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2020G Diary

New Year 2020

Dated 2020G Jan 4 Sat 8 J-Awal 1441H

2020 Jan 1 Wed, NA and I were in TRG. New Year is not a break day in TRG. Nonetheless we were in Banggol Setiu, visiting NA's elder brother. The 3-beradik were in KL, and was on break. They were here in TRG during the last weekend of 2019.

Jan 4 Sat was a field day. It was in Bukit Payung, Hulu Besut, together with TRG BAR having a social work of giving away school goodies to selected pupil of SERI PAYONG primary school. The needy, and the special. I passed by this place before, 2014 Mar 28 Fri, when CB took ASRI for a dip in nearby Lata Tembakah. We had our Jumaat at the Masjid there.

Come and Go, Again and Again

Dated 2020G Jan 17 Fri 21 J-Awal 1441H

Jan 10 Fri was SB's last day of intern in B-VERITAS Denai Alam. He didn't have much time to linger on. Jan 12 Sun, DRV-JHB again, another day-trip, taking the 3-beradik to visit ALYA, especially SB.

Jan 13 Mon, SB packed his lugage, and at night, was taken to KLIA, en route to Osnabruck for his lag leg in the degree quest, on an EK343 in the first hr of Jan 14 Tue, via Dubai, via Dusseldorf. Monitoring by Radar-24, the EK55 landed in DUS 1244 LT, 1944 MYT.

Jan 5 Sun, DRVKUL, in Nissan, with NA. It was in the morning. We started off from the CT in KT for some small matters. Taking LPT2 in Ajil, on to LPT1 in Jabor ITC. The weather was fine, and the traffic was very light. And no new thing of improvement in MRR2 at Flamingo, and BTS. KL throughout was dry. Arrived in Bangi early enough for the Uniten Bazaar. But at home, it was SB's 'turn' to cook. The C-Chop that he always do in Osnabruck which had attracted others to gather for the night.

Jan 8 Wed, DRV-JHB, day-trip in Nissan 4-beranak with NA, Ruby, and Malini, visiting Alya-Farhan, and the new Adam. ADAM DZAFEER, grandchild #18M#5F#2M. A toll-to-toll 0921-BANGI-SEKUDAI-1247 including a 15-min refuelling in SEREMBAN SHELL, and a 35-min refreshment-break in PAGOH. The return drive was slower because it was at night, and in race with practically all-convoys of haulers.

Life is a cyclic spiral journey over time. Along the way things come and go, and again and again, in different times. Anecdote to anecdote, it seemed like alternatives, wondering how it would like if the other was pathed. Destinies are interchanges in the life map.

A CNY With a Deadly Corona

Dated 2020G Jan 27 Mon 2 J-Akhir 1441H

Jan 17 Fri, DRVTGG in Nissan with NA. Weather, and traffic were very favourable, even in Sg Besi, BTS, and Flamingo of MRR2 were sans of the notorious constipation. We made it within the 6-h bench-mark day-light, including a refreshment break in Gambang, and refuelling in Prasing, which still does not reasonably substantiate an RR. TRG was rather wet, but judging by the yellowing of the road-side grass, it had been dry for many weeks.

Jan 23 Thu, RUBY et al made a DRVTGG, settled in Tok Jembal, to Jan 27 Mon. The RAT CNY break was Jan 25-26 Sat-Sun (29 J-Awal - 1 J-Akhir 1441H), sandwiched in a rather short school break, Thu-Mon. But still a gathering of the available anak-cu2 CHE was made possible by Noriah-Kamal in Tok Jembal, Jan 26 Sun.

Jan 18 Sat, attended the Kesyukuran of the wedding in KETAPANG, of Ayub the youngest of the late Abg-Wi who passed away 2015 May 25 Mon 7 Shakban 1436H while I was in Sg Merab with the 4-beradik. Perhaps this was the largest gathering of HJ AHMAD grandchildren (cousins) and their children (anak sepupu), met many who I have not met for quite a long time, many of whom I had anecdotes with when I was a timid boy.

And Jan 27 Mon, accompanied NA in a home day trip to P-Panjang, Jerteh. As always added with peeking in TOK BUGIS. However, on the way home, stopped by the much-talked-about MASJID 8-KUBAH in Kg 8-Kotak. And after that a peek in TEMPINIS, seeing how the LAND is doing. Noted the neighbouring Manaf's 'ranch'. Noted also the access street has a name. JALAN MOKSU HALIMOH.

