Month -3-10, March

The media has drawn the line connecting three dots: Iran, Malaysia, and the Nuke. The line was perfectly regressed to include the visit of Iranian President to Malaysia in Mar. In the US calculus, next time, if a head line reads: "Malaysia is enriching uranium to bomb-making capability", or anything partially to the effect, such as recently the link to Libyan "nuke" (???), it simply means that Petronas has been expressing its wish to sell the oil in euro, no more in dollar. And this could happen in Mar or about. Judging by the mechanic and rate at which the "war on terror" developed in recent years, "uranium enrichment" syndrome is very contagious indeed; Brunei and Indonesia are in the vicinity. North Korea perhaps only wish to buy oil in euro for China; it has no oil to sell, in dollar or in euro. Malaysia is not a big oil producer, not even an OPEC member (but!!!! Indonesia is), but in hard times, once upon a time a fallen giant merchant rebegan to live by selling "pulut panggang". From another point of view, capitalism ultimate dream is monopoly, meaning every drop of it, down to the molecular level, like what had happened in the computer OS.

Voices were here and there, on the effect of oil price hike on the final day of Feb. This is a toned down line, for it takes a courage or perhaps a Caesar to say that oil price hike does not nucleate an inflation especially in transportations which on what else one rides if not on diesel or petrol. A balloon is not made of super-elastic rubber. If inflation does not stop, at the inevitable yield point, it will explode. Even during inflation, the balloon must take time to get expanded, it needs time for the entropy to operate because the rubber is made of complex networks of covalently cross-linked molecular chains, almost all of it of similar repeat units. And the unforgotten was something on the nightmarish highway toll they say to stay for this year. If so, then, it will wake up immediately on the sun rise of the comming new year, because later that year or early the following year, an important event that would take place would not bless it.

The story of five 'budak hitam' who travelled from five remote corners of the peninsular; respectively below: Melaka, Terengganu, Kelantan, Johor, and Perak. They met at one place and 'frolic-ed' together until about sun-set.

In 1967 Jan in their alphabetical order, when they checked-in SAS. In 1971 May they proceeded to UKM to read chemistry.

In 1974 Aug in their increasing order of check-in staff-number (incidentally, consecutively) in UKM. Then in Sep they left for England, in the same planes (all of them the first time flyer): MH824, LH667, AZ422, LH030; to read higher level chemistry.

By 1983 Mar they were all well anchored in the chemistry UKM teaching high level chemistry. They played together along the time-line, gulping the air to their own destiny. Come 2007, beginning in Jan, one by one will stop blinking on the radar screen: in the natural order of disappearence; however, nature could mysteriously change.

In the increasing order of stretching (arbitrary scale) as at Mar 7 Tue.

Mar 10 Fri was SESERI PIBG fourth AGM brought by the 2005 committee which was elected during the third AGM 2005 Mar 11 Fri which then sat five times the last of which was 2006 Feb 25 Sat.

I was nominated for NYDP, but when I campaigned for another person, he was voted uninamously; my nomination metamorphed into CM member, i.e., the status quo for another year.

Mar 10 Fri to 19 Sun was a week school break. All children were at home. With that I could have a sound night sleep; braising a lot for all kinds of possibilities during the coming last third of Mar, the full Apr and first half of May.

It happened in Mar; things that probably happen only once in life time; and some funny things I observed happened on the way to the exit.

The unlucky visitor. When he arrived, there was not any lot left. He parked his Benz on the slopy entrance and went on for the matter in the PPFG. When he returned for the car he found out that the wheel was clamped for wrong parking. That caused a great distress because he did not know what to do to get unclamped; he was a stranger at the place. He contacted a friend he knew, a Professor in PPFG. With the Professor's help, he got it unclamped. He was an unfortunate visiting Professor from a neibouring University comming to PPFG for a research discussion. True to my contention I said in 2002, that the university components now work in their own biosphere, unconnected between each other. The traffic run his business incomprehensibly, in ignorabismus. And as always, every one is looking forward for any which short cut available.

