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2010 - Phasing On

Dated 2010 Jan 7 Thu

New year 2010 Fri was not a holiday in Terengganu. Naturally, it was the weekend. But last xmas Dec 25 Fri, and New Muharram Dec 18 Fri were unsubtituted to the following Sun since Fri was the weekend. Those in Selangor (and the equivalent states) enjoyed three consequtive Fri breaks, plus another in Selangor, the fourth, Dec 11 Fri, for the Sultan's BD. Thus Jan 3 Sun was the first new weekday of 2010 in Trg. With that, holding into new phase which I received Dec 29 Tue was a one year extension to 2011 Feb 15, 15 days after my first deany end 2011 Jan 31.

At the home front in Bangi, the school for 2010 began Jan 4 Mon for Asri in Yr 4 of SRK BBB Jln 2 in the morning session, after three consecutive years in the afternoon session. The school all my eight kiddies went to, to begin their 3R skills. Since the first one Rubaini in 1985 Jan 2 Wed. In three years time, the school which had evolved beyond the original maiden state in the early 1980's, would phase itself out of my life making. Burying all the funs and 'furies' into the memory. And SB in SMK Jln 4 in F3. He would be wading alone. CB just left the school after F5 SPM last Dec for his next phase somewhere else.

Second week of the new sem, Sem II 2009/2010. New phase for the Veterinary Science. The 4th Sem batch began their true business with the life stocks. Unfortunately, far away in Chermin Kiri PLV, Jerangau. The targeted one of our own in proposed Chalok was not yet even in embryonic state. Not until we have a faint green light for a piece of land. Apparently that was not the same as questing for a piece of plot for teaching crops farm, like the 3-ha one that we have in KUSZA. The live stock farm was as serious as questing a medical centre. Plus many who just did not bother because it did not bite their feet.

Which after all may not come true as msgs dripped down that a farm was needed to be hastily developed in Tembila. Said to be a one off from a special fraction which was to be finished within twelve months. Which was read as that the FPB would be in Tembila only. And nowhere else. At least not for the moment. Which then called for an urgent getting together to come up with a blue print for a new one, to comprise both flora and fauna.

And 8th Sem for the very first batch of FPB, of the Agrobiotech program which commenced 2006 Jul. Which are more trying and crucial. Their being able to graduate this Jul will carve the historic moment for the faculty. In a yo-yo game of 'kursus universiti'.

And the farewell to Dr Abdul Wahid Sulaiman, 2010 Jan 06 Wed noon, an Associate Prof in the Animal Science Dept, who decided to discontinue his service in the faculty, after about a year devoting his late years to the faculty. Shrinking the Dept further, and contracting further stress to Department staffing.

"Mengejar Pelangi"

Dated 2010 Jan 10 Sun

A nearly a year old synonymous from: http://daily-ink.blogspot.com/2009/02/aku-mengejar-pelangioh-sendiri.html dated 2010 Jan 9 Sat 1141 +8 GMT.
Kini aku kembali
Menunai janji
Sekian lamanya kau menanti

Sedalam kasihku
Pada dirimu
Terkadang diuji diriku

Teringat dengan yang berlalu
Manisnya kurasa kasihmu
Dalam anganan mimpi
Oh indahnya

Teringat kenangan ynag berlalu
Manisnya kurasa kasihmu
Aku berlari dan mengejar pelangi
Dalam anganan mimpi
Alangkah indahnya
Ceria dan bahagia bersama
Terurai resah kini
Alangkah indahnya
Kita menari gembira
Hilanglah duka lara
Oh indahnya

Kesedihan melanda di hatimu
Pastinya kau biasa buat kutahu
Hiburkanlah jiwa
Saat ia sedang hampa
Tiada sinar
Kita bersama

Lagu:Adnan Abu Hasan
Lirik: Faris

Admittedly, getting a rainbow after a hot persuit, was just a feeling.

Since the year ending last Dec, there had been many closing activities of no less in the desire. Stampeding every one to no exception. I was wondering how much were in their grey matter that they were being treated like a bunch of innocent children on a clear beach being provocated by a ghostly figure to chase the distant rainbow visible on the horizon like a few distances away. I was wondering because I knew that they somewhat felt that they were made to chase the rainbow, but did not stop at knowing that the rainbow did not exist in material. And that they were creatures of capable and potential standing. Capable of steering away from, and steering towards to. I was always 'passimistic', in the sense that it was practical and productive to work from and with while standing on the ground while looking at both feet. Rather than running with the high head, not knowing what the feet were stepping on, supposedly in order not to loose the chased object.

And ironically all of these were with a colourfully illustrated clarified backdrop of budget deswelling. I think, they know that I know that they know. And I think they know that I could understand the socio-results of the otherwise. I hoped we both know one common thing: The seasonism of our culture. An unambiguous characteristic of a developing nation.

I remembered when I was a timid boy, when I was following others going somewhere or coming home from somewhere in a clear night with the moon brightly reflecting in the sky. My brother and I always noted that, while we were moving, such on the bicycle, the moon were 'following' us. But not the trees. We 'left' the trees behind, but the moon 'followed' us. The faster we moved, such as sometimes when we were in the bus, the faster we left the trees behind and the faster the moon 'followed' us. It was such a fun to observe that, and to talk about it. We always percieved the idea that the moon were 'following' us. It never came into our mind that the phenomenom was due to the fact that the moon is very very far from us. How far is the moon from us was never in our wikipedia. It never even tickled us from the fact that the trees that we 'left' behind were only a few meters from us. And that the moon was very very far away. And that the nearer the trees were from us, the faster they were being receded away to the behind.

But sometimes I percieved that we were chasing the moon, rather than the moon were following us. Especially when the moon were in front of us. And naturally, the faster we moved (meaning the faster the bus moved), the faster the moon receded from us. There was no moment that we were any nearer to the moon than the moment before. Until we reached our destination. And forgot about the moon were following us, or we were chasing the moon, because the things we did at the destination were more fun than thinking about being followed by the moon. I never told my brother my this other idea. I wanted to keep it as my original.

