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2016G Diary

The Year 2016 - A New Year

Dated 2016G Jan 7 Thu 26 R-Awal 1437H

Undeniably 2016 would have some variations from the last five years. I was in Tok Jembal, ber-2 with NA, on the new year, fixing the house of SEPETIR for semi-office conversion, and inching the house of W-Tengah. And the stay was through the first week of the new year. ASRI started his F4 in the same school, from Jan 4 Mon, in my absence. ALYA managed him, and CB assisted. SB's in Osnabruck, always ok in every w-hp.

Jan 7 Thu, on AK TGG-KUL ber-2, to resume the new year in Sg Merab, unscheduled when to return back to the homes in TGG. Especially by the fact that the following weekend, Jan 14, NA re-returned to Sg Merab to attend meetings on 15 Fri in UKM LAW, and 16 Sat in the Council.

Inching On

Dated 2016G Jan 18 Mon 8 R-Akhir 1437H

A buddy, Fadil, one of the contants, tagged. A buddy, from SAS in 1967, a classmate in the sixth form in 1969-70, but was closest in UKM from 1971 to 1974 in Jln Pantai Bharu, Kuala Lumpur.

Jan 15 Fri, a chance to pass through UKM, while taking NA for a meeting in LAW FAC. The campus was quiet since students were in their Sem-1 break. The expansion in the second loop was pushing to the border with mega-buildings, and those in the first loop appeared ghosting. And a fly-by the CHEMISTRY where my last look at the 'rock' was nearly 10 years ago. I was wondering to myself what are happening in there now.

Jan 16 Sat, on sending NA at KLIA, I stumbled with TNCA of Kuza, and her hubby-son, who apparently knew NA during his court time in KTrg for being the Ketua PP, and also knew NA's elders because they were school mates. She said they were en route to UK to attend their anak's degree conferment.

Jan transgressed speedily. The KL weather returned. Blue sky in the morning, hot and sunny in the afternoon, and torrential rain, stormy, and thunderous in the evening. SB was in his degree exam, for the first time, a trial time, in Osnabruck from the middle of Jan.

A Routine

Dated 2016G Jan 31 Sun 21 R-Akhir 1437H

Jan 20 Wed, I made a DRVTGG, ostensibly a routine, and stayed in TGG for ten days. For SG MERAB it's a long leave, but for TGG the ten days was a short stay by the fact that I didn't inch much in W-TENGAH. Most of the days were accompany-ing NA to her assignment places. Dungun, Kemaman, and as far as Kuantan with an overnight. The Jan 19 standing fan re-construction was the prelude. Two broke down standing fans into one operational.

Jan 22 Fri, I was in Ketapang morning market to have a view of the fish of 2016. Many were on the stalls, but, despite the fine weather, they all appeared less fresh. The price didn't return. All sellers tagged-words similarly for the high price: ikang payoh, angin kuat, bulan ceroh. For sure they pointed to one thing: that they now depended on the supplier from big trawlers, perhaps stationed in offshore. Local produces were limited to perishables, mostly greens, and the kitchen accessories. And the market was flooded with the contemporaries of dresses and bundles that we don't buy every day.

Jan 25 Mon, NA and I were in KUANTAN, overnight in SRI MANJA, Bandar Indera Mahkota, for NA's court matter the following day Jan 26 Tue. On return to KTRG, we coasted the old JABOR-JERANGAU route, the route of KTRG-KTN pre-LPT2. It was a quiet and peaceful drive. With less haulers passing through, the road was well-preserved for a strolling of memory lanes.

Jan 28 Thu, I was in Kemaman again - (before that Jan 26 Mon with a rare opportunity of re-visiting Kuala Kemaman before proceeding to overnight in Indera Mahkota Kuantan). And as promised, I made a visit to Abdullah Che Din in his place in Gong Limau, a l-m-class residential area close to Masjid Sultan Ahmad where I always lingered while waiting for NA to accomplished her matter in court. We reminisced almost three hours, but mostly making up for those missing years.

Jan 27 Wed, an impromptu mini-reunion in a cafe in Jalan Kamaruddin, Kuala Terengganu. Those of Sekolah Menengah Padang Midin in early 1960's, initiated by Muhammad Ismail, my one-year senior. And present were his then-contemporaries. Unfortunately I knew only a few, the rest I have not seen since 1967, many actually were important persons in the government institutions. Abdullah Che Din, Wan Muhamad Sulong and Razali Yusof are of my batch, and were hostel-mates, even room-mates. And Sulong Muda of my one year senior. I apologised, since my tenure in Padang Midin was only for a short three years from 1964 to 1966. I came closer to Muhamad Ismail only from 2007 through his nephew Dr Abdullah, my colleague, when I checked in UDM. And Sulong Muda, I remembered apart from those years in Padang Midin, he rode a motorbike with a buddy Mat Lajis, my SAS senior in 1969, all the way from Glasgow where they studied BEng to Manchester in 1975, Mar 16 Sun, during my MSc years in Salford, and rendezvous in Ellesmere Avenue, Eccles.

