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Dated: 2024 Jan 15 Mon 3 Rejab 1445H

2024 Jan 1-15 covid, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, was MCO-F5-44, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Sporadic splashing of warning that the cases were increasing. And ostensibly the distant sound of taking a booster.

Jan 9 Tue 27 J-Akhir 1445H, DRVTGG in TAV with NA, passing Chukai. Traffic was fine, weather was so-so during this still-monsoon. Cloudy in west coast, getting brighter in the east coast but with quite a sunken low land. From Chukai, took the coastal route to KT. The eventual stop was BBurok RAHSIA for an FnC. Home in WTengah at sun-set.

Jan 10 Wed 28 J-Akhir 1445H, commence-ing the tasks, started with NAJWA's et al visit in W-Tengah to sign-witness her marriage application, for 2-beradik. A visit to the HIGH COURT MALAYA in bandar assisting NA in filing of the docs for the TEREKOH of CHE LOH. On the passing drive noted the quiet-ness of both fish-landing beach of PKB and PTJ even though the weather was fine and the sea was calm. A drop by in TJHOME, noting the need for a mowing, as much as in W-Tengah, the usual post-raining season.

Jan 12 Fri 30 J-Akhir 1445H, in a rare Fri routine, DRV-JERTEH. Post rainy season. All tasks accomplished. Jemaat in Masjid An-Nur, perhaps the 2nd, or 3rd, since having a relation in P-Panjang. More to anticipate in the coming season. The kelat in P-Rimau was well reigning. Basically a tandan was always available all the time sofar. A NYIOR was added, the seed acquired from POK HRUN from last visit with SB in Sepetir. Many ntior were added before the pagar was erected, but all were menaced by the feral. One UNIZA MK survived in P-PANJANG, the indok, hoping to raise together with one in T-BUGIS.

Jan 14 Sun 2 Rejab 1445H, braising for DRVKUL. W-Tengah was tended to the tidy-ing since the rainy season is receding. The tall grass, and the thick lalang which enjoyed themselves in growing during recent rainy season. Ruby-4-beranak dropped by during their impromptu balik-TRG in the weekend. A visit to Zali MokTehPah in Padang Lanas, Jan 15 Mon 3 Rejab 1445H. Took setandan nyior pandan muda, buat ubat, he offered last Sat.

Jan 1 Mon 19 J-Akhir 1445H, new year 2024 at home in SG MERAB, 5-beranak. NA, CB, SB, and ASRI. SB was finishing his annual break. It was a Malaysia break in Selangor, but not in TRG. The days were just like on the run ways for taking off into the 2024 trip. A lull of weather from daily-evening shower, a chance for a short mowing especially at the immediate back. SB DRV-iKEROH Jan 2 Tue 20 J-Akhir 1445H, to back for the home weekend Jan 5-8. On the same day those six DDA-s in Sg Merab gathered in Diamond to SSUPOH to help PokShang sort the terekoh matter in TRG. A quick visit to Mydin Diplomatic Jan 3 Wed 21 J-Akhir 1445H for critical kitchen sundries. Jan 6 Sat 24 J-Akhir 1445H another randv in An-Nur Sect-9 for an allergic test. The results was interesting. A very minimum allergy potent, but a possible culprit appeared to be in the yeast. The contaminant candida, or the like, or perhaps the yeast itself. A quick google-ing exposed the current quest to pierce kitosan chain into the cell wall of candida.

Noted that the weather and the sea were already in favour of fishing, but the beach of PKB and PTJ were still deserted. With that, Jan 11 Thu 29 J-Akhir 1445H, resorted to land-fishing which was plentiful. At least for domestic purposes.

Jan 13 Sat 1 Rejab 1445H, a walimah of Asmariah-Marzuki Abg Wi in Dewan Serbaguna Losong Atap Zain, of the wedding of their #2son. Met many paternal relatives, who were the biggest chunk of the guests. Ostensibly, only sepupu-level were acquainted. And some of their children who were close since their child days. Especially noted however the presence of my father's every sibling's.

Home-ing by the Beach Route

Dated: 2024 Jan 31 Wed 19 Rejab 1445H

2024 Jan 16-31 covid, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, was MCO-F5-45, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. The weekly data update was rather lag-ing. The face-masking was almost entirely on personal choice, but from time to time we were reminded of its goodness.

