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2015G Diary

The Fools in April

Dated 2015G Apr 5 Sun 15 J-Akhir 1436H

On the first day of April, the country 'celebrated' the commencement of GST, a new tax mechanism of the first world type, VAT in Britain. The success of the mechanism depends so much on the honesty of the shop-owners.

And in the afternoon, visited Klang GH. The third time. The first was perhaps in 2003? Malini was admitted for an accident one night on Federal Highway on their way to return to Meru, Klang. The second was 2008? CheNgah PokNgoh Heim was admitted for a fatal stroke. When we visited, she was a few days already under support. And this 3-rd time was visiting Reduan, admitted a few days ago for a heart-problem. Alya was msg-ed, then he was in ICU, he said, later after given a second beating. Twice. He appeared cheerful, recovering well in the ward, and to be further checked in IJN.

It needs a lot of courage and patience to be in Klang GH.

The toilet from which the nick "Jamban Stesen Bas" was derived.

[Aa gale lag jaa,

Mere sapne, mere apne, mere paas aa,] 3x

Oh oh oh aa gale lag jaa ..

Aabaad hai tuu meree dhaRkanoN meN meree jaan tujh meN basee hai,

Baadal se jo aas hai mor ko mere dil ko vo tujh se lagee hai,

Ik teree muskaan angRaayee letee huwee mere taqdeer jaage,

Ik teree jhalkee chalee aaye pal meN meree manzileN mere aage,

[Aa gale lag jaa,

Mere sapne, mere apne, mere paas aa,] 2x

Oh oh oh aa gale lag jaa ..

Mat aazmaa tuu mere pyaar ko khel mat yooN meree zindagee se,

Ulfat ke maaroN ko kyaa maarnaa jaan de dete haiN jo Khushee se,

Ye husn jis ko mile jaan-e-jaaN be-dilee us-kee sajtee naheeN hai,

Ho rubaroo chaand se jo haseeN be-ruKhee us-ko jaNchtee naheeN hai,

[Aa gale lag jaa,

Mere sapne, mere apne, mere paas aa, ]3x

Oh oh oh aa gale lag jaa ....

Al-Um started with a surau in early 1980's, a semi-D, a gratitute from the developer. On Fri the dwellers went to nearby UKM, which arranged the Fri payer on the g-floor open space of the administrative building. UKM mosque was opened in late 1980's. And the first mosque in BBBangi opened in late 1990's. The Green Mosque, after surau An-Nur self-transformed into a mosque. Al-Um, perhaps, is ready by this year 2015 end.

Mengilai Dibaham Harimau

(Copy-paste) Pada suatu pagi Bijan dan Raji masuk ke dalam hutan untuk memburu. Setelah lewat pagi, mereka tiba di sebuah tanah lapang kecil, di tepinya terdapat sebuah pondok buruk. Mereka berhenti di pondok itu untuk melepaskan penat seketika, sambil mengintai-intai semak mana yang akan dituju selepas itu.

Bijan ternampak pokok-pokok semak bergerak-gerak di hadapannya, tiada bunyi yang kedengaran. Selepas seketika Bijan turun dari pondok dan melangkah menuju ke arah semak itu. Raji memerhati sahaja. Hampir tiba di sempadan semak, tanpa sebarang bunyi amaran, sepantas ikan menyambar umpan, dalam sekelip mata, seperti belon meletup pecah, zooommm, seekor harimau belang bapak melompat keluar dari semak, menerkam ke arah Bijan. Terkaman lompatan kedua tepat mengena Bijan, dan Bijan terus rebah ke tanah dihempap harimau. Bijan dan harimau kelihatan bergelut. Hanya bunyi dengusan pergelutan yang kedengaran.

Raji tergamam oleh peristiwa getir yang berlaku dengan begitu pantas sekali. Dia terkial-kial tidak menentu untuk berbuat sesuatu. Ketakutan yang amat sangat pun ada. Sebagai pemburu, dia kembali teringat akan rifelnya. Dia mencapai rifel itu dari selingan di belakangnya. Mencabut peluru dari pinggang dan menyumbat ke dalam laras rifel. Raji mengacu ke Bijan-harimau. Jangan! Nanti terkena Bijan, fikir Raji. Pergelutan terus berlaku.

