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2015G Diary

The Tests in Ramadan

Dated 2015G Jul 12 Sun 25 Ramadan 1436H

Jul 1 Wed was just coincidences of many anecdotes. Alya deferred her iftar-gathering with buddies from the day before, and thus Asri and I visit to the instant food for the iftar was similarly deferred, un-noticed that it was the place where one person said many peoples were still gathering for their meals un-affected by the hike of oil price which re-started on Jul 1 Wed, about which another person warned that the next time hike would be without notice.

A mynah-chick fall to the ceiling from a broken nest on the roof we discovered while fixing a dislodged water pipe. It's lively, so we brought it up for ca a week, then let it fly AWAY HOME. Later on we noted that the roof of our house is being used by mynah flock for nesting. That's explained from time to time we heard the calling-cry of chicks especially in the afternoon.

Shawal the 6-th - A Tick and Kicking

Dated 2015G Jul 20 Mon 4 Shawal 1436H

A bleep ticked from ca 17 Ramadan, the night I had a dream of some staged re-composition of some of the life anecdotes that I had been through. It kicked by post-mid-night of 2015 Jul 7 Tue 20 Ramadan 1436H. It ticked like a clock for ca two weeks with an audible sound of hidden source. And by Jul 19 Sun 3 Shawal a brave break of a hatch-kick knocked. The tick was kicking through the Shawal.

Decidedly we spent the Shawal in Sg Merab. 2015, Jul 17 Fri, as of the last four times. However this time implicitly 4-beranak with the 5-th SB was in Berlin, Germany, his first Eid away, and far away, from the family, but virtually connected differed only by 6-hr late time zone. However, the elder four were all around accompanying. Well-wishes were posted in FB. It was well reacted among the frens, especially the later years aquaintances. But the closer acquaintances, near or far, were reached individually, albeit by virtuality. No more paper-cards.

Noted by various means, FB not excluded, the chorus of Shawal, both in TRG where otherwise we would have been together, or around Bangi where things had not been the same for the past five years, and would not be the same again.

We were the particles of perpetual great cycle of life.

The Ticking was Louder and The Kicking was Stronger

Dated 2015G Jul 31 Fri 15 Shawal 1436H

The Eid Shawal passed by, unhitched. The school re-opened Jul 22 Wed 6 Shawal, and the chorus returned. It was a rather luxurious post-eid school break which we would have other wise spent in TGG. CB left for KLIA2 en route to Tembila on an early morning AK Jul 25 Sat 9 Shawal to resume his 7-th Sem for a few more weeks. The last few more weeks he would be in Tembila before moving on to other places in a new phase.

Had not been posting on the FB wall since after the first Shawal, feeling it didn't matter much. Et seq was perhaps a mere consequential of mind comprehension. Yes, I was in Reading in Dec 1974 visiting the chemistry lab. Wow, that was forty years ago. A later visit to Reading was in 1981 Apr end, in a family tour to the southern mid England.

The ticking was louder and the kicking was stronger. But, like mynah on the tree, its exactness is yet to be located, trek-ed, and harnessed. The last part would be the hardest even though it would be a mere ritual.

Dated: 2015 Jul 21 Tue 5 Shawal 1436H, an attempt to synthesize a derivative from the stock if it could grow into a congener. Nonetheless, a backup was equally attempted at the original site, and it appeared growing.

Jul 31 Fri 15 Shawal was anecdotal. An arranged rendezvous was hosted in Benteng Cafe of the Quality City Centre. This was my first time in the hotel. But the word Benteng was 1970's origin, the place, along the river, where rows of instant eating stalls for ordinary level night goers, an alternative to Kg Baru, and a popular catch-word, especially for UM-UKM students of the days.

A Blossom in An August Moon

Dated 2015G Aug 7 Fri 22 Shawal 1436H

Aug 1 Sat 16 Shawal was a very short day, as short as the night before. The Quality night of Jul 31 Fri. It was a fully filled day.

A short, but a closer frolic. KLIA rendz while sending off on MH KUL-TGG 1945 2015G Aug 1 Sat 16 Shawal 1436H. A more or less extension of last night Quality dinner.