Jan 21 Sun 9 Rejab 1445H was the passing of ALONG ABOH (d240121), the 4th of the cluster, proceeding his mother MOKMAH (d230927), proceeding BEDUL (d200403) the BIL, proceeding ABOH (d120630), all were makam-ed in Sg Merab. Noted in Masjid Sg Merab, the younger generation who would probably get detached from TRG base origin.

Jan 16 Tue 4 Rejab 1445H, setting up the leave mode for DRVKUL. Perhaps the most was the Pintu-3 keys set to restore the security from the misplaced set.

Jan 18 Thu 6 Rejab 1445H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA, skipping LPT2 to the beach route, including the Telok Lipat beach road, as well as Bukit Kijal old road. Slowing down in Kemaman vic, including in Kuala Kemaman for some sundries. It was a fine weather, and a clean traffic, even in KL, the heaviest perhaps was on reaching home. An ETA of 1830 was perfectly accurate.

DOUBLE DAYS in KUL. Jan 19-20 Fri-Sat 7-8 Rejab 1445H, the first NA's meeting for the pertandingan penghujahan in the afternoon after jumaat. Took her with CB. Lingered in the ANJUNG BUKU while waiting. The second in the morning in the Majlis Peguam HQ. In both trips noted KUL at a close distance in the vic of Jalan Istana to Leboh Pasar.

Jan 25 Thu 13 Rejab 1445H, ASRI joined IUKL team of School Motivation to SMK Sungai Besar, returning Fri, just like last year, in Bagan Datok. ALYA-3-beranak arrived from JB for the weekend on the early hr Fri. And similarly SB in the late day from iKeroh. Ending the Jan 26 Fri 14 Rejab 1445H with makan2 among ank-cu2 at night. A getting into a homecoming of one pcs sans a few, but it was too dark at night to freeze the moment. Alya DRV-JB the next day Jan 27 Sat 15 Rejab 1445H afternoon. And SB, DRV-iKEROH on Jan 28 Sun 16 Rejab 1445H at iser time.

An Array of Events

Dated: 2024 Feb 15 Thu 5 Shakban 1445H

2024 Feb 1-15 covid, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, was MCO-F5-46, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Currently, sporadic splashing of warning even by the authorities.

Feb 2 Fri 21 Rejab 1445H, a peek in TXas Chiken CTex P-8 Putrajaya, NA seeing an acquaintance. Noted on returned the rear-right door window-pane was retak-1000, appeared like being hit by a stone, but unknown source while parking at the Caltex. NA's hp with Kurnia took us to the panel nearby the Kurnia office in Jalan Semenyih, and was done by the evening. SB arrived at the sun set on his routine home weekend. ASRI was taken to IUKL to join the bus ride of IUKL study tour to Hatnyai-Songkhla, SE-Thailand, something similar to his trip when he was in F3 SMK-J2, 2015 Jun. The return schedule was Feb 5 Mon 24 Rejab 1445H, to arrive at night.

Feb 4 Sun 23 Rejab 1445H, A mission day, and all were accomplished. Started in Kubur Gong Batu Buruk attending pekebumian the zaujah of Hj Mad Tok Mulu, my 1y senior in Padang Midin who started the Alumni Padang Midin for SPM 1967-68. Procured the terekoh doc of Che Lloh. Which afterwards straight to High Court, and successfully e-filed. Moving on to CIM-B for NA to deal with an account of a late colleague, on behalf of B-Council. In moving in the vic, noted the all brand-new KEDAI PAYANG but not fully in operation. Especially noted the newly re-erected JAM BESAR.

Feb 5 Mon 24 Rejab 1445H, went out fishing. Perhaps the landing was normal for quite a while already, perhaps since I was in KL. The rain had stopped, the sea was so calm. Monsoon would not come again until Nov.

Feb 11 Sun 1 SHAKBAN 1445H, a double walimah. One in the early afternoon, of Bukhari Hamid, a UKM grad of my pre-retirement era who turned Lab supplier especially in UMT. It was in Ngabang Telung, close to the POKALI's fish stall where I frequented when the landing was scarse. And next, after zohor, that of Patihah Patimah in Ru Renggeh, berdering Cenering. The Bandar was seen on the crossing, including a peek in Sabasun for some kitchen sundries. At near sunset, CB-SB-ASRI arrived from Sg Merab in BKD to join ANI's walimah on Feb 17 Sat.

