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Reaching Shawal 1445H/2024G

Dated: 2024 Apr 15 Mon 6 Shawal 1445H

2024 Apr 1-15 covid, was MCO-F5-50, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was like no concern any more even to the authority. It seemed that quietly everyone, bottom to top, felt a dose of covid.

Apr 4 Thu 24 Ramadan 1445H, a quick visit to pasar Bangi. And then Maideng in Pr-15 to gather some accs for the Shawal Day-1 in a week time.

Apr 7 Sun 27 Ramadan 1445H, Ruby-et-al turn of iftar with us. And the next day Apr 8 Mon 28 Ramadan Malini et al turn.

Apr 10 Wed 1 SHAWAL 1445H. SHAWAL 1445H. 5-beranak were in Sg Merab, smayang in SNR. PokJo joined. Ruby et al joined, hi-ing before leaving for TRG. After mid-day, Malini et al ex-Meru, and Zidni et al ex-Kuala Selangor joined. The only visitor we had was Munirah et al. Muzani et al were in Penang since before Shawal, and Alya et al were in JB. Both would join the rendv in TRG Apr 13 Sat for a matter in Marang.

Apr 11 Thu 2 Shawal 1445H. DRVTGG in TAV with NA. CB-SB preceded in WWS. ASRI opted to stay back, he said he could not secure a leave on Fri 12. Weather-wise was favourable, although a bit hot in the east coast. A congestion was heavy on MRR2 nearing Gombak toll, apparently many had not been back yet for the Shawal. Beyond that traffic was clear. Arrived in W-Tengah home at sun set. Joined by CB-SB.

Apr 13 Sat 4 Shawal 1445H. AN EVENT IN MARANG. SB fetched Malini-Fifah ex-Darul Iman Kuza just before subuh. The fist rendv was in TJHOME for b-fast nasi-kunyit ex-Ayub. Next move was 0950, heading Marang. TAV, WWS, TTB, BLY, WWD. Lalu draw-bridge, and on. Second rendv at the destination proximity, with the waiting MAZDA, and WJB. Mek-Areh-Emi arrived in a Myvi. With that moved in for the event of this year Shawal, timed at 11. It was a pre-done deal. Done, homeward by 1245. Triton, Alza, Almera, Mazda all were heading for KUL. TAV, WWS returned W-Tengah. Malini-Fifah was sent by SB to take DARUL IMAN back to KUL at night trip. The next consequential event to follow would be Aug 31 Sat at the same place.

Apr 1 Mon 21 Ramadan 1445H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. The heat was milder for the last few days. For the last two nights, some moisture fall, wetting the top ground. Nonetheless in W-Tengah the betiks were left to mind the water by themselves after several days being dripped. NA opted to break off LPT2 at Kerteh toll for the lemang in Kijal. And thus, took LPT1 in Jabor. Weather-wise the drive and traffic were fine. Only in MRR2, the Ampang-Pandan stretch was rather slow. But the lights in Lot-10 handled a very heavy traffic.

Apr 6 Sat 26 Ramadan 1445H, in the very early hr, NA was hp-ed that Prof Hadi had passed on in KT Hospital, ca a week after being in unconscious. Apart from last Mar 31 Sun in HUNIZA, our last frolic with him was Nov 29 Wed 15 J-Awal 1445H on a DRV-KETEREH for his mission.

SB returned in the wee hr, joining us at the sahur table, his unusual home weekend routine, saying to avoid the traffic congestion on the southern PLUS KL-ward on Fri night. The return was for the Shawal break as well, through to his matter in Marang on Apr 13 Sat. Zidni et al joined the iftar.

Apr 12 Fri 3 Shawal 1445H. Alya et al arrived at wee hr ex-Melaka ex-JB putting up in W-Tengah. Muzani et al arrived a bit later ex-Penang and put up in TJHOME with Ruby et al. Noted Zidni et al had also arrived but put up somewhere in PAKA. PokJo would also be joining, most probably direct on Sat morning at the dstination. Fri in Masjid Lipot was in extra full house due to the home-coming jemaah. After jumaat went to visit Dr Jamil in J-Pusara. 4-beranak, plus Alya et al. Ank-cu2 had a Muzani spree of ngecun frolic at night in W-Tengah after a dinner of kepala-jenahak Muzani cooked. And by m-night retired to their respective homing.

