Sekelip Mata

2015G Diary

A Sunny Start

Dated 2015G JAN 1 Thu 10 R-Awal 1436H

New year 2015, Thu. It was a sunny start, since yesterday last day of 2014. The previous days, it was rainy, and cloudy. I was in Sg Merab, with Alya and Asri, 3-beranak, just returned from Terengganu, arriving in the wee hr of Mon. CB was in Tembila, in the middle of his 5-th Sem final exam. SB was in INTEC Shah Alam, on study leave for his A-Level exam from mid-Jan.

The HOME and the HOUSE were getting quieter by the day. The entropy had tolled without undue. The merry had begun to cease, the laughters had stopped. The home that we built had started its reverse. Uncheeringly deswelling. History is starting.

Nonetheless, being in the history cycle, buddings had grown somewhere else. As always, story-wise, both in different coordinates. One in Tok Jembal, and the other in W-Tengah. And naturally, each may not grow into a full bloom home.

(The img about the devastating flood in Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan had ceased to appear in FB. Many were less interested on the damaged than no the damaging. And the posting in FB about the flood, and the rescue, and the recovery operations have also become sporadic, unlike when it was at the peak. Perhaps the 'milage collectors' had gathered enough points.)

The house when it was a home.

The house when it was a hope.

An Ordinary Flower

Dated 2015G Jan 2 Fri 11 R-Awal 1436H

So it's special in its own way. The tree was planted at the same as the house was built in ca 1987, together with other trees, including coconut trees. Somehow this tree grew very fast, and became the largest in the backyard. And gave the fruits the fastest. Almost never stop.

With that the flowers decorated the backyard from time to time. And gave a shadow we could have a picnic under it. It served quite a considerable function in 2004 when we had our first walimah. A double wedding.

Over the years, the tree was attacked helplessly by white ants. The leaves fall off, leaving just the drying and dying woods. In 2008, we razed it off. It was in conjunction with our second walimah.

The space is now taken up by the rambutan, adding to its free volume it needed for the low branches. The tree which never failed to nourish us from time to time.

An Unexpected Visitor

Dated 2015G Jan 3 Sat 12 R-Awal 1436H

The img was from the archive, meta-info-ed 2009. The bird was discovered under the bed in the morning in room-A3, our bedroom since moving to Sg Merab until 1997 when we moved down to room-B1.

It was not sure how long the bird had stayed there. We didn't ask it to go. But it disappeared the next day it was discovered.

We were wondering how did it get into the house without a hole big enough for it to wiggle.

Once Upon An IT-Mania

Dated 2015G Jan 4 Sun 13 R-Awal 1436H

It wasn't the users, but the sellers, which happened to be a monopolisable capital adventurers. The img was similarly from the archive, dated perhaps 2004 when the laptop began its move as personal computer.

Currently, if the house is wired, a tablet is more versatile than a laptop. A desktop is too clumsy for the kitchen.

A Plant Called JERING

Dated 2015G Jan 5 Mon 14 R-Awal 1436H

Is a traditional wild plant, in ordinary country-side. It is called JENGKOL in neighbouring Indonesia, where much of the early chemical investigations were carried out because from the beginning the seed of the fruit was noted as poisonous, yet it had been a delicasy to most in both countries.

The poisonous substance is attributed to a chemical consequently named jengkolic acid. Had it been earlier researched in this country it would probably named JERINGIC ACID. The structure has an IUPAC name (2R)-2-Amino-3-[[(2R)-2-amino-3-hydroxy-3-oxopropyl] sulfanylmethylsulfanyl]propanoic acid. It's an amino acid. Fortunately it's soluble in water, and could easily be removed by boiling. The poisonous effect is deliberated especially in a large concentration when it precipitates after ingestion.

No indication is found in the literature as having any medicinal effect. However, there is a belief in some ethnics that eating the fruit would prevent diabetic.

In the meantime, the fruit is well attracted by the locals as a delicasy, either in appetising when taken raw, or turn into various dishes, in part, combined, or wholy by itself. Local condiments would make the fruits a dish of characteristic taste.

One Potato, Two Potatoes

Dated 2015G Jan 6 Tue 15 R-Awal 1436H

Potato originated from Andean lowland of Chile, and had been thousands of years undorgoing domestication. Currently, said to be in thousands of varieties, it's a world wide food stuff including in the countries used to be cereal-based in the tropic.