Chasing the rainbow is a lot trickier than chasing the moon, or being followed by the moon. The appearance of a rainbow is very much unpredictably seasonal, while the moon is very periodic. Even though very much nearer, the rainbow is a derivative of a vertuality.

To the Bornean Land of the Hornbill, "Ke Bumi Kenyalang"

Dated 2010 Jan 18 Mon

Perhaps, the peak, or some might say it anti-climax, after full three days attired. The first two days was briefing to Dr Costas Karatzas, a biotechnologist from Canada's McGill University. He was brought in by YDSM to promote his animal biotech of producing "biosteel" which he picked from a spider, the gene of silk of which was cloned into a goat which would be produced in the milk. Which sound not too impractical but rather theoretical at the moment, especially at this end of the world. The third day Jan 14 Thu was "searching", in half day, from a list for a chance to furnish the number of academic staff in the faculty.

Mohd Ghazali Mohd Safar, an agriculture Officer, and Nor Syazwani Izyan Ayub, a research assistant. The two kept the papers and itenerary in place.

The day after which, Jan 15 Fri, after a night break at Sg Merab home, I joined the team in the 2-hr flight, for the first time to the land of the hornbill, in fact to Borneo, where my daughter popped in 2006, but in Kuching. And before that my other #2daughter, also in Kuching. This time was in Bintulu, a further 600 km north-easterly along the northern Borneo shore line. To Universiti Putra Malaysia Kampus Bintulu Sarawak, Jalan Nyabau, 97008 Bintulu. For the fifth meeting of the Agriculture Deans. Which had entered into the analysing phase of the 'halatuju' task, which needed times of w/shop. Commuting for the w/shop period from Park City Everly.

It wasn't as unexpected as it was when I was the first time to Indonesia, Medan 1991 Aug. Or Taiwan 1999 Dec. It wasn't much of sight seeing either, until the very last hour of the attendance Jan 17 Sun. But of the most was seeing the vastness of the campus of UPM Bintulu, with its almost complete teaching infrastructure. And more actually the oneness of the team. Viz, Prof Dr Japar Sidik Bujang who was the Dean of the Agriculture and Food Sciences of Bintulu's UPM, who hosted with many advantages for being in a one-faculty campus. His academic Deputy Dean who was his alternate, Dr Muta Harah was also present. The chairman Prof Dr Mad Nasir of Serdang's UPM Agri who took over from Prof Dr Ghizan Salleh since the last 4th meeting 2009 Nov 24 Tue in Serdang. And his alternate Prof Dr Dzolkifli Omar. Who came to our knowledge while waiting in the Gold Club for the flight that we are SAS-ian. He was my two years junior; that of batch of Dr Mohamad Awang Lah, of 1969 intake, but took the exit after his 1970 SPM for Agri Diploma in the then Agriculture College, 1971. Then Prof Dr Ridzwan Abdul Rahman, the Dean of UMS's School of Sustainable Agriculture. I have yet to meet his alternate, Dr Suzan Benedick. The UMT's Dean of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Dr Syed Zain was represented by his Deputy Dr Abol Munafi Ambok Bolong. The UMK's Dean of Agro Industries and Natural Resources faculty, Prof Dr Ibrahim Che Omar had made it for half of the programme; he left on Sat afternoon. His alternate Dr Ahmad Anwar Ismail apparently could not make it. I took along my alternate, Dr Hasbullah who is the Head of Department of Agriculture. Prof Dr Ramli Abdullah, of the Institute of Biological Sciences, Univ of Malaya, could not make it.

And most of all, I managed to get hold of my long time close buddy since the school days, a very dependable friend, Dr Hamdan Musa, who came to this place since its re-opening, perhaps, in 2003.

Speeding in Low Gears

Dated 2010 Jan 27 Wed

Returned to office Jan 19 Tue late afternoon by MH 1339. Hopping up at 1515 hrs and stepping down at 1550 hrs. It was a real stepping at the Sultan Mahmud Airport runway, even in a very clear weather.

On time to have the first "acquaintance" with the new PA of the FPB dean, who reported for duty in my absence 17 Sun while I was in Bintulu, who has the diploma, and perhaps would stay around for sometimes.

The night of which in Primula, I attended the Exxonmobil Dinner with Dr Abdullah, while acompanying the NC.

But the day after, 18 Wed, after the evening briefing in Kusza of the 'impending' Retreat Sat-Mon, every wheel seemed to spin. Slowly in small gears though, to build a Canon Ball team. In every imperfaction of an ivory tower. The newness in the oldies, who were spinned in the web of stateness, the youngness of the sans experience. Setting Thu-Fri in over-drive of preparation. Paused by the 22 Fri Dean's List #6 award (jointly with the faculty of Food Technology) in the Kota Theatre, in a very simple ceremony.

In the Sat-Mon two and a half days retreat, I gave, on 24 Sun morning, the FPB, the present and the charted future. And in the presence of every one I dreamt of and at the relevance of the teaching KPI, I unloaded the hr-stat that are needed for an effective teaching in the sandwiches of research and papers. Which took quite sometimes more than the allocated 15 min. It was between FTM and FPSK. Which was remarked by the panel members.

Second half of Mon was spent in the 16th floor of the Wisma DI, with all the points of the top layer of UDM. Briefing and updating the status quo of UDM. Which culminated in a hasty arrangement to visit for the next day 26 Tue, a state chicken business. In anticipation to close the gap which separate the Vet Sci students from their poultry practicals. Due for the next semester 2010 Jul, which was deferred from 2009 Dec semester.

Senate #19 Sitting was 27 Wed (plus several other sittings which I asked others to go) after which I receded in a drive to KL, for another full week next week begining 30 Sat morning in Tembila, which costed me a leave on 28 Thu.

Here We Go Again

Dated 2010 Jan 31 Sun

Wiggling for two hrs in the traffic congestion of the Bangi-KL plus, especially along the airport, rather in rush, Jan 29 Fri evening, the eve of Thaipusam, dashed off back to Trg for the KPT's KSU visit to the developing campus in Tembila, 2010 Jan 30 Sat.

