Sekelip Mata


The May Day in Terengganu

Dated 2010 May 1 Sat

Set off at the very early morning for the first flight to Terengganu. The weather was fine, at both ends. And the trip was as scheduled. On the 4F seat reserved since confirmed Apr 26, so that for the first time to see the southern side in day light on landing. Alas, early morning fine weather had the eastern sun diffracted the view recorded from inside of the aircraft.

Close to touch down. Bukit Besar on the background, and the Wakaf Tembesu Mosque. At the junction once known as Wakaf Baru.

Nontheless, I had photoshop-ed it for later identification. Beginning with Bukit Besar on the background. Then the Nerus river, the river in which I washed, and played, and I grew until I left for the distance school beginning in 1964. Which once upon a time was a clear water river one could drink and "snorkel" the sand and the fish on the bed. I used to swim across this river before I set off. That must be when I was about ten or twelve.

The road closest to the river bank must be Tanjung Sabtu, or Jeram, as it was.

And there it is. The Buluh Gading bridge spanning the river. And Pengkalan Arang, a few hundreds meters beyond it, the place where I was born, grew up, and returned. The bank of which now had become an LKIM (?) boat service dry jetty.

And surely. My place is still appeared green. With only an infinitesimal non-green. No wonder they deliriously 'sillied' those who yell and cry in pitying the dying earth. The non-greening earth. The 'balding' earth. They damn believed that right before their eyes from above in the air that the earth is well alive and kicking and the green trees are even more than what the earth needs.

The "greenists" are just as opportunists as their "adversaries". The latter do it as the opportunities pop up, and the former try to defer it for them to have it at the earliest opportnity later.

Sat May Day in Terengganu was compansated to May 2 Sun. But my FPB Student Soc organised a career grooming course since Apr 30 Fri. I thus joined from May Day noon from 2.30 with the founding dean, Prof Manaf. Twenty four of them are going to become the pioneer graduates of the faculty this july. The occasion was organised by their juniors. With a waiting to follow next session.

I had Mon to go, but through Sun, the May Day break in Terengganu. To KL again for another series of "breaks" to near mid-may. Which will pile up the things to do on the table. July will be a crucial months for the faculty in many events. And the road to July is very windy, some parts are zig-zaggy.

A May Day From Terengganu

Dated 2010 May 6 Thu

First, the W/shop to gather the info on furnishing the task force to report on the way forward in the agricultural undergraduate study. In the Palm Garden nearby. Which reminded me of the UKM 2003 first PTK-6, Oct 18-24 which I enrolled in, through which an orgy of massive fund flowed out wastefully for 'leisure' to hotels and resorts, instead of usefully to events for PnP and RnD.

May 4 Tue with the rest of agricultural related IPTAs, but mostly from UPM.

During which I was awaken to a msg from Terengganu. A stunning order for FPB and FTM to move in a short time to a new premise in KUSZA, currently nearly completed but not meant for it. Especially the physical receptivity for the laboratory. To recreate in two months for what was created in four years. Only this much, without invoking the insanious words.

And May 5 Wed with the stake holders, mostly gov agencies, gov-linked agencies which currently are manned by mostly UPM alumni, only a few from private sectors. During which a Deputy in DOA, En Ab Halim Mahmod introduced himself in my group for being a SAS-ian 1973. And during the noon meal in the cafe, Dr Rossini of Federal Vet, to whom, I frequently wrote letters for Dr Aziz to turn to for his practical class facilities.

The series which had brought us to as far as Bintulu in Jan and Kota Kinabalu in Mar, which may finalise in Redang, Terengganu, perhaps in Jun.

Staying Put, "Angling"

Dated 2010 May 11 Tue

Ostensibly the move was urgent. But I kept quiet through to and over the weekend, and proceeded with my planned days. Somebody had mixed up different interests that had created incompatibilities on limited resources both physical and mind. That had stressed every one. Plus a leave May 9 Sun, and May 11 Tue which I requested before the event.

The weekend began May 6 Thu after the KPT "Halatuju Pengajian Pertanian" for two days 4-5 Tue-Wed. May 8 Sat was SB day in German-Malaysia Institute (GMI) Dewan Gemilang Mercu Idaman, morning, for "Twinkling Star Day" (Hari Kerdipan Bintang 2010) - the less-grand re-branded more-style less-content day of the seventies "Hari Uchapan Tahunan" of my time. With his contemporary for the last year 2009 days in SMK Jalan 4. As always, the words, from all the speakers were about successes and nothing else. Has been in successive successes, and going to have more successes, and very close to the top of the world (read: the top of the inside coconut shell we all were doomed in by ourselves). Taking the queue of the VVIP remark that the obvious twinkle was rather the teachers (no male visible) with their yellowish orange batik.