Apr 14 Sun 5 Shawal 1445H CB-SB in WWS left for KUL in the wee hr. The idea was to precede the Sun congestion on proceeding the Sat congestion. They unfortunately suffered a belting problem near Bentong, 1130. Muzani came over from Bangi on bike to rescue. WWS resumed, 1638, a 5h agony in the heat, plus another ca 4h wading the congestion through Gombak toll, and MRR2. The passing peronda was helpful in providing a cone. And an advice one would not expect. Taking the car to the w-shop, perhaps by insurance if towing is covered. Contacting Kurnia Insurance was of no immediate help. Contacting tow was quick in quoting the price, but it never turn up. Luckily the online transfer was pending the tow arrive at the spot. And thus it was sincerely cancelled. The most probable hang out was no driver wanted to wade in the super-congestion, unlike during normal traffic, tow trucks were lining the road side like those hawker stalls. In the while, gave TV a post-raya wash, and a lot of water to betik.

Through One Third of the Year

Dated: 2024 Apr 30 Tue 21 Shawal 1445H

2024 Apr 16-30 covid, was MCO-F5-51, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was very quiet these days.

Apr 20 Sat 11 Shawal 1445H, B-DAY-73. It was in the middle of DRV-JERTIH, seeing NA's brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces, in Abg Jamil's place, Taman Permint Impiana, Kg Raja. NA arranged for a KEK to be delivered by one of Abg Arif's daughter to the rendv house. While in Jertih, seeing the plants in P-RIMAU, P-PANJANG, and T-BUGIS was always an excitement.

Apr 16 Tue 7 Shawal 1445H, a raya-time with Dr Abdullah, and Mohaimein in off RAHSIA.

Apr 17 Wed 8 Shawal 1445H, RAYA NAM, ziarah kubur, a home coming to Kalang Arang, seeing the land I was born, and grew up before venturing to distant school, and MELAUT. Not many contemporary kampong folks had left. Nonetheless, re-acquainted with several of their offsprings.

Apr 20 Sat 11 Shawal 1445H, DRV-JERTIH, seeing NA's brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces. And the plants in P-RIMAU, P-PANJANG, and T-BUGIS. Some flowers eventually appeared after the recent long rainy season.

Apr 22 Mon 13 Shawal 1445H, DRVKUL in TAV with NA. As recently frequent, took the beach route up to Dungun, stopping in Marang for some goodies. And some more along the Ru Muda. A snack in Che Lijah was worth a repeat. The surau break was in Kuantan LB. The weather and traffic were favourable untill crossing over the Titiwangsa. KL was very wet, traffic was not bad though on MRR2, but unreasonably congested on the Sg Besi Serdang short stretch. Homed in Sg Merab just before dark after 9h of real time drv.

Apr 24 Wed 15 Shawal 1445H, DRV-SEREMBAN for a legal matter in KPJ. It's been a long time not in this town. The last perhaps a passing in 2011-s. The most frequent was during Malini F1-F5 in TKC 1993-1997. Seremban had changed the manner other towns had changed. Even a lunch in Ampangan did not bring any reminiscence.

Apr 26 Fri 17 Shawal 1445H, ALYA arrived from JB at near subuh. And SB at near garib, after Ruby et al, Malini et al were already in. Makan2, and settled with a KEK-ing. Alya returned to JB the following Apr 27 Sat mid-day. Zidni et al, Muzani et al, completed the evening through the night for another KEK-ing. And ngecun-ing.

Apr 28 Sun 19 Shawal 1445H, NA's day of gathering her ank-sedara who stay in KL-vic. Che Lloh and Dr Abdullah Sipat et mems, especially the latter were the VIP. As well as CG Ros et ank-cu2. SB DRV-iKEROH at time to reach before m-night.

A lot had to be done post Shawal in Sg Merab, after a neglect during entire Ramadan. But at current Apr end the evening downpour had never missed.