2009 Apr 1 Wed

2010 Jan 30 Sat

Along the complex, the beach background

Across the complex, along the beach

The Agrotechnology Complex

The two mahoganies planted ca nine months ago infront of the 5M JPP office, did not grow that fast in the briss soil. So did the impressions that were displayed at the same time, the 'squares' that I have seen since my arrival in 2007. The since then that was rather quiet of activity, but chaotic with uncertainity in 2009.

Something is kicking.

Monitoring from my office in KOTA, ca 100 km away.

How Much?

Dated 2010 Feb 4 Thu

Otherwise, they were just a bunch of dumbs. Happened to be flying in such as an A380. And were deliriously enjoying themselves. Blinded of the fact that eventually they would return to where they came from. Changed. In their unattendedness.

The first of its magnificent view: 2008 Jan 27 Sun. From thirteenth floor of Wisma MBKT.

2010 Feb 2 Tue, a very tight scheduled day. Just impossible to accomplish all of them.

Been to this place for the first time, 2007 Sep 20 Thu, thirteenth floor. Probing for any possible economic cooperations. The visit resulted in the employment at the end of the year the then presenter, the retiring Deputy, En Wan Musa into our academic fold. The second visit, grandier, was 2009 Apr 8 Wed. Presenting documents containing what was an acceptance by our NC to what was thrown on the floor by the MB. What I coined as the Research Programme of Dioscorea. Which had made quite a sensational news for sometimes with the 2.2 M figure.

In research term, that was the literature survey. Its "experimentals" was 2009 May 18 Mon, in the UPEN's thirteenth floor meeting room. We were needed to re-iterate before the more technical audience: the Agric Director, the Trg Adv Dev Corp, and the Farmers Instn. Dr Md Noor insisted that he present, to the chairman, the then UPEN Director. So the TNC PnI introduced. The composition was eventually 'kantoi-ed' to the misunderstood that the staggering 2.2 M was for a medieval 'ubi kayu'-like agriculture. After the presentation, the audience were "turned over", and the chairman kept on trying to vocalise the words "pharmaceuticals", and "nutraceuticals" which appeared to be alien to him. A turn over of the mood too: from a sarcasm to a jovial. A mechanisme was planned for the deliverence of the fund.

The following months were the period of yo-yo-ing the agreement. With 'batonised' answer every time it was raised every time the people who knew it met. Including one 2009 Nov 8 Sun in TTC. 2009 passed on. Eight months swept. Entered 2010.

2010 Jan 25 Mon, we were on the sixteenth floor again. From an arrangement initiated since last year 2009. For different reasons. Every one from number one to number six. And the matter was raised again. And it was referred back to the thirteenth floor. For which, with Dr Abdullah, and En Wan Musa, I made the visit Feb 2 Tue. It was attended by the new Deputy, then in his second day in office.

As anticipated, the tango re-began. The music started with the ununderstand of the mode of payment. It was then added that the document presentation, which touched the methodology actually, was better be in this and that and this and that form and like this and that. All the 'water' parts should be together, and the 'ubi' parts together, which tells that he wanted to be seen serious with something I wondered how many words of it were in his vocab, other than the two words 'water' and 'ubi'. Not to mention whether he read or not the proposal, if he could understand it. Which finally revealed the sketches of his dislikeness of the staggering figure. Including the future fate of the "assets" to be purchased, even after I explained that they were mostly the accesories like test tubes and chromatographic collumns. The clue to the unsolution was that he never wanted to give a figure, in whatever form, of reduction, when I insisted so.

It wasn't a conclusive meeting. He understood it as things he was going to guard against our request; not so sure about that it was to be administered by the order from the top. The Titiwangsa Range had kept the State in the east and the Federal in the west perpetually separated, with the concommitant results of the State intelligence developed recessively. Fine.

I could not afford to dwell on that alone for the time being. The faculty needed the attention more than before. It was incidently communicated that the faculty's degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Biotechnology (BAgricBiotech) has been recognised, since 2009 Dec 17, by the JPA as equivalent to the other Agricultural Sciences with Hons degrees, awarded by other Federal IPTAs.

With that I needed the programmes in the faculty pegged tightly. Especially to the Senate. For its maiden conferement would be in coming Jul convocation. But, first thing in the morning Feb 4 Thu, seeing the grad-to-be. The 8th Sem students. Twenty four altogether. Giving them all the idea how to compose their final year project content into a thesis. To pioneer others.

Then it's time for the weekend break. To my dismay, when I stopped to collect at Kuala Ibai, the house plan, which was said to be ready, was not yet printed. Apparently it was located in the laptop of a trainee who had finished his practical. Which upset me to wonder how serious she was in undertaking the job.

A Twist of Solution

Dated 2010 Feb 11 Thu

I had prepared while on the wheels for the solo home week end Feb 4 Thu about the impending Feb 10 Sun meeting of 35000 matters. Instead it happened that another meeting was scheduled in KUSZA about the University Web updates which was twisted to me to chair. About half an hr before it was scheduled to start, while I was having my breakfast in the cafe. To which I was more than happy to accept.

The planter receptive response to my idea of rubber 'plantation' revolution.

Feb 8 Mon, a workshop was organised on drafting a curriculum for a Master of Plantation Management, to be run by the faculty. Incorporated Planters Association managers were invited to give some input. Somehow to my dissatisfaction, it turned into just a 'ceramah' by the guests. But between the engagement, I managed to have a close view of the skipper about the future plantation in this country which is shrinking in giving away to the so-called development.

The rest of the week were engaged in two impending papers preparation. One was senate papers about pegging the faculty programmes. Its meticulous need for a very deep unerror document consumed a large fraction of the time. It took to near the end line. Another was the Halatuju Pegajian Pertanian things which had to be in a digested form for the next round of bengkel, scheduled to be in Sabah. In mid Feb, but I had asked to be deferred to Mar for there were so many research items and publication to be read. Plus that Feb end would be filled with Senate and Academic management. In both of which my absence was inexcusable.