And the hall was practically filled with the faces I reckoned not unfamiliar in Bangi, the creatures made-from grey matters only. Especially one Dr Muhammed Yusoff, an ex-UKM FTSM now in OUM, and Dr Kadderi, a UKM geologist, whose soil sci MSc may be resorted to in emergency at 'home'.

With the mind obsessed on the infra back 'home', I could only watch their desire to wear off to dryness in an unlid kettle.

Followed, in the late evening, by kiddos' get-together over the meal table. Every one, all the nineteen were present. Through the night, to the bed time.

May 10 Mon, an official meeting in Putrajaya KPM on the curriculum materials evaluation that I did very recently. With the help of Azraai and Zukiman from KMP Jengka and KMP Pontian respectively.

After which, we took CB to his new phase in Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor in Banting. The latest addition of KPM Matriculation Colleges. While Kedah, Pahang and Johor have two colleges each, albeit, Terengganu and Kelantan were kept in an endless waiting since KPM taking over from all local Universities with its pioneer director 1997 Dr Mokhtar Bidin.

A brand-new place I could only wish it was just a part or even all of the current FPB. Built, said to be in a 90 acre flat land, it could house three and half thousand students, comfortably. A near unimperfect infra-stucture.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to note the contemporary development with the two KPM-KPT in two defined entities on the background. Incomprehensiveness. It was during KPM that IPTA matriculations were 'centralised' and 'sanctioned' from being run for the purpose of specific IPT. So colleges were built and run by KPM to feed its IPTAs. Then the KPT is around which runs the IPTA completely free from KPM. And thus KPT could not be told by KPM not to run the matriculation in IPTA for the specific IPTA. The same den for the products of KPM's matriculation. Creating a kind of friction. And the one that will get the burning-smell is predictable.

Leaving CB at past noon with a lot of prayer, and a drop by to say hello to Pn Rosna Nordin who began my engagement with the MatriQ 2003 Jul 8-11, who then moved to college in Penang, and now in KMS, I was incidentally lured to detour and irresistable to 'tour' the area close to the vicinity.

So here it is. This is 2010. Could not imagine in 1974.

Perhaps not much different judging by the lining of oil palm grown (perhaps just recently replanted) and the straight stretches, which I do not know exactly where, except for the governmental development like the KMS. And of course, some newer bricks building. Covering a large area, but the beach perhaps was included only recently.

And the mosque, which is not very far frpm the junction. I would drop by one day to pray while on visit to KMS.

Bracing for the move of FPB and FTM from KOTA to KUSZA, and many more unexpected repeating things required to be done for the faculty. Which lately had taken to reverse into more and more undone. One while in KMS from the top tip. Which could only be resolved physically from the office. Not including the update of the "Halatuju", acquired during the last 4-5 Tue-Wed w/shop. I closed the ETKT for 20100511 02 MH 1338 KUL 1945 B8 4A TGG 2040.

The Unprecedence

Dated 2010 May 15 Sat

It was not that bad when a meeting was called May 12 Wed. Which called for another solution meeting in ten days time. During which every one will try to suggest a solution for the sake of the sudents, of every faculty, not just one medical faculty.

I joined Dr Nashriyah's event May 13 Thu of 4th year viva (since May 11 Tue) only at the end, the last three students. The last two of whom was my allocation to examine, with the thesis of the last one, I examined.

Four 'uniformed' passengers, plus one, plus eleven vacancies in C Cabin.

Sea-ward take off from 4A MH 1327 gave the oppotunity to view the land in Tok Jembal, vividly, 2010 May 14 Fri 10:21:12.

The actual entourage. Apart from the seven, where did the rest were seated during the flight?

This was a phase in FPB track. And the final phase for the pioneer students. Twenty five of them. They made it to the final, since 2006 Jul. And some of them were actually in seven semester only, from 2006 Dec. Bachelors of Agricultural Biotechnology (BAgricBiotech) from Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu. The whole setup was founded, beginning mid 2006, by the pioneer dean Prof Dr A Manaf Ali, who destinely persuaded me to join him 2007 Jul late, while I was wandering on the streets of academia, who then passed on the 'baton', 2009 Jan, to finish, unknowingly reunited with the NC, and the rest of the KUSZA-originated staff.

For UDM, this was the genuine pioneer. Last year 2009 Jul degree conferement was for the KUSZA residues after its osmosis into UDM. Even for the 3-yr diplomas, the programmes were inherited. UDM 'proper' did not offer diploma programmes, including those in Health Science.