Of late, GM potato is frequently put in the media limelight. Genetic research has produced several varieties with the genetic modified. E.g. Monsanto 'New Leaf', incorporated genes from Bacillus thuringiensis, which confers resistance to the Colorado potato beetle; 'New Leaf Plus' and 'New Leaf Y', approved by US regulatory agencies during the 1990s, also include resistance to viruses.

But many fast-food giants announced they would not use GM potatoes, and Monsanto published its intent to discontinue the line in March 2001. EU is very cautious in letting the GM potato be used for consumption.

Nokia in Exam

Dated 2015G Jan 7 Wed 16 R-Awal 1436H

The img were from the 2007 archive, captured as among my last frolics in UKM just before retirement.

The take was about the examination and the new gears that the regulation has to take into the equation. And very seriously, the failure of which makes the candidate virtually in open commn with the outsiders, and the helpers were not excluded.

Curculigo Latifolia - Kelapa Lemba - Nyior Puyuh

Dated 2015G Jan 8 Thu 17 R-Awal 1436H

The img was real-time, but the specimen was a derivative of a long line. The original plant was brought from Terengganu by Mokhtar MekAbang perhaps in 1990's when he had a pick-up and came to Kuala Lumpur quite often. The reason for it to be taken to here was for the herbal value.

The plant was grown under dokong tree which itself was a derivative grown from a seed nursed by PokJid while he was building this house starting in 1987.

The plant had grown as a wild, and maintained its breeding, but in the vicinity near the trunk of the dokong. It disappeared, but reappeared. Some time in numbers. We never harvest and utilised the fruits, but noticed its small glaring yellow flower.

It Simply Devolved

Dated 2015G Jan 9 Fri 18 R-Awal 1436H

Provoking to try to get away from the non-content of normally about food and zero-humour. Started with this boat-building skill that was quite a tradition among the fore-fathers.

As seen, it was an inert provocation. It didn't react any body. Not even the people of the vicinity.

Through 44 Years

Dated 2015G Jan 10 Sat 19 R-Awal 1436H

Another provoke. This time the iron-work skills that was an established tradition among our fore-fathers, especially in making the non-projectile weapons. And as yesterday, it had virtually bothered no body.

In the afternoon I decided after all to join the ASAS 6770 Reunion II in UKM Puri Pujangga, after being reminded many times by the batch-mates.

After which I dropped-by for the Walimah of Muhamat Omar. Apparently he is an ASAS7073 who were F4 when I was the HB. They had not forgotten me over the years, gathered around in no time and had a few snaps. I knew a few of them in a way or another through the years.

One of them is Shahdan. In 1973 he succeeded to become the HB of SAS, the 11-th. He's graduated a medical doctor, and currently in private practice in two well-known medical centres in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from in 1970, I met him only once, perhaps in late 1990's. Then this one.

A Very Blue Sky

Dated 2015G Jan 11 Sun 20 R-Awal 1436H

The img was of yesterday, Sat, it was just a hope that today repeats itself. If it does, the drive to TGG would be nice and cool.

For the first time riding Dr Abdullah Sipat to TGG. To and fro. It was a cool afternoon in KUL when we set-off. A slight congestion in MRR2 due to a funny incident of an SUV jumping into the drain at Ulu Klang stretch.

Both LPT-s were opened as usual. Every where were signs of the recent great floods. Some skirmish rain in the east coast.

Nonetheless it was at the expense of leaving Asri's first day F3 on Mon the next day to Alya after making sure that he was completely furnished. The school first day 2015 was extended a week due to the great-flood in Kelantan.

A Funny Thing Happened On MRR2

Dated 2015G Jan 12 Mon 21 R-Awal 1436H

The img was of yesterday during the DRVTGG at Ulu Klang Ampang stretch. It was the source of congestion, east-wards had reached Pandan Indah. And west-wards just started.

They Don't Forget to Remember

Dated 2015G Jan 13 Tue 22 R-Awal 1436H

The img was of last Jan 10 Sat, after the ASAS 6770. It was incidentally a partial ASAS 7073, gathering themselves in Jln-6, in the walimah of Mohamat Omar.

I was in F6U in 1970 when they checked-in the school, and I welcomed them to the school in the school hall on behalf of the HM, then CheGu Ghazali, especially the 4A class. Perhaps they never forget this.

And especially Tarmizi, known also to Zawiah, on my insistence, in early 1970 when he was in F4, and I had him close to me, but was then as far away as Zawiah was at the end of the year. Tarmizi worked in MPOB Bangi, and stays in Bangi too. Already retired, and he said he's in a team of consultancy.

