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2019G Diary

2019, The New Year

Dated 2019G Jan 10 Thu 4 J-Awal 1440H

We were in W-Tengah on the new year Tue. Asri opted to stay in Sg Merab with CB when we embarked on DRVTGG Dec 30 Sun. SB was in Germany in his final year undergraduate. In 2018 new year Mon I was in Sg Merab, 3-beranak, sans NA who was in TRG. Similarly the 2017 new year Sun. Conversely in new year 2016 Fri, I was with NA in Tok Jembal, while ALYA-CB-ASRI were in Sg Merab. 2015 was a transition. Masehi new year is not a break day in TRG, and thus it's the first day schooling for the 2019 session. A lot to plot in 2019.

KUZA-UDM-UNISZA made a return to the fold, to be a brief though, after an irreversible dissipating flash disconnection of 2014 Feb. NA reported for duty Jan 2 Wed, as a subst-LA for three months. She was very delighted that with it she could continue to be in the legal circle which she said she has just obtained the licence for the year 2019. NA's place of work is in the Chancellory, better known as PTM. Her description of her office matched exactly my ex-office during my Dean time when we moved from Kota, 2011 Jun 2, to my last Dean appointment 2013 Jan 31, after then I moved to AISHAH joining the FOOD TECH Dept where I belong, while in transition to move to Tembila Campus, until my last day UNIZA contract 2014 Feb 15.

In the while plantlets around the house of W-Tengah were tended to in the attempt to re-forest, especially in the backyard. The rainy season helped a lot.

A DRV to Kuala Besut, Jan 4 Fri, accompany-ing NA for a matter. Made an early start, the matter was swiftly accomplished. And thus made a visit to Kuala Besut Bazaar (for the second time - the first time was in 2015 or 2016) with an unexpected bump at the Terminal Cafe with the ex-MB, ex-Minister of KPT who manifested himself very dearly when UDM-UNIZA was mentioned.

Jan 10 Thu 4 J-Awal 1440H, the return DRVKUL with NA. The DRV was a replay of early years of my UDM contract, 2007 - 2008, before the Dean years beginning 2009 Feb 1. The setoff is Thu evening after working hr, arriving in Sg Merab home at m-night. Then, LPT2 was not yet for the public. KTRG-JABOR was either by the beach road, or by the so-called AJIL-JERANGAU-JABOR (AJJ 'h-way') to get the LPT1.

The Routine Reccured

Dated 2019G Jan 19 Sat 13 J-Awal 1440H

LOT 3082 'complex', of the 1983 acquisition, which had been dissected into ---316, on which my home and Abdul Rahman's were built since 1985, and --317, was signed, Jan 11 Fri 5 J-Awal 1440H, for perhaps third submission for individual titles, in RES MZ, B-Baginda. I still lost the back part though, and thus would retain the portion in ---317 as trump card. Bracing for the next hearing.

The weather in TRG was rather unpredictable. Sunny and rainy seemed alternating, days-wise, and time-wise of a day. The ground was wet all the time. Landscaping could not be embarked in W-Tengah. NA and TAV would manage herself in TRG like before her RYP-retirement, being made available three places she could reside while on contract with UNIZA. Sepetir, Tok Jembal, and W-Tengah.

Jan 12 Sat, DRVTGG again, as anticipated, with NA on a temporary enrolment in UNIZA, the working day is Sun to Thu, 8 to 5. ASRI accompanied. Traffic in MRR2 was unexpectedly light, the benchmark BANGI-GOMBAK was more than achieved. However the previous post and the post et seq apparently had posed challenges. It answered by flashing the light behind us after we passed in front of it, at 2130, unaware that we were making 130 in the dark of the night. The 'monster' was still alive.

Jan 15 Tue, the return DRVKUL with ASRI, and in WIRA, which had not been home in Sg Merab since it was stationed in Tok Jembal since CB acquired his BKD perhaps three years ago. WIRA in unanticipation, broke down just after the BKT GOH junction. Its alternator belt snapped off, stalling the engine when the battery ran out of current. The snapping off perhaps was before CHENEH where I rammed the engine to overtake a hauler. A friendly eatery owner KAK-DAH took to the nearby foreman, NUSI, of a week-old w-shop SAN ENTERPRISE. And the belts were replaced from the parts procured in BALOK. AWI Mok Teh Pah in Baserah was contacted, and informed. It was a try-ing experience with a 2-h delay, thanking that we were furnished with sufficient help, and it didn't happen at night. WIRA was HOME at last in SG MERAB, arrived just after garib.

NA AK-RETURNED home Jan 17 Thu night and stayed to 19 Sat evening, just like I was when in contract 2007 to 2014. CB-ASRI accompanied in sending off NA to KLIA. And on the way back, stopped by AEON MALL in NILAI, just opened the day before yesterday.

Jigging the January

Dated 2019G Jan 25 Fri 19 J-Awal 1440H

JAN had stepped into its second half. 2019 is in top speeding gear already. All three, TV, WLU, and WFV kept harping for non-optional attentions. And rather dearly. The post et seq was from the event on the dawn of 2019, rather outdated, just to fill the space.

NA eventually obtained the green light from the Bar effective 2019 FEB 1, with Sepetir address. To this far she was blessed with most of her wishes. And the most, being one the most senior around, she is still on hook with the TRG BAR. And thus, to M-SIAN BAR.

Jan 23 Wed, Alya et al returned home, not for any paticular break, just for an overnight.

Bye-ing January

Dated 2019G Jan 31 Thu 25 J-Awal 1440H

In the fast fading January, Jan 25 Fri, a DRVTGG, alone in WIRA, to the waiting NA. And again JABOR-JERANGAU was not missed. Freshly arrived in TRG, Jan 26 Sat visited MANIR SATURDAY BAZAAR, and this time with NA, practically was just for a nostalgic visit. Just like any other "Pasar Pingitan" of the traditional nature, