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1991 May: A Visit to Langkawi, the Land of Mahsuri

1991 Aug: Study tour to Medan, Indonesia

1994 May: First Asia Pacific Chitin and Chitosan Symposium (APCCS)

1995 Dec: Revisiting SAS

1997 Dec: Rally Nationwide Vision

1998 Apr MOU and Launching of Chito-Chem (M) Sdn Bhd

1999 Sep: The Officiation of Smart Technology Centre, UKM

1999 Sep 23: A Week on Leave

1999 Dec: Study Tour to Taiwan

2000 Jul: A MiniReunion of Class of 66

2000 Dec: Just An Unlucky Day

2001 Jul: 29th Covocation of UKM

2001 Dec: Digging Deep Into the Root: SKBT Revisited

2002 Sep: A Consequential Events from Feb 2002

2003 Apr: Reminiscing the Little Boy

2003 Nov: Reunion of Class of 66

2004 May: Cameron Highland Revisited

2004 Jul: In the Heart of Two Cities

2005 Jan: SAS Re-revisited

2005 Jan: Seri Puteri Eventually Visited

Seri Puteri Visited (Dated: Jan 2005)                 MORE here
Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP) exist in early 1970's, as the girls' congener to Sekolah Alam Shah (SAS). Its maiden name was Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kolam Air (SMKKA), because of its location in Jalan Kolam Air in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Its metamorphosis completed in 1972 when the school imboarded the sixth former, (and later became one of UKM's Matriculation sites). Before that, the girls studied in SAS, and stayed in Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. For many years SSP was an adorable sister of SAS.
My first vibration of SMKKA was in 1970 Apr when a good number of girls registered in SAS's lower-sixth form (both science and arts), many of them were fifth former in SMKKA the year before. Then Mar 21 Sat a visit by 60 of its fifth formers (the HG who chiefed the "mission" was Norilam Ramli). The visit had spilt a drag, an anacdote at a time, through the years to the cold winter of 1974 and early 1975. The handful of girls in SAS, to my time 1970, were from Kolam Air. To date I had been to SMK Kolam Air only once, in 1973 Jul 15 Sun, with fellow student Sukiman Sarmani for the UKM Science Student Society giving a talk on something science and us. In the 80's SMKKA was renamed Sekolah Seri Puteri (SSP).

My biology teacher in SAS, CheGu Aminah, was the SSP Principal and she retired from there in late 1990's.
Like brother SAS, SSP "suffered" similar traumatic migration of soul and being, in 2003, but to Cyberjaya, the "sister" of Putrajaya. The body that was left in Kolam Air was reformed into Sekolah Menengah Sains Seri Puteri (SMSSP), just like that had happened to SAS. 2005 Jan was my second visit, but not a revisit, to the original SSP which is SMSSP in Jalam Kolam Air, the SSP I knew. I took my #5daughter, Alyani to continue her form four there. Currently, SMSSP imboards only form four and form five, in eight class respectively (altogether ca. 400), the former first batch was admitted in 2003 June. Apr/Mac 2005 will witness the first performance of the SMS SP: the SPM which they sat in 2004 Nov.

Some views I collected in pre-2000: the original 1960's block now made the admin block, the "newer" class block, two of the three blocks hostel, and the dining hall;
And roughly the same views in 2005. Well, not much difference, except that it is very much greener; note the "catasrophic" development as seen in the background of the hostel and the dining hall;
The entrance gate, the only way in and out; the whole coumpund is secured by high security barb-wired wall fence;
On to the "business", getting enrolled; in the mean while Arifah quietly stole the show, perhaps an early sign that in 12-15 years time she would come here again to get herself enrolled. One would not miss to feel that this is an all-girls school, in black-and-white contrast to an all-boys school or even a mixed school;
Furnishing the "gears";
To the hostel;
The surau and resuscitation;
Dining. The CEO said the foods are served, but I wonder how much different they are from the 1970 hostels typical meal in the afternoon: a boiled rice, a protein dish ("elastic" meat, or chicken, or fish - rotated for the seven days, twice a day), a veg dish, plain water, a desert (those day it was banana the cheapest, these days it would be melon because melon cost less than 1RM per kilo, whereas banana cost more than 1RM per kilo);
The class and the break;
The functions. The strange names, the classes and dorms, we were told, were all attribution the the orchird world, including the colors. Weird, why? No one want any interest in it?

Update: 2006 Dec 5 Mon, After a short two years

The last frolic in Seseri in the abundant signs of days in real yesteryear;

SPM (practically for SBP and non-technical schools) began on Nov 20 Mon; Alya sat in and it was the only major exam we have this year 2006. Nov end began the end of the end of the affair with SESERI. The last frolic in SESERI was Nov 19 Sun, the 'eve' of SPM. A couple more steps, ends the end of the end. "KOLAM AIR" and SESERI will then exist only in the real memory and actual virtuality. I dreamed of it in 1970's. It came true thirty five years later, in 2005. Virtuality has no frame, thus events have no form. Extracting one out, would appear in different forms in different times. The Nov end blended in quietly the end of UKM Sem 1 06/07 exam, followed by the beginning of inter-sem break from Nov 26; peace and serenity to come in full Dec.

The last load, the last pose, and the last look