And one Dr Shahdan who said he was glad that I still could remember his name, of course I acquainted very well the SAS HB of 1969 - Jalil, 1970 (me), and especially my junior successors, 1971 - Raja Daniel, 1972 - Muhamad Awang Lah, and 1973 - himself. He's retired from HUKM, and on private practice in Prince Court off-Jln-Pekeliling, and well as in Klinik Kg Baru. And finally Hasnah Sirat (Prof) and hubby joined. They were apparently batch mates, but the girls were in Kolam Air, while the boys were in Alam Shah, and especially in UKM time. Hasnah has also retired from UTM.

What Has Four Wheels and Flies?

Dated 2015G Jan 14 Wed 23 R-Awal 1436H

Safe and sound in TGG. The img was from a recent archive. Let them speak by themselves.

From Alma Mater - Salford

Dated 2015G Jan 15 Thu 24 R-Awal 1436H

On a DRVKUL from mid-day, as was liaised by Dr Abdullah Sipat early this morning. This was to leave as a trace of unsure of my whereabout before the drive.

Nonetheless it's amazing how a first world University kept the records of their alumni. Perhaps they have the record of the first student registered, and the first student graduated from it, irrespective of the era of record keeping at the contemporary time. They kept themselves updated with it. And they realised that as the world evolved, record keeping is made easier.

It Wasn't Funny

Dated 2015G Jan 16 Fri 25 R-Awal 1436H

The img were of yesterday at Ulu Klang Ampang stretch where on last Sun it was the congestion epicentre because of the jumping SUV.

And yesterday this stretch was very clear. It was in the middle of two inter-changes where the congstions normally flashes. The Ampang, and the Pandan Indah. It wasn't at the former, but yes it was at the latter, but not that bad. In fact the Tasik Selatan was worst, especially on the opposite side. It was an accident.

The ride TGG-KUL took 7 hr ca, among the longest, with three stops. Pasir Gajah in the hinterland of Kijal, Gambang, and Karak toll. The weather was dry in Terengganu, and fairly dry in Kuala Lumpur. It was one of a rare uncongested arrival at the hr of the day.

It is Even Different

Dated 2015G Jan 17 Sat 26 R-Awal 1436H

Save and sound in Sg Merab. The img was composed from thousands of the captured archive. The phenomenon is an example of entropy in nature. A traffic jam is just like a complex highly developed living system in which each cell is connected to each other in a highly organised structure.

Gathered Together

Dated 2015G Jan 18 Sun 27 R-Awal 1436H

The occasion became rarer and rarer since the last four years. And predictably it's going to be rarer as the time spins. It's getting too many variables in the equation to get a single time solution. This one was yesterday afternoon in Everly off Alamanda - 150117, every one of 22 was in, plus invisibly two more upcoming.

It amused me a lot at the start when suddenly a small pcs of starter was suddenly delivered from my back onto the big plate. Like a rain drop falling from the sky.

Twist to Open

Dated 2015G Jan 19 Mon 28 R-Awal 1436H

The img was composed from three elements, the ants, the lid, and the jam in the bottle, d/l-ed from the air.

It's a joke I copied in 1982 from BBC1 when we were in England, Sat morning, a programme for children, before we go out for kitchen sundries in the malls or superstore in Salford or Manchester and to get some atmospheric fresh air, away from the 'prison'-house.

Twist-dancing is of the 60-70's to early 80's era. Unknowing this phenomenon would not be able to appreciate this joke. And during those days too, the jam bottle was openable by twisting the lid, easily be done using a coin. Unlike nowadays, the lid is turned to open. Dic-dot-com doesn't point the word TWIST to the specific dancing mode, unlike cha-cha, mambo, waltz, tango, etc.

A Cheaper Way Out

Dated 2015G Jan 20 Tue 29 R-Awal 1436H

The img were from last Sun visit to IOICity. It was opened last year Nov 21, on the same day as the mega-Medin in Tiang Kulat of Gong Badak.

Currently the place is very spaceous, both the car park as well the strolling area. Noticeably there are plenty of eateries, all are modern in style, and in menu, but, apart from the western-propriety, are very oriental in nature. Traditional m-yu&m-mak dishes are out of sight. Perhaps the presentation of the dishes are not compatible with the place. They left a lot of debris after consumption. Surely with a touch of modification, with the help of modern tech, they would be welcomed.