"Revisiting" the Backyard

Dated 2010 Feb 15 Mon

Had not been seriously to the backyard for nearly three years. Since conceded from the office 2007 Apr. Followed by the imminent chase to UDM in Terengganu.

It was maintained on the "ad hoc" basis. When needed. By whoever, who had the will and interest. Giving much to the entropy to have its free go.

The CNY break had extended the weekend to Mon in Trg. So eventually I had the chance to "revisit". The dry season for the last many weeks were imbibing. But the heat had shortened the time up to only late morning.

The trees were all of bearing-fruit age, but none right now, except banana, because of the dryness.

A small swarm of beetle was feasting on the leaves of pumpkin, leaving untouched the even greener chillies above it. Pale orange in colour, or rather greenish yellow. Rather wild. They took off immediately on the approach of the camera lense. Very agile, moving about, trimming the edge, changing the spots actively.

The attack on lansium bark. No living creature visible. Perhaps too small to be seen. Said to be of some kind of larva. The bark is stripped off bit by bit, exposing the woody part to be weathered. Death started from the tip with the leaves dropped piece by piece. Somehow new braches, seemed ad hoc, were seened growing from which ever part still alive.

And "pasar malam" in Bangi was never dry with people. One get reminded of such "congregation" in Kg Baru in the late 1960's. But with full of fun and filling.


A Matter of Destiny

Dated 2010 Feb 20 Sat

It has been two and half years since I returned to where I belonged. Since 2007 Aug 7 Tue. Three and half months after I was detached from UKM in Bangi, 2007 Apr 20 Fri, on the first day of 57th. During the past twelve months, I felt a kind of time dilation compared to the first eighteen months. Perhaps, for a punctuation to reflect, on the reasons, the cause, and the courses. A very short time. But relative to the smallness of UDM, that twelve months were long.

A destination in a destiny.

The past serenity of savannic Kubang Badak. With shadowy gelam bushes, and cooling stream of clear water.

With the surrounding flatland to frolic with flora and fauna; and the giant pitcher.

The bridge-road crosses over a stream. The bridge-road now borders UDM and UMT. The stream, at the spot of Kubang Badak, since then borders Pok Tuyu and Tok Jembal.

Even though my office is in KOTA, off Batu Buruk Beach, the reflection refracted to this place, to the the point where I believed my father had prayed a lot for me when I was a small timid boy, tagging behind him. Sometimes on the carrier of his old rusty bicycle. On which, in the scorching heat, he carried me to the beachlands, to where my mother came from. So that I would grow up un-imperfect. Un-devoid of all the living skills needed from where he came from, and from all the kindness the kind where my mother came from.

Since the time he left in 1972, in my absence, while I had just begun wiggling in Kuala Lumpur, in a network like he knew it was the network, I could not stopped, from time to time, from being carried away into a "tarantism" with the place.

Kubang Badak and the adjacent Pak Tuyu along once the only road connecting Batu Rakit and Seberang Takir that passes Tok Jembal and Telaga Batin Airport, was my father favourite spot for a break on his way to or from the "pantai". The place was more "friendly" than Wakaf Padang because it was nearer to the dwelling places of Tok Jembal and Tanjung Gelam. The place was cooler, full of short gelams and "wet" by many clear water streams. Sometimes my father and I had "shower", and then we prayed together. At night, the place for some (because majority of them took only sea fish) became the fishing grounds for "keli pulut" and "keli panjang".

My father favourite spot disappeared to give away to the state of the art development. The place is now blessed unprecedentedly any where in the country. The road was widened and was lined by the wall-fence of two Universities. Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDM) KUSZA campus (ex-Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin), and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT - ex-KUSTEM, ex-KUT, ex-UPMT); a million miles away from the acclaimed "intelectual city" of Bangi in Selangor and Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

The whole area from Kubang Badak to Wakaf Baru is now known as "Gong Badak", beginning at UDM - KUSZA; then "Wakaf Tembusu" to Batu 6. UMT adopted the address of "Mengabang Telipot", the parent district of Kubang Badak.

I was destined to return nearly to the place where my father and I had a great frolic together. I believed it was a genuine destiny since I was made to wait for the KUSZA transformation to UDM in post-2006. Even with a waiting for my one-stop retirement from UKM. And especially for the gathering of all the mechanical elements for my destiny.

I noticed many times before. Instead of in mid-1990 to UMT, the next-door neighbour, which had evolved from a branch of a capital-based university into a full-fledge IPTA in early 2000, which had been so free from crossing my path despite all of the likeliness.

I thought I heard that a faculty is so pivotal, like a state in a federation of a country. And the dean of a faculty was said to be so powerful and blessful that the faculty's standing, short or tall, is the reflection of the dean. In a short time from 2007 Aug 7 Tue, when I set in, a step up 2008 Apr 1 Tue. Another 2009 Feb 1 Sun, and another 2009 Feb 16 Mon. By 2009 Mar 3 Tue, I was a wholesome. Right in front of all the eyes. Perfected by 2010 Jan 17 Sun. Perhaps an abstract of an epic of waiting 32 years 8 months and 8 days in UKM.

I began here. And I returned here. At a phase when my elder siblings began to detached themselves. In a bondage of blood. Exactly like I was in a way when I got myself detached. Azizah in exact phase when my father left leaving my mother to continue to go on. My destiny perhaps stops or peaks here.

Wandering to Re-Nourish the Soul

Dated 2010 Feb 28 Sun

Wisma DI and MBKT in the sunrise 2009 Feb 26 Fri from the seventh floor of Felda Residence.

And the bridge from the seventeenth floor.

And a fresh air in the morning on the beach of Kijal, once used to be very natural.

My kidos hired a tendem, and let me have a ride.

