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2023, TRG Was Still Wet and Sleepy

Dated: 2023 Jan 15 Sun 22 J-Akhir 1444H

New year 2023 Jan 1-15 covid, arbitrarily assigned was MCO-F5-20, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es. The SOP of face-masking was purely of personal choice. However, on the horizon, a new img of covid variety was painted, originated from where else other than China. We were in Sg Merab home for the new year.

Jan 9 Mon 15 J-Akhir 1444H, started the reason d'etre for the DRVTGG. First in Jjabat Ssaker, in Mydin-vic, collecting the PERENTAH which was issued off invoking my pemegang amanah for SB, ASRI on the TJHOME. Popped-in Mydin nearby for a quick kitchen replenishment. Drove off to Jjabat Tanah K Nerus for the follow up, plus NA's of her client matters. And made the day. After the terekoh in 2012, K Nerus district was created. Tok Jembal thus was in K Nerus. The new land office for K Nerus was officially operated, in the new town Watiqullah, 220222.

Sun shine for the past several days in the coastal Trg with a prolonged blue sky. The clouds turned very white and spotty on the blue background. The wind had tamed to just a peaceful breeze for a while now, thus the sea was very calm. The horizon was clearly visible. Fishermen had started landing the fish. It's going to be kembong season. Wind-and-rain-wise, the monsoon had ended.

Jan 6 Fri 12 J-Akhir 1444H, SB home weekend, at night, tumpang buddy, Hafis, to-and-fro Putrajaya-ward. The next day, Jan 7 Sat 13 J-Akhir 1444H, ank-cu2 gathered for a kari-kepala-ikan. Ruby, Malini, Muzani, et al, and the 3-beradik made it through the night. Others could not make it.

Jan 8 Sun 14 J-Akhir 1444H, DRVTGG in TAV with NA. The traffic was clear, even in BTS, by virtue of Sun, not that a done-construction. But quite a constipation happened on climbing to the terowong by an army heavy equipment convoi with one of them had a broke down. The weather was fine, cloudy though. However it was wet in the east coast. Apparently Trg was in rainy days. Many areas were seen submerged. Noted that at night SB returned to Ayer Keroh with the same buddy.

Jan 10 Tue 16 J-Akhir 1444H, DRV-BESUT, the main matters was NA's in Jjabat Tanah. It was a fine weather in north-ward. Passing UNIZA BESUT in Tembila. The matters in Jjabat Tanah was short. Thus took to strolling up to Kuala Besut, even crossing the border to Tok Bali. The last time I passed this route was in 2013 Jan to Tok Aman for my last Uniza W-shop before conceded in 2014 Feb. Coasting homeward, drop-ed in pekan Jerteh for Serindit and other kitchen accs, before back to W-Tengah, in time before asar.

Sunshine at Last, Homeward Bound

Dated: 2023 Jan 28 Sat 6 Rejab 1444H

Inching 2023, Jan 16-31 covid, arbitrarily assigned was MCO-F5-21, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es. The SOP of face-masking had died down, and was purely of personal choice. The img of newly painted covid variety, originated from where else was slow to get the public awareness.

Jan 18 Wed 24 J-Akhir 1444H, braising for DRVKUL. Finalising however small the matters were. The next DRVTGG would be 3-4 weeks time. In the back yard, having some banana-fare.

Jan 19 Thu 25 J-Akhir 1444H, DRVKUL. Traffic-wise, it was favorable. TRG was wet when we left, but getting brighter westward.

Jan 20 Fri 26 J-Akhir 1444H Centrum. Preparing the house for NGEKOH. SB home weekend from Fri evening. The mowing proceeded Jan 21-22. Ngekoh rumah Dr Abdullah in Pandan Indah, Jan 22 Sun, 5-beranok joined.

Jan 23 Mon 29 J-Akhir 1444H NGEKOH AYNAN ZIDNI. To begin with, the weather was our rezeki, judging from the fact that the day before, it was a rainy day. It was a sunny day, but immediately after the occasion, when all guests had left, it was a downfall. An 80-pax catering, but we stood by the addendum more than that. The last guest2 were that of AWI MOK TEH PAH 4-beranak, Jan 24 Tue, arriving after we 3-beranak returned from UKM Kesihatan Princint-15 for the MANING-vax. With him being a mutawwif of Rayhar, it was a blessing that more info were extracted of the current being in the Haramains.