A rather large store for house equipment needs, from the bedroom to the garden, but on close look, we ended up in buying just a power-blower, other things that we needed were not there. And we didn't even bother to visit the super-store either. It would not be different from other stores close to our place.

Strolling in Time Warp

Dated 2015G Jan 21 Wed 30 R-Awal 1436H

Nothing in my mind actually. The img was composed from recent archive. But, perhaps looking at the different img, takes away the mind, floating into timeless virtuality.

Many said, and often said that the mind is age-less. But the strength, and penetrating power has a relative age. Baby-age, child-age, mature-age, intelligent-age, genius-age, or even insane-age. This was accompanied by my sorting Azizah's glass-wares in the kitchen, like we were in the packing mode to leave England for good in 1983 Jan through Mar.

Changing the routine of posting, deferred to the evening, in this case forwarded to. For a start selected the img of ikan darat stall in pasar-malam on Tue evening in Jln-6 Shell.

Ikat darat, both from the river and marsh were my toys when I was a child and growing up, as was to my contemporaries. My mother cooked very delicious dishes of ikan darat, as good as ikan laut, but she herself didn't like it, as much as she didn't the ikan yu.

Fishing, by whatever means, was part and parcel of growing kids in my time, in the river to those who live by the river, and in the marsh to those who did not. And of course at the beach to those who live by the beach. And they were more skilful since the beach is more challenging then the more peaceful river, or the marsh.

Fish farming was unknown then. The closet was for the shrimp-ranching (tahan temerang) at the water margin of the river. But those days, natural resources were abundant. And the people were not as greedy as today.

Accompanying Feline

Dated 2015G Jan 22 Thu 1 R-AKHIR 1436H

There had always been cats accompany-ing us. They were not our pets, and they understood that, but they are free to move around in their loci, and we always share our foods.

They made their own dens any where except in the house, as they wished. And we took a note of that whenever we found one. Apart from seeing them having their meals, after our meals, we never interact with each other. And it seemed that they had their own business to attend to, and interacting with us was not in their list.

The Little Eggs

Dated 2015G Jan 23 Fri 2 R-Akhir 1436H

A trader used to say: the eggs are small, but the money in them are big. It's true indeed.

And the rearers sell eggs, doesn't matter how many. There are always takers. The egg is a staple food for every body, human, or non-human. Eggs are consumed in billions daily.

An Expensive Commitment

Dated 2015G Jan 24 Sat 3 R-Akhir 1436H

This is an accompaniment to the Jan 4 update. It was, and is getting expensive. The drain is getting bigger when the net reached homes, and the cellular.

We started using apple from 2005, and switched to all-apple in 2009 when I could no longer bear with the virus update in window. And from there every time we needed a new hardware replacement, we go for apple, including the cellular. But apple has many flaws to my needs.The laptop finder is too 'window-ed' that the file management is rather clumsy. For convenience, two separate windows are needed at the same time.

And the cellular is very slippery to a single-hand operation. I wondered why they have to make it very slippery. The frame for the screen is very narrow that being a touch-screen it's very easy to get it touched unintentionally at an unintended button. And the key-pad is very small you virtually touch two to four letters at a touch.

Muslimah Renaissance

Dated 2015G Jan 25 Sun 4 R-Akhir 1436H

The img was composed, the text-ing was by Words. It was meant as a graffiti, but the available b-ground was too immature, and thus self-designed by the simple means of plain writing. WordArt might have helped a little.

The subject was posed to invite reaction, to make the interest detours from the ubiquitous non-content of haha, hihi, hikhik, etc. Baited with the word Renaissance didn't catalyse either.

But in my mind it was a desire to lead to the congeners of the three, especially the last, which I would inject a long argument if the netters were mature enough. I was nearly alone in fact.

Mynahs Fighting For a Fun

Dated 2015G Jan 26 Mon 5 R-Akhir 1436H

Unsure the same mynahs or different mynahs, every time I mowed the lawn, they swarmed in for the insects jumping out when the blade cut through the grasses.

Ruby, Salmah respectively tagged. The former reacted quite vigorously. The latter was perhaps out of humour.

The Ovals are the Eggs

Dated 2015G Jan 27 Tue 6 R-Akhir 1436H

Ellipsoids are oval in shape. And eggs are oval, except turtle egg which is spherical. Three kinds of ovalness as info-ed. The earth is an ellipsoid, and its ovalness is like an ostrich egg.

Tortoise, snake, and croc eggs are 'symmetrical' ellipsoid. Their 2D geometry is like geometry of an oval table.