Home to Bangi May 14 Fri on MH 1327C 14MAY 1005 CBZ 30K OK 4A TGG 1005 KUL 1100 B3. Many rather unprecedence popped up during the flight. Which 'solved' only on the disembarkation.

Thu night was the normal schedule to go home, but the C class was full for 13 Thu as from 12 Wed late afternoon. I turned down the offer to down-grade to Y class. And thus had to be queued to 14 Fri morning. Perhaps this was my first morning home flight.

It was for 1005, but I started at 0745 from home to start the unprecedence. And that had made unnecessary one hr stroll at the airport. Even the nearly ten rm nes-nasi lemak pax tasted like the re-heated yesterday residue.

Eventually I was on board, as booked, in 4A, the last row, left window. I thought I had deliberated enough to be the last. For sometimes I was alone, with fifteen vacancies in the C cabin, even after I was served with the guava juice. Twice, unprecedented.

It was quiet, and I started to imagine of flying alone in the C cabin, and heh! heh! being served alone by the hostess. The plane seemed reluctant to move, even the bellow feeder kept attached to the B373 door.

Then something was like going to happen. Men with songkok popped in, carrying things not in lugage, and put it in the overhead lugage compartments. Of what I infered as food stuff since polystyrene take away were very visible. But they disappeared into the Y cabin. Then after some more minutes a few more men with songkok popped in, and took the frontal seats infront of me. Making five now in the C cabin.

Only then the plane made the signs of moving on, including one "... cabin crew, please cross-check ...". Yes, the bellow feeder detached. The plane was pushed to reverse. The engine was rammed. And it started taxiing. It stop just before entering the runway. For some minutes like waiting for another plane to take off, or to touch down. Then "... cabin crew, be seated for take off ..", and the plane moved, and turned left. Uuh? Unusual. To take off from the middle of the runway? No, the plane kept on taxiing to the end. Made a U-turn. Without further ado, ready? Go! And the plane took off sea-ward. Unusual.

But that sea-ward took off gave me the chance to see vividly the land of Tok Jembal from above. Wow! Not bad. Not as crowded as it was thought. And the nortward shoreline, the KUSZA mosque, the being built PGA flats, the KUSZA-UMT bridge, the Sultan Mizan Hall of UMT, the beach of Tg Gelam, Mwngabang Telipot, Batu Rakit, to the tip of Merang. Including Bidong-Redang.

And the Kapas and the southward shoreline as the plane made a U-turn for KL-bound. The Kapas, the Ibai opening, and the bridge, and the windy river, Chendering fishing port, and the Marang river opening and wave breaker. And finally the Kelulut beach front.

And the KETENGAH land, through which the much-awaited Kuantan-KT h/way was being built for the past ten years. The news of its readiness had died down.

High above the clouds (Trg taxi drivers said: MAS jjalan atas pokok, Firefly ddalam pokok, perhaps Heli bbawah pokok) over the range of Titiwangsa. "... Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, on behalf of Captain ... We will be landing as scheduled at four mins past eleven ..." which meant the plane was going to descend for landing. On 4A, usually I would not expect anything popping up, until the plane has landed and taxiing close enough to the terminal. Putrajaya would be on the other side. As well as KLCC. The south-ward of KLIA was nothing except oil palm.

It was rather cloudy below and the plane 'coughed' a bit on hitting to get below the clouds. Then, Ooop! What? The beach? the sea? Ouh! It's the Strait of Melaka. The plane had gone over KLIA. Unusual. The sweep took many minutes. Eventually, "... cabin crew be seated for landing ...", and the plane landed as scheduled from the beach direction. Unusual. I thought it was going to A1 or A2, the closest. But, no, the plane kept on taxiing. Finally it stopped. B3. Unclucking sound of unseat-belting sputtered. With a sudden convergence of all the men with songkok in C cabin. And, Uh! a few more suddenly appeared like from nowhere. And one of them was a VVIP. Where were they seated?

Now I understand. But, unexpectedly all the passengers had enjoyed a free aerial beach-to-beach tour of the peninsular. A 'blessing' from the presence of a VVIP entourage on board. Many of them actually did not realise.

WIRA Home Return and A Slight Turn

Dated 2010 May 23 Sun

Only one stop in Gambang, cruising 100-140, clocking the trip for five and half hr only.

Home at last, safe and sound.

The Sat afternoon May 15 drive to Trg was in WIRA, which was intended to follow my return to Trg, and was to stay there. That was after it was refurbished with a Mit Mirage 4G91 from a half-cut, since Apr 5 Mon and ready by Apr 16 Fri. A different one from its original 4G15. Which has made the JPJ endorsement massed up by Puspakom, and by the insurance. Some lighting needed some touchup though.