Ending Shawal

Dated: 2024 May 15 Wed 6 Z-Kaedah 1445H

2024 May 1-15 covid, was MCO-F5-52, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was very quiet.

May 3 Fri 24 Shawal 1445H, DRVTGG with NA in TAV. Setoff early, passing Bar Council, in the heart of KUL, fetching some docs. Then Waze took to the super-elevated h-ways to Gombak toll. And onwards. The weather was fine, super-dry in TGG with a very light skirmish in Dungun LPT2. And traffic too. Home in W-Tengah after a short peek in Sepetir, as well as for zohor-asar.

May 8 Wed 29 Shawal 1445H, a DIY of garment-rack, which had failed recently to stand up by the overload. It worked as schemed. A visit to WT-Bazaar for the night meals. Noted the de-swell-ing of sellers, and thus the visitors.

May 10 Fri 1 Z-KAEDAH 1445H, a blessed RAINY DAY in TRG. It was raining since wee hr last night. A rain that would quench the thirst of trees and grasses, and cool the air a few degrees. A DRV-DUNGUN attending a b-fast gathering in the residence of Azizah, a Padang Midin acquaintance of 1965 era. Signs of blessed rain were every where along the drv to Dungun. Jumaat in TELIPOT, the smayang istisqa was carried on after jumaat. After jumaat, drove to Golf Resort, from asar in masjid Tok Jembal, misreading the event which should be Fri next week.

May 1 Wed 22 Shawal 1445H, was a Malaysia break of Hari Pekerja. It was called Hari Buruh during my school days, written in the history book, firstly celebrated May 1, 1921, in Ipoh by a group of labourers. In the while took TAV for a post-raya resuscitation for a DRVTGG. And try-ing as much to get the house perimeter shaved off. Of late at the back the ground was rather wet and marshy due to its low level catchment area.

May 4 Sat 25 Shawal 1445H, a makan2 raya, among the last of NA's colleagues, and thus not to miss it. It was in rare residential neighbourhood of Mahkamah Shariah.

May 5 Sun 26 Shawal 1445H, took WLU for the power steering hose replacement. Decidedly it was in KB TYRE. It was not a fast handling, the pomen said it may take more than a day. Left the car, get NA to fetch. Coasting in PTJ, and PKB. A feast of fish for it was late afternoon, the frenzy was over. And a nasi-ayam treat at nearby eatery. The day ended in Jalan Pusara, a dinner in rumah Dr Jamil, with some guests of NA's previous connections.

May 6 Mon 27 Shawal 1445H, an attempt to fix RZC internet in Sepetir which was down since last Sat. A w-msg with CB in Sg Merab with vid of MODEM-ROUTER, CB said it's physical disconnection. NA made several hp, but could not get the right starting person. Decided to drive to UNIFI BANDAR, J-Sutan Ismail. Did just that only to be helped to make a report. Nonetheless the vic of Stesen Bas Lama was visited. Noted for the second time, the notable JAMBAN STESEN BAS. Plus another nostalgic stop at MOKNGOH J-Sutan Omar. Also passing Bukit Tunggal, both the school SKBT, my alma mater, as well as GOK ROTI, purportedly originated from the 1960's. By the way soon when we arrived back in Sepetir, the Unifi man in two vans arrived, and in 30- min, the connection was re-established, he said at the exchange box.

May 9 Thu 30 Shawal 1445H, another makan fiesta, in TER, that of one of NA's colleagues. Preceded by a rendv in Masjid Terapong, a NA's potential client, FATIMAH, who happened to be a buddy of Dr Abdullah in SS, and a cousin of Mohd Embong. She apparently knew many of our Padan Midin 1966 bundle, including Abdullah-Zaharah. The makan fiesta in TER was elegant with foods. Many had already knew me well, and vice versa. We could stay all day if we wish. Being among loyar, a lot of matters could come out.

May 11 Sat 2 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRV-JERTEH, seeing the trees, plus other things. In P-Rimau just saw the trees. The many tandan-s of KELAT were fighting the virus. The toklitok did not show any flower at all. Hopefully it's a late bloomer. In P-Panjang, managed to mow a bit, covering mostly under the canopy of tall trees. In T-Bugis just saw the MK3. In P-Panjang, and T-Bugis the fallen bunga-derian were under every tree.