Chicken eggs are of special oval. One end is more pointed than the other.

A sphere is a special case of ellipsoid. It's when the a-radius equals b-radius.

A Has Been

Dated 2015G Jan 28 Wed 7 R-Akhir 1436H

Pineapple farming was an industry in this country. It's not now. Like other agricultural entities, except oil-palm and rubber, they did not sustained simply because back-up for advancement was not set-up, because Agriculture was never meant to be sustainable in this country. Oil-palm and rubber actually are in the Q as well, time will come to both of them.

Pipeapple is a delicious fruit. Sweet, sour, juicy, and the aromatic sweet stays until one goes to the shower.

Top: A sustainable pineapple farm that this country had been unable to configure. Below: A reminder to future generation that we used to have pineapple farms that they have never seen.

TGG Bound

Dated 2015G Jan 31 Sat 10 R-Akhir 1436H

Jan 30 Fri after Jumaat, drove to TGG with CB, leaving Asri to Alya 2-beradik next-week, and Asri would be alone at home in the afternoon after school. But Tue would be a holiday in Sel. Taipusam. I intended to return home on Fri to catch the walimah of Dr Abdullah Sipat in Bangi on Feb 7 Sat.

LPT2 appeared to be about complete, noted that when we re-entered at Paka, there were cars coming from Kemasik stretch - the last stretch.

I had a tummy pain all Sat, in fact since before leaving Sg Merab on Fri, and slept with a fever at night, with the usual nightmare of frightening events.

CB would resume his 6-th Sem from Sun. He would leave for Tembila on Sun morning. Initially we planned to paint the bath doors of the house of W-Tengah on Sat, but I could not take him to do that because of the tummy pain. And in fact didn't go at all to W-Tengah to see the progress. The last hp from PokSid several days ago said that he was delayed to re-deal with TNB by the fitting of the meter housing by the h-ware he ordered who said they had a long Q for that.


Dated 2015G Feb 1 Sun 11 R-Akhir 1436H

Both were under a very blue sky, no hovering clouds. Not sure was or was not any update during the construction of the house of W-Tengah.

The Feature Went Down Well

Dated 2015G Feb 5 Thu 15 R-Akhir 1436H

The theme was about the pajak-gadai, a feature in TGG which I observed since I was a little boy. It had played a vital role in the financial equation of the people, especially the rural women. The img were around Payang-Chinatown while strolling for an iron-kwali to enhance the kitchen in Tok Jembal.

Ex-colleagues had well-aquainted this time. Paid the promised minum-air with Dr Nordin (Sun night in depan-surau W-Tengah, and with his staff Mohd Kamir Yusof). Dr Abdullah hp-ed, joining him in A&Y off-UMT for minum-air, Mon evening with Dr Amin, Ismail Musa, and Muhaymein. Roslan hp-ed, Tue evening for a minum-air in Syakirin, and he was with Dr Abdullah. And another night out with Dr Nordin again Wed night at the same place with a long 'infotainment', confirming each other. The monsoon will soon stop, but the demage is devastating.

Salmah tagged. It was about a herb published in the media, the type many had been many times like this.

One Vault With Just One Lights

Dated 2015G Feb 6 Fri 16 R-Akhir 1436H

The whole stretch of LPT2 was opened since Feb 1 Sun. The last stretch being Paka-Kerteh. The first to open was Ajil-BktBesi stretch, perhaps in 1011 or 1012, I was then still driving 4747. Many toll plazas are not ready yet, so with the full stretch opening, the construction would be in full swing. The money had been 'flowing' into the drain, and thus had to be tapped as quickly as possible.

My bench-mark drive P2P is 6-hr, including one refreshment stop, being invariably half-hr for the Jabor-Gambang and 3-hr for Gambang-Bangi second half of the drive. By non-toll Jabor-Jerangau, it was two-and-half hr. The only possible saving in the second half is the one-hr east-west crossing of Kuala Lumpur.

Today, with the first full LPT2 stretch, the drive was made in exactly 5 hr, cruising at 110-120 safe speed. It took only two-and-half hr to reach Gambang RR, thus saving by just half-hr. The other half-hr saving was from the KUL-crossing. Apparently the MRR2 traffic on Fri afternoon was very clear. And was made clearer by the non-rainy afternoon. The same situation as on non-rainy night after 10.

Perhaps the much-talk-about 4-hr KTGG-KUL drive will remain a myth to ordinary drivers. It could be achieved only with a police permit.