Feb 15 Thu 5 Shakban 1445H, ank2 started arriving to attend their mok-sedara TEH ANI walimah of double wedding on Feb 17 Sat in Payang Scout Hotel. The first to arrive was ALYA ET AL, ca 1000 ex-JB. And settled through the night, including a frolic at the beach with CB and ASRI. SB skipped to Marang. The rest of the ank-cu2 would arrived earliest by the evening of Feb 16 Fri.

Feb1 Thu 20 Rejab 1445H, visited TH in the LOTA VIC. Noted the many visitors, present and new, old and young depositors. It took ca 1-3q hr from arrival 1150 to conclude a withdrawal matter at 1337 in just 1 min which needed only a thumb ic-verification, and a thumb-print receipt. The Q was not impressive at all with the FED TERRITORY dwellwers on break-day, but the mechanism was fascinating, no question asked, unlike in SETIU TH the other year on the TTB matter.

Feb 3 Sat 22 Rejab 1445H, DRVTGG in TAV with NA, a mission drv at the first light of the day to reach Setiu before the canopy of Walimah of En Yusop RYP, NA's x-partner, closed off. Both weather and traffic were on our side. Drove direct to Setiu after the B-Jong toll exit. We made it with a plenty of time with us. Even home-ed in W-Tengah with still a plenty of zohor time.

Feb 6 Tue 25 Rejab 1445H, a half-day ramance in dermatology clinic of HSNZ, NA see-ing an F-dermatologist. We arrived at the appointed time of 10-am, but alas, with the so crowded FOC healthcare centre, as even in dearly private hospital, appointed time does not mean anything. Even if one deliberately miss the appointment. Nevertheless, NA made it in 1hr-50min. NA said the F-pakar kept insisting on eczema although she didn't see the spots at the peak stage. She in fact showed no interest at all about our experience on the yeast affair and the finding from Candida albican test. Currently nearly all spots had subsided, and we were confident of our finding and looking forward for a normal return. Never mind. NA was prescribed with tons of non-ingested medicine. The next date of appointment was in 3-months time in May.

NA's agony on e-filing was fixed in the evening by sitting with the Mac-HPScanner in Sepetir by editing the scanned page to A4 size, and has to be done page-wise for a multi-page doc before saving and uploaded. Combined with the Sun afternoon H-Court visit, a major task was accomplished.

Feb 10 Sat 29 Rejab 1445H, DRV-JERTEH for walimah of NA's acquaintance in Kg Raja, depan KOLEJ VOKASIONAL. Been there before, twice, once a similar walimah, and another for a makan at the cafe. Being in Jerteh, several other things were done in between. Nonetheless short of seeing the kelat in P-Rimau, and anything in T-BUGIS.

Feb 12-14 Mon-Wed 2-4 Shakban 1445H, a task in TJHOME. To complete the re-tiling of R-3, recess-ed last time, 2023, Oct end. CB-SB-ASRI were available for the whole week of CNY break Feb 11 Sun to Feb 18 Sun. It took all Mon for the lay-ing of the rest of the mosaic. And a half Tue to clean to return R-3 to its habitable state, after a visit to CELCOM to make ASRI 019 stand alone. The Wed was for the tidy-ing of the perimeter. Mow-ing and tending to the plants. The pisang clusters would be replaced in stages with the shorter viriety of serendah.

Eventful February

Dated: 2024 Feb 29 Thu 19 Shakban 1445H

2024 Feb 16-29 covid, was MCO-F5-47, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was like no more relevant.

Feb 17 Sat 7 Shakban 1445H, overseer-ed the Akad-Walimah of Ani double wedding of her #1&2daughters in Payang Scout Hotel, Telaga Batin. All ank-cu2 present, except one cu2, Munif. Stayed close to JN, a UKM-grad to the end of ijab-qabul. Break off in ca 11, went to Quinara with NA for a similar walimah of Prof Nordin of the wedding of his daughter. Resumed for the rest of the day, meeting mostly sdara-mara, many I had not met for decades. Ani practically covered all cluster of sedara-mara both maternal and paternal.

Feb 28 Wed 18 Shakban 1445H, DRVTGG, after just three full days at home in Sg Merab. The drv was an infrequent after-zohor departure, and arrived in Mok Chili just before the sun set to get the heel-spur ruptured. The rest of the LPT2 drv was at night. Fortunately the weather and traffic were on our side, that time-wise-ly all were within the bench-mark. 2 to 11, minus 2 in Mok Chili.