May 14 Tue 5 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRVKUL, initially by the beach route, stopping in Marang Land Office, and the town market, and beli2 along the route. Took the Kuala Dungun toll to join LPT2 and on to KUL. It was a bit of drizzling in Dungun vic, and before Gambang vic. KL was dry but cloudy. Home in Sg Merab ca 5-30, which was rather early.

A Series of Walimah

Dated: 2024 May 31 Fri 22 Z-Kaedah 1445H

2024 May 16-31 covid, was MCO-F5-53, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was rarely given attention these days.

May 16 Thu 7 Z-Kaedah 1445H, the weekend through to May 20 Mon 11 Z-Kaedah 1445H. Returned to WFV, took out the thermostat hoping the overheating would be fixed. But the engine could not be started because the battery was flat. The practical jumper was noted missing sometimes ago. May 17 Fri 8 Z-Kaedah 1445H, ALYA et al home weekend, ex-Kemaman, she said on job matters. At night SB returned ex-iKeroh for the home weekend. May 18 Sat 9 Z-Kaedah 1445H, was the peak, ank-cu2 gathered for a makan2 and as always a KEK-ing for the May-ians. Only Edi, Aidah could not make it. Preceding was a walimah in across the field En ADNAN CG FARIDAH, 5-beranak, plus Ruby et ank2. May 19 Sun 10 Z-Kaedah 1445H, ALYA et al DRV-JB first thing in the morning. And SB similarly at night, DRV-iKEROH. WFV was re-visited with a power-bank-jumper. And it started. However, the overheating was not rectified, thus reaching the limit of DIY. Tenera was also visited. Sat evening, and Sun morning for the kitchen sundries.

May 24 Fri 15 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRVTGG in TAV, 3-beranak with NA, SB, who joined ex-iKEROH, and thus we setoff after jumaat. It was in a fine weather. A rather slow moving was in MRR2, other wise all were as fine. A refreshment in PAKA RR, thus arriving home in W-Tengah at night.

May 26 Sun 17 Z-Kaedah 1445H, a brief rendv among AJK of PMIDIN-ALUMNI in off Masjid Telipot. The meeting decided to hold the RU-5 on Jun 30 Sun in Payang Cafe, Teluk Ketapang.

May 28 Tue 19 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRV-MARANG for NA's unfinished matter in the land office. OTW home, strolling along the route via draw-bridge, including a drop by in TJHOME. In WT-home, a mowing was desired, especially at the back. The receding heat-wave had prompted the grass-lallang to regrow, and very fast promoted by the morning dew.

May 31 Fri 22 Z-Kaedah 1445H, ending May, waiting for Jun, W-Tengah home needed a mowing maintenance. The occasional rain brought by angin-barat, characteristically in the late afternoon, or early evening, had revived a lot the grass and lallang. Done the mowing from the last few days. At the same time the mower itself needed some maintenance.

May 22 Wed 13 Z-Kaedah 1445H, a M-sia break of Wesak. A makan2 out 4-beranak in Hadramout, while replenishing some kitchen sundries in LOTA. The place had experienced a multitude of changes since its 1990-s prototype beginning in Bangi. Zidni et al, Malini-3beranak, and Ruby-4beranak popped in to help NA for an R-05 audit. Plus maintaining the house perimeter.

May 25 Sat 16 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRV-JERTEH for a walimah of KAKNOR of late ABGARIF of the wedding of her daughter, in SK PERMAISURI NUR ZAHIRAH. P-RIMAU was not forgotten, and a fortunate with a kelat harvest, crossing fingers that the virus damage was over.

May 27 Mon 18 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRV-JERTEH, dropped in Pasar Jerteh for some sundries. It was two walimah to attend. One of SB's COHU buddy in Taman Pelagat, and another of NA's buddy in Kg Raja. SB jumped in with his buddies drv-ing back to KUL via Gua Musang, he w-msg-ed arrived in Sg Merab at mid-night.