During the visit to Abdullah Che Din Jan 28 Thu, I managed to e-photo-copy a nostalgic pic of 1967. The class 4A which I was in only in day-1, before leaving for SAS. I could still superimpose many of the img. Several of them joined me in SAS in 1969. And et seq is another of 1965 pic, hostel boarders Room-3.

As I remembered them. STANDING (L-R): Nordin Abu Bakar F4, Abdul Rahman F4, Mohamad Awang F2, Alias Mohamad F5, Mamat Ibrahim F5, Anuar Rushdi F2, Mansor Abdul Rahman F4, Mohd Shahir F2, Abdullah Che Din F2. SQUARTING L-R: Mat Zakaria F2, Md Ariffin Musa F2, Razali Yusof F2, Mohamad Sulaiman F2, Abdullah Embong F2, Ali Yatim F2.

Jan 30 Sat, I setoff a solo DRVKUL after ten days in TGG from Jan 20. As always being on Sat, dropping in MANIR for a quick sundries to take home in Sg Merab, especially fish. It was funny that no kembong sold in the market. NA was in her office in JERTEH and to come to KTrg in the evening, for Kemaman on Sun and Dungun on Mon. And as always very tight in schedule.

Weather and traffic were fine on both LPT2 and LPT1, in both directions. KUL-break on Feb 1 Mon had not spilled out.

A February in Autumn

Dated 2016G Feb 3 Wed 24 R-Akhir 1437H

Feb 1 Mon, I visited RAYHAR in BB Bangi. With the progress payment was made for 25k already, the trip was confirmed. I submitted the passports, and all relevant documents for visa application, sans only the vaccination papers. In return, RAYHAR said the ticket booking on SAUDI AIR is to proceed, and gave the travelling gears to prepare, sans only a briefing.

Feb 3 Wed, Roslan w-msg-ed about Dato' Zubaidi being officially appointed the 3-rd NC of Unisza, for 3 years from Feb 1, quoted an attch from the KPT Minister FB posting. Later the news flooded FB. I sms-ed and w-msg-ed a congratulation, and was responded via the latter some hrs later. He still remembered me although we have not seen each other since the arrival of the 2-nd NC 2013 Jan when he was rudely demoted from being the Dean of Medical Fac. The table had turned 180 degree. It's an interesting twist in the evolution of Kusza-Udm-Unisza.

I was in SG MERAB, 4-beranak on the first day of Feb. It was Mon, and a break day for KUL.

A One Way Leave, A Farewell to TAE

Dated 2016G Feb 6 Sat 27 R-Akhir 1437H

I eventually parted with TAE, 2016 Feb 6 Sat night. The deal was done only after a few hours Muzani put it in MUDAH.COM, two days before its insurance and r/tax expire. Judging by it's easy dealing, it's timely like WCG was. The new owner, a keen mechanic would rejuvenate it.

A Bowlful of Memory

Dated 2016G Feb 13 Sat 4 J-Awal 1437H

NA returned home Feb 10 Wed night by MH for another meeting in UKM Law Fac on Feb 12 Fri, dropping by the Eng Cafe for a mee-kari, the exact menu and operator of that RU below DAM before the place was converted to 'Student Activity Centre'. And NA left for TGG on the same Fri.

Feb 13 Sat, I took the 3-beradik to RAYHAR BB Bangi again for a quick course on the Umrah Package. It was a 'quick course' from 9-1230, just for the idea, not for the details, which one has to learn by oneself. The speaker was Utz Hj Mohd Rodhi Abu Hashim. Quite an interesting presentation although he spoke more to veterans rather than to the first timers. Many attendees, comprises of many batches. ASRI noted two of his SMK-J2 F-teachers.

A Pre-Gathering

Dated 2016G Feb 19 Fri 10 J-Awal 1437H

Feb 14 Sun, every one braced for SB's commencement of home-bound trip, alone, from 1337 (MYT) in Osnabruck by train to Hamburg to catch an EK to Dubai then another to KUL, scheduled to arrive the following day Feb 15 Mon 1515, for a three weeks break to Mar 5. It was -6-hr in Osnabruck, and -4-hr in Dubai. During the break, a Feb 20 Sat, a majlis makan2 was organised by his abang-kakak, taking the akikah budget of Adil, Adnin, and Mujahid to introduce their Umi to the acquaintances. Perhaps every one sit back, tracking the flight.