The grad-to-be 8th Sem students organised a gala in Green Acres, Kuala Ibai, 2010 May 16 Sun, to honour the lecturers, especially, in conjunction with the Teachers Day, the founding dean. It was a superb tribute by the leaving pioneer students. They carved a tradition for others to follow and innovate.

I locked up the middle two days to furnish a faculty info doc for TNCPnI to take to Cuba sometimes later this month May, which fortunately was deferred to Jun which gave me a sufficient time to polish.

The grad-to-be last day with the dean in the Kota campus was May 20 Thu when they all submitted their examined theses mss, which prompted a return dinner to them in Warisan, Losong in the afternoon.

After which a drive for the home weekend was with a 'homework' to accomplish which consumed all the Fri, which necessitated a return to Trg May 22 Sat by the earliest possible flight, during which my IXUS 85 IS did not snap even once, just like it was on May 3 Mon for being in the Y class TGG-KUL trip imposed for the first time since the badget tighting was imposed since Apr. An imprompto event was in the afternoon, through to the sun-set.

It was in Ri-yaz, with the Board Chairman and the top management. In which the Deans (except FBK, FRIT, FUHA) plus Reg and the NC Special Staff, were given certain tasks to present for the discourse of the rest of the divisions top. During which it was made known that Universiti Darul Iman (UDM) was renamed Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), effective from 2009 May 14 Fri, the day after I was examining the last four of the 8th Sem students the pioneer of FPB, to be graduated in Jul second Degree Conferement. Which meant their degree would be conferred with by the University with the new name. BAgricBiotech (UniSZA).

But the day was more of an approach to a new border as my tenure in UnisZa is going to three years in Aug, while the letter would expire in 2011 Feb mid. The perception has been augmented during the presentation which was very well "reasonable" to both sections of the floors. And especially very much to the latter.

The Perpetual Wheel

Dated 2010 May 28 Fri

May 24 Mon, I chaired the faculty examination board meeting, in which the Sem 8 students results were officially elaborated, by which the first batch, the pioneer of Agri-Biotech would have their degree conferred, most probably in Jul. Their exact number, not less than twenty out of twenty five would be known when Senate sit at the end of May.

A distant bleep about a honking honker.

Too fast

I remembered a cycle depicted in a cartoon in which a giant hauler was trumpeting to a slower pickup in front of it. In the next street, the pickup honked to a car. And the car, in a narrower street, honked to a motorcyclist. Who was on his way to a thuck shop, from which a strong-looking man was seen coming out. But he crossed the motorcycle path at a close range which make the motorcyclist beeped strongly at him. The man had no choice but hastily jumped to his safety and was getting very antagonised. While still staring at the motorcyclist he was seen climbing into the driver seat of a giant hauler parked rather a distance away from the thuck shop. In busy streets, honking and getting honked are the perpetual force in action. The honker get honked. And the honked honks. The honker and the honked were actually all men (human), but in a different front. Every one get honked, and honks at different time.

The advert says

The provider gives
So so that almost every server gave the same respond

And the answer, may be. Try again?
Try again? Yes, Sir! The connection simply died.

In three years in pre-UniSZA, I remembered knowing someone was honked out of her office, late 2007. Then we were honked down to the glass room, middle 2008. Not long after that they were honked out, late 2009 for us to re-occupy. Now in turn we are about to be honked out again, 2010 late May, to KUSZA campus, by a different honker. Sooner or later they will get their turn to be honked out when they overstay because so far they had not been honked yet. Honking all this while.

To give way to the honker, I need to honk. For which I chaired a strategic meeting, May 26 Wed afternoon, to draw a plan for the exit, with a minimum stress, especially on the laboratory classes since it is an insane move to move the equipments to a place not to their permanent place. And the most plausible strategy was to move a department. And the least lab-dependent was the Science of Agriculture. Including one of my Deputy who happened to be in Agri as well. Plus all the lectures to cross over, and a few dry labs.

My request for one of the Guest House in KUSZA to be made the Fac office, to secure once and for all the docs etc before the eventual move to Tembila, was unfavourable by the management.

The night before which I dropped by, May 25 Tue, for my monthly input. Something everyone would keep on narrating, as I approached the counter. All three of them, two girl receptionists, and a lady, a distance away, warmly welcomed, only the lady I remembered very familiar. However, to my astonishment, they all greeted my visit with my visiting card number on their lips, which is the last four digits of my ic, and my wife's name, and more, the med I am on at the moment. And for the first time, I received my med before I even completed filling the panel forms. I wished they were all my staff in the faculty.