2010 Feb 21 Sun was a rush to Bilik Mesyuarat 1, KUSZA for the resuming monthly Academic Management Meeting which was paused for some times by the serial w/shops since 2009 Nov. New season, sort of. My long SAS buddy Dr Raja Daniel who travelled with me from KL yesterday, eventually reported for duty this morning. After quite a long 'agony' since last year end. Unfortunately, yet in Dr Ahmad Shukri Business Management faculty, with only the understanding that he would be partly serving FPB. He returned to KL by night flight after an ikan bakar treat at Bukit Tunggal. To resume the following week when all had settled in KL. Perhaps, this was another destiny, written since 1969 when we first met in SAS, and been through in our own separate path.

Feb 22 Mon was my first lecture, FDS 3023 Analytical Organic Chemistry, for this semester. Taking over from Asmaliza. There have been some kind of adjustment to the content of the course which made my previous notes obsolete.

Feb 23 Tue was rather free. As only the reading and proofing of two drafts viz the 2010 guide book, and the CRC of the J Agrobiotech. Both were handled by the staff. So I spent the time bracing for any error in the docs for tomorrow senate sitting.

Feb 24 Wed was the #20 Senate sitting. Very crucial for FPB for the eventual pegging of the details of both programmes in FPB. It was a great relief after the sitting. With both pogrammes, BAgricBiotech, and BAnimPH well ondorsed by the senate, and the former recognised by the JPA, I had accomplished the missions to furnish what were laid down by the founding dean of the faculty, Prof Manaf. The faculty is now "cruising" at a constant speed. Slowing though.

Unfortunately another matter had changed the day to an acid. A quick response turned the matter vitriolic. About which I have to persuade Zana down and cheer her up. The day closed to become a day I wished I still have my mother to go home to.

Feb 25 Thu, I chaired the Fac meeting. The first for this year. In a tainted mood from yesterday insult. But with every staff standing firm behind. To thank for those who had left. To welcome those had just joined. To make known that we are in the hardship year. As acknowledged by Dr Yeo according to his tiger CNY last two weeks. VK contributory lunch was occasionally special, two from the farm in Jerangau. After which I made clear to Dr Aied, in my office, of the need to get locally moulded.

The week closed with a set event for the visit of UDM new LPU chairman first descend to the campus from Feb 27 Sat. Interestingly to begin from Tembila. My instinct was that the 03 indirect connection. And as always, the impromptu dean show which cut out quite a large fraction of time for the preparation. While every one was at home, I was wandering to get the soul re-nourished.

Feb 26 Fri, continued to wander the spaces and places. Ultimately to rendezvous with kiddos in Kijal where they had planned for a good time in one piece together. Started off at near noon, prayer at Rantau Abang mosque, and a meal at Paka's 'nasi kukus'. The rendezvous ca 4.30 pm, Angsana B4A and B3A of Kijal Apartment in Awana Kijal.

After strolling the connected areas, one could notice that the original Kijal had returned to its "pingitan" state when the passing road was upgraded in the last ten years and was detoured to avoid the Kijal hill. The hill in 1965 that had jolted my anxiety with the story of the bus travel across it by my Kijal classmate Abdullah Che Din. Which was infinitesimal when I had my own in 1967 in Bentong on the way for the first time to Kuala Lumpur.

Kijal peripheries however had been 'developed' in congruent with other places along the coast. Especially Kemasik which connected Kerteh where the spring development began with Petronas. And with all the cost the locals could not afford. Many perhaps had forgotten the 70's local catch words of 4K - Kerteh, Kemasik, Kijal and Kemaman, in the receding order after Paka from Dungun. Because their "pingitan" had gone. Kijal undoubtedly would remain Terengganu for a little while more.

On the Beach of Kijal

Receding Taller and Bolder

Dated 2010 Mar 6 Sat

The visit by the new (the second for UDM) chairman of LPU had cheered up many people in the campus. Apparently and undoubtedly the NC, who disclosed his first acquaintance with the former in Birmingham, UK in the late 1970's. The time I was in Manchester. Cheering up a lot the latter. Unlike with the previous one. With whom many had heard of his hard life with.

A blip in the dark,

And another.

His descend nonetheless started in Besut, 2009 Feb 27 Sat, where the permanent campus is being built. In KOTA the 'reception' began with the Primula dinner 28 Sun, during which the MC was trying very hard to make to know to each other. Attended by mostly the 'managers'. Including the student reps, current, as well as previous.

Followed by 'an academic gathering' in LPU Mar 1 Mon, which took all half day to the lunch. Which took away my time for the FDS class. It was a bold compliment during my presentation of FPB that he addressed my first name, and NC acknowledgement of my 'transformation' for a commitment in the faculty. The emergence of the Faculty of Veterinary Science was impending. Especially with the then official letters to NC of the land use permission in all the marked spots in Telaga Papan, Chalok (both in Setiu) and Pasir Akar in Besut. All of which I believed were after a serious undertaking by the NC in his circles.

As well as during the noon meal time in the cafe. Right infront of the wordlessness.

I used the second half the Mon for 'resuscitation'. And conceded rather early. I was on the drive back to Kuala Lumpur with CB for the MatriQ matter in Dynasty Mar 2-5 Tue-Fri. Leaving the Faculty management meeting 2 Tue afternoon to The Deputy to conduct.

The MatriQ was not as merry as it used to be. There were abundant signs of difficulties, ununderstanding and uneasieness in both the organizing and the participation. It appeared that the only covalency that exist was the fun in commitment. Rather than the sense of deliverance. A phenomenon I have observed many times since long ago. A rose that was loosing the charm and smell in the hands of 'hanuman langur'. This was about the curriculum development. It would be very much below in the evaluation session in Apr.

The First Sign

Dated 2010 Mar 12 Fri

The scene I had always wanted to archive. Situated nearly mid-way along the developing Jalan Kamaruddin: from an access road to an "inter-city broadway". It represented the authentic mode of development of Terengganu people. Otherwise they were diasphoric inter alia.

It was quiet in the faculty, and in KOTA in general. Except the irregular sound of the unknown engines yelling for being squeezed in the construction site of the three-storey FPSK building. Which had stressed every one for the parking. The weather was hot, and sunny. The 2010 deswelled badget began to bite. And it began everywhere. The problem was some quarters would like to maintain the status quo. Some of ambitious type which stood did not tall enough. Who had to stand not on the ground to make it look as tall. Undoubtedly there were many who just could not comprehend the situation.

