Dated: 2010 Mar 28
To the Bornean Land Below the Breeze

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Mar 26 Fri, after two nights break at Sg Merab home, I joined the team in a two and a half hr flight, for the first time to "the land below the breeze". To Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Kota Kinabalu, for the sixth meeting of the Agriculture Deans. Which had entered into the writing phase of the 'halatuju' task, which needed times for continued w/shop. Commuting during the tasking period in the UMS Chancellery from Grand Borneo, in the One Borneo Complex. Which was rather very close to UMS.

The place once called Jesselton, the capital of then North Borneo. After 1963, together with Sarawak, it was termed East Malaysia. Where the sun rises one hr earlier than in the Peninsular. In mid 1980's, the one-hr difference was zeroed by holding half an hr in the east, and forwarding half an hr in the peninsular.

But the 'early morning' hr make the dwellers more prepared for their daily chorus. They do not rush in the darkness of early hours.

North Borneo was really once a 'sea dwellers' place. Thousands of islands connecting to many thousands more in the Philipines. The paradise for sea goers. Inadvertantly, the pearl were the 'gold' of the sea. Which currently 'archived' in the so-called Filipin Market of Jesselton, near the harbour. The rest of KK were very recent. One would not fail to trace some of it to as recent as Putrajaya era.

Hosted by the Dean of School of Sustainable Agriculture (UMS), Prof Ridzwan, a marine aquaculture expert. He managed to insert a dinner, on 27 Sat evening, in Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market Restaurant, Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang. A rather exotic seafood eatery, perhaps the biggest in K Kinabalu. Judging by the site, the cultural live show and audience participation, the need for booking, the service, and invariably the price.

Undoubtedly, UMS has made up itself. From a UKM branch campus in 1975 in a temporary place, to a current permanent campus. With a branch in Sandakan, and perhaps somewhere else in the North Borneo. And it has carved a niche too: the marine aquaculture of commercial ability which was supervised by Prof Ridzwan during its construction ten years ago.

The streets of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I imagined is very much different from the streets of once Jesselton of the North Borneo.

MH 2612 C 26MAR 920 CBZ 30K OK B09 1F KUL 0920 BKI 1155

In 'business' in UMS, for three consecutive days,

On the Streets of Jesselton, North Borneo

MH 2617 C 28MAR 1730 CBZ 30K OK A4 3A BKI 1730 KUL 1955 +0030