Incidentally the clinic was that of a group of GP headed by one that I fortunately met on my med checkup when I first landed here, 2007 Aug 7 Tue. Who is an uncle of a fellow academician in UKM.

May 27 Wed night, after the Fac Management meeting, I took off to KL on MH1339Y TGG 2110 21A KUL 2205 A9, taking up the offer by Dato' VC to represent him in the opening ceremony the Convention of Food Supply Assurance 2010 in PWTC, May 27 Thu in Dewan Tun Dr Ismail of PWTC. Strictly the opening, although I could join to the evening. I need a solid rock time for the Senate May 30 Sun in which Fac pioneer graduate-to-be were in their final 'ordeal'.

And extended to the weekend. But awaken by a private call by the register to assist him urgently to assist the VC-Chairman team in an audience with the Royal Chancellor in a few days time with regard to the Jul Degree Conferement.

A Tribute to My Fellow Senators

Dated 2010 May 30 Sun

It began with an evening flight back, 2010 05 29 06, MH1338C, KUL B09 1945 4F TGG 2040. Incidentally together with Prof Dzolkifli et al of UPM, who were on UniSZA ticket for Agribusiness Management curriculum design in KOTA, for two days. And also UMT's VC et al. Thus a two hr stroll in the Lounge was not a waiting.Home in no time by a taxi.

May 30 Sun was the 23rd sitting. The first needed to be dug out to note. My entry was the 10th, 2009 Feb 1 Sun, which I missed. But not the following, the 11th, 2009 Feb 25 Wed. In which I was officially welcomed. To this date.

On the Stage, L-R: DVC-Academic, V-Chancellor, DVC-Research.
On the floor, L-R: Law (FUHA), Informatics (FIT), Business (FPPP), Students (HEPA), Acad-Management (BPA), Registrar (REG), Contemporary (FKI), Medic (FPSK), AgroBiotech (FPB), Food (FTM), Lingo (FBK), Design (FRIT).

It was rather unschedule, May 30 Sun, first thing in the morning 8.30 am, with four hundred plus pages to read, through to lunch. Usually Wed 10 am to catch the afternoon meal. The sitting today was vital for FPB. Twenty five pioneer batch was in their final 'ordeal' for degree conferement.

The first twenty was a black and white. So did the last two who need another semester because of insufficiency in the faculty courses. The middle three hitched by lacking one credit of ko-ku. It was taken by the BPA to this senate to have the one credit exampted taking into account the premordial situation in 2006 when they began their programme. Perhaps it was briefed before and thus it went through. With the Chairman on the favourable side, he even looked at a 3.74 for a promotion to 3.75, to add one more to make three First Class.

Of which I have to call the examination board for a special meeting, to be Jun 2 Wed, to write a paper to be circulated. With that, it was a hoorey! for FPB. Pioneered from zero to craddle to cryon to bloom by Prof Manaf. And I took it to rip.

I took the hot, quiet afternoon, the liberty to 'indulge' the pleasure of feeling done, so far. In Jul there would be twenty three Bachelors of Agricultural Biotechnology, BAgricBiotech, of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), in the market.

In the meantime, a bleep since yesterday, to rise from the grave, which I carried with me, things I pursued as long ago as in 1976, on returning from England. Started from here, through here, here, here, here, and here for some of them. Alone and solo. In fact, today, I still have some fund to spend on it.

Pleasurising On the Break

Dated 2010 Jun 6 Sun

The weekdays after the "historic" sitting #23/2010 (for FPB, just like the #20/2010 in Feb) were unstressively lulls. With only finishing touch post-sitting to accomplish. But others that in lines were those to begin for the Jul new 2010/2011 session. Some, like the part-timers, and the new recruitment were very ghostly. Day and night time.

It was a blessing after all if the whole building were actually for the FPB.

Jun 1 Tue was one of the infrequent "free day". I used it to complete the 2.2 MRM re-proposal matter to be re-tabled to UPEN to re-enlighten the Feb 2 Tue ignora bismus, already arranged by En Wan Musa for Jun 29 Tue. Hoping the new UPEN officers would get a similar first hand updates, just like their predecessors who were rather skeptical when they heard that MB had simply approved the amount just for the "ubi" when we tabled it in the DUN 2009 Apr 8 Wed, but felt satisfied when re-briefed forty days later 2009 May 18 Mon. It's to good if the amount is actually not an academic figure.

Nonetheless the weekdays ended with a sitting Jun 3 Thu in Kusza campus, with another break of different kind. That the faculty was breaking from KOTA, and moving to KUSZA (minus Dept of Biotechnology) to pave the way for the newly "adorable" Medic. Also minus FTM which occupy only a little space in KOTA. The labs and the assistants would stay. And Science Officers too. About which later in the afternoon I briefed the faculty runners. An inversion of what I was contemplating that only the Agriculture Science that move.