SB eventually emerged at the International arrival, 1616, to the very excited Alya and Asri, he said landed at 1458, but it was a long waiting at the luggage claim. But the most is my relief that he's acquired a self-confidence, and I felt more so since he's trilingually equipped.

While waiting for SB to emerge, noted the international arriving activities. It was very scary indeed, as expressed lately in the social media. Many were not tourists as they appeared very familiar with the place and spoke the language.

An FB fren, Wadie Wvp, a security staff in Unisza, who we knew each other rather well during my tenure in UDM-UNISZA, knocked on my surprise with my portrait produced by his b/w pencil skill. Apparently he had been with the pencil for quite a while now, unsure, since the base img was deleted from FB for quite sometimes now. But most of all, I just realised that my wall is being seen by all levels in my ex-working place. It's an unprecedented respect that I have ever commanded. Many wished that I were still with them.

A Time to Remember - Feb 20 Sat

Dated 2016G Feb 24 Wed 15 J-Awal 1437H

Feb 20 Sat, with every one in the family present, a majlis makan2 was organised by anak2, the 4-seniors, taking the akikah budget of Adil, Adnin, and Mujahid to introduce their Umi to the acquaintances. Partly a congener of 2015 Sep 26 Sat in Jerteh. Started the airing was Ihsan, a Zidni's buddy who was with his imaging gear. Followed by En Bon, my ex-Penolong Pegawai Sains in UDM when I was the Dean of FPB 2009-2012.

It could have been merrier if Adil's budget were included, and thus more friends could come.

My own img were unleashed at night starting with these anticipated compositions. The latter was impatiently, and was made just nice by their arriving late when many had left. Nonetheless both were with a rather time-wise hasty.

And thus ending the Feb 20 series.

A Lull of Receding February

Dated 2016G Feb 29 Mon 20 J-Awal 1437H

2016 was a leap year, and thus Feb was 29 days. Since after Feb 20 gathering, things were receding to normal in and out. Even FB-wise, it was left to frens' tag. Et seq was from Norhayati, my ex-staff, in Unisza who picked-up my text on a post by another ex-staff N Zuhailah ex-UDM, about an effort to stay beautiful by taking vitamins.

And just sharing what has relevance in the last week or so. Feb 28 Sun, attended another Rayhar course. SB accompanied, for an initial rapport.

Mawar merah 2.0 for the first time gave birth to its maiden blossom. Being the first, it's small, but perfect. W-msg-ed the img to NA, the 2.0 is her edition. Several more branches were seen, and each would give a blossom, hopefully would revive the 1.0 elegance of never stop blossoming with the big and in bunches.

Bracing in March

Dated 2016G Mar 6 Sun 26 J-Awal 1437H

Mar 4 Fri night every one went to the airport again, sending off SB returning to Osnabruck. The EK flight was actually on Sat the first hr. While waiting for the hr, the children, and their children surprised their Umi with a BD cake, two days pre-celebrate actually.

The day that followed, Mar 5 Sat, NA and I drove back to TGG with an overnight in Sri Manja, Indera Mahkota in anticipation for a case in Kemaman on Mar 6 Sun. However it was deferred, and we proceeded earlier than scheduled. And finally arrived in Tok Jembal, TGG. The last time I was in TGG was Jan 30 Sat 20 R-Akhir 1437H, perhaps this was the longest time of my absence in TGG, more than a month. Nonetheless this return was vital, to return to P-Panjang before our trip to Makkah on Mar 13 Sun.

A Non-Celebrated Revisit

Dated 2016G Mar 12 Sat 3 J-Akhir 1437H

Mar 8 Tue, I tagged NA homing to Jerteh, and the following day Wed, a nostalgic visit to Pasir Akar Unisza Farm, currently under Agropolis. The farm was officiated in 2011 under my deanship, and currently was admin-ed under AGROPOLIS with I too the pioneer director in 2013 before I voluntarily passed on to Dr Jamil.

And a short private visit after that to the animal farm, which was the first to be built in the farm, in 2012 after the officiation.

The feedlot was in the the planning, as far as my exit time in 2014 Feb. Now it seemed it had materialised after all. Perhaps in 2015 something turned on the new admin, obviously something of 'generative'. 2013 was the worst time for the farm development, it was totally neglected on the presumption by the unlearned that it's just consume without produce.

A Time for A Solace

Dated 2016G Mar 20 Sun 11 J-Akhir 1437H

Mar 13 Sun, every one, sans SB who was in Germany since last Mar 5, was in KLIA, sending us 5-pax off on SAUDIA to Makkatul-Mukarramah for an 11-days time for the solace, with NA, ALYA, CB, and ASRI. Beyond that it was my life. By mid-day Mar 14 Mon local time, the very first objectve was accomplaished.