Feb 16 Fri 6 Shakban 1445H, ank-cu2 were arriving, started with Alya et al yesterday morning, to attend Ani's walimah of double wedding of her #1daughter, and #2daughter, Feb 17 Sat in Payang Scout Inn, Telaga Batin. Next to arrive was Zidni et al, then Malini et al. Both had dinner of laksa at night in W-Tengah. The latter menginap in TJHOME with Ruby et al who arrived later. Muzani et al who arrived much later menginap in W-Tengah. CB-SB-ASRI 3-beradik had arrived since Feb 11 Sun.

Feb 18 Sun 8 Shakban 1445H, ank-cu2 were on DRV-home masing2. My initial plan was to convoy with them, but things cropped up that NA had no alternative than staying for a couple of days more. They all started with pulut lepa b-fast in W-Tengah. Then gradually one after the other drv-KL-ward. CB-ASRI started, followed by Zidni, Malini, Ruby, Muzani, Alya. SB was with Muzani instead of with CB. Ruby stayed in TJHOME for the consequential event on Feb 20 Tue. While all were on the move, we drove to Mok Chili seeing Nasaee for the heel-spur pain. It was too painful to have all done. Back home just before sun set. Feb 19 Mon, accompany-ed NA to Jalan Sutan Omar for a lunch date with Trg Bar. A time to see the street I frequented in those KOTA years of 2007-2011.

Feb 20 Tue 10 Shakban 1445H, joined the BRIDE team of NGATOR event of Najwa in the DEWAN ORANG RAMAI TOK JEMBAL in the reception of the GROOM family of AZIMI HUSIN.

Feb 22 Thu 12 Shakban 1445H, in the High Court on the matter which hold us from convoy-ing with ank2 DRVKUL on last Feb 18 Sun. Visited Batu-6 OTW home, and as always, hi-ing USOP at his fish-stall, my boy-hood mate in Kalang Arang. And Feb 23 Fri, Makan2 in rumah Mek with Ani's two new family members.

Feb 24 Sat 14 Shakban 1445H, joined the BRIDE team of NGATOR event of Najidah in RU MUDA. The team comprised mostly Mek's, and Hah's ank-beranak, and of Umi's from Par's side. And some close buddies. It was a homely occasion in a newly opened kampong.

And on to DRVKUL, HOMEWARD. The weather was excellent in Trg-PHG. And traffic too, except in post-Temerloh road elevation construction site. However in after Gombak, the first part of MRR2 was wet, very cloudy, perhaps post-downfall. Traffic somehow was not that bad. The blotted spot was the post-Mine toll, the pig-ing feature to Sri Kembangan exit. We reached home well in the bench mark time, before dark.

Feb 27 Tue 17 Shakban 1445H, a quick visit to PASAR BANGI for common kitchen sundries. Noted the fish prices which were catching up to a half hundred. And mow-ed the rest of the perimeter, perhaps up for past Ramadan coming.

Feb 29 Thu 19 Shakban 1445H, Feb was an eventful month, mostly in Trg. Coming up Mar was about Ramadan 1445H, Mar 12 Tue. We were blessed with enough provision.

The Marching March

Dated: 2024 Mar 15 Fri 4 Ramadan 1445H

2024 Mar 1-15 covid was MCO-F5-48, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Currently, very rare warning even by the authorities.

Mar 3 Sun 22 Shakban 1445H, attended Aqiqah-Tahlil in Gelugor, that of Mek Ayh Ndut. Noted apart from the qariah, the attendees were that of Ank-beranak Ayh Ndut and Ayh. But my being there, in date-exchange with DRV-JERTEH was in memory of my mother. Apparently as verified again by Mek that her house now is on the site where TOK ITAM lived to the end of her life, I once took my mother to visit, with Azizah during BAU time, then the place was like in the middle of sawah-padi with access on batas-padi, the house on stilt, very old, she was staying alone. And Mek said she once took Tok Itam to visit my mother in Kalang Arang for a couple of days while I was not at home. My mother had many childhood anecdotes with Tok Itam during her orphan days that she preferred to keep it to herself during her adult days.

