Dated: 2009 Jul 16
UDM Maiden Degree Conferement

Universiti Darul Iman Malaysia (UDM), the eighteenth IPTA, was born 2006 Jan 1. In Jul that year the first intake signed on their registration in two new faculties: that of Agriculture and Biotechnology (FPB), and Medical and Health Sciences (FPSK). Six other faculties were selvaged (FKI, FIT, FPPP, FRIT, FUHA, FBK) from the "terminated" Kolej Ugama Sultan Zainal Abidin (KUSZA), with all their students and staff, nearly em-block. In 2009 Jan, the nineth faculty was born: The Faculty of Food Technology (FTM). And this year also, 2009, the first graduate were ceremonied in the maiden degree conferement: that of the diplomas in FPSK. Together with who ever graduated, degree or diploma, from the ex-KUSZA facultes.

It was 2009 July 12-16 Tue-Thu in the Dewan Al Muktafi Billah Shah (DABS) in the KUSZA campus. The hall which was built for a college. The drum beat was heard as early as in late 2007, but the management waited for a near full ceremony, which on the way was impeded a little bit after the 2008 Mac GE.

It was planned to include the Proclaimation of the Chancellor, and also the Pro-Chancellor(s). By late Jun all were set and was at a near go. The ticking began with the announcement (after many days of 'rumour') by the Vice Chancellor Jun 4 Thu 2.30 pm in the Managers Management Meeting in the Dewan Persidangan, KUSZA Campus. Senatorial matters were settled in the long Senate #14/2009 Jun 14 Sun which was chaired by the NC with whom it was my first time after being shouldered with the faculty in Feb.

Which reminded me of the early degree conferement of UKM in 1973 Jun 23 Sat. Which I did not go because I was still in the third year. And the ceremony was held in the Parliament Banquet Hall, quite a distance away from the campus in Jln Pantai Bharu.

Back in 1973, PMSUKM putting up their shares, Zahari was holding the right end of the banner.

Enjoying the PESTA RIA of the 1st UKM Degree Conferement festivals, Jun 23-25, 1973.

The first batch (including my former room mate Wan Mohamed, in absentia) received their degrees (general), while continuing their study in the honours year (3+1 years). But the accompanying Pesta Ria, on the field of the Pantai Baru campus, the following Sun to Tue gave me a real unstressing periods, and especially the many weeks of preparation before that, as early as in Mar; full acceleration after the session beginning in late May. I really enjoyed joining the folks of the Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains UKM (PMSUKM) - I was in the committee, both the society and the Pesta Ria ad hoc committee - we were given several booths to run, and we ran it with full trottle. Every one was very excited with the first ever new event (to be anually) for the university. Each PMUKM's affiliate society were given the free hand to run whatever stall we would like to, and made some income for the society's fund, and we managed our own accounts from the beginning to the end of the festivals. Alas, in the end, it was just another fun-fair just like anyone in the entertaiment centres around Kuala Lumpur. It was regretted that Engineering faculty had to wait for another fifteen years to be formed in order to show to the public their creativities in such festival to be different from the entertainment centres fun-fairs. Nevertheless, the occasion was really the students' days and we fully enjoyed it with full participation.

I was in the degree conferement (Convocation) of 1974 June 8 Sat in the Banquet Hall of the Parliament House, the second time for UKM. My seniors received their Hons degree while my batch received the general degree. I received my degree from the late Tun Abdul Razak, the Malaysian Prime Minister who was the Chancellor of UKM. During this period we were more interested in the after-degree conferement; unlike last year when we were more interested in the convocation festivals. I presumed, the 2nd year students were like we were last year. However, we enjoyed the festival as much as they were.

Receiving the degree from Tun Abdul Razak, the University's Chancellor, Jun 8 Sat.

The last degree conferement I attended in Bangi, after a very many years of absent for a very touchy reason, was the 29th Ceremony 2001 Saturday July 7. Although I put on the academic gear, I did it for personal reason; it was for my #1daughter. Before that it was the Konvo #23 1995 Aug 6; and that was for my PhD student Zainal Abidin Harahap. During this occasion, I swore that I would not attend any more for the fac until the univ pay me back my dinner it owed. It was after the ceremony that I was enticed to follow the bunch to the admin building which ended at the banquet dinning. At the door, right among my friends and colleague (but they were no 'nonsensense' unlike me), I was stopped by the welcoming door-lady (who I knew) who knew me that I was not a senator. Apparently the lunch was for the senators only, not for the ordinary lecturers. I was ushered away! And I left in obedient; went to buy my own dinner. That was the price tag the university put on the ordinary lecturers like me: less than a convocation dinner for a senator. Before this event I usually like to attend the konvo ceremony, and rarely miss every year, because I felt sort of respected being paraded infront of the standing attendees in the mega-lighted hall DECTAR, in the academic regalia which I purchased in 1983 in England for none other reason, to wear it once a year and in only such occasion, and not for others. The last before that I attended was the Konvo #21 1993 Aug 6 Fri. My duly last convocation before retirement was that of #34 2006 Aug 11-17 Fri-Thu. Had it not for the touchy dinner, I would surely attend this ceremony; this was a last tango too, a last waltz in fact in UKM!

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