Fri and Sat were another infrequent week end stay in Trg, and second time Fri in KUSZA Mosque. Incidentally, as the school break commenced, the kiddies were joining, Sat, to have their 2-weeks break in Trg too. It was more for the latter. Including the wedding ritual in Bukit Mentok, Kemaman, Fri night.

The last look on 2010 Jun 4 Fri, was ca 4 pm.In Bkt Mentok, Kemaman, 11.30 pm.3 am Sat, three nako glass panes went missing from the sun-rise side of the house.

It may or may have not been a breaking, but for sure when I reached home that sat wee hr night, my home was BROKEN-IN. It was burglared, through the sun-rise nako (three pcs of glass pane were removed, one on the ground, through which HE climbed up, and two more on the floor inside the room, through which HE carried the "harvest", luckily not broken), a break of the door lock of the room, and eventually into my room. A few things were missing, for sure had been taken off. I was just curious to tie with the last sat night May 29 gathering of ca 15 boys in front of the lawn with their bikes, if none of them had any thing to do with the neighbouring tenant.

Gone were the lambda lugage bag from 2003, and all the contents. Mostly new dresses and personal accessories. Including this one from 2006 piece of Kenyir expedition. And 2 by 28 days med, hopefully not to be mistaken. The contents would most probably be of some income to the "fit" or "fits", especially the new dresses. But it would be quite an effort to dispose the bag. What a short λ-value! And the present from Dr Wan A'aida on her last day 2009 Nov 12 Thu. And my 'cabutan bertuah' from the Biotech Pioneer Students during their "A Walk To Remember" 2010 May 16 Sun, which I did not know yet what was it. I am so sorry, gals and guys. It was my carelessness!

Through to Jun 5 Sat, the first day of School break to Jun 21; on which night, the whole kiddos arrived from KL to spend in Trg, till late Sun afternoon. Jun 6 Sun, which was a holiday in Trg making up for the day before, Jun 5 Sat, which was the national Agong's B-Day (always on Sat the first Jun).

Forty Years Ago, And Ticking

Dated 2010 Jun 13 Sun

2010 Jun 6 Sun 23 JAkhir 1431. Multi-breakfast in an old stall, unperturbed by "development", near Manir. Almost unlimited choice. Nasi lemak bilis, nasi lemak ikan aya, nasi dagang, nasi kerabu, khasidah, mi goreng, mi hoon, and multitude of hot drinks, and many more on the display without a proper name. Missing was my favourite, pulut ssambal. Incidentally, at the nearby table, someone was closely watching us enjoying the cuisine. Who eventually took everything that was on the table on him.

The four weekdays 7-10 Mon-Thu were relatively quiet, even in the faculty which was enveloped by the atmosphere of moving from KOTA to KUSZA. Two meetings to attend, both in KUSZA, Mon chaired by the JPP Director about the furnishing the new FPB site in KUSZA, and Wed chaired by NC about the whole quality, especially exam, of UniSZA based on the audit, who themselves needed to be audited. And two that I chaired, both in KOTA. One on Tue on the J Agrobiotech next vol, and another on Thu morning about the fac management.

The skipped weekend in Bangi last week was made up on 11 Fri, while driving home kiddos after a week in Trg. After an early quick Akikah at Ani's place in Pusu Tiga, off Gong Badak.

So I missed to attend Prof Amin's walimah in Dewan Seri Endon, Putrajaya (10 Thu night). But managed that of Dr Maimunah (12 Sat) in Bkt Chantik, Kajang. And a pop-in in KMS to see how CB was doing.

Jun 13 Sun, I was behind the wheel of 4747 in the late afternoon. Eastward, alone. Forty years ago in 1970 Jun 13, was Sat. It was Sports Day in SAS, Cheras Road, Kuala Lumpur. The day on which my duty was to recieve the guests after leading the march pass. Among the very memorable anecdotes, was re-meeting my teacher CheGu Hussein, who was an invited guest in the school event. A caring teacher and hostel warden who kept me in one piece in 1965 in Terengganu with all his prayer. I kept on tracking him after that. More intensely with the advent of internet in post-1990. Until eventually I visited him at his home, thirty seven years later, 2007 Feb 4 Sun in Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya. Who still had not forgotten to see me keeping to look forward, "Mat, you can do it ..." even though I told him that I was retiring in Apr two months time. Inasmuch he had not known that in Aug that year I was moving to UDM, Terengganu. And made it, as in his his prayer, in Feb 2009. As my other caring teacher CheGu Ghazali, who then was just two weeks left as the Head Master of SAS, used to say, "... once a teacher, a teacher for life ..."

