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2004 May: Cameron Highland Revisited

Cameron Highland Revisited (Dated: May 2004)

My ever visit to Cameron Highland was in 1970 as our last trip we made before STP 1970 set in; it was on Saturday, October 10, organised by English Soc. It was a two-days trip. We put up in Sultan Ahmad Shah School (class-room), Tanah Rata for the night. On returning the next day, Sunday, we stopped at Templer Park for a breeze of "green" air. My memory carved a few things. The road to Cameron Highland was worse than the Gombak - Bentong through Bukit Tinggi, the one I passed every time I made the KT-KL jouney. It was very cold at night and in the early morning during our stay in the school classroom. And during the Boh Tea visit, it was a hell lot of problem to make the bus to u-turn when we made a wrong entry to the plantation. Every one helped Abang Shaari, the driver, to guide for the invisivle hard shoulder.

In Ringlet, October 10, 1970.

At Boh Tea Plantation, October 10, 1970. (L to R) Front row: Anon, Hakim Borhan, Mumtaz, Mohamad Yaakob, Azmi Md Nor. Back row: Aziz Dollah, Alias Yusof, Zamani Asnain, Izzudin Hamzah, Mat Zakaria. We were up to Tanah Rata only. CheGu Shahriza (in his car) told us that in Brinchang, it was a lot of flies, so we did not climb to it.

In Sultan Ahmad Shah School, Tanah Rata, October 11, 1970. (L to R) Md Jelas, Mat Zakaria, Mumtaz, Abang Shaari (bus driver), Alias Yusof.

In Templer Park,
October 11, 1970. (L to R) Alias Yusof, Mat Zakaria, Azmi Md Nor, Md Jelas, Hakim Borhan, Mohamad Yaakob.

In May 2004, my kids sort of bundled me up and took me to the place again to frolic with them. However, I did not have the chance to see the place I had visited; apart from the Ringlet, the first town we see as we left Perak from Tapah, entering the border with Pahang. The same windy road (that sicked my younger boys). We returned from Brincang to Kg Raja through the new better and more straight road to Simpang Pulai.