Mar 4 Mon 23 Shakban 1445H, DRV-JERTEH. The exitement was the pisang-kelat in P-RIMAU which to our shock were all damaged by viral infection. All three tandan of super-full-spec. Naturally the whole cluster-1 was infected and to be eliminated. Nonetheless mowing under toklitok in P-Rimau was a progress in the mids of an harum-manis ex-Sg Merab ex-Perlis planted and slow growth of nyior Pok Harun, and other juveniles in T-BUGIS, and P-PANJANG. MK-3 in T-Bugis survived, as well as MK-2 in P-Panjang. MK-1 was lost. We were home again just after sun-set with a limping WLU due to a broken power-steering hose.

Mar 5 Tue 24 Shakban 1445H, DRV-MARANG, with NA, for the first encounter. It was a cordial randv in charting a tangentially mutual path between us. While in the vicinity drove on into the interior of Marang. In Batangan, but failed to get some fresh dodol. In Dataran Batu Putih, perhaps just for curiosity. Nonetheless noted the cottage industry of coconut products in the proper plantation. Decided to roam through Kalang Berangan, W-Tapai, joining LPT2. Homeward.

Mar 6 Wed 25 Shakban 1445H, DRVKUL. As recently frequented, the first part is coasting the beach route, stopping in Marang bazaar for some dodol, and along the Kelulut beach for kepok. Took LPT2 in Kerteh-Kemasek entry. The weather was fine in the west coast. And traffic too in both LPT. In the west coast, the conventional congestion at spotty places, and getting more congested as S-Merab was neared. And getting wetter as well.

Mar 12 Tue 1 RAMADAN 1445H, RAMADAN 1445H set-in. We started last night Mar 11 Mon with the 1st terawih, 5-beranak. ALYA 3-beranak returned ex-JB at sahur time. And we had the 1st sahur 6-beranak, just not including Adam-s. SB was in since Fri evening. Johor, Kedah Melaka were on break of Ramadan-1. Ank-cu2 gathered for the 1st iftar, all were in except three, Aidah, Edi and Farhan. KEK-ing was included as well. The most was SB's three dates this year to be participated. Apr 13 Sat in Marang, Aug 31 Sat in Marang, and Sep 14 Sat in Sg Merab. Mar 13 Wed 2 Ramadan 1445H, ending the gathering, SB DRV-iKEROH at sun rise, and ALYA DRV-JB just before noon.

Mar 1 Fri 20 Shakban 1445H, visited Pasar Maras to replenish the kitchen for a few days. We were rather late, not much were left for choice. It happened that the spot was on the Cycling Tour circuit, thus many traffic personnels were on duty. Police, RELA, as well as MBKT who were already on standby for the routine after-bazaar.

Mar 2 Sat 21 Shakban 1445H, it's walimah again, in KUZA Dewan Perdana, that of Engku Muhammad Tajuddin, once a dean of FKI, who is a NA's KIK cluster element. Ostensibly many alumni were present, from as far as Penang, a reason NA was so excited to join. And some of KUZA staff and former staff were still around, hi-ing.

Mar 8-10 Fri-Sun 27-29 Shakban 1445H, were NA's day of the BAR PERTANDINGAN PENGHUJAHAN, the 5th in the series, hosted by UIAM, for the 2nd time, co-organised by DBP, which had . Fri past noon took NA to UIA, passing DBP, to deliver the goodies for all the participants, the Court judges, Lawyers, lecturers, as well as the student volunteers. Stayed close to the Masjid while waiting for NA. Sat at sun rise took NA again to take part in running the Pertandingan. SB who returned home yesterday Fri for the home long weekend accompany-ed. OTW home dropped by to see a long time buddy Mohd Embong in Gombak Greenwood for a minum air. It was in Batu-8, the exact road since we passed for the first time in 1967 Jan, about which ME narrated to SB. NA put up with a colleague in a homestay in Taman Melati Putra Villa of UIA vic for the Sun event. SB and ASRI were in company fetching NA from UIA on Sun late afternoon. Settled down, bracing for Ramadan 1445H.