The rare serenity took us to Bukit Besar Mar 10 Wed evening, where I had not been to as regularly recently. Prof Dr Nordin Simbak, an orthopedic surgeon, a recent addition to FPSK, perhaps was for the first time.

The home weekend Mar 12 Fri was equally quiet. Followed by a week of school break from Mar 13 Sat. During which #678 spent their days in Terengganu. Including a dip in Sutera, Merang, Mar 16 Tue.

Windy and Windy

Dated 2010 Mar 24 Wed

A week of school break from Mar 13 Sat was expensed fully in Terengganu with my lower kids. Terengganu was rather windy and rainy during the period. Sphoradic and drizzling though. It cooled the air a bit for many walimah were held in the short week.

A break at Gambang was always a must. This time after a drive in WFV.

A SAS-ian 71, Mohd Nor Chik, droppend in for a surprise 'tri-tier' reunion. To his surprise Raja Daniel (Dr) had just checked in UDM.

Ascending Bukit Besar, on 'doctor's order', twice in the week, with kiddos. And recently rather frequent.

Mar 20 Sat was hectic. Too many things needed to be done on the day. The evening of which my visiting kids returned to KL with Muzani who arrived on the first hr of 19 Fri. That I had to miss the walimah of my Agriculture Head of Dept Dr Hasbullah in Bukit Depu.

An 'ikan bakar' treat at Bukit Tunggal the night before, 19 Fri,

Niza was contempleting to finalise off what she owned for good at Payang Bazaar.

And settling a 'kiss' on the back 'cheek' of a myvee while negotiating for the Bt 6 roundabout. 3H 24 Wed.

23 was deferred to Apr.

The week from 21 Sun was meandering the windy incovalency around the campus. It was like electrons around a nucleus of an atom. Very strongly binded at the inner shell, but very agile at the valency shell, where electrovalency and covalency swayed according to the nature of the incoming congener.

I had to turn down the request of MatriQ for the curriculum review 24-25 Wed-Thu at their place in Putrajaya for the very tight week.

Which preambled the flight to the land below the breeze.

To the Land Below the Breeze, "Ke Negeri Di Bawah Bayu"

Dated 2010 Mar 28 Sun

Borneo reminded me in early 1960's in my primary school days in Sek Keb Bukit Tunggal. My brother made the relief map of Borneo and won a prize during the school celebration day. He said because it looked like a dog-like cardavar. I did a similar one in 1963, for North America, but did not win any prize.

Seven thirty in the morning from Grand Borneo, the sun had already casted shadows. Its birth time was eight.

Mar 26 Fri, after two nights break at Sg Merab home, I joined the team in a two and a half hr flight, for the first time to "the land below the breeze". To Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Kota Kinabalu, for the sixth meeting of the Agriculture Deans. Which had entered into the writing phase of the 'halatuju' task, which needed times for continued w/shop. Commuting during the tasking period in the UMS Chancellery from Grand Borneo, in the One Borneo Complex. Which was rather very close to UMS.

The place once called Jesselton, the capital of then North Borneo. After 1963, together with Sarawak, it was termed East Malaysia. Where the sun rises one hr earlier than in the Peninsular. In mid 1980's, the one-hr difference was zeroed by holding half an hr in the east, and forwarding half an hr in the peninsular.

But the 'early morning' hr make the dwellers more prepared for their daily chorus. They do not rush in the darkness of early hours.

North Borneo was really once a 'sea dwellers' place. Thousands of islands connecting to many thousands more in the Philipines. The paradise for sea goers. Inadvertantly, the pearl were the 'gold' of the sea. Which currently 'archived' in the so-called Filipin Market of Jesselton, near the harbour. The rest of KK were very recent. One would not fail to trace some of it to as recent as Putrajaya era.

Hosted by the Dean of School of Sustainable Agriculture (UMS), Prof Ridzwan, a marine aquaculture expert. He managed to insert a dinner, on 27 Sat evening, in Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang. A rather exotic seafood eatery, perhaps the biggest in K Kinabalu. Judging by the site, the cultural live show and audience participation, the need for booking, the service, and invariably the price.

Undoubtedly, UMS has made up itself. From a UKM branch campus in 1975 in a temporary place, to a current permanent campus. With a branch in Sandakan, and perhaps somewhere else in the North Borneo.

And it has carved a niche too: the marine aquaculture of commercial ability.

The Fuls in The Myth

Dated 2010 Apr 1 Thu

Apr 1 is celebrated in various countries. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors, or sending them on a fool's errand, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible.

A mythological hope that the event was not deliberated on this day.

Traditionally, in some countries, such as the UK, Australia, and South Africa the jokes only last until noon, and someone who plays a trick after noon is called an "April Fool". Elsewhere, such as in France, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S., the jokes last all day. The earliest recorded association between Apr 1 and foolishness can be found in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (1392).

Many writers suggest that the restoration of January 1 as New Year's Day in the 16th century was responsible for the creation of the holiday, but this theory does not explain earlier references. And the matters become especially multilateral when the substance contains some mythological variants of invented story, idea, or concept, or an imaginary or fictitious thing or person with an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution.

Lingering indicisively ca 22,500 academia from 20 IPTA. Rounding 1426 (6.3%) of them who were reportedly of the highest level. And some more subordinates to fill the hall. In Putrajaya International Conference Centre (PICC). Judging by the number of attendees, it was quite a sum for the cost to be there for 2 hrs.

First aprilers are very susceptible to harbouring myth. Because acceptibility does not necessitate a thing beyond it. Such as that reading in english would degravitate the reader into a plasmic state, irrespective of the story. Similarly a contact with unseived foreign readers would osmosise the solvent with no effect on its pure state. And many more.

Once in a While

Dated 2010 Apr 8 Thu

2009 Apr 4 Sun ca 0915, on B373 MH 1326 #4A, above the clouds, closing Kenyir from KLIA. Captured by IXUS 8515, and photoshopped for clarity and contrast.

