Masjid Batu Rakit. Actually we were on the way to BANGGOL SETIU, rumah Abg Par, when Qurban is to be made, among NA's siblings, in which NA had a share.

Eventually, Aug 27 Mon 15 Z-Hijjah 1439H, the DRVKUL, 4-beranak in TAV. The day was picked up to avoid the congestion in Karak-KL stretch, as well as to gain a few days more to tend to the semak-samun in W-Tengah house. CB strategised it similarly, but earlier, on last Aug 23 Thu 11 Z-Hijjah. Solo, in Nissan.

The DRVKUL was on a clear day, and a clear traffic, both on LPT2&1, and Karak-KUL stretch. Started early, to arrive early, to avoid congestion on MRR2. On arriving home in Sg Merab, a big earth-work-horse, very close to the house is the warning that something soon will happen very close to the house, which might change every thing that we have had for the past 30 years of HOMING in Sg Merab.

Raya Haji season is characterised by the QURBAN, and thus various KENDURI, either per se qurban, or with added event of accompaniment. Aug 23 Thu 11 Z-Hijjah 1439H, was in KAMAL's place, the eastern neighbour, he said for aqiqah his cu2. Attended 4-beranak.

Aug 24 Fri 12 Z-Hijjah 1439H, a double kenduri. In the morning in TOK JIRING, attended 4-beranak. An event, the such that I look forward to. Mariam and her brothers organised, perhaps a Qurban, managed by the relatives staying where her father came from before moving to Bukit Besi and sprang out from there. The host house was that of Fatimah Mat Man, and her brother Hashim, whose father was a relative close-neighbour of MokTeh Pah. I met the former in UKM in the 1970's but didn't know her closeness to Mariam.

One elder was there as well, I knew a distant relative since I was small, who gave a very strong moral support to me when I was in SAS Kuala Lumpur. He's known among the local as Ibrahim PekTam Min. A few KUZA lower staff were there as well, thay all remembered me very well.

To my surprise, Mariam also invited her close buddies of the SRP batch in Padang Midin, 1964-66, like I am, part of the AWANA 2017 Apr. Seven turned up, but apart from her, I knew only from 3A, viz, Hasnah Ismail and Wan Mariam. And two more, Rohaniah, and Norias the runner, only recently. And all of them remembered NA very well from the AWANA 2017. We had quite a nostalgic frolic during the short time. Jumaat time pulled me out of the deep memory lane.

And in the afternoon, after Jumaat in Tok Jembal, continued with another one in HILIRAN MASJID. A walimah of Dato Muhatar, a two years junior SAS-ian, an ex-SUK. The guests thus were mainly the top ex TRG CS, and many of them were SAS-ians. The host dutifully, and respectfully put me perpectively in between.

The final evening in TRG for this Haj season, was Aug 26 Sun 14 Z-Hijjah 1439H, in FIRDAUSY Tok Jembal for a shot of ICT, with ROSLAN, and EN WAN MUSA. It was a great releif for the former for the long hang over since 2015 May. Unsure it was him, or the latter that initiated, but it was not mentioned at all, and I didn't bother to invoke. He could do it if he wanted to, but perhaps didn't want to do it. Unexpectedly, ZUBAIDI joined. With that, the contemporary experiences filled the blank. The visit to the memory lane was just a brief. The 'ghosts' of KOTA disappeared altogether. This was the closest encounter since my ejection in 2014 Feb.

Aug 30 Thu 18 Z-Hijjah 1439H, CB took SB, and ASRI for a drive to be with their Kak Ya in JB for the weekend, especially SB who had not been there before. Aug 31 Fri is Malaysia 61st Merdeka Day.

New Year 1440H

Dated 2018G Sep 11 Tue 1 MUHARRAM 1440H

Noted in the net that Agong BD celebration was rescheduled from Jun early to Sep early, and this year the Sep celebration was cancelled. Merdeka this year, 2018 Aug 31 Fri, is Merdeka-61, for the first time not under BN. And it was rather quiet, even on the road-h-way, other than congestion of motorists taking advantage of the 3-days holiday-coupled-weekend, travelling to see their love ones. Supposedly 'New Malaysia', and the merdeka was 'Merdeka 2.0'. P.S., TST - Tahu sama tahu - You know that I know what you know. Conversely - There is nothing that you know that I don't know.

Of late, Taman Tasek Chempaka (TTC) was frequently visited. In the morning of both weekdays, and weekends. And with NA. Sporadically, SB and ASRI accompanied. Perhaps more or less on the same momentum since Jul-mid in UKM's Astaka.

Sep 7 Fri 26 Z-Hijjah 1439H, an ex-colleague sadly lost a daughter. I went to visit him, during which an ex-student in UKM, rekindled the acquaitance, and that was in the middle of many more SAS-ians, ex-colleagues, etc, who were visiting.

The week of Sep beginning, the media deliberately transmitted the Shariah Caning case in TRG, perhaps the first case of the kind in the country. It gave the true pic of the attitude of the people of Malaysia wrt to Shariah, from all views, be it political, and social, and all classes of people in the country.