Nonetheless, at least no more tagging behind these haulers which thus far had taken much patience in exchange with sometimes precious time.

The Heat Returned

Dated 2015G Feb 10 Tue 20 R-Akhir 1436H

The days had been sunny, late afternoon torrential rains took a break for the time being. Normally this would extend to Apr. Or perhaps some skirmishes comes the CNY break in ten days time. The TGG tradition, it's rainy and windy during CNY celebration.

Lingering with a few of UKM 70's pioneers, Prof Sanusi, and Prof Jamaluddin. Three of us, and many others, had become personae non grata long time ago.

Been trying to revive TAE, at least for a minimum use. Road-tax-insurance was renewed at Sallal Agency, BBBangi. The last expiry was 2014 May. Before that it was 2012 Nov. Currently the problem was starting, it could be just expired battery. Idle speed which was not up-ed when power is needed to turn the steering and run the a-cond. And the dead signal lights. So far the engine could be fired only by a jump-start.

A View to a Break

Dated 2015G Feb 12 Thu 22 R-Akhir 1436H

The 2-day M-sia CNY break is Feb 19-20 Thu-Fri. The schools take another two days Tue-Wed before that, plus the 2-day Sat-Sun weekend, making altogether six days. It was a luxury break to have the ank2 together at the same time.

The h-way would be swollen from Mon afternoon next week. Some perhaps would start as early as this weekend. And we planned to spend it in TGG as there is nothing left for them in Sg Merab home. We were contemplating the strategic time to set off, to avert the Karak-link hill-top congestion. Karak-BktJong would be a leisure 4-5 hr drive.

Rang the bell with the img of TGG. The overheard was the ICT eatery at the beach of Telipot, but the anecdote was fictitious. The campus img was from the archive captured on a rare MH-flight TGG-KUL sea-wards take-off, rather than the usual land-wards.

The Passing of TGNA

Dated 2015G Feb 14 Sat 24 R-Akhir 1436H

The night, Feb 12, 945 pm, was shadowed with the passing of TGNA in his home in Pulau Melaka. For that I shared a posting in FB of Rotikaya who picked BH source.

The following day I shared in FB a United Sikhs img of funerals in tribute to TGNA, but deleted after 8 hr, after screen captured. Replaced with one from BuletinOnline Dotnet via Engku Faisal. Zahari was right about the post/shared from the United Sikhs, it was an img from Bangladesh of similar occasion. The comment was not of irrelevant anyway, jut to clean off from controversial.

A year a go, Feb 14, I re-retired. It was unlike the first retirement 2007 Apr 21, I was unsettled, feeling lost, and shortly afterwards was given the better one, ca three months later in Jul. With the re-retirement last year, I didn't feel unhappy. After a year, I wasn't as unsettled as before. I knew a better one is waiting, but this time perhaps a different kind.

Ringing the Bell

Dated 2015G Feb 16 Mon 26 R-Akhir 1436H

That I was about to be on the road for a drive during this festive season. In this particular time, the traffic polarised outwards from cities at the beginning, and would reverse after a few days when the festive mood ceases.

KUL-TGG, and vice versa would not be much improved time-wise with the completion of LPT2. The only better thing is that the cars need not to tag behind the large haulers. But when the all the toll-plazas are fully operative that would be at a cost.

The planet Earth human population, which was 7 billion since 2011, is said to be over-populated by the non-believers. The matter was really serious. In the west itself, it was a heated debate. The proponent was as info-ed, but the opponents, mostly believers, were anticipating an end to the civilisation, not because of the over-populated.

In the east, nobody understood what was being discussed. To them tomorrow simply means today after yesterday. Had there is no night, days are not differentiable to them.

A CNY Break Rendz

Dated 2015G Feb 20 Fri 1 J-AWAL 1436H

CB was at odd with practically only a day break on Thu, his usually free-day, added to the already weekend on Fri and Sat. It was thus feasible that I take the other three, Alya, SB, and Asri to rendz in TGG, started from Feb 17 Tue instead of him travelling back to KUL. Alya took a two-days off, Tue-Wed, and it was not an impossible since she's no longer an RA.

The drive was pleasant. The congestion has not built up yet in Gombak-Karak, nor in KUL, for the festive season. The route was a 'straight-line' home-to-home, non-stop if one would, with the only lights was in Bangi. Others were just the toll bar which automatically open with loaded smart-tag.