2009 Apr 4 Sun ca 0915, above the clouds, on MH 1326, closing Kenyir from KLIA. A full circle rainbow. Perhaps the one I saw in the car at Jenderam ca 0715 south-easterly, on the way to KLIA. Veryfying the fact that a full circle spectrum of light would appear a rainbow when viewed terresterially. A phenomenon when sunlight is refracted by a mass of water body, and captured on the contrasted 'screen' (beds of white cloud).

Which reminded me of the mechanic every time I was about to get a kind of migraine attack. It started with a duel with the light in a hot surrounding, such as in the open sunny afternoon day with a very small or no ventilation. My vision then captured a speck of light which began to flicker. Very discernable white on the black background when both eyes were closed. Closing one eye, or rolling the eyes, had no effect. Washing the face did not help either. The flicker seemed to be at a constant rate. Then a circle began to form with the border of the circle was made up of flickering points. And the circle was getting bigger and bigger. The objects seen inside the circle were more blurred, sometimes were very much lacking in contrast. Moving the eye ball did not affect the position and progress of the flickering circle. At this stage objects could not be focused. Putting on the glasses made things worse (I am a myopic). When the circle was at nearly full in the vision, I began to feel the ache in the head, not discernably sure where, but not the whole head. And I have to sit down, preferably with the eyes closed. In about five minutes, the flickering border of the circle was out of the vision. Then I felt a kind of relief, I felt a sweating a little bit around the eyes. The ache sometimes get more intense. The vision still blurred. So I had to continue to stay still until the normal vision returned. The whole episode lasted between 30 minutes to one hr.

On dueling with other starters, such as the chemicals or hot dusts or lacking of sleep, it was a normal ache, without the growing flickering blurred circle. The spotty pain usually started after several hours I was subjected to. And it lasted many hours. Sometimes up to the whole day and night.

Through the years, the best treatment to relieve the pain was to get into a fresh air. Perhaps more in oxygen-rich fresh air. I experience two guiding clues. The first, I never had a migraine in the sea, no matter how long in the sea, days and night, stormy, or calm, or windy, or simply rainy, or in the scorching heat. Even without a wash. Even with the smell of diesel engine, or the smell of the rotting fish-bait.

The second clue was an episode at night during a ride home many years ago, on the road in the forest of Bukit Lipat, not far from Seremban, N.S. (1995-1997 - I needed to dig out for the exact data). Which indicated another clue that something herbal could relieve a migraine. Which ended me up once and for all to a 10-mL bottle of lavender in 2004, to this date.

2009 Apr 8 Thu ca 0815, a stall after Tg Jafar junction, a place used to be called Tok Mir perhaps. On the way to Kusza Campus to visit the farm as well as to attend the F-case selection meeting. Stopped by for a 3.50 rm bowl of "laksam" for breakfast, and 1 rm "teh tarik". But not near enough to the one my mother did. I saw my mother did it, I think I could reproduce it. It was 0.50 rm during her time. And a cup of tea was 0.20 rm.

One of the dish my mother was known for during the last part of her life in the prefecture of our home. From which she survived her younger siblings while the elders were making up for a stand. During the time she decided to operate from home early in the morning rather than taking to Batu 6 market in the evening. With all the material ready, she would get up very early in the morning to prepare it. By seven in the morning, all were taken away by the stall operators. By nine, the stall operators said all gone. She would have a few hours rest, to re-begin preparing the materials in the late afternoon. For the next day.


Dated 2010 Apr 15 Thu

Dated 2010 Apr 12 2205 KLIA. From MH 1339 TGG KUL #2F. For the first time, ironically, on the same flight, but still for different purpose, with Dr Abdullah since knowing him 2007 Aug.

Back to KOTA afterwards, the much awaited results were eventually arrived. The Telaga Papan, Chalok and Pasir Akar. The site of the farms to be associated with the smaller one in Tembila. Many staff had viewed the places. 2009 Apr 15 Thu I led the Fac to be taken by the Besut Land Office to be shown the site in Pasir Akar for the integrated farm the faculty was planning.

From the land office to site. Through the FELCRA oil palm.

Bordering with MOA's longan/banana plantation, at which the Land Officer reminded us of the MOA undeliberability. And the PERHILITAN's campsite.

Only one side of the border is accessible.

But the real 'life' had yet to come. That would involve tracking, clearing for fencing, plotting, digging, planting, nursing, pruning, grooming, harvesting, etc, etc. With one common denominator that would attract every one: the spending. At the current rate and pace, I wondered whether or not it would become a deliverable during my time.

Further Nearer

Dated 2010 Apr 20 Tue

Today, exactly three years ago, 2007 Apr 20 Fri, my first day of 57, it was my first day out of the 'limelight', and was made into the retirement. It was. In UKM, my alma mater for 3 years 2 months 26 days, as well as my sweat-bath for 32 years 8 months 8 days. Since then I was better viewed in a shadow.

Which needed the object, the source of light, the direction of the shining light, and a contrasted plane to catch the shadow. Which invariably shape the silluette of the object shadow. And it is not impossible for one to see his own shadow. Unlike the impossibility of seeing his own face. Like this self-shadow of B373, 2009 Apr 14 Wed ca 0915, caught on the ground and in the full rainbow, ca 25K ft high in MH 1326 #3A KUL TGG, above the clouds, closing Kenyir from KLIA. Captured by IXUS 8515, and photoshopped for clarity and contrast.

My first day of 60, perhaps in a rare luxury. Which coincided with the last day of the first 2010 bienniel MatriQ congregation, which was in Residence of Uniten, Bangi. In which I was delighted to be given to lead the new programme, in which Chemistry was only a half, with only two subordinates, Azraai and Zukiman from KMP Jengka and KMP Pontian respectively. So it started a day late which had many buddys concerned when I was not with them in the initial sitting.

It was quiet in UDM. Sooner rather than later every one would get tired with repeating and rituals of undefined unknown. Both the subjects and especially the subjected. Many were in troubled water with this year 2010 deswelling.