The episode was concluded by roaming in Putrajaya. Started at Pr-9 Medan Selera, followed by a drop in the Community Recycling. Finally an ALAMANDA visit, noting the deswelling of the place even in the most of anchor outlets. The ultimate was bye-ing SELKOM for the DEEGEE, after being a long loyal customer, since Telekom prepaid time, before 019 was born, not long after moving to Sg Merab. Prepaid then did not require registration, postpaid was a luxury, a home internet line was just a dream. Of late the receding ISP became un-sensible. RM85/10G+RM32/1G+RM32/1G, a total of RM149/12G, in three SIM, to the nearest RM. The prevailing rate for RM149 was in the vic of 120G. The new option is RM40/30G+RM40/30G, making RM80/60G in two SIM. Let ASRI had his own SIM with a similar rate.

Ramadan Mubarak

Dated: 2024 Mar 31 Sun 20 Ramadan 1445H

2024 Mar 16-31 covid, was MCO-F5-49, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was like no concern any more even to the authority.

Mar 18 Mon 7 Ramadan 1445H, SB DRV-iKEROH after subuh at near sun rise. ASRI started his INTERN for 12 weeks which would comprise the Shawal, and the short sem. He opted his Alma Mater, IUKL, the Admin Office. The alternative he was offered was USIM.

Mar 24 Sun 13 Ramadan 1445H, the first undertakings by ank2 mainly #2-3-4, on the matters, the discourse starting with that of Shawal-4.

Mar 30 Sat 19 Ramadan 1445H, DRV-JERTIH, seeing the plants and trees. The heat was getting milder today, some clouds were parading. In all P-Rimau three tandan of full-spec kelat in cluster-1 were unfortunately damaged by the virus. The undergrowth however was not that bad, perhaps the heat-wave slowed them down. similarly in P-Panjang, and T-Bugis. None of the trees were seen bearing any flower at all. On the way home, it was an isolated light drizzling when we were in Jabi. And a detour to Tempinis, seeing the LAND, and thus homeward by the Tembila route. And a further detour to KUZA BAZAAR for the evening iftar meals.

Mar 16 Sat 5 Ramadan 1445H, a partial gathering of ank-cu2 for an iftar. Zidni et al and Ruby et 3-lower-ank, with SB on the home weekend. In the Kauthar vic while procuring nasi-lemak Ishak for the iftar. Noted the well-transformed of the place into a gathering place. Car-wise, Tenera Bazaar was also well-visited. Malini et al took the turn on Mar 17 Sun 6 Ramadan 1445H.

Mar 23 Sat 12 Ramadan 1445H, been with Ramadan for the first third of it, it's time to roam Bangi, but was with a mission. Landed at three places, Payang, T-Merah, and Khalifah with no accomplishment. It was noted that the shops were fully patronised with waiting-number for the turn, like in a Clinic etc. However how wise is, the notice that, a customer would be attended to for a maximum of 30-min only, considering that at current price the customer may have 10k in her purse to part with. Nonetheless in another departmental store, the stock of fabric was amazing, and we obligated to it.

Mar 25 Mon 14 Ramadan 1445H, DRV-Day. SB preceded by DRV-iKEROH after subuh. DRVTGG was after ASRI left for his 2nd-week intern. Bye-ing CB. Both traffic and weather were favourable. Refuelling in Temerloh RR, and the wash break in Kijal LB. Exited LPT at AJIL TOLL. Coasting jalan-rakyat. Attempted to have a bazaar-ing in Binjai Rendah, but at 1610, the bazaar appeared un-merry yet. Instead singgah in Ngadam Baru bazaar for the iftar meals. And again in Manir bazaar which was merry-er. Home in W-Tengah at exact ETA of six. And all were in order in W-Tengah home, except that it had been very dry since the last we left, heat-spelled, less breezy. Plants were die-ing for moisture. Even the grass took to heat-hibernated. The sea was calm, in the absence of clouds displayed all the blue-spectrum.

Mar 28 Thu 17 Ramadan 1445H, the first congregated IFTAR for this year Ramadan. It's of TRG BAR in D-Shifak, K-Ibai. Hi-ing many of NA's colleagues. To them, I'm no longer a strange figure, to some of them, related to their elders that knew me.

Mar 31 Sun 20 Ramadan 1445H, audit-ing for the leave. Started in Watiqu, paying the cukai-tanah. Audited Sepetir, and TJHOME, Harvesting betik and pisang respectively. An incident took to visit Hospital Uniza for the first time. Prof Hadi was admitted to the emergency. Unconcious. He was later transferred to KT Hospital by ambulance. In the while hp-ed both Dato Zubaidi, and Prof Nordin Simbak if they were in for a hi, but both were quiet.

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