Of course in 1970, Jun 13 meant several more things. And obviously one was the most.

A Sense of Jovial, Concedingly

Dated 2010 Jun 17 Thu

Initial circulation. Some needed touch up, especially with the Jawi spelling of Universiti. Should be Alif Wau Nun Ya, not Ya Wau Nun Ya. 'Ain in the 'Abidin is also said to be of incorrect mode.

At last, it is Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, UniSZA, (Terengganu? Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu?), effective from 2010 May 14 Fri. For four years previously it was known as Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDM). The four premordial years, during which evolution took place metamorphically. It was made known to all the Uni-zen, in a Registrar circular 6/2010 dated 2010 Jun 10, carrying the signature of NC. And a mechanical deliberation was made in a sitting 2010 Jun 14 Mon, among some of the "elders", plus some non-bearing. Chaired by NC himself. In the Conference Hall. The place its predecessor frequently aired its majestic calls. The venue was changed from Meeting Room 1 at eleventh hr to take into account the majestic spirit. Apparently more than what were before the eyes had taken place, in the background, or in the dark.

UDM, at its incipient, was bended from the beginning to include KUSZA, because it was detoured from the reason its original was founded in early 1970's. The bend was to make the straight invisible, especially to most of its 'bona fide' bearers. Some of them actually took place during its prime time of the 1980's and 1990's. That had slowly self-annihilated, to the accomplishment at the incipient of UDM in 2006. The change was like "the Cedar House Rule".

KUSZA was very much Terengganu, even during its initial blossom and after that. It was meant so, in and out. UDM was made more, by additional factors. And had become exclusive in UniSZA. Unfortunately, that was all about it, but not beyond it.

The weekdays were thus in complecency mood. Many seemed to keep something hoping for themselves. But some were bracing for things to come. When Jul starts, a new wave of students are lined to register. AgricBiotech will begin its new cycle. While AnimSci, its third batch. And Jul end would be the second degree conferement. FPB has its first batch to be conferred.

Reason to Live and Reason to Leave

Dated 2010 Jun 24 Thu

The title I thought of after the 2010 Jun 14 Mon briefing by the NC on the University new name Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), targeting to what were written on the wall. Wondering if I were in the entanglement. Especially considering factors of my yearly contractual nature of service, and unprecendented badget deswelling for 2010, which was highly likely for some years after that. Which was worsened by the change of the University name, plus the "valedictorianism" of the medical fac.

Azizah suddenly passed away, peacefully 2010 Jun 20 Sun 7 Rejab 1431H 2210 hr, in Sg Merab, Selangor. No indication. No warning. No word left. She took every one, virtually every one, close and distant, near and far, by surprise. I took her to the home where she grew up, and where my mother took her for me in Terengganu, in 1976, when she was twenty one. And R.I.P. 2010 Jun 21 Mon 8 Rejab 1431H ca 1500 hr in the presence of every one she had loved.

2010 Jun 24 Thu, I took the children back to home in Sg Merab, trying to pick up from where she suddenly left.

The Race of a Confused Race

Dated 2010 Jul 26 Mon

The title I have had for a very long time already. Especially on the post-retirement in UKM 2007 Apr, and after ca three years of re-employment in Trg from 2007 Aug. But I needed a laser-sharp focus, and a world research-class gears to accomplish it. Unfortunately both are not near enough to grab at the moment.

Looking Through the Eyes That were Looking Through

Dated 2010 Aug 11 Wed 1 Ramadan 1431H

With that, as I always observed, we meet the people we have met before, and we go to places where we have been there before.

Things would thus diffuse, or get confused, or even stop momentarily to standstill at knowing exactly that the people we have met for so long before, would never be met again, forever.

Ramadan 1431H clocked in 2010 Aug 11 Wed. The fourth since returning to Trg 2007 Aug. A Ramadan with a difference from the previous three, even prior to the previous three. Very enropically different from all the Ramadan since I was a little timid boy.

Fifty days of pre-Ramadan were so dilated, relativistically longer than the whole three years of the post-home-coming. The wandering was more and more into the wilderness. The first time Ramadan with Azizah was 1977 Aug 16 Tue, in No 7, SS22/15 Damansara Utama, PJ. Only two of us.

Solution Impossible

Dated 2010 Sep 10 Fri 1 Shawal 1431H

To have a HOPE, 8 of 12 similar horizontal lines, and 13 of 16 similar vertical lines have to be permutated precisely. One derails, the HOPE is defective. Fortunately, all the lines are identical, indistinguishable. The difference is only in orientation (vertical, horizontal) and position (spatial arrangement). What if each is of an individual line with all sort of distinguisable properties? The HOPE will become very vague indeed.