Since before CNY, the media reported the outbreak of deadly corona virus, the epicentre was in Wuhan, China. As always, added to the seriousness was the political 'flavour', especially in this part of the world, understandably with their recent rise.

Suddenly It's February

Dated 2020G Feb 6 Thu 12 J-Akhir 1441H

In Bangi it was a variable weather during this period of time. Ending Jan it was days of evening torrential stormy rain completed with thunderous lightening. Many places suffered flash flood. However, they all settled down as Feb set in. The early Feb days were hot, sunny, and humid. But that had given the opportunity to audit the perimeter of Sg Merab home, which perhaps would last for a forthnight.

Jan 28 Tue, DRVKUL, in Nissan, with NA. It was in the morning with a very fine weather in LPT2. In LPT1 there were sporadic skirmish drizzling. Traffic was not heavy in MTD Karak-Gombak. Apparently the worst fear of traffic jam was over yesterday. When we set in MRR2 ca 1600, the constipation has yet to built up, not even in BTS.

Jan 31 Fri afternoon CB-ASRI made another DRVJHB, tagging behind ZIDNI et al, visiting ALYA, with an overnight.

Feb 2 Sun, a WALIMAH, in fact another walimah, at HJ OMAR's cluster di seberang padang in Sg Merab home. That's of Dr Aridan, the eldest in the sibling cluster, the wedding of his daughter. The last was last year 2019 Dec 1 Sun.

Feb 3 Mon, NA took CB-ASRI for a throw in ALAMANDA alley, she said the prelude to her TRG BAR tournament Feb 8 Sat in Mesra Mall, Kemasik. Took the outing to furnish the kitchen sundries, and ostensibly the day dinner. And similarly another go was in BANGI GATEWAY, Feb 6 Thu.

A Peek

Dated 2020G Feb 16 Sun 22 J-Akhir 1441H

Feb 11 Tue, drove to Banggol Setiu accompany-ing NA for a visit. On the way back, dropped by for a refreshment at the ICT warung, opposite the Merang Petronas, now knew as Kedai Goreng-Goreng Salwa, the place we always dropped by on the way home from Tembila. Mostly with the colleagues. The last, during the dry shower of Tembila time, was perhaps in 2014, Feb early.

2014, Feb 3
2020 Feb 11

Feb 15 Sat, another northwards DRV. Homing to P-PANJANG. Peeking, and mowing NA's portion of the orchard, for the second time. And an impromptu Walimah in Dewan Majlis Daerah Besut, of NA's distant relative who always sew her dresses.

Feb 7 Fri, DRVTGG with NA in Nissan, bye-ing CB while ASRI had been to his class. The late morning start was coinciding with the traffic lull in MRR2. And the weather was fine. This time DRVTGG was to stop for an overnight in Kemaman, for one principle reason, in MESARA MALL Kemasek, and two sub-reasons, in Geliga, and in Bukit Kuang. The final leg of DRVTGG was by the beach road, all the way including by the draw-bridge. It was dry in TRG. The sea was calm.

Feb 9 Sun, the weather changed. It was windy, cloudy, and rainy. And the sea was very choppy. The wind and the cloud persisted for nearly a week. The rain however subsided to sporadic skirmishes. And finally the dry weather returned.

Feb 16 Sun, evening, another go to town, by the beach, over the bridge, through Tanjung, to Batu Buruk and along the beach residence to Jln Budiman. The weather was such very nice. Sunny, almost spotless blue sky. However sans breeze, as such the sea appeared like a dead paint wash with a very clear horizon. And reversed the route on the way back, in search for an eatery, ending up at an ICT at the Telaga Batin site of Ketapang Beach.

Places of Anecdotes

Dated 2020G Mar 5 Thu 10 Rejab 1441H

Feb 17 Mon, DRV TGG-KUL solo in Nissan. NA sayed in TGG, she had a few more things to accomplish. The most important was the TBC AGM on Thu, after which she would return home by air. Being solo, I decided to take the toll-free route as much as possible. Setoff ca 10 am after a makan2 with NA in DEK Alor Terebor. AJJ a must. A refuelling in Dendang before heading Muktafi and onwards. Took Jabor-Gambang by LPT1 to avoid too many lights in Kuantan westward perimeter. Then unavoidably the MTD Karak-Gombak.

