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2021G Diary

2021, A Wet Beginning

Dated 2021G Jan 11 Mon 27 J-Awal 1442H

2021. The first day of new year was the first day of Q16 of the re-MCO for the capital states and certain areas in other states. Initially it was intended to Jan 14 Thu only, but perhaps seeing the positives still in the thousands daily, the re-MCO was announced to be extended direct to Mar 31 Wed. Done were the R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1 since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

Jan 1 Fri 17 J-Awal 1442H was Malaysia new year break, but the state like TRG, Fri is already the weekend. DRVTGG with NA in TAV, bye-ing the 3-beradik CB-SB-ASRI, and ALYA et al who would return-drive to JB tonight after ca a week at home. KL was quiet when we setoff apart from the constipation at usual places. But at Gombak toll it was a heavy traffic, apparently the cars were moving eastwards for the break day. It was very cloudy through out LPT1. And intermittently rainy in LPT2 making the road wet. It was MID MONSOON in TRG. Apparently in PAHANG and JOHOR too, and to some extent in KELANTAN. Cloudy, weaving rain, windy, and wet all over. Luckily sans flood, but some parts of the EAST-WEST route of LPT were sunken the days after we passed through. The home in W-Tengah has the landscape changing very fast. Our sweethome was no longer a characteristic.

While in TRG, DRV-JERTEH twice. First Jan 7 Thu 23 J-Awal 1442H for the burial of Abg Murad's son Hafiz who sudden-passed away on Wed wee-hr in his home in Puchong. Hussein was present during the solat at mid-night since Abg Murad was his long time carrier-buddy. Because of the late night arrival, we put up in OYO NUSANTARA. And another Jan 10 Sun, for the third night tahlil. During both occasions the orchards were just peeked. It was wet days, and thus nothing could be done other than seeing the plants making their natural lives. Also a peek in Jerteh Food Bazaar, which was a rare chance since NA left RYP in 2018 May.

Jan 11 Mon 27 J-Awal 1442H, after several days rumoured, it was announced that the MCO 2.0 was to be imposed, Jan 13 Wed. MCO for the capital states where inter-district movement was restricted. In other states it was C-MCO, in others it was R-MCO. In all, inter-state movement was restricted. Police with the help of the greens put up the road black again. With that we have to make the move back to Sg Merab. And fast. Darurat was declared the next day to last to Aug 1. The harbian, with the strong support of the khadams, started barking the move as a personal political agenda.

MCO v2.0, C-MCO, R-MCO

Dated 2021G Jan 21 Thu 8 J-Akhir 1442H

The quantum of Q16 recovery did not finish to the set date of Jan 14. Done were the R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1 since 2020 Jun 10 Wed. From Jan 13 Wed MCO 2.0 was imposed in the capital states to Jan 21 Thu. C-MCO were imposed on other states. And R-MCO for Sarawak and Perlis. In all, interstate movement was restricted. At the same time DARURAT was declared to Aug 1.

Statistically, MCO 2.0 along the initial days was very discouraging. Many personnels, many were very well known, were mentioned and made headline in the media. The normal return seemed a distant away. Many in fact had conceded to re-seeing.

Jan 12 Tue 28 J-Awal 1442H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. A late afternoon setoff, after NA finished off her h-works including servicing TAV, and a swift visit by CHE et al, for their first time in W-Tengah. The weather in LPT2 was not that bad, cloudy, occasional drizzling, but the road was wet all along. The road was dried again only after Maran. Temerloh RR where we stopped for a break and refuelling was dry. LPT-wise, it didn't appear like people were rushing to get settled down before MCO take effect at mid-night. KL was dry. A long congestion from MELAWATI, but alas, was due to just a small accident in Cheras junction complex, after which the road was clear in the early night, including in BTS and Sg Besi. Arrived in Sg Merab just before ten.

With the pandemic stalking very close, much of the time was spent around the house of Sg Merab. Both children and non-rainy weather were very helpful.