This stage was built perhaps in 1980; twenty-six years ago, but only today, 2006 Mar 5 Sun, I set foot on it; in a non-event mid-sem exam. The only slot I would have done so was 2005 Nov 28 Mon during which I would receive my "award" for 30-years service from the Pro-Chancellor, but I was "on leave" then. The chairs are luckier than me. At least once a year, for a few days, it is seated neatly and majestically on the stage for many years now, in the middle of front line, and only one person always sit on it; no other person are allowed; since the current second chancellor was installed. During other times, the chair is hidden, perhaps this very time under this stairs here.

The Final Frolic

Supposedly appeared in the early of 2006, but as always dragged to Mar mid. It did not impress either one; the former my former student graduated 1985, the latter my school-university-course-mate colleague since 1967. I thanked them in a million words for having a pity on me: a 'B' or 'B minus' on the CGPA scale which will deny my last reachable point P2T10 due since ten years ago. Next year 'frolic', whatever the value is, will not have any meaningful effect.

To watch the GP from the grandstand on the right costs not less than RM1700. To be on the track being watched is quite unprobable. But on this day Mar 8 Wed, I stood on the spot right under the count down lights from which the world famous F1 drivers lined up to begin the race. That two cars, were not meant to race. The GP56 was meant to guide the 3290 of the track to be chartered for a charity run at the month end; Mar 26 Sun, a week after Sepang Formula One 2006.

It did not matter who won it. We all had so much fun: the kiddos, and the parents.

Mar 25 Sat: The Final Chapter of SAS was Written

It was officially opened (reopened) and renamed: Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SSAS). The soul was thus returned to Cheras - Bandar Tun Razak in the body of SMS Alam Shah (known as ASSISS an acronym of Alam Shah Science Secondary School). With that, the original SAS could be reverted to Sekolah Alam Shah, its original piece, because Sekolah Alam Shah is undoubtedly different from Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. I was not incorrect in contending that the alumni was an orphan since 2003 when it decided to leave its parent in Cheras - BTR, and moved to Putrajaya. With Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah is pervading in Klang, soon, the word "Alam Shah" will become edgeless. SSAS has to search its own soul, or choreograph one from the current rhythm - right now its soul is of an elite 'parking lot', usmistakably visible comes the twilight when the sun sets, to late night every night. SSAS has yet to search or create its own acronym. Simple SSAS, or its English SASS is not metropolitan enough for a 'bunga' in Putrajaya's 'premiers'.

Mar 28 Tue: Rereading the Script

The 1970 pioneers: (L-to-R) Datuk Dr Mohd Ghazali Abd Rahman was the first Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof Datuk Dr Baharuddin Yatim was among the pineer lecturers in the Physics Department, Datin Mariam Sanariah Mohamed was the first Asst Registrar (Academic) to the University, Datuk Dr Noramly Muslim the first Head of Chemistry Department. They were regathered to conclude the science in UKM since 1970. Among the pioneer lecturers in Chemistry, apart from Dr Noramly, were Dr Sri Nurestri and Dr Jamjam Rajikan, none however were in the list. The scores of the audience, mainly the young FST staff were pleased; and the co-pioneers, enjoyed among themselves the nostalgic reunion; they were hilarious with the long missed humour of Prof Ghazali. The forty years life span of general 'creatures' in Malaysia is about to end for UKM; like "kera mendapat bunga", no one feels a sense to hold the reason d' etre any longer. Incidently, this 'conclusion' was on the time the first batcher home grown 1973/74 that formed the propagation back-bone began their retirement beginning this year. As I said many times before, after 2010 UKM would become a totally different entity from the one born in 1970; and the 'mid-wifery' stories in Jalan Pantai Bharu, Kuala Lumpur, and Section 17 Petaling Jaya would become a tale to be told like those of "the tales from Clondyke".

There would be forteen series altogether like this, through to Sep end. But all would be by those who had been through not more than what I had been.

The first women vice-chancellors in Malaysian history. It is in the University of Malaya, 'the mother' of all universities.

Mar ended well inffused into the blend of Apr, by the downfall every evening, causing on-off blackout, many delays and detours. It cooled and cleaned the air, and wetted the ground to green the plants for Apr blossoms. Apr is going to be a very long month: it has no school break; its very hectic: exam time for the University and Matriculation; and forms to be filled.

Chapter dated Mar 31, 2006