Set-off just after the ritual MRR2 morning congestion, we arrived in TGG home in daylight. Settled, and resumed the home life in Tok Jembal. But the anticipation that LPT2 would shorten the drive time was a pure day-dream. It's invariably 5-6 h real time as before. My feeling is that LPT2 is not a short-cut. It's in fact much longer km-wise compared to the old non-toll Jerangau-Jabor. The only advantage is that we could get over the big haulers without tagging behind them. But when the toll is fully operative, I believe some would revert to the old free-road. Why not if it means a 20-rm saving. The big haulers would then be less in number. Without the haulers the road is not bad at all for a trans-state drive.

Beating the Odds

Dated 2015G Feb 24 Tue 5 J-Awal 1436H

It's all about DRVKUL, Feb 21 Sat, taking 3-beradik back to Sg Merab, trying to avoid the traffic congestion of the post CNY break.

The drive was pleasant until Jabor pondok-tol, where the neck of the bottle was really narrow. Two temporary booth dispensing the transit card to all the traffic volume exiting LPT2, and on such a CNY break the volume was tsunamic.

LPT1 was clear. Congestion re-started from Bentong toll. A group of superbikers was having a good time of selfie by the road-side, which made the traffic thought that it was another super-bikers misadventure like recently. After this point the traffic was ironically very clear, including on passing the Terowong Sempah, and even at the hot-spot of Pandan in MRR2, through to Seremban PLUS. I believed many mototrists felt that the super-bikers were very inconsiderate.

Kuala Lumpur was beautifully litted by the evening sun-light. In some instances the white clouds cleared themselves to the blue sky beyond it. The absence of heavy traffic made the atmosphere dustless to the horizon where the sun was setting.

A Cold Feb-End

Dated 2015G Feb 28 Sat 9 J-Awal 1436H

It was quiet, lonely, and cold end of Feb, unlike last year 2014 Feb which was full of turbulences from the unexpected monsoon in TGG. Many of my blessings were revoked by then.

Many had not noticed that less and less know you when you had gone quite a distance in life. It's like a stone-bullet in a catapult. Many saw it's wheezing in being shot, into the ocean, but could not tell where it landed between the waves of the ocean. Only the good samaritans kept on waiting and waiting. Feb 25 Wed 6, with Md Soot paid a visit to Yusof when he failed to do so as he promised, which previously he never failed.

The Settling Dust

Dated 2015G Mar 5 Thu 14 J-Awal 1436H

Much of the early Mar was indulged in the tube on current US-Russia conflicts, seeing the actions in respective proxies. Many opinions in the web were about the inevitable W23, coming out from US unending desire to rule the world which Russia see as a treat to the global peace. And many of their own people are of the opinion of the secrets and lies too big and glaring that could not be covered any more.

The img are thus of the contemporary life from the vicinity of Bangi, spiced with some from the net. In particular the coughing from TGG about the dressing code of the tourists. Reading the original article, it's interesting to note how some people opposed to the wish as though the place is their own motherland. And for that oopp!! it was said that the article was a misunderstanding.

A poke about the rempit-motor, fall on the 'disabled'. Or perhaps the video is rather big-mb to be d/l-able on a mobile.

Sukiya @Uptown

Dated 2015G Mar 9 Mon 18 J-Awal 1436H

Still roaming the home vicinity. Contemplating to take ank2 for a different treat. And recalled one UDM ex-student, KOTA time, an archive pic was dugged up, dated Nov 12, 2008, 9:36 pm. Currently she's the manager in a Japanese Restaurant in Damansara Utama. She's of the 2-nd batch Food-Tech, 2008-09 being her first sem.

And we went there, Mar 8 Sun, on the way to send SB back to INTEC in Shah Alam, after a 30-hr contact-arrangement. Muzani et al tagged along up to Shah Alam.

On conceding Alya suggested to pop-in to visit Dato' Ibrahim Mat, who stays just a 5-min walk from Sukiya. He was in, he said just returned from a going to Shah Alam as well.

An Anatomy of P&P

Dated 2015G Mar 13 Fri 22 J-Awal 1436H

The thing that the educationists have successfully imposed on all the univ academia that they failed to put into practice in the schools. The effect was glaringly foretelling. The degradation of graduates in the schools was continued to the univ.

The Break Week

Dated 2015G Mar 17 Tue 26 J-Awal 1436H

School break for a week started Mar 14 Sat. SB last paper was Mar 16 Mon - German - and his last medical check-up too in Az-Zahrah - the TB test. Nearly all his belongings were taken back from INTEC, his last days were counting down to Mar 23 Mon, after his predeparture briefing Mar 20 Fri.