Kemudian, Raji nampak kaki Bijan meronta-rotan ke atas. Kemudian kedengaran Bijan mengilai dengan kuat. Hah? Kau tak sakit ke di baham harimau? Mengapa tak meraung? Ke kau dah mati? Tanya hati Raji. Kemudian kelihatan kedua-dua tangan Bijan mendepan, dan menyocok-nyocok rusuk harimau. Harimau mengaum, lalu melenting. Mengaum sekali lagi. Melenting ke belakang. Mengundur, berpusing, dan terus berlari mengarah ke semak. Melihat keadaan yang seakan-akan selamat itu, Raji melepaskan sedas tembakan ke udara. Harimau semakin laju melarikan diri. Kedengaran bunyi rempuhannya dari dalam semak itu.

Raji berlari meluru mendapatkan Bijan. Hah, syukur!

"Jan!, Jan!", Bijan tercungap-cungap mengembalikan nafas. Kaki dan tangannya berhenti bergerak.

"Ha ha ha ha!, Hi hi hi hi!" Bijan mengilai panjang.

"Kau tak apa-apa ke Jan?" Raji kebingungan. Kau kan dibaham harimau?

"Aku tak apa-apa Ji, aku tengah sakit nak tergelak ni!"

"Kau diserang harimau, ia tak baham kau ke?"

"Leher aku dah masuk dicelah rahang harimau tu tadi, bila ia menggigit-gigit, aku rasa sangat geli!

"Harimau tu harimau tua, dah tak ada gigi lagi. Gusinya yang menggigit-gigit menyebabkan aku rasa sangat geli, hahaha!" Raji turut sama tergelak-gelak, tetapi masih kehairanan.

"Bila aku cucuk-cucuk rusuknya, harimau itu pula yang geli. Harimau tu tak tahan geli, lalu cabut lari." Hahaha, kedua-dua orang kawanan itu ketawa terbahak-bahak.

Bijan bangun dari tanah. Kedua-duanya berjalan ke pondok, mengutip barang-barang masing-masing. Dan terus berpatah balik ke tempat mereka meletak SUV mereka. Bijan dan Raji tidak jadi memburu pada hari itu. Dalam kepala mereka, tertanya-tanya, percayakah kawan-kawan lain nanti bila peristiwa itu diceritakan kepada mereka.

Any Which Way, It's Bitter and Pricky

Dated 2015G Apr 10 Fri 20 J-Akhir 1436H

The advert are so ramphant, majlis didn't do anything. It can if it wants to. There are phone numbers to contact, aren't they?

While 'deredap' is rather common, lining the streets, or pegging the gardens, for its ornamental very red flower, the fully matured thorns are rather rare. And rarer is this wild fruit that was hunted by children in my time in the bushes around our house, or whenever adults took us venturing in the vicinity for subsistence.

Going Not to Waste the Neglected

Dated 2015G Apr 15 Wed 25 J-Akhir 1436H

The theme of the week is as titled. Making useful of whatever left to continue.

Pak Da Ud and his family was a neighbour in Kalang Arang when I was a boy. His wife was a good friend of my mother. He has two sons of my age, and my (younger) brother's age. We were buddies. Then I left the place for the hostel. All his life he ride trishaw in town Kuala Terengganu.

Pok Da Ud moved to Banggol Katong to his wife place, I didn't realise when. And I lost the buddy-ness of his son. He returned to Kalang Arang when he's old. And only then I get back occasionally to his son.

It's Due For a Break

Dated 2015G Apr 19 Sun 29 J-Akhir 1436H

The knot-img to tie the hooks was a signal for being in the east coast - fishing. It was the DRVTGG day. Followed by the infamous bend that Dr Abdullah and I had a very vivid memory in 2008.

I was actually passing this old route to experiment time-wise vs distance-wise compared to all-LPT2 route. The Jabor-BktBesi was in question. Believe it or not, both routes are the same distance, 113 km (old), 117 km (LPT2), and it take about an hr.