The MCO All Over Again

Dated 2021G Feb 4 Thu 22 J-Akhir 1442H

The MCO 2.0 did not help at all. The next measure was then announced, that the whole country is under a renew order of the MCO. The MCO 2.0-2, from Jan 22 Fri to Feb 4 Thu, covering two 14d quantums. Done were the Q16 R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1 since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

The schools, which were scheduled to open on Jan 20, were re-closed. Last year 2020 Sep-Nov SPM which was deferred to Feb 2021, was still uncertain, i.e. online.

MCO 2.0-2 helped just a little. It was thus extended for another 14d-quantum to Feb 18 Thu. The MCO 2.0-3, throughout the country, except Sarawak, said to be with stricter SOP, and tougher penalty for the offender, especially the repeater.

MCO v2.0-3

Dated 2021G Feb 18 Thu 6 Rejab 1442H

Expectedly MCO 2.0-3 was launched, covering Feb 5 Fri to end Feb 18 Thu, picking up from MCO 2.0-2. Done were the MCO 2.0, Q16, R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1, since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

The FISH returned to TRG, in fiesta, after a halt for the past three months 2020 Nov to 2021 Jan during a torrential monsoon. But the price retained high even though the number of sellers multiplied said to be due to the pandemic as many lost the job for the lock-down. Small-size fish were still below 20rm/kg, but most of the big fish were 30+rm/kg, more expensive than the beef. Fish stalls were lined on every coastal street, the entrepreneurs were both pro and amateur.

Feb 9 Tue 27 J-Akhir 1442H, DRVTGG, bye-ing the 3-beradik. The police endorsement was obtained the evening before in B-BAGINDA. The last day we were in TRG was Jan 12 Tue 28 J-Awal 1442H, the day of DRVKUL, four weeks ago. The weather was very fine. The traffic was very light. All RR and LB were very quiet. There were four road-blocks examining the verification for the cross-state, from BANGI to K NERUS. The first was before Gombak toll plaza, then after Bentong toll plaza which caused quite a congestion across the plaza. At Prasing in LPT2 the traffic was detoured to RR for the inspection, and finally at Bkt Jong after the toll, south-bound. TRG was very dry, in contrast to the last DRVTGG which was very wet. Concomitantly things must have changed a lot in W-Tengah. And for sure plenty of works on the ground were waiting, in Tok Jembal too.

Feb 18 Thu 6 Rejab 1442H, ending MCO 2.0-3, the pendamic was very much around, with the daily positive still in the thousands. Expectedly, the MCO was extended, and re-categorised among the states. The CONDITIONAL (Bersyarat), the RECOVERY (Pemulihan), and the pedigree MCO which was imposed on the capital states. Most of the rest were on CONDITIONAL. Perlis was the only state under RECOVERY. However, bona fide citizen could not differentiate which is which with regard to the inter-district, and inter-state movement since nothing was retracted from before. Police verification still needed even for the inter-district movement practically throughout the country. The extension was launched, a 2w-quantum of MCO 2.0-4 from Feb 19 Fri 7 Rejab to end on Mar 4 Thu 20 Rejab 1442H.

MCO v2-4

Dated 2021G Mar 4 Thu 20 Rejab 1442H

Feb 19 Fri 7 Rejab 1442H was the start of MCO 2.0-4, to Mar 4 Thu 20 Rejab 1442H, still the states were categorised, but but unsure the difference. We were in TRG. Done were the MCO 2.0-3, MCO 2.0-2, MCO 2.0, Q16, R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1, since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

Feb 22 Mon 10 Rejab 1442H, the national school exam, the SPM and STPM, which were deferred from last year 2020 Sep-Nov, resumed today. From the kitchen, it was heard the customery teacher's address on the PA, like during normal school days from SMK KOMPLEKS TELIPOT.

Country-wise, the COVID VACCINATION started with the arrival of the first consignment of ca one-third million doses. In the media, there were the img of PM, and H-DG, post-vacc-ed.

Feb 23 Tue 11 Rejab 1442H, DRV-JERTEH, with endorsement acquired the day before. And the trips added one more r-blok, at BITANG. Nonetheless, like last Sat, we made the trips unhitched. The task in T-BUGIS was accomplished. And as always, arrived home in the middle of garib, ex-P-RIMAU, ex-P-PANJANG.