Took Asri for a DRVTGG Mar 17 Tue to see the progress of W-Tengah, which PokSid said had been connected with electricity, and on the way back Mar 20 Fri together with CB who was commencing his mid-sem break of the 6-th sem for a week.

Homeward Bound - Rumah-Batu was Powered

Dated 2015G Mar 20 Fri 29 J-Awal 1436H

In TGG for a short return, arriving Mar 17 Tue evening with Asri, in his school break for a week. SB was with Alya in Sg Merab to furnish his preparation to fly to Germany to continue his study. Returned to KUL Mar 20 Fri with CB as well on mid-sem break of his 6-th sem.

TRG was very dry, but slightly breezy. Appeared unraining for many days already. Dying grass, and the plants at the back of the house in Tok Jembal too.

In W-Tengah, the electricity had been connected to the House-of-Hope, Rumah-Batu - Darul-Hajar. PokSid wasap-ed about it several days ago. Noted that he was in the progress of furnishing the electrical connections to the appliances points. And all the plumbing materials have been taken away. With that the house is practically habitable if the furnitures and related acc are in.

Met by Roslan who passed on the printed Gadong Report, supposedly the final report. But actually it was Report #4, which excluded Report #1-3. He related many stories about contemporary unisza, many of which I had already known through many sources, and especially the uneasiness of staff due to so many un-university-ness of the current admin.

One Less of a Hatrick

Dated 2015G Mar 22 Sun 1 J-AKHIR 1436H

The img of 'kundang' was captured in Pasar Payang, KTGG during the recent short return. The markets are flooded with imported fruits, from the northern neighbour, which indicated that in TGG it's not on 'musim-buah'. And it's not going to be soon since no tree was seen to be flowering. And it was very hot in TGG, unreany since after the great flood a few months ago. In fact short trees that cover the earth appeared shedding their leaves to reduce the lose due to evaporation.

Pasar Payang is the last of the THREE original market place in KTGG of the 1960's. The first to disappear was Pasar Tanjung, the immediate on entering Terengganu River, which became Padang Shahbandar. The next was Kedai Binjai, opposite Duyung, which turned into Sri Malaysia.

Pasar Payang - this place was marked for deletion.

People market-place has no place in future like this.

Concorde KLIA. In the beginning I thought it was such a big place, judging from its name and location, until KPM took for the frequent w-shops. Twice in 2014 Feb alone. It turned out to be a budget-stop. The original premise was the barracks for workers of KLIA. A brilliant upgrading.

Chester Field, next to Concorde is the alternative for the Concorde 'dwellers' and passers-by. Originally. But lately it turned into a rather metropolitan price when comes to food because the completed access roads were made possible to the dwellers in the vicinity as well.

The Flower of Money

Dated 2015G Mar 27 Fri 6 J-Akhir 1436H

The flower of jering which is very similar to that of jambu, it is, at the first sight. It's colour, and texture. And the leaves too.

A Flight to Deutschland

Dated 2015G Mar 31 Tue 10 J-Akhir 1436H

We have had this kind of occasion four times before. The 1-st was in 1999 (UK), Sep 26 Sun, and the consequences. The 2-nd was in 2001 (USA), Jun 15 Fri, and the consequences. The 3-rd was in 2005 (UK), Sep 23 Fri, and the consequences. And the 4-th was in 2006, Feb 19 Sun (UK), and the consequences. And there were moments and togetherness.

However this 5-th 2015 (Germany), Mar 28 Sat, was without Azizah. That made things very different and rather informal. The younger 4-beradik felt this vacuum.

And for the next five years, the waiting would be an agony. A new variable is in partial integration in the life equation.

It's SB's fate that he didn't have the same warmth as his elders were privileged. He washed his clothes - those to be left, and those to be taken along, he made the preparation, he packed his lugage-bag. All by himself prior to the departure, with some help from available siblings, especially Alya. I prayed many nights for him to be cared and blessed at all times while being away, and far away, from home, like my mother did for me in 1967 when the first time I went far away from home to the distant school in Kuala Lumpur.

SB in Flugafen Airport, Frankfurt, 2015 Mar 29 Sun, ca 9 am, with a program buddy, en route to Berlin.

I was on a street in Frankfurt, 1974 Sep 24 Tue, en route to London, then Manchester for my MSc in Salford.






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