Previous Unloads:

1991 May: A Visit to Langkawi, the Land of Mahsuri

1991 Aug: Study tour to Medan, Indonesia

1994 May: First Asia Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium (APCCS)

1995 Dec: Revisiting SAS

1997 Dec: Rally Nationwide Vision

1998 Apr MOU and Launching of Chito-Chem (M) Sdn Bhd

1999 Sep: The Officiation of Smart Technology Centre, UKM

1999 Sep 23: A Week on Leave

1999 Dec: Study Tour to Taiwan

2000 Jul: A MiniReunion of Class of 66

2000 Dec: Just An Unlucky Day

2001 Jul: 29th Covocation of UKM

2001 Dec: Digging Deep Into the Root: SKBT Revisited

2002 Sep: A Consequential Events from Feb 2002

2003 Apr: Reminiscing the Little Boy

2003 Nov: Reunion of Class of 66

2004 May: Cameron Highland Revisited

2004 Jul: In the Heart of Two Cities

2005 Jan: SAS Re-revisited

2005 Jan: Seri Puteri Eventually Visited

2005 Apr: In the Backyard (and Frontyard)

2005 Nov: Jalan Hale Revisited

2006 May: Kenyir, Here I Come

2006 Jun: Bidong Revisited

Bidong Revisited, Jun 2006

Bidong Pre-2000

An Old Man and the Sea, 2008 May

Receding from the Sea, 2010 April 25

The last visit was in 2000; it was a long pause since then after the fateful Dec. 2006 Jun 3-5 Sat-Mon, was the revisit.

The 'Fishermen'

My #6 and #7 by then have 'grown up' enough to join #3 and #4 in the 'mission': that we have the sea-goer blood; #8 perhaps have to wait for another 5 years.

The vessel docked at the LKIM dry jetty very close to where we parked.

My juragam, a new entry but quite skillful; and his able seaman, the one everyone can rely on including the juragam; the latter two sons; five of us. That made nine in the vessel. Bedtime would be rather squeezy. It would be fine if no downfall in the middle of the night;

Leaving Nerus the river in which I grew up like I was a fish. To Terengganu river;

Heading for the mouth of Terengganu river, out to the open sea, the South China Sea;

Leaving the land, and fresh water of the river. (Right pic) A fascinating clear boundary between the sea water (top area) and the river water (lower area): that two were known to never mix;

Bidong was still in the welcoming mood. So, initially strolling around the Yu Besar, Yu Kecil and Geluk. Then from there to the man-made 'corals' towards the south east. Never mind the Redang and the Lang which were made 'marine parks'. Next time, perhaps.

Ready for action;

The first overnight was between Bidong and Yu Kecil. The sea was rather stormy, choppy water, in the evening. But calmed when the night moved deeper into the wee hours. Every one was in deep sleep till dawn. The second overnight was on the artificial coral further southward but nearer to the homebound route. It was a real fun here with a good variety of coral fishes;
The catches in the order of surfacing;
kerapu putih bayan jebong mulut jebong kurau bawal batu kerisi kerapu snaper35 bbarat celoreng sotong

#8 wish for a jerung was fullfilled;

Dated Jun, 2006