Feb 20 Sat 8 Rejab 1442H, DRV-SETIU, Banggol, attending the akad of NASA-E. TRG was under CONDITIONAL, but inter-district movement needed a verification, just like those under pedigree. Thus NA acquired the endorsement on Feb 18 Thu to face two r-blocks, one at TERAKIT, and the other at ending MERANG before TELAGA PAPAN. We made the trips unhitched although the endorsement was for one way towards only, we didn't bother to get the endorsement for the return trip.

Feb 26 Fri 14 Rejab 1442H, DVKUL, after getting the endorsement, which was needed only once before Gombak toll, but was not wanted. It was a fine weather, sunny and hot, and very light traffic. We made it as express as possible, stopping only on vital terms. In Sg Merab when we arrived, it was as sunny and hot as in TRG we left.

MAR 1 MON 17 Rejab 1442H, the primary school was opened for 2021, after ca a year in uncertain mode in 2020 due to the pandemic. The secondary school is to follow soon. The Matriculation and the University are in less systematic, but claimed that the opted online mechanic was the plausible solution.

Since returning from TRG Feb 26 Fri, lingered around the house, waiting for the pandemic to reside. In Sg Merab, the heat was as hot as in W-Tengah. Rainless. Tending the plantlet, and fixing the ball-controlled valve in the water tank in the ceiling. It took four men-day to do it.

Mar 4 Thu 20 Rejab 1442H, end of MCO v2-4. As announced on Tue, TRG et al was promoted to Recovery-MCO, and Selangor-KL et al, to conditonal-MCO. None was retained to pedigree-MCO. The new strategy was to start Mar 5 Fri 21 Rejab 1442H, to end Mar 18 Thu 4 Shakban 1442H, MCO v2-5. Nonetheless, movement-wise, only inter-district was relaxed. Inter-state, remained under control. But money making places owned by money-makers were allowed to re-spin. Irony.

MCO v2-5, FIRST-Q Mar 5-11

Dated 2021G Mar 11 Thu 27 Rejab 1442H

Mar 5 Fri 21 Rejab 1442H, was the start of MCO v2-5, for a 2w-quantum, to end Mar 18 Thu 4 Shakban 1442H. Nonetheless, movement-wise, only inter-district was relaxed. Inter-state, remained under control, and said to be reviewed on daily basis. But some of the money making places, cinemas not excluded, owned by money-fits were allowed to re-spin. Irony. Done were the MCO 2.0-4, MCO 2.0-3, MCO 2.0-2, MCO 2.0, Q16, R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1, since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

Mar 5 Fri 21 Rejab 1442H, resumed Jumaat 4-beranak, after pausing since MCO v2 in mid Jan, but in Masjid B-BAGINDA, where it appeared the JK pushed to the limit capacity permitted. In Masjid Sg Merab, it was closed when we arrived at ca 1245. Both in Masjid MPI and UKM, a pre-registration was needed. Unsure in Masjid Hasanah, and Al-Um in Bangi, or Masjid Uniten. Noted that, Jan 15 Fri 2 J-Akhir 1442H, I led zohor 5-beranak, and since then whenever in Sg Merab.

Mar 6 Sat 22 Rejab 1442H, it was NA's 51-st B-Day. Ank-cu2 gathered, but Alya et al in JB, and Muzani at sea in Perlis. The latter caused another gathering the next day Mar 7 Sun for a feast of kepala-GT.

Mar 9 Tue 25 Rejab 1442H, DRVTGG in TAV with NA, after getting a P-ENDORSEMENT in B-BAGINDA. It was a rather short stay in Sg Merab, but the DRVTGG was a called for. The Pahang check-in was after Bentong toll, and the TRG was at PRASING RR. At both sites, the endorsement were thoroughly read.

A small gathering the next day Mar 10 Wed with Dr Che Abdullah, Dr Abdullah Sipat, and En Wan Musa at the UNIZA STUDENT MALL at POST-2. Hi-ed by several past acquaintances, viz, Fakhrul, Yatie and Razyk. The last was an FB fren who knew me by name and past regalia, perhaps from my several visit to UMK in the past. And salam-ed the guards on the way out, hopefully one of them still remembered me.

