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Taken to the Memory Lane - UKM 1970 in 2008 (Dated: 2008 Aug 08)

Once upon a time, it was Malayan Teachers Training College (MTTC). Next to its entrance was the once celebrated University of Malaya (UM) the one and only university in the country, the uphill of which was the Language Institute (LI) which also trained teachers, supposedly language teachers. UM, MTTC, and LI, made up the Pantai Valley, the 'delta' of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. The place which was labeled the "Valley of Knowledge", through which runs the famous road: Jalan Pantai Bharu. In 1970 MTTC ceased its operation. The premise was "loaned" to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), the second university in the country which braved itself in pushing the B Melayu as the language of instruction. 1971 May 17 Mon, I checked in UKM (second batch) in the Faculty of Science, and majoring in chemistry by the time I graduated in 1974 Mar. And steadfasted with it to nearly the rest of my life until I retired in 2007 Apr.

Another premise in Sect 16 Petaling Jaya was also "loaned" to UKM at the same time. The "Kolej Islam Malaya" Petaling Jaya, which was also ceased its operation to pave the way for the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the university. Since then some "development" were mounted in both premises to accomodate the fast growing institution. A noted one in the Pantai campus was the multi-storey G-Block at the cafe site. The medical faculty which began in 1973 May in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, had its own evolution. To this day in Cheras (which was by then renamed Bandar Tun Razak).

The writing of the history of UKM in Pantai Valley began in 1978 when Arts and Islamic Studies faculties started their migration to the UKM permanent campus in Bangi, Selangor. The migration completed in 1982 with the Sciences Faculties.

I had quite a fun times in both places since 1971 May. For the first part as a student, then as a junior staff. It was quite a frolic. A major part of my life was made in these premises. Several anecdotes in these premises in those short times arrayed in my memory.

2008 Aug 8 Fri, I was taken to these two memory lanes. My last day in this Pantai Bharu premise was perhaps my last day before I took off to England for my doctorate: 1979 Sep beginning. Upon my return in 1983 Mar, my office was set in Bangi.

First to the UKM Sect 16, which has become the Matriculation Centre of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). Traces of the past were still visible. The Dewan Al Malik Faisal, in which we played badminton. Even with a quite added decoration. The streets and the lights along the street which witnessed some of the lives springing into being. Almost all the open grounds hosted dwelling concrete buildings.

Some memories in the Sect 16 UKM Campus - Kolej Islam Malaya Petaling Jaya - Fakulti Pengajian Islam. Our offices behind the Dewan Al Malik Faisal in the wooden blocks, and the laboratories which housed some of the most contemporary instruments had been demolished. It was replaced by a sturdy concrete of students hostel. Hidden were the hostel buildings at the back where we had a quite merry times together.
1. The hostel in Sect 16 were known as Second Residential College. I stayed in room C12, for two years, initially with Wan Mohamed (immediate senior), later when he went to Mahedol, Thailand, I stayed with Azahari, my course-mate. 2. Friends ouside class: L-to-R FR: Anon, Hamim Rajikin, Anon; BR: Mat Zakaria, CheGu Mohamad, Amran Kasimin. 3.The most expensive 'knowledge' during a talk: the joke that the lecturer told that could made us lough. 4, 5, 6. Kelas Asuhan Sains MARA, Jan - April 1973; Post-SPM-mers 1972. Eight classes altogether, four, viz: Alpha-1, Alpha-2, Beta-1 and Beta-2 were stationed in Lembah Pantai Campus, while the other four, viz: Gamma-1, Gamma-2, Delta-1 and Delta-2 were stationed in Section 17 Campus.

The inside of the residential area were spaceous, shadowy, acacia every where. Plenty of area to move about. A lot of recreation area. Inside and outside. Students in the campus grew up healthily. And since had become part of the moving society.

My memory stored more images from here, especially in 1971 and 1972, in Sect 16, than that from the Pantai Campus, to where I was taken next on the same day 2008 Aug 8. PANTAI VALLEY.

When I commenced my first job as the tutor in UKM's Chemistry Department, the Department was here in Sect 16. As well as when I returned from a post-degree in England, my office was here to begin with.
Standing on the raised, decorated well-known roundabout of Jalan Pantai Bharu. Watching from the direction of the Federal Highway from which I would arrive on the BAA9725 from Sg Way. Along the Masjid Ar Rahman. The entrance to University of Malaya, through which I would pass on returning home. Then the uphill exit to Languange Institute and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

And the exit to Kuala Lumpur town centre. The Jalan Pantai Bharu. The end of which to the left through Jalan Bangsar. Or to the right to the student "Residential Valley" of the OMLA (Organisasi Mahasiswa Luar Asrama) - the one and only Pantai Dalam, together with the Kerinchi. Approaching Pantai Valley from Kuala Lumpur (via Jln Bangsar), and from Petaling Jaya (via Federal Highway) was straight forward. But exiting to Petaling Jaya was a hell of tricky.