Jan 16 Mon 22 J-Akhir 1444H, DRV-BESUT again. A viewing of the calm-blue sea in Penarik-Rhu10 on the way, to-and-fro. Passing UNIZA, and dropped for some keledek. Accompany-ed NA in following up of the M230110-440617H Tue matter, in the same place Jjabat Tanah Kg Raja. In mid-day, an ayam-goreng Sumatera rendv with Roslan, Dr Abdullah, both from UNIZA BESUT. And a popping up in Padang Luas for the final legal matter, P-Rimau to hi the pisang, and P-Panjang to see the fate of the sunken doyan, skipping T-Bugis. A Mastura treat in Jabi on the way home. And home in W-Tengah before dark.

Jan 17 Tue 23 J-Akhir 1444H, another rendv, joining Dr Abdullah joining CG Jamil, for a b-fast in W-Beruas, next to TFZ TAYAR, where once NA and I had been. The final accomplishment in Jjabat Tanah K Nerus, the GERAN of TJHOME was eventually settled for good wrt ketuanpunyaan.

Ziarah Tanah Suci Haramain

Dated: 2023 Feb 15 Wed 24 Rejab 1444H

Inching 2023, Feb 1-15 covid, arbitrarily assigned was MCO-F5-22, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es. The SOP of face-masking had died down, and was purely of personal choice, perhaps had returned to previous pre-covid.

Feb 2 Thu 11 Rejab 1444H, the bus took to Makkah in the afternoon. Miqat, asar in Bir Ali. A stop in an RR for garib-iser. After a 9h drv crossing the stony desert, by night, Makkah clock tower was visible. Arrived in the Masjid Haram for the first umrah, and for Jumaat the next day. Stayed in Olayan Hotel for the days with the Kaabah.

Feb 7 Tue 16 Rejab 1444H, the returned journey was by Jeddah Airport. Left Makkah Feb 7 afternoon, by bus to Jeddah. A stop in MASJID QISAS for asar. Then the PORT MALLS for GARIB-ISER. And at the very day of Feb 8, on MH158-JED-KUL. Landed in KL, Feb 8 Wed 1529, to the waiting of CB, Muzani, and Ruby. Home by 1821.

Jan 29 Sun 7 Rejab 1444H, In KLIA, all ank-cu2, xcept Farhan and Munif were sending off, in making a visit to Haramain, for the 2nd time, taking along SB, who was left behind in 2016 solace because he was in Germany. Got into the jemaah of ca 44 of SAMA TRAVEL, picked up by NA with the Mutawif Ust Ahmad Shahranie. The pekes started with MH158KUL-MED1525-1950 Jan 29 Sun 7 Rejab 1444H. A coach trip MED-MAK Feb 2 Thu 11 Rejab 1444H 1457-2300, and MAK-JED Feb 7 Tue 16 Rejab 1444H, thus making ca 5d-Med-6d-MAK, travelling on land at night. Stayed in Grand Plaza Madinah around Masjid Nabawi for ca 4 d, till Feb 2 Thu afternoon. It was a blessed stay in Madinah. And back in KUL Feb 8 Wed 17 Rejab 1444H on MH157 JED-KUL 0110-1510.

In Madinah I skipped the UHUD TRIP Jan 31 Tue 9 Rejab. And in Makkah I skipped the THAIF TRIP Feb 5 Sun 14 Rejab. The former would have been a repeat, but the latter, I was too tired with the needed TAWAF since Thaif is now considered a distant place. SB was on in both cases. The ziarah that I did not skip in Makkah was the ARAFAH Feb 4 Sat 13 Rejab 1444H.

A lot of people were visiting Tanah Haram. In Masjid Nabawi, all outside area were full during solat. Mobile boxes were made to separate Hajah from Haji. The back of Masjid Nabawi was a place always full of people. The focus of Masjid Nabawi, the RAUDAH was accessible only from the back. In Makkah the tawaf on the Mataf was allowed only for Jemaah with the ihram. And no wheel chair allowed.

Feb 13 Mon 22 Rejab 1444H, with a little choice, took NA, SB to Hospital Putrajaya to diagnose the batok, as suggested by the clinic in Sg Merab. On submitting, the case was said to be for the emergency unit. In the unit it was said that the case was not serious. Ended up in Kelinik Kesihatan Precint-9, with a verdict that it was just a common unwell condition, common among current Umrah returnees. Noted that the clinic was swarmed with outpatients.

Homeward Bound

Dated: 2023 Feb 28 Tue 7 Shakban 1444H

Inching 2023, Feb 16-28 covid, arbitrarily assigned was MCO-F5-23, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es. The SOP of face-masking had died down, and was purely of personal choice.