The Kuantan-KL roads had accumulated a memoireful of anecdotes from the first bus-ride in 1967, and decades after that, with all the evolving changes. Weather-wise, blue sky with some spotted white clouds. And the traffic was very light too. Entered KL just before the ritual congestion started in MRR2. Some congestion in BTS, the h-way construction was at its massive intensity. HOME-ed just before asar.

A quick b-fast in Dek Alor Terebor (0931)

Buluh Gading bridge (0954), Kubang Jela (0957)

Tok Dor (1103), JPJ (1124), Bukit Besi (1125)

The bends (1159), Nerang w-shop (1228), Maran-K Sentul (1341)

Paya Pulai (1411), Temerloh (1419), Lanchang (1446)

Karak (1502), Terowong (1533), Sg Besi (1613)

UNITEN (1636), B Baginda (1641), Sg Merab (1643)

Feb 22 Sat, NA MH-returned to Sg Merab. The day ASRI started his 3-rd sem exam which would consume at least two weeks.

Feb 23 Sun morning, first time visited PASAR KOMUNITI BANGI, in front of TENERA, which basically was Pasar Tani of Thu evening of Jln-6, and Sun morning off PKNS. It was rumoured that Bazaar of Sat and Tue in Jln-6 would also be forced by MPKJ to come here, by hook or by crook.

Mar 2 Mon, visited the HENTIAN REKO. The place I last frequented in 2007 when I initially took the bus to-and-fro TRG during the initial days of UDM. To TRG on Sat night for the work on Sun morning, and on Thu night from KT to return to the family in Sg Merab. This morning visit was to the IMMIGRATION, NA's renewing her passport. Perhaps I accompanied the 4-beradik once or twice, together or separately in making their passports.

Mar 4 Wed was ASRI's last paper for this Sem, his 3-rd Sem. Followed by normally a few weeks break. With this, ASRI was a year in in an IUKL diploma, and thus far he managed it.

Feb 26 Wed, drove to TAMAN SUNGAI SEKAMAT, attending the persemadian of CG IBRAHIM SIHI, who passed away the evening Feb 25 Tue. CG was our PE teacher in Padang Midin time of 1965-1966 era. Met his wife CG BADARIAH, also our teacher (Geog? History?) who apparently is of Pasir Panjang, KT. And thus heard many with TRG dialect during the event. CG Ibrahim was from Sri Menanti, N9. Some how, the name Kaida Khalid was invoked by one of the attendees, and some how related to the deceased family.

Feb 27 Thu, roaming Alamanda vicinity, dropped by the newly risen SHAFTSBURY, a high rise residency. A BMF outlet was there, and was visited. The evening was eventually ended up in MR KEBAB in Precint-Diplomatik for a makan-spree of CB's BD today.

Feb 29 Sat, the last day of FEB 2020, the LEAP YEAR, another DRV KUL-JHB was made, 4-beranak with NA, CB, and ASRI, visiting ALYA et al. The Adams must have grown bigger by then. MUZANI et al made a similar DRV the day before Feb 28 Fri evening, and settled in a homestay when they arrived. It was in the same apartment complex, but different block. A big treat in SENIBONG, joined by En Shukur and Mem, and KAKYAH-HANIZA et al, who stay in PONTIAN.

The next day Mar 1 Sun on return DRV-JBH-KUL, NA took the opportunity to meet in SUP TULANG ZZ, JB, her UM-buddies she said she had not been seeing for the past 20 years.

The Night Arrivals

Dated 2020G Mar 12 Thu 17 Rejab 1441H

An addendum: Mar 1 Sun, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin took his oath of office as Malaysia PM-8 at Istana Negara this morning. I was on DRV JHB-KUL, 4-beranak, and with MUZANI et al, after visiting ALYA et al.

Mar 6 Fri was NA's BD. As always, ALYA initiated the wish. At night, ank-cu2 gathered for a makan2. All but inevitably SB, Edi, Munif and Alya 4-beranak.

Mar 7 Sat, DRVTGG with NA in Nissan. Weather, and traffic were favourable. At LPT2, took the Kerteh exit, detoured to one RESTORAN IKANG. And as impromptu arrangement, joined by MOHD AWANG and MEM. And makan2. A stop in PAKA RR, met one apparently my batch-mate in Padang Midin, Wan Aziz, a retired teacher, as GB, ZALI said in Wasap later in a school of Orang Asal. I know all the names he mentioned, many of them are dearly. Including some teachers. Home in W-Tengah at night.