Pantai Valley was the "Intelectual Cooking Pot". Its access was rather elusive. The 'seasoners' in this area were but 'civilised' knowledgeable creatures. Be them padestrians, motor-bikers, or motorists. Those who used to dwelled here for three to for years (in the 1970's) would surely come out a man/woman. Very important, that the society had to address to for everything. Pantai Valley was where the Ivory Towers were. And to some Pantai Valley was where the Shangrila was.

Uphill. UKM was on the right. Used to unnoticed because it was the field. But in the horizon was the towering LI, the trainees hostel on the hill. It has changed now. "Institute Perguruan Bahasa Melayu Malaysia" - Malay Language Teacher Training Institute Malaysia. And had extended downhill on the left all along to the road entrance (which I have forgotten previously what it was).

LI trainees were smartlier-dressed. More gentlemanly-ladily behaved because they were being trained to become role models in the school in a short time to come. And they could afford it because they were already with a "pay". Some of them in fact were younger. Unlike the chubby and smelly U students who were on scholarship or on study loan which never more than "takat hidung" level. LI cafe served more delicious food, and at a slightly higher price. Their 'nasi campur' may cost to one RM, but in U cafe, 40-60 sen. But upon leaving the Pantai Valley, an LI-trained teacher and a U-graduate led a completely different level (and slope) of life. With that in the horizon, it was a 'pity' that no precedent "affair" of the former with the latter had ever heard to occur.

Eventually. The precursor UKM. The UKM-1970. The gate through which in 1978 the migration took place for the permanent making of UKM in Bangi. The gate through which for the most of the 1970's I passed in and out. Sometimes many times in a day. The G-Block that UKM built is standing tall in the middle of the view. Like that of LI this premise had undergone its own evolution. Its teacher training character appeared to have returned. And currently standing as "Institut Perguruan Bahasa-bahasa Antarabangsa" (IPBA) - International Languages Teacher Training Institute.

The landmark of the precursor UKM was the foyer with its 'famous' ODT (the congener of UM's DTC). In which the student non-academic activities were nurtured. In front of which many promotional snaps and iconic images were captured.
The A-Block and the sloping road, uphill and downhill, to the foyer and ODT. A view relatively well preserved. Only with added contemporary objects and background development of rising towers.
The Library that UKM built, on the left side of the entrance gate. The ground floor, the place where in 1973, etc, we always sat together frolicking, while waiting for the lecture hr in the BTB or CTB, next to it. It is still there. Apparently a bank tellar machine took our place. The tarmac refloored. A Mini-Minor traces were replaced with cones of no-parking. Time is simply an amazing creation!

Infront of the library, across the entrance road. The field many events took place. Day events, as well as night events. The UKM first degree conferement was held in the Parliament Banquet Hall in Jun 1973. But the convocation festival was held on this field. The first ever festival which rivaled the 'traditional' UM's which was rather "wild".

I participated a lot in this first festival, for the Science Society Stalls. And enjoyed and celebrated together, during and after.

My own degree conferement was in Jun 1974. Second batch, at the same Banquet Hall, Parliament House. Signed on a tutorship in Aug in the Chemistry Department. Took off in Sep to England for post-grduate studies, and since then 'embedded' in UKM, to the last day 2007 Apr 19 Thu.

Over the horizon, the field appeared shortened. A hokey stadium raised from the ground. It is "Stadium Hoki Kuala Lumpur" which consumed nearly half of the original field. And has its own entrance.

Along the side of the library, on the right side of the perimetric road, are the courts. It was tennis courts and the volley ball courts. I was a "kaki bangku" all the time, so these courts had no meaning to me. Swarms of my colleagues filled the courts in the evening. And the student residential college. Known as the First Residential College, or for short the First College. Visible is the girls blocks. Only 4 floors those days because girls were rare. The boys block is behind it. Only the tips is visible in the second and third pictures. They were bigger and housed more students because boys outnumbered girls.
I was never a resident of the first college, even though I could in 1971 when I was in the first year. But in 1974 when I commenced my fourth year, I was appointed the Resident Tutor of the first College. And I was given the G Flat, sharing with a fellow Tutor who was my SAS buddy, Tajul Ariffin. My flight to England for my post-graduate course, 1974 Sep 22, commenced from this residential flat.

To those who used to dwelled in Pantai Valley, and walked on the street of Jalan Pantai Bharu, one name that he would never forget: AMJAL RESTAURANT. The only restaurant on the street in the 1970 days. Amazingly the eatery survived to this day. And was doing well. Getting itself fortified with all the wants of DBKL. Even the institutionalised entities such as Post Office, Immigression did not survived.

I walked down again along the street. Passing by the bus and taxi stand, facing the "Ibu Pejabat Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia" which survived the Girl Guide. On into Amjal Restaurant. And the same owner who I recognised but had to introduce myself to him. Mentioning the Sect 16 UKM FPI had convinced him that I was one of those in the 1970's.

But I was targeting his brother JAMLUS who actually operated the cafe in Sect 16 who knew me very well. From whose cafe I fed myself much of my third year time in 1973. He was not there. Said to be operating a cafe in Petaling. His HP was not answered. I had a teh tarik and nasi lemak. 2.20 rm. And left to catch the Jumaat in MPI.