Feb 19 Sun 28 Rejab 1444H, judging by the fine weather, it should be some landings. Unfortunately, NO. Perhaps every one was still in the leave mood of yesterday Feb 18 Sat TRG BREAK of Israk-Mikraj which was forward-replaced today Feb 19. And throughout the week, the landing were scarce. On the land stalls however, the availability was never insufficient.

Feb 25 Sat 4 Shakban 1444H, a visit to HIJRA, Jln Semarak, to confirm by X-ray, that it was the muscle, not the joint that kept on knocking the leg. The Doc talked about the glucoseamine, and the hyaluronic acid, derived from the sea-life, which reminded me of our dear chitosan which was left in UKM since my retirement in 2007.

Feb 17 Fri 26 Rejab 1444H, DRVTGG in TAV with NA. Weather and traffic were all favourable. It was bright on the west of Titiwangsa, but rather cloudy on the east. And in fact some rain in the east coast. Arrived in the evening. Noted how neglected was the backyard, since the rainy season in Nov last year 2022. At night, with NA, smayang garib in Masjid Telipot, and iser in Masjid Tok Jembal. Weaving in between with r-canai depan PGA.

Feb 18 Sat 27 Rejab 1444H, DRV-JERTEH for the first engagement. It was a NGEKOH of cu2 Abg Murad in Padang Luas. It was a swift DRV nearly at noon just for that except a peek in the MALLS for SERINDIT, and a few road side buying. It was a favourable weather. Hala balik lalu Tembila to avoid the congestion due to resurfacing in Tok Dor.

While in TRG, both W-Tengah and Tok Jembal had the lawn mow-ed off the tall and thick growth since late 2022 rainy season. In the former the growth was so thick that a metal blade had to be used through out. Hi-ing Kamal, Mokhtar, while updating.

Ending Feb, the sea was rather choppy and windy. The landing then was all the time unpromised. A few days of calm did not make them determined to go out. Nonetheless the stalls on land were never short of supply for consumption.

Blossom 2.0

Dated: 2023 Mar 15 Wed 22 Shakban 1444H

Dipping deeper into 2023, Mar 1-15 covid, was arbitrarily assigned MCO-F5-24, topping the previous measures of COVID-MCO-es. Many days in the past periods, there was zero-death in the country. But every where the virus was still around. TRG appeared left with just the recovering remnants. Regrettably however the data update last ticking was Mar 11 Sat 18 Shakban 1444H.

Mar 2 Thu 9 Shakban 1444H, DRV-SETIU with NA for her routine with Nasaee. Just noted the landmarks on the way to-and-fro. It was a cloudy, windy, light drizzling morning.

Mar 4 Sat 11 Shakban 1444H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. It was cloudy in the east with intermittent light drizzling. But in the west it was dry, although not sunny. The traffic was light. In KL too, except as always in BTS, which may cover all this year 2023. After topping up TnG, reminisce-ing that we drove twice a month KUL-TGG, 100rm each passing on LPT1-LPT2-etc, to-and-fro, making an annual 'fee' of 2400rm. When I was alone, the LPT that I 'rent' was KL-Karak, and Gambang-Jabor only.

Mar 9 Thu 16 Shakban 1444H, in Malakat Cyber 4-beranak to replenish the kitchen. Singgah makan in Pr-9 Food Court, it wasn't a great one, but then it was mid-day, just like we were 3-beranak on Feb 13 Mon. Mar 10 Fri 17 Shakban 1444H, SB was HOME WEEKEND, as I always encourage. And returned-DRV to Ayer Keroh the very first thing in the morning Mar 13 Mon 20 Shakban 1444H.

Mar 5 Sun 12 Shakban 1444H, A KEK-ING gathering for the Feb-Mar with quite a deficient in number. But the most was the re-blossom-ing of MAWAR MERAH at the same site, a replanting from a genre of the original. Or rather Blossom 2.0.

Ramadan 1444H-2023

Dated: 2023 Mar 31 Fri 9 Ramadan 1444H

Mar 16-31 covid, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es was MCO-F5-25, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. The SOP of face-masking had died down, but consistent of personal choice. MOH no longer published daily data, instead, weekly. The last daily was Mac 11 Sat. Then every Sat.