For the exact reason that I would not want to start any such ritual. Which would raise more complicated questions than the actual simple answer.

Been watching this bird solo dancing in front of the entrance since the first time I was at this hotel, 2005 Nov 14. A cross between a magpie (in its agility and dancing) and a mynah (in its colour, but darker, and profile). Smaller then both.

First Friday in KUSZA Mosque

Dated 2010 Apr 23 Fri

After nearly three years of joining UDM. Which is now UDM Mosque, which was once the icon of KUSZA. Serving as far as Tok Jembal, for those who do nat match with the local traditional mosque. Been here for a few times though, but for solat-waktu.

Friday is the weekend in Terengganu. So every one has every time to prepare for the Fri noon. Self cleaning, fresh dresses, and all the time for it.

Boys are not in hurry to go to school, and no worry being snarled by the teachers for being late, and men of going back to the factory for fear of getting the "ponteng" remark. The father could tarbiah their children to the mosque. And a mother could see her boys in clean and fresh dresses being taken by her hubby to the mosque. And waiting for their return in an hour time. They all could stay still in the mosque and listen. They have only one place to go after that in their mind. Going HOME. That is the beauty of Friday in Terengganu.

In predeveloped Terengganu, every men and growing boys went to the mosque on Fri noon, except apek and his male decendents. In fact they were distinguished so by not going to the mosque on Fri noon. On other times they were indistinguishable in their dresses, their eating, their speaks, even their swearing. Now, these are history, Terengganu had developed. Except that the weekend is on Fri instead of Sun.

Receding From the Sea

Dated 2010 Apr 25 Sun

Since the ill-fated venture in 2000 Dec. And even during the most recent 2008 Jun 7. But sea-going is very desirous indeed. Most of the mysteries were actually originated from the seas and oceans. And will remain the source of mysteries to the day they dry up.

For the second time embarking through Marang LKIM's jetty. Six HRM, from three to dawn, in a fifty-nine HP trawler. Eight goers, plus a captain and a crew. #4 and #6 tagged along. The first time via here was 2008 Apr 30 Wed.

The skipper and the crew. Very spaceous and confortable vessel, geared towards more of goers carrier than a trawler. Very minimum gears on board.

First going east of Kapas for some bait on the second layer unjang.

Very small catch. The only fish I got, a small sardine not even fit for squidding bait.

As the night fall we receded to the squid ground closer to the land. It was not a good 'hunt' either. One fish an hour ago, and one squid two hours later. That made the day.

At wee hours, a rainfall, and the sea turned choppy. At dawn, we decided to call the day. And docked at the jetty, ca 5.30 am.

MiGHTy Mysteries

Dated 2010 Apr 27 Tue

2009 Apr 26 Mon, the rather hasty Senate #22/2010, the fourth this year. For the first time set in the afternoon sitting, 3 pm, With only TNCA available to chair. Which welcomed the new Registrar, Dr Nik Wan Omar, of FPPP, a senior 'KUSZAn' in 'hal-hal lain' agenda, after being alerted by the FRIT dean. Who was appointed since mid-Apr to unvacate the gap left by the previous Reg, six months less than his full term contract to Sep this year.

On time for the flight, for the first time tolled to Y class for TGG-KUL trip (which I upgd to C for 105 Hrm) by the 2010 budget grip, to attend the MiGHT forum 2010 Apr 27 Tue. Which was on biomass in Istana Hotel, down town Kuala Lumpur. With participation of private money-makers for harnessing the rest of the forest contents for energy. In full exposition with the European Commision agency on renewable energy, with the participating personnels were mostly from Rome. One spoke eagerly on processing the forest residues into pallets and exporting to Europe. Perhaps with the Imperial Roman implicit idea that the commercial scale machine be made-in Italy. Which was good if it were in 1940 Malaya.

Conversely, out of contact, the local counterparts spoke of the paper-actions available between the sea to the sky for the hand-to-mouth business community. And the constriction of mass producing the non-combustable objects due to the lacking of machinery. Not yet including the maintenance.

The meal in Taman Sari in the afternoon break was good. But the best was the high noon walk on the streets of down town KL, along the so-called golden triangle. Crossing Bukit Bintang's Sg Wang and Low Yat to Jln Hang Tuah LRT. On to Bandar Tasik Selatan for the KTM Komuter to UKM station. And was picked up for home in about one and half hr. I should have taken the monorail at Jln Sultan Ismail to complete the trip on public transport.

Such was the ideal of going to places in a highly brownic KL. Which needed only to maintain the mechanical running of it. And possibly extend it to more remote corners of KL.

I believe one day all the operations would be consolidated into one monopolying operators only: a GLC, just like other public utility. For non other than a fiesta of devour.

April End

Dated 2010 Apr 30 Fri

I took the liberty to close Apr at home in Sg Merab with all the kiddies, since returning for the eve of Mighty Mysteries Apr 26 Mon. Of course with the bugging FDS one hundred plus scripts to mark. Which were done before the eve of May day. Asri assisted at the end in keying. He had grown a boy somewhat. Lately he always ask when would I return every time I hugged him for Terengganu. And on this Apr end day, he was unreluctant to be taken by his sister to his SRA Lepai, instead of unsubtitutively by his mother. I was accompanying. But he still need his mother to go home to after every school. He still could not get out of his loneliness in spite of getting attach tighter to his next elders.

Every one was at home, bracing for CB's next phase to Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor in Banting which just began its first intake this year May 10 Mon registration. He had optimised his waiting time since late last year after the SPM exam. And was very handy and dependable at home. He has to move on. He knew. And the elders put up.

Something which I did not ask that I received sometimes early this year by courtesy of Prof Ambar who delivered it to my home from UKM where it was deposited. I tried to use it ca a month later, but the system at the premise off PKNS was down. It worked on this Apr end at the same place. I was hopped to the counter immediately upon a flash of the card at the turn tellar. But what if the tellar is auto-operated like the one in the Post Office? Yeh, half an hr later, that auto-tellar, damn it !!





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