May 30 Thu 21 Z-Kaedah 1445H, started the day with seeing Che Abdullah and Dr Abdullah Sipat in post-2 KUZA. Followed by accompany-ing NA to Jjabat Tanah, and JPJ in bandar, with an AZ Selera Timur in between. The former was accomplished, but the latter was deferred to additional docs.

A Cooler Jun

Dated: 2024 May 15 Wed 6 Z-Kaedah 1445H

2024 Jun 1-15 covid, was MCO-F5-54, the accompany-ing FOTOTEKS-es, topping the previous COVID-MCO-es. Covid was still scary but very quiet. Perhaps worthy to note that in May it was a heat wave in TRG, killing even the toughest grass and lallang. Even wild fires were very noticeable. Ending May however, the rain began to wet the earth again. The grasses, and plants immediately sprang to life again.

Jun 1 Sat 23 Z-Kaedah 1445H, fishing in PKB. The stalls operators admitted that at the moment "ikan banyok", thus the price was rather low. Size-10 SELAR could drop to 10rm/kg. Jun 2 Sun 24 Z-Kaedah 1445H, another visit to JPJ for NA's matter, but unexpectedly not fully accomplished.

Jun 3 Mon 25 Z-Kaedah 1445H, was a M-sia break, the official BD of YDPA. We took the day to make another courtesy visit to En Abid family in Marang.

Jun 4 Tue 26 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRV-JERTIH, exclusively to P-RIMAU to tend to the KELAT cluster during this post heat-wave. A corridor connecting the clusters were successfully mowed. A tandan was harvested in reward.

Initial things to do in Sg Merab were arrayed. Jun 7 Fri 29 Z-Kaedah 1445H, a visit to printing facility in Teras Jernang to make the agreement copy available. In the evening after a hair cut in Jln-6, an impromptu hp to rendv by Roslan. We met in the Bestari. We were then hi-ed by Jumat. At night with SB returned for his home weekend, went to have a makan2 in Pinggiran Putra on the opening of Chengkih Kopitiam, Malini's tenant. ASRI could not make it, but he was with his colleagues bidding a farewell for the last day of his intern in IUKL. His nest semester, final semester, would be in two weeks time. Jun 8 Sat 1 Z-Hijjah 1445H, went to Cheras Baru, on site of tenancy matters. When done, singgah LOTUS of TAMAN MIDAH. We've been here once before when it was a MACRO, didn'nt bother when it was a TESCO XTRA. Morning PASAR TANI TENERA was visited the following day Jun 9 Sun 2 Z-Hijjah 1445H, especially for the roti. Mowing was resumed from Jun 10 Mon 3 Z-Hijjah 1445H covering the eastern-frontal, which might become a Raya Haji accompaniment.

Bracing for Raya Haji 1445H (2024G), to be on Jun 17 Mon. Jun 12 Wed 5 Z-Hijjah 1445H, visiting Mydin in Pricint-15 for the kitchen sundries. OTW home singgah HAYAT POLO in the vic for a kandar treat. Jun 14 Fri 7 Z-Hijjah 1445H, SB returned for the home weekend, to extend through Raya Haji. Alya 3-beranak from JB to arrive Jun 16 Sun 9 Z-Hijjah 1445H. In the while completed the mowing in the orchard, weaving between the alternate-ing evening downfall. Noted the NYIOR at the back had been poking out a SELUDANG. Hopefully it lasted to a tandan-sulong. The nyior was planted by Muzani ca 2017 Nov.

Jun 6 Thu 28 Z-Kaedah 1445H, DRVKUL. Setoff rather early, took LPT2 directly, and it was rather express. Only one break, in PAKA for a refreshment, washroom, and refuelling. Weather-wise was fine. Cloudy with smoky sky in the east coast, plus some very light drizzling in the wet area of Dungun-Kemaman. The smoky sky extended to LPT1, through to KL, but a slight drizzling on home-ing in Sg Merab. Traffic-wise it was superb, including in MRR2. We made the bench-mark, arrived in Sg Merab at 3, one of the rare arrival time.

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