Returning from Manir, I deliberately passed Kebor. And noted a padi-field full of scarecrows, reminding me of the old days when I was a timid boy. But my previous intention was that I missed this view. The view that I would not miss every time I was on the flight KUL-TGG in which I deliberately selected the F seat.

Done Sixty-Four, Inching On Into Sixty-Five

Dated 2015G Apr 20 Mon 1 REJAB 1436H

Getting More and More By Myself

Dated 2015G Apr 26 Sun 7 Rejab 1436H

Myvi was the signal that I was on DRVKUL, Apr 21 Tue, solo, and to cover the full LPT2 to map against the last Thu on old free-route Jabor to Bukit Besi. And Apr 23 Thu 4 Rejab 1436H, morning, while I was in Sg Merab home, my #10M#1F#5M was born, in Putrajaya.

FB ticking fall to baseline again from Apr 21, that the netters were taking note on my being on to sixty-five. And the hope was getting smaller and smaller, and the light was getting dimmer and dimmer, like the de-flaming of a kerosene lamp running out of fuel as the time moves forwards, waiting for a quark of wind-blow to get extinguished.

En route, noticed a few things. At BTB, kepok sale was GST-ed. At Gambang RR, a hot nes was 180 sen. It started with 100 sen when the place was opened after LPT1 commenced. Then 120, and then 150 sen.

Plenty of giant timber lorries, en route to KUL on LPT1 Apr 21 Tue. In reverse direction on the old-free-way last DRVTGG Apr 16 Thu.

Home Sweet Home

Dated 2015G Apr 30 Thu 11 Rejab 1436H

Both homes, in SG MERAB and in TGG in Tok Jembal, and W-Tengah, are equally sweet. Nonetheless, the 'eternal' home is still in Pengkalan Arang.

Thu through to Mon were 'free' days. Thu was Asri's school sports day, and was used to made the passport for him in anticipation to join his school 'melawat sambil belajar' visit to southern Thailand in early Jun school break. Fri was a Malaysia break May-day, and the following Mon too, replacing the Sun Wesak. And thus, a correct time for a DRVTGG with Asri on the Apr last day.

Apr 30 Thu 11 Rejab 1436H, 1050, while baring2 on the bed, in Tok Jembal, Muzani hp-ed when I just about to hp him asking about Niza. Apparently Niza had given birth to a baby boy, pre-mature, both doing well, in PUTRAJAYA Hospital. My #11M#4M#2M. And conceded.

A Quiet Walimah

Dated 2015G May 3 Sun 14 Rejab 1436H

In TRG since late evening of last day April 30 Thu, 3-beranak. On the first May day Fri, could not resist the temptation to link this info, as text-ed.

Lately Manir market-place was not as cheerful as before, as text-ed. Its specialty of local produce had dwindled a lot. The very early morning 'frenzy' had trickled. Perhaps the original Manirians were not replace by their next generation. Instead, being replaced by a generation who ride on casual which started late, and thus not attractive enough as specialty. The attraction was local produce, by the local themselves.

Three walimah on May 2 Sat, one in Sg Merab - arwah Ustz Ahmad Bakar, and two in TGG - Jah AyhEndut in Darat Terakit, and Llah in Tuan Mandak. Attended the last one, with unexpected stumbling with a 'level-6' Kusza-an, who, like quite a number of ex-UKM, I don't mind not seeing again.

Burung Tempua Bersarang Rendah

Dated 2015G May 8 Fri 19 Rejab 1436H

Returned to Sg Merab, May 3 Sun, to beat, partially the congestion in Karak H-Way although the schools re-opened on May 5 Tue. Apparently congestion was nation-wide during this weekend due to the torrential break of May-day before the weekend, plus the Wesak Malaysia break at the end of the weekend.

Two PRK's, one in Rompin Parliament, May 5 Tue, to replace the deceased member from an ill-fated chopper-crash. And the same in Permatang Pauh, May 7 Thu to replace the imprisoned leader of the opposition. Accompanying that, Pahang was on break on May 5 Tue, and Penang on May 7 Thu. A straight 5-long break for Pahang.

Menanggung rindu tiada ternoktah. Melayang diri tiada tertahan.