To have the three planes to intersect, at least at a point, for a solution, require a uniqueness of an ordained fate.

All imaginations are probable. Semantical permutation of anecdotes. Some are just possible when they are superimposable on the reality frame. But largely, in reality, they are mere impossibilities.

Shawal 1431H clocked-in, 2010 Sep 10 Fri. The fourth Shawal since home-coming to Trg 2007 Aug 7 Tue. The first: 2007 Oct 13 Sat 1 Shawal 1428H. The second: 2008 Oct 01 Wed 01 Shawal 1429H. The third: 2009 Sep 20 Sun 1 Shawal 1430H. And now the fourth: 2010 Sep 10 Fri 1 Shawal 1431H.

And the fourth was the FIRST time Shawal WITHOUT Azizah. School and Univ had their Shawal break from as early as Sep 3 Fri. For up to nearly three weeks, Univ to Sep 19 Sun, and the schools to Sep 23 Thu which took into account the UPSR Sep 20-23, for Yr 1-4.

I returned to Sg Merab Sep 1 Wed 22 Ramadan, in TNC PnI Perdana right to the doorstep at mid-night. Plus two days leave, I took #578 to Trg Sep 6 Mon 27 Ramadan to commence the shawal break in Trg, as we always do with Azizah. For the first time shawal without their mother, and for the first time since sending their mother for RIP Jun 21 Mon. The rest of the children et al, were on Tue-Wed-Thu, end of the Ramadan. All of us thus spent the shawal break with their grandma in PD. Been without her for the past EIGHTY long days.

The first time Shawal WITH Azizah was 1977 Sep 15 Thu 1 shawal 1397, in Trg vicinity of our homes - In my home in PA the Shawal night, from the eve iftar. Through to solat Idul Fitri pagi Shawal di Masjid Kalang Arang. Only after that we went to PD to Azizah's place.

Since 1977 Sep (1397H) we never missed spending shawal together. At home, or away, or even far way in England. Until the last, last year 2009 Sep (1430H).

Notes from 1977:

[... We returned home to Trg from Damansara 1977 Sep 10 Sat 21 Ramadan 1397. A night in Kuala Sentul, Maran, at AbangMat place. Arrived in my place the next day and unpacked there for the night.

And for the FIRST TIME Azizah spent Shawal not with her family. Which was a rather bitter for her in the beginning. And for the first time her family felt they were loosing Azizah, their eldest child. But more than that she had just concieved. Perhaps since Jul or Aug.

1977 Sep 18 Sun 4 Shawal 1397, the wedding of my sister Mek Maziah to Yusoh. A nephew of MokSuChik balik Hulu, the place a few hundred meters to the sun-set of my house, where I spent a considerable time to play with the local kids there. I normally receded when they all went to the river. I was not quite familar with the river bank. I preferred Pengkalan Arang, or Pengkalan Luas.

It was a very hectic, and fun year that unbothered by our anniversary, I did not realise or very ignorant to realise that Azizah concieved in August. On September 21 Wed 7 Shawal, on the way back to KL on top of Bukit Tinggi while descending the narrow winding road, the car was skidding toward the deep ravine, stopped only by the road bunker on time before a full loaded timber lorry arrive from the opposite direction. Azizah was traumatically shocked by the near-accident. On the very early morning of September 27 Tue 13 Shawal she complaint of a very unbearable pain in the tummy. I took her to the University Hospital in the wee hours, to be diagnosed by an on-call doctor as worm-infestation and treated out patient. But, three hours later, at home she had another strong pain, and she was in the pool of blood; she was admitted, she had a miscarriage. She was discharged Sep 30 Fri 16 Shawal. The day Ali won on point against Earnie Shavers in New York (Sep 29).] ...

Shawal 1431H, 2010 Sep 10 Fri, in Terengganu, was a Shawal with a difference. Irreversible difference that marked a point of turning in every body's path into their own destiny. I was included as much as Asrizalni. Azizah had just concluded.

More could come unexpectedly in next year Shawal, in the calender, 2011 Aug 31 Wed 1 Shawal 1432. Just like we were during Shawal 1430 last year 2009, unexpecting this year 1431 Shawal, 2010. Note on the expected coincidence of Merdeka Day and Shawal in 2011.

The Journey

Dated 2010 Sep 21 Tue 12 Shawal 1431H

in the past ninety days, on the interfacial ground between a deep blue sea and a forest of thorny trees, ...

Growing Up in One Hundred Days

Dated 2010 Sep 30 Thu 21 Shawal 1431H





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