Mar 18 Sat 25 Shakban 1444H, MALINI hosted an event in a cafe in Sect-9 BANGI. It was the launching of her travelog to Makkah in 2019. LABBAIKALALLAH. Attended were adik-beradik, ank-beranak of both side, and her close friends of TKC and CANTAB. All adik-beradik were in, except RUBY who was with USIM in Gambang, but EDI et ank2 were in. Along-Mok-Mah-2-beradik-ank-beranak were in. Started with makan2. Then pelancaran. Zidni MC-ed, INTAN-et-ank2 were not in. Muzani et al, NIZA partly captured the event proceeding. Hanif baca doa. Malini introduced, and, preceded with a short talk about writing-archiving, I CUT THE BELON, preceded-immediately by giving Malini a bakul buah NA prepared, and delivered by ASRI. The passage reading in various languages by ank-beranak. Hasif-English, Munif-Mandarin, Alya-Korean, SB-German, ankSedara-Arabic, Wazif-Malay, Afifah-Japanese. Seated with SHAM, CG ROS, and LIN-HUBY Malini's Cambridge buddy. Other Malini's buddy's were of TKC. Moya a Math UKM lecturer, and ank-Derohman-Kadet.

While CB-ASRI were available, the G-STORE DOOR of WT-Home was fitted, Mar 21 Tue 28 Shakban 1444H. It was not a hard work, but messy since some modifications were needed. CB used to help in fitting the doors and windows of the HOME W-TENGAH during its finishing in 2014. And NA arranged for a booking in the afternoon of some KEMBONG fresh from the sea.

Mar 23 Thu 1 RAMADAN 1444H, RAMADAN 1444H-2023 commenced while we were in W-Tengah home, 4-beranak with CB, ASRI. Visited PKB seeing the scrambling for a few fish. Auditing TJHOME for the leave. Visiting Batu-6 for the iftar meals.

Mar 26 Sun 4 Ramadan1444H, SNR, re-dropping for zohor-asar, after quite a while not being there while in Sg Merab. Noted neighbouring UKM x-colleagues in the jemaah, all were so academic in their retirement, just like when they were in service, all in a great hurry to get a promotion. Noted also that SNR was in a state of the call for contribution was no longer a regular.

Mar 20 Mon 27 Shakban 1444H, DRVTGG, in TAV, 4-beranak with CB, ASRI. SB preceded, DRV-A-Keroh at dawn. He was home since Mar 17 Fri night. Alya et al arrived from JB in the wee hr of Mar 18 Sat, and left Mar 19 Sun afternoon. Sg Merab home was thus unattended for several days. Both traffic and weather were favourable. The former perhaps was in braising for the Ramadan 1444H to start on Thu. At the same time, today was the first day school of 2023 session, which would over flow to early 2024, as of last year. TRG was cloudy, but judging by the roadside grasses, it was rather hot rainless in the afternoon.

Mar 22 Wed 29 Shakban 1444H, DRV-JERTEH, NA's pre-Ramadan home-ing, 4-beranak in TAV. Basically seeing, viewing with key words. Serindit, ayam-gerpek, P-Panjang, T-Bugis, P-Rimau. In P-PANJANG, the two doyan were hardly surviving, sunken during the flash flood last Dec. In Tok Bugis, the KUNYIT appeared survived. The KELAT tha I planted surprised in giving the jantung, Nonetheless, no buddies could be seen at the stump for the propagation. The cashew survived with difficulty. In P-Rimau, the two junior KELAT were growing well, amid in the tall grass. The senior cluster appeared pausing to produce even though they were all very mature. Home in time to procure some meals for sahur in W-Tengah bazaar.

Mar 25 Sat 3 Ramadan1444H, DRVKUL in TAV 4-beranak, to give ample time to ASRI for his new sem lecture on Mar 27 Mon 5 Ramadan1444H. Noted other ank2 were busy with their ank2 new school day of 2023/24 session, including AIDAH to be in MRSM ATM, BERA. Out of curiosity, took the beach road up to Kerteh-Kemasik, before taking LPT2 and onward. It was a fine weather, with a light skirmish when approaching Titiwangsa. The traffic too, including, surprisingly, in BTS before Sg Besi. Arrived home in Sg Merab ca half an hr before iftar, ready with the meals ex-Tenera bazaar we stopped by. It was a slight drizzling in Tenera.

Mar 30 Thu 8 Ramadan1444H, a typical visit to dental clinic, in Kajang, the clinic I patron since residing in Bangi in 1980's. The clinic had not changed since then, but the attending Dr changed many times, with the owner himself appeared to have retired since the covid blip in 2021.

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