TRG was very dry at this moment of the year, even breeze-less. The sky was always blue, white spoting was only sporadic. The grass started to turn brownish. Most of the monsoon drain were dry. Noted in W-Tengah, the eventuality of demographic change had taken place. Thus, the border landscape would become a matter not to be taken lightly.

Noted also, Mar 9 Mon, the line up of new PN cabinet, chief-ed by TS MY. Ironically there was no TPM, instead four ministries were graded as senior Ministry, the minster of which could chair the cabinet in the absence of PM. International Trade and Industries, Defence, Works, and Education.

This was while visiting Dr Abdullah Sipat at his new home off-UMT accompanying Dr Abdullah and Roslan.

Mar 12 Thu, NA has a matter in BESUT CT, a forward-ed schedule from next week, but luckily it was swift. All're done in ca 4 h, including the to and fro drive, plus a few stops for some sundries.

Mar 12 Thu, DRVKUL with NA in Nissan, and it was a late afternoon setoff, and night arrival. The day was MENDUNG in the morning in TRG. However, the heat and sunny gradually set in as the day progressed. However it was some skirmish rain just before climbing the Titiwangsa. Traffic in both LPT were favourable. And along all MRR2 too. The COVID-SCARE might have contributed to the non-heavy traffic, although today was the last school day for TRG-et-al for the Mar break. MRR2 was unprecedentedly clear.

The Covid Menaces

Dated 2020G Mar 31 Tue 6 Shakban 1441H

Mar 14 Fri, it was ALYA's event of AQIQAH of her two sons, the two ADAM. And it was made in Farhan's parent place in Beranang. Alya spent a night in Sg Merab, Mar 12 Thu, ex-JB, and another Mar 15 Sun, ex-Beranang, otw back to JB. For ADAM-2, it was his first time in grandpa's place. Both places. Since both Adam were born in JB, and would be growing up in JB, they would not miss Sg Merab, unlike their mother, and most of their cousins. Naturally in the event, I met YAHYA, since my grandsons' paternal grandfather is his mem's younger brother.

Mar 16 Mon night, an order was read by PM TSMY that Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan - PKP (Movement Control Order - MCO) was to be imposed for forteen days, Mar 18-31, to distance the COVID-19, which had infected on 500+ people since it first arrived ex-Singapore Jan 3 by three Chinese citizen. Public gathering was ordered to be cancelled. Schools, work-places, Universities, etc were to be closed. Big gathering, official or private, including religious gathering were ordered to be cancelled. As well as WALIMAH gathering.

Mar 17 Tue, it was announced the first Malaysian casualty, that two of the infected succumbed to the Covid-19. Kes-178 M34Y-200305, and Kes-358 M60N-200307. PANIC BUYING in supermarkets. Homeward-bound rush at BUS TERMINALS, a long Q in POLICE STATION for interstate travel permit, which just before m-night the order was retracted because of the frenzy Q. Not least was the demand for the HAND-SANITISER, and the FACE-MASK. For a day Mar 17 Tue, the country was in a chaotic and frenzy. Most of the citizen did not understand the steps taken by the government in order to react accordingly. And as always, when gomen is in control, politicians are at large.

Mar 19 Thu, visited a grocer to restock our kitchen provision. It was in Malakat Mall in Cyberjaya, rather far away from our place. We were not in the Mar 17 Tue frenzy shopping.

Mar 25 Wed afternoon, after just a week of MCO, data did not show a deceleration of infection. PM TS MY read another order, extending for another one more quantum of the MCO, until Apr 14 Tue. Citizen were warned that police and army would take a stern action for those who disobey the order. The use of hand-cuff, and putting up in the lock-up were not excluded. Even prosecuting in the court of law.

Mar 22 Sun, the Green were employed on the road to advice the citizen to stay put at home. For the past four days, it was just the police. The citizen appeared uncooperative with the Health Authority being reinforced by the police. STAY AT HOME.

Mar 31 Tue 6 Shakban 1441H, was the 14th day of the first quantum of MCO. The figures demanded at least a quantum more of MCO. And the government had announced just that, for Apr 1-14.






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