It's been 4 days in Makkah, performing every solat in the Masjid, or in the courtyard, except once, the Subuh of Mar 14, the very first arrival, after the first umrah, because of too tired of unsleep period. In the Masjid, both in front of KAABAH, and inside, ug-floor. I was getting more and more interested in the relationship between the Kaabah and the Arabs, especially the race of the so-called Quraish who Prophet being a one, fought all his life to establish the message of Islam. The pic of them being near under the Persian, and later submissively under the Turks came into the story line.

Hudaibiyah was pivotal in two tiers. First it's a MIQAT, jemaah arrive in bus loads to start the umrah by washing, and solat. Second, it originated the master diplomacy of Prophet in his strategy to win Makkah. This place should be made elegant in its size, and facilities to elaborate its timeline in the history of Islam.

The transforming Makkah is seen abound on the streets. Interestingly, almost all the shop keepers knew the basic Bahasa M-yu (NOT Indon!!) - Alarmingly. And I supposed the basic of other languages too. Even the roaming boys with a pair scissors at the Marwah end of SAER could shout, "LIMA RIYAL! LIMA RIYAL", very insulting indeed for the job of tahlul. Makkah could be seen as a shopping paradise for some visitors. Unfortunately limited to similar items, in almost every shops. The dates and other dried Mediterranean fruits, perfumes, the arabs and the sub-continent garments, sejadah, kopiah, tasbih beads, the watches, women jewelry (unsure their gold-authenticity), luggage bags, packing accs such as padlocks, rope, etc. And along the line is always an Exchange centre which takes almost every currency.

I have yet to taste the much-talked-about Arab generosity. The notion I gathered since my first international encounter in 1974. Instead, I found the contrary, in almost every encounter I was caught. I couldn't find a 'Quraish' I could talk to, apart from the stall operators (or perhaps they are not 'Quraish') who in any which way tried endlessly to make me kiss good-bye my riyals. While waiting for the Iqamah, I hi-ed, and they responded 'muslim'-ly. A Kurdish, an Egyptian, and an Iraqi. The first was a fighter, the last two, I inferred were academicians.

Extending the Flap

Dated 2016G Mar 25 Fri 16 J-Akhir 1437H

Mar 20 Sun, jemaah were transferred northwards to Madinah on bus ride, on never-congested multiple lanes h-way crossing the rocky desert. It was a real-time 6-h ride, with a pit stop right in the mid-day, under a piercing heat on very sunny day, at a supposedly an RnR. It was about ASAR when we arrived. And we started right away exploring the area of MASJID NABAWI. And quickly made some observations.

Mar 21 Mon, jemaah were taken around the Masjid Nabawi, ziarah makam Rasulullah. The peak was a long waiting (in groups) to be in Raudah, and solat. The crowd here is equivalent to the hajar crowd in the Kaabah. We had our chance.

Mar 22 Tue, jemaah were taken around Madinah, the places where Prophet had his days with sahabah in propagating Islam, firstly among the brethren arabs, then the perpheral nations. One particular place was Masjid Kubaq, the first Masjid that Prophet built. Masjid Nabawi is the preipheral of Prophet's home which later was adopted as the Grand Masjid of Madinah with the Prophet and sahabah tombs are inside. We went also to Masjid Qiblatain, in which Prophet while solat zohor, received the revelation to change the Qiblat from Baitul Maqdis to Baitul Haram. The visit to the so called Dates Farm didn't interest me. The peak was the visit to the Jabal Uhud where the infamous war between the Prophet and the Quraish took place with the lost of a lot of sahabah.

Mar 23 Wed was the last day in Madinah, and in the Haramains. The flight home was from Madinah airport on SAUDIA 925pm ST. It stopped in RIYADH for more passengers, then off a hop to Kuala Lumpur, landed 1250pm Mar 24 Thu. We're HOME, picked up by Malini and Zidni.


Dated 2016G Mar 31 Thu 22 J-Akhir 1437H

It was an amazing experience being in the Haramain. Being very close to the hub of ibadah. It wasn't just the amazing feeling of performing the tawaf and praying only a few meters away from the magnificent Kaabah, but also the wonders of seeing the multitude of culture, behaviours, abilities, and the attitudes of the worshipers who came from all over the world. They congregate in one place, do one thing, in one fashion, and for only one purpose. To be in the forgiveness of Creator once they return to Him.

In my mind, in Makkah the fight was of Prophet against a single front paganism, whereas in Madinah the fight was of Prophet against multiple fronts for Islam. But through out the duration I could not find the spiritual bonding between the individuals which Islam encourages its ummah, to be together for each other. In contrary I saw people were in fear of losing the Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim of the Creator.






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2016G Diary