Mar 11 Thu 27 Rejab 1442H, after the first half-Q of MCO v2-5, the new positive inch-ed down not so significantly. The great expectation was that after Mar 18, at least state-crossing is allowed. But for sure SOP would stay on for a long time to come. Somehow the covid had brought to TRG a mango-spree. For down to 5kg/10rm, it's a feast.

MCO v2-5, SECOND-Q Mar 12-18

Dated 2021G Mar 18 Thu 4 Shakban 1442H

Mar 12 Fri 28 Rejab 1442H, was the 2nd-half-Q of MCO v2-5, to end Mar 18 Thu 4 Shakban 1442H. Done were the MCO 2.0-4, MCO 2.0-3, MCO 2.0-2, MCO 2.0, Q16, R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1, since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

Mar 13 Sat 29 Rejab 1442H, a wedding at the seaside of NGABANG TELUNG. A NA's junior colleague.

Mar 12 Fri 28 Rejab 1442H, Jumaat in Telipot. The Masjid was full before the azan time, with full SOP. Noted that canopies were erected outside of the main dewan solat to cater for the overflow.

Mar 16 Tue 2 Shakban 1442H, a DRV-JERTEH. It was a nice weather, and free of inter-district-MCO. Apart from the routine visit when in Jerteh, hi-ed Dr Hasbullah and dropped by his place in Alor Lintang on the way home. He was among the last of the the UDM-KOTA-era staff, through to Tembila.

Mar 18 Thu 4 Shakban 1442H, end of MCO v2-5. The MCO was continued by MCO v2-6 with the respective categories according to the state. But the overall inter-state movement was still not allowed.

MCO v2-6, MAR 19-31, Gua Musang Re-Passed By

Dated 2021G Mar 31 Wed 17 Syakban 1442H

Mar 19 Fri 5 Shakban 1442H was MCO v2-6, to end Mar 31 Wed 17 Syakban, just another continuation of the previous categorised MCO in which inter-state movement was still not allowed. Done were the MCO v2-5, MCO 2.0-4, MCO 2.0-3, MCO 2.0-2, MCO 2.0, Q16, R-Q15, Q14, Q13, R-Q12, R-Q11, R-Q10, R-Q9, R-Q8, R-Q7, R-Q6, R-Q5, R-Q4, R-Q3, R-Q2, and R-Q1, since 2020 Jun 10 Wed.

Mar 22 Mon 8 Shakban 1442H, an adventurous DRV-KNERUS-KENYIR-GUAMUSANG-LIPIS-RAUB-BENTONG-KUL. The central event was in GUA MUSANG, the conclusion of the P-PANJANG event of Mar 20 Sat. Noted that we were in GUA MUSANG the last time twenty-one years ago Jun 2 Sat 1990, similarly KUL-wards, in Pajero, 7-beranak then, the smallest was ALYA, 14-month, ex-KOTA BHARU after a 'frolic' with Pustaka Aman Press which was the very reason we drove up to Kota Bharu.

Mar 19 Fri 5 Shakban 1442H, after Jumaat in Telipot, a DRV-JERTEH again. NA needed to see the event in P-PANJANG the next day Mar 20 Sat proceeds unhitched, whence, for the 3-rd time since Mar 9 Tue DRVTGG, we made the DRV-JERTEH. All adik-beradik gathered. Several ank-sedara naturally could not make it.

Weather-wise, SG MERAB was milder than W-TENGAH. Cooler evening with skirmish drizzling. Noted that, RAMBUTAN were flowering, as they did irrespective of season. But for the past many years they had not given us the fruit they used to since we were here in 1987 because as soon as fruits were formed, the troops of LANGUR took them all for themselves. Nothing was left for us. And of late, the trees were heavily pruned that they took several years to re-equilibrate. Other plants were also flowering, viz, chilli, cempedak, guava, bendi, and soursop. Looking forward for the flower were the musang-king, and the mangosteen. Noted also that langurs do not menace the chilly and the bendi. However, the papaya shoot is their favourite.

Mar 31 Wed 17 Shakban 1442H, end of MCO v2-6, but the daily new positives figure were still in the vicinity of thousand. Ramadan was in less than a fourth night, but the greatest hope was for the inter-state MCO-free for the 1-st Shawal 1442H which tentatively would be on May 13 Thu.






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2021G Diary