A Weekend of Walimah

Dated 2015G May 14 Thu 25 Rejab 1436H

May 9 Sat attended a Walimah in TTDI, Dewan Pusat Komuniti, of Prof Othman Ross for the wedding of his son. Been to this place before, in 2006 Aug, also on Majlis Walimah, of Salamah Ali, a SAS-ian batch-mate.

May 10 Sun, attended another Walimah in PWTC, Dewan THO, of Dr Ismail Maulud for the wedding of his daughter. The first that caught every one's attention was the Bacaan Quran prior to the arrival of pengantin, followed by Tazkirah. Doa when the pengantin seated, and a welcoming speech by the host. And it was a heavenly comfortable gathering of silaturrahim after that. It was a break from the usual annoying loud music, and the yelling of pseudo-singers.

And as expected, being a two years senior, swarmed by the juniors, nearly like last Jan 10 for the 7073 batch.

Allured to Return, Reluctant to Leave

Dated 2015G May 19 Tue 1 SHAKBAN 1436H

Things were much to be done and taken care of in W-Tengah house. And being alone is very slow. Otherwise, all would rot. Ramadan is knocking the calendar. May 15-19 Fri-Tue were in TGG. Solo drive to and fro. In W-Tengah managed to get something done, clearing the living area.

Leaving Sg Merab would leave Alya-Asri alone, 2-beradik. Both are in need of a sense of accompaniment. Thus a deliberation to include Sat and Sun would optimise.

Apparently May 16 Sat was "Hari Guru", I didn't realised, until Syamsina posted in my wall her tribute. And another, being included, by Ainina. The former, I supervised her final year thesis in 2012/13, while the latter was a student rep in MPP. These days, teachers are less appreciated as the educator, unlike during my pupil day. Children these days are more educated by the media than by the teacher. And parents don't lend their support to their children teachers, perhaps because they assumed that they are better equipped than the teachers. In my pupil day, my parent insisted that I give my due respect to my teacher. These day, the Kementerian encourages the school to celebrate the Teachers Day. The different had raised the former high in the sky, and kept the latter crawling on the ground.

The First Bell Rang - Shakban is Here

Dated 2015G May 24 Sun 6 Shakban 1436H

Shakban is pre-Ramadan. The drums are beating every where reminding the impending arrival of Ramadan, which to many people means many things.

The Passing of Abang Wi

Dated 2015G May 31 Sun 13 Shakban 1436H

May 25 Mon 7 Shakban, 655, MALINI msg-ed, then hp-ed that ABANG-WI, ca 70, passed away today, the info she picked up from a wasap-gp. Called MEK at her home, but no answer. A few minutes later ZALI MAKTEH PAH hp-ed. Apparently AbngWi passed away in the KTRG hospital ca 615 today, after being taken there, complaining of sesak-nafas. He's the third son of my father's elder sister (the eldest of Hj Ahmad), MokLong, one of the two of my father's siblings that I missed. Perhaps she was just like MokNgoh (the second of Hj Ahmad). He was the nephew who loved my father the most, perhaps like his own father. From a teen ager, he was orphaned, together with his two elder brothers, who opted to stay with their uncle, the first Abang-Mat stayed with my father before moving to Pahang to start his family, the second Abang-Ngah stayed with Ayah-Ndut, and the third, himself, firstly stayed with Ayah-Li, then with MokTeh-Pah, until independant, and started with his own family. Abng-Mah, his wife, passed on perhaps 10-15 years ago. He suffered a stroke not long after that, to the end of his life. I was at home in Sg Merab. With that MokLong chapter was closed, survived by grandchildren.

AbngWi's life is a typical of sibling-orphan-ed life of the 50-60's extended families, taken care of responsibly by relatives, especially uncles and unties, bringing them up integrally, undifferentiated with their own children, until they could stand on their own two feet, and run in the trial of life. Those days, a son-in-law is a son, a daughter-in-law is a daughter, a mother-in-law is a mother, a father-in-law in a father, parents knotted by the matrimonial knot of their children (besan) are brothers and sisters in all practical respects sans only in close blood relationship.