The weekend of Sep 8, was a long one. It ended Sep 11 Tue with the First Muharram of 1440H. Sep 10 Mon was a replacement of Sep 9 Sun break of Agong BD. The following weekend was also an extended one, pivoted on Sep 16 Sun for the Malaysia Day break.

During which, Sep 8 Sat 27 Z-Hijjah 1439H, ank2 organised a half-day get together. All were in SG MERAB, including ALYA et al from JB, except the three Ruby's boys. And joining also were SB's five buddies who were on leave-tour from Germany since Fri night, through to Sun afternoon.

SB's End of Break

Dated 2018G Sep 17 Mon 7 Muharram 1440H

September 11 Tue, was Malaysia Break of 1440H new year. DRVTGG, 4-beranak with SB-ASRI, for a few days. This is the last TGG trip for SB in the current break before flying back to Osna. Next weekend, Sep 22 Sat 12 Muharram 1440H.

Sep 13 Thu, a day trip to JERTEH for NA's 'last' matter with RYP. And similar matter in RYP K TRG at night, and the following day Sep 14 Fri, RYP Dungun. It was a hard and tough decision NA had made, it was like a judge arriving at the verdict after a long trial, with both sides produced witnesses of beyond any doubt, rather than like a lawyer in concluding a submission. And with that this street, Jln Hj Hussein in Jerteh, would not be seeing us again as frequently as before. Nonetheless, we would be visiting Jerteh, being NA's 'tanah-air', from time to time.

The time was rather tight. In the late afternoon of Sep 12 Wed, took SB-Asri to Paya Datu, on Zubaidah insistence, to fetch DUKU, even tough the place I was informed had been faraid-ed, and Azizah is not a variable in the equation at that particular site.

Followed by a short rendz with Dr Abdullah Sipat, and Dr Che Abdullah in AIR NYOR Tok Jembal. Just a casual get together.

The DRVTGG was mainly to be with TRG BAR in a family day 2018 in SWISS GARDEN resort in BASERAH, Sep 14-15, Fri-Sat. Baserah, Balok were two beaches, those days were signs that we were reaching Kuantan. In reverse, after a long and tiring drive from KL, these are the place where we would have the fresh air, and stretches the leg before continuing to K Terengganu.

Sep 15 Sat 5 Muharram 1440H, DRV KUTN-KUL, ex-Swiss Garden, Baserah. While in the area, stopped by to visit, first AWI MOKTEH PAH, staying very close by. This was the first time visit to him ever since he resided in Baserah while being an academic staff of MRSM after graduated from Mesir. In 2010 Haj, he arranged the proxy Haj for Azizah. Then stopped by NOR ABNG RA in Taman Mahkota off the camp. I could not remember exactly the last visit, but one vividly was in 2007 Jan 7; 1427 D'Hijjah 17 Sun.

Lately, Rarely In KLIA

Dated 2018G Sep 24 Mon 14 Muharram 1440H

Sep 18 Tue 8 Muharram 1440H, life returned to default after some multiple, consecutive breaks. Especially the school reopening, with the exam season commenced by first UPSR, Sep 24 Mon, followed by PT3, SPM, and finally STPM come Nov.

Of late, KLIA was rarely 'visited'. The last time in KLIA1 was when we were fetching SB homing from Osnabruck, Jul 11 Wed 27 Shawal 1439, via BKK on a TG. And KLIA2 too, since NA's last AK TGG-KUL Apr 21 Sat, after which the travels were by DRV, with TAV joined others residing in SG MERAB.

Sep 22 Sat 12 Muharram 1440H, today KLIA mission was to send off SB, returning to Osnabruck for his last leg of the bachelor course. A deja vu of last year 2017 Sep 22 Fri 1 Muharram 1439H, and 2017 Mar 4 Sat. And the year before, 2016 Mar 5 Sat 25 J-Awal 1437H, which started the year before 2015 Mar 28 Sat.

Issued nasi-dagang to fill up the gap. One had been observed quite a long time already in the vicinity, and had caught attention of many. I had been there once, on invitation, and that's all. Even so, I was on nasi-lemak, not nasi-dagang.

Ending September

Dated 2018G Sep 30 Sun 20 Muharram 1440H

September was ending into an autumn, before the winter. The only difference is the rain, specifically in Terengganu. 2018 is fast receding.

Sep 29 Sat 19 Muharram 1440H, a DRVTGG. With the fast receding Sep, the DRV was just ber-2. At Jabor, opted the traditional coastal route. Made a quick stop in Kuala Kemaman for a SATAR, but not an unforgetble. And as always, when coasting along the beach route, arriving is not an urgency. Lingering around Kuala Terengganu. The RAHSIA of Jalan Budiman. TRG is a place still full of peaces.

Three years ago, 2015 Sep 26 Sat 12 Z-Hijjah 1436H, a wedding event took place as ordained in the destiny. All our children, minus 2, and their children, all my brothers and sisters, and some of their children, were present. Today, 2018 Sep 26 Wed 16 Muharram 1440H, the celebration was very quiet indeed. Just a casual dinner in Sect-7 BBB. The AUSTIN for a change.

And the following day Sep 30 Sun, along the airstrip of LTSM. Sep 30 Sun was a break day in TRG, a bonus for the State Champion in SUKMA 2018 the week before.






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2018G Diary