We had been here so many times already, even during the times with Azizah. And thus very familiar with it, such as this one 2013 APR 7 SUN MH 0020J 2340 A380 17C KUL-CDG C37, as though it was prepared for any eventuality.

And a week followed by, a bud was seeded, nourished as it was since ca a month ago. It was an agony of waiting, but enlightening as the days of the week progressed a leaf at a time.

2015 Aug 7 Fri 22 Shawal 1436H, another rendz in KLIA, like last week Sat, a sending off on MH KUL-TGG but deliberately exclusive. It was a short three hours rendz. That hours together was put in concert to the eventual effect that the agony was freed-off, with the bud born a blossom. A blossom of an August moon. The circumstances that I gathered later had actually nourished the bud organically to the blossom.

The two cups of teh tarik, which later to become our flesh and blood, witnessed the solemn admission, as WYSWYG. Unconditional. Some of what followed were phenomenal. The sugar in the cup turned extremely sweet. The a/c was extremely cold. The clock ticking was extremely fast that it turned into a whistling sound. The lingo switched the melodical mode. The evening skipped the dusk. And every thing else reverted to natural submission.

Nissan cruised elegantly to and fro after a rejuvenation of the drive, including a pair of new tyres, after a long heavy duty shuttling KUL-TGG-KUL loaded with hardwares and the like for the past two years.

A Leave for a Mission

Dated 2015G Aug 23 Sun 8 Z-Kaedah 1436H

It's been two months I've not been in TGG. The last time I was in TGG was Jun 12, a few days before Ramadan, an unusually long since returning to TGG in 2007 Aug.

Since after Shawal, a few ex-colleague friends hp-ed for a 'minum air'. In particular Dr Nordin and En Ismail Musa, both had anticipated that I was in TGG already, as in fact in the first schedule, but was deferred because Alya had to present in a conference Aug 11-13 in UPM. As one had already, Jul 30 Thu 14 Shawal with Roslan, but this was in Bangi. It's been overheard that many interesting turns had taken place, some were very dramatic, and many more would be taking place. Very interesting.

In the two months absence, the house in Tok-Jembal was un-inched. The shelves to be completed, tidy-ed, and consequently in other places, which eventually would become a comfortable home for the children whenever they feel like to retreat to their mother's mother-land.

And in particular the house in Balai Maras (off W-Tengah) which I intended to be the place of my retreat whenever I feel I want to. The last time I left, it was acceptably ready to take the contents. At least furnitures in R-1. The kitchen, as well as the washing area. The doors of bath-3, and -4, still needed to be fitted. A rather urgency has surfaced, for a time being. At least for a homestay-like, to be an alternative perhaps, or an 'istana hinggap'. As always, things would change.

The mission started with a solo DRVTGG Aug 14 Fri 29 Shawal. As et seq LPT1 and LPT2 had been connected to become one stretch with only one entry, and one exit of TnG, but to this date the LPT2 was still no-charge.

The mission preceeded with a rendz-drv to Ri-Yaz Verandah, facing the muara Terengganu River. It was a wonderful evening of 2015 Aug 15 Sat 30 Shawal 1436H. The blue sky, a breezy borderless view, and a quiet environ, pulled together closer and closer, in words and deeds. It was a change from the original Merang Petronas, the site of the dry sand ICT in 2014 Feb. And it was a wise change apart from noting that initially the sky appeared to give a torrential fall.

And on for the mission, teamed only with CB, 2015 Aug 16 Sun 1 Z-Kaedah 1436H. Arrived in Pulau Panjang. We were expected, and were warmly welcomed, surprisingly since we were total strangers at this point. As always while makan2. The people around were very nice, and it was as though a long unseen relatives, or newly found relatives. Within that the massage was delivered, and in a quick second the answer was re-massaged. The rest were consequential, and anecdotal.

As always, and as I always say, when we are in the path of destiny, the world is getting smaller and smaller, we see people that we have seen before, and we'll go to places we've been there before. En Wan Musa was unprecedentedly supportive and helpful, and thus was the first to know the content of the mission, and was naturally honoured as the first to get introduced to, in person.

On the return trip to Tok Jembal, stopped by in Jabi, seeing a long unseen SAS-buddy, Hussein. He would be told of the mission later.

Below, from left: Aina-2, Sri Aman, Labu-Labi, the house of Tok Jembal, the house of Balai Maras, KTrg Court, Dungun Court, Off-UiTM Eatery, the Lempeng, the Hussein of Payang, Bukit Tunggal Grill, the house of Tok Jembal, TER Food Court, Tengku Tengah Mosque, Mydin GB, Roti Tempayan Wakaf Mesu.

Masjid Terapong, second time solat here, on the last leg of post-mission frolic, 2015 Aug 22 Sat 7 Z-Kaedah 1436H. Could not remember the first time, but was with Azizah around.

2015 Aug 23 Sun 8 Z-Kaedah 1436H, cruising HOME in Sg Merab, leaving the House of Tok-Jembal all structurally done, including the store. Both missions accomplished. CB returned home, with WIRA, closing the GB-TEMBILA chapter. His last Sem-8 is LI in Bangi for six months starting second week of Sep. With that he's ready for a graduation day about this time next-year 2016, thus closing his UNISZA tenure, to start a new phase in his trial of life.

Come September

Dated 2015G Sep 12 Sat 28 Z-Kaedah 1436H

The weekend pre-Merdeka-58 of 2015 Aug 31 Mon was rather a along break. It was suitable for a DRVTGG taking all 3-beradik. But a walimah of Wan Ahmad - Mariyati Aug 29 Sat 14 Z-Kaedah in Masjid Wilayah Jln Duta, pulled it back. Otherwise it would have been another memorable frolic in TGG, anak-beranak.

Ending the Aug moon of 30th-day, all contents were concluded. A pair in separate point two three plus three, a Yusuf Ali translation and five, Sep 11 Fri which preluding the concluding Sep 26 Sat with all the former being in three plates, and finally Oct 1 Thu end, to a re-beginning start.

Sep 1 Tue, SB a-ftime-ed that he began to settle in the hostel of Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, after a few days on the move from Berlin where he secured his German 'GUGT' (the equivalent of MUET) in the International German Language School, since last Mar end. He will study undergraduate engineering in the university, and as in the schedule, would stay there perhaps for the next five years.

Sep 6 Sun, taking 3-beradik along, I made a courtesy visit to Prof Dr Abd Hadi Zakaria, in Salak Tinggi, the ex-Dean of FKI of Unisza, and reminisce-ed a lot the time of Unisza hay-day into a premium federal university prior to its exploding dive by the new administration from Jan 2013. Even if there were no Sep 26 event, I'd love to visit him for he was a senator as I was.

Sep 7 Mon, CB commenced his Latihan Industri in a firm in BB Bangi Diamond Sq - an ICT firm. That's his last Sem, the 8-th Sem, in Unisza which would take 6-month to early Mar 2016, then he would be a Sarjana Muda. Nonetheless, logistically impaired by the grounding of two cars. Kelisa was bang-ed from behind, Sep 3 Thu morning at a Sulaman light by an arrogant CRV, and consequently bang-ed the front ISWARA, while Alya was on her way to UPM, and was in a Balakong w-shop to try to recover. TAE which supposedly getting improved by replacing the worn out starter motor deteriorated into the switching-ignition assembly. Only WIRA and NISSAN left to accomplish three daily tasks.

Sep 11 Fri was a prelude to the HOME in SG MERAB. The introduction, after a rendz from KLIA2 to ALAMANDA, to IOI-City. The eventuality was the first time of getting together in the home of Sg Merab, albeit bracing for the Sep 26 seal of solemn life.

Followed by a swift Sep 12 Sat, which ended up in Subang SkyPark, sending off, and seeing the latest s.q. of public Subang airport, where once upon a time it's the much-talked-about airport of the country.

A Spring in September

Dated 2015G Sep 25 Fri 11 Z-Hijjah 1436H

In this reversing world, 2015 Sep was a spring, bracing for a snowy cool summer in the year end, into the new year with a possibility of a hot and fiery autumn.

Post Sep 11 was hectic with preparation. A quick visit to TH Sep 14 Mon in Bangi accomplished all the deals, one of the detail however was to be deliberated, nonetheless independently.

And during a hasty DRVTGGKUL Sep 15 Tue - 20 Sun. The last bit to be detailed was accomplished in Batu-6 on the very Tue evening. And all the five days were filled to the brink.

Another accomplishment during the return was the completion of bath-3, and -4 doors of W-Tengah house. Fitted and painted. Thus all four rooms and the associated baths are usable. All rooms were ready to take the contents even though some of the electrical points are yet to be finished.

The eventual Sep 24 Thu was EID ADHA. This time it was a unique EID. We spent the day both in Sg Merab, and in TGG. I took the lower three in NISSAN to TRG right after the morning Eid Solat in MPI. Sans SB who was in OSNABRUCK, Germany. All ank-cu2 respectively drove to KTrg, sans Intan who was on call in Putrajaya and Zidni jumped into Muzani's Myvi. Ruby et al started on 23 Wed.

Sep 25 Fri was a bracing day, every one was in kampung in KTrg.

In the morning, I took all the children, and grand children, to visit Azizah's mother in Paya Datu, informing her, of the Sep 26 event. She was glad to formally heard that from me myself.

And in the evening, all were in W-Tengah house, officiated by baca-yasin, just among anak-beranak, the opening of the house. I led the solat, while Zidni led the baca-yasin. With that the house is ready for overnight stay.

The makan2 was in Ani's place Pusu Tiga, a pre-arrangement, not connected with that of W-Tengah. It had been a puzzle to every body as to the unsual return of every body to Terengganu during this Eid Adha, and it was strangely on the Eid itself. But some had guessed what, and many were correct. Some leaks were deliberated some days before.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dated 2015G Sep 26 Sat 12 Z-Hijjah 1436H

It was Sep 26 Sat. It was a life event, another life event that I never have thought of before, but kept on praying, especially after such event in 1976 Oct 21 Thu. Judging from the ease, accelerated and facilitated simplified, step-wise development starting from the middle of Ramadan, the event was an event of Devine intervention.

All my children attended and functioned in the event, except Intan who's on-call in Putrajaya, and SB who's in Osnabruck, Germany. All the grand-children, big and small. All my brothers, both from KL, and sisters all in TGG attended. And a large fraction of my nephew and nieces, sans of my late eldest brother Abg-Ra in Kuantan who I was unsure of having been informed or not.

Only one close friend attended, Dr Nordin, all the way from his W-Tengah home, who I invited about a week before the event, but hid the bride identity saying it's a surprise. And it really surprised him. All other attendees were the bride close relatives, and her close friends, and immediate neighbours.

Mimi, my ex-PA when I was the dean, a neighbour in Pulau Panjang, Jerteh, broke the news on her wall. She was caught stunly surprised when I met her under the canopy, and until I brought the bride to her. She was invited as just for 'makan-makan', and Dr Jamil phoned her that I wanted to see her in the majlis. Unlike other ex-colleagues who were also invited, they were told that it was 'the wedding of a sister', deliberately hiding to whom she's married to. And opted just to say thanks for the invitation.

Azlina Md Nasir, another of my dependable ex-staff, followed suit on my wall. With that, the news had travelled as far as Europe by FB, mainly among my ex-staff on study leave, even before the night closed the day of 2015 Sep 26 Sat, 12 Z-Hijjah 1346H.

A Back-Dated Wish

Dated 2015G Sep 28 Mon 14 Z-Hijjah 1436H

The Idul Adha was Sep 24 Thu. The wish was deliberately deferred to today to take effect of the Sep 26 Sat event, to complete the new family. It was another way of admitting, or rather announcing. Some hp-ed, referring to an img they said they received. A chapter was closed. A new chapter is opened.






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2015G Diary