The Haunting Jun

Dated 2015G Jun 6 Sat 19 Shakban 1436H

Jun had always been haunting for the past five years, since 2010. It wasn't about mid-summer night dream like in the Shakespeare. The haunt knocked from late May. And by the first day of Jun, the Mon night, I landed on one of the ER beds of Putrajaya. And was discharged in the wee hr the next day without much de-elevation of BP, a deja vu of Jun 2010. My contention was not so much on the gravity of the potion substituting the co-aprovel, which had been for nearly a year, but by so many psycho-emos hovering and lingering over and below the shadow, which in being alone, I could not shield away. It takes two to see the front and the back at the same time.

Early Jun was the beginning of some breaks. The school mid-year break for two weeks. Asri for the first time participated in the school activity. He joined the Hat-Yai trip from Jun 3 Wed night by coach in the school Pertukaran-Budaya, and returned on Jun 6 Sat night. CB was on his last leg of the 6-th Sem. Followed by a short inter-semester break, for his case.

It's 530 in the morning. Many were still waiting.

Resuscitating in Terengganu

Dated 2015G Jun 12 Fri 25 Shakban 1436H

CB helped driving for the routine return to TGG, Jun 7 Sun, taking Asri along to spend the rest of the school break. In the meantime, Alya would be going to her group w-shop in PD, and would join us in TGG at the end of the week.

The beach of TGG was cooler, but still rainless, and in the evening windless. The gathering clouds were not thick enough to condense at the beach. It did in the hinterland. All missions in W-Tengah were accomplished. Getting the seepage in bath-2 stopped. Getting the outlet in the wash-area connected to the main underground drainage. And finally had the Ramadan wishes delivered to the four nearest neighbours. In Tok Jembal the frame for the shelves in the store was also accomplished.

The Sixth Ramadan Transgressing June Solstice

Dated 2015G Jun 18 Thu 1 RAMADAN 1436H

Back in Sg Merab Jun 13 Sat for the school re-open Jun 15 Mon. CB was in his second week of inter-sem short break. His 7-th sem, a short sem for his programme, is due from Jun post-20 to post-Shawal.

Ramadan 1436H clocked-in, 2015 Jun 17 Thu. It was the 6-th. It was augmented by being transgressing through Jun solstice, resonating in either way. Down the memory lanes, 1970 Jun 13 was very anecdotal. Another Ramadan transgressing was in 1983 Jun 13 Mon. And by Almanac, in the year I was born, 1951, 1 Ramadan 1370H was on Jun 6 Wed. Then I was about 47 days old.

Scaling the Ramadan

Dated 2015G Jun 30 Tue 13 Ramadan 1436H

For the first time, Ramadan this year was marked simultaneously throughout the planet Earth, Jun 17 Thu. Otherwise a day or even two may differ, especially in countries like UK, and US where the Muslim are the diaspora who would follow their indigenous country. I had that experience in UK in 1980's. Incidentally, Mohd Zaini (Kudus) is my Form-6 classmate in 1970 in SAS.

I intended to spend every single day of this Ramadan in Sg Merab with the remaining of my kids, which I didn't during the last five Ramadan, to give them all the senses of belonging with my being at home full time with them. And no longer in nomadic senses.

It came to my reasoning that FB-ing was to be minimum for it was not a preference any more. However, a late request of May 28 posting for sharing in DSG turned up to be very reactive. It took me quite many hr to update the already archived in the fototeks. An attempt to capture the mood by complementing in the same DSG the img of being in Salford Library in 1975, did not repeat itself, perhaps because Jun 27 was Sat.

Masjid Al-Um was in its final touch inside, and landscaping outside. But I thought I heard several times the azan coming out from the masjid at zohor time. Perhaps unofficially daytime jemaah had started during this Ramadan.

Dated: 2014 Oct

 Dated: 2015 Jul

Through half of Ramadan, life appeared less merry, not as before. The food-bazaar was less crowded. Mountains of dates in supermarket as though they are local produce, and cheaper than last year. I cooked, Alya helped, for most of the first two weeks Ramadan. Home-cooked were far more appetising no matter how simple they were.






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