Previous Unloads:

1991 May: A Visit to Langkawi, the Land of Mahsuri

1991 Aug: Study tour to Medan, Indonesia

1994 May: First Asia Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium (APCCS)

1995 Dec: Revisiting SAS

1997 Dec: Rally Nationwide Vision

1998 Apr MOU and Launching of Chito-Chem (M) Sdn Bhd

1999 Sep: The Officiation of Smart Technology Centre, UKM

1999 Sep 23: A Week on Leave

1999 Dec: Study Tour to Taiwan

2000 Jul: A MiniReunion of Class of 66

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A reunion of a long unregathered lost friendships which began as early as in Jan 1964, more than thirty years ago in a school named Padang Midin in Kuala Terengganu, expanding through to Sekolah Alam Shah, Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur; we were then only thirteen, now we are edging the fifty. The place is in an orchard (unfortunately of oil palms) belonging to Abdullah Yusof. It was on Sunday Jul 23, 2000; from friendship of boys catapulted from families of equivalent back-grounds in a classroom into a human ecology of big families only such a place can confortably host. Many thanks to Abdullah Yusof and his wife Zaharah Ahmad. Click the individual picture for details.
When the lads congregated on past matters, the lasses had no choice; they follow suit and getting to know each other closer.
The kids had no problem in moving about, they got to know each other very fast, especially the youngers, while the olders exchange their current schooling experiences. They did not waste time to have fun in the newly acquired opportunity of "adventure"; the such they did not yet realise that it was one piece their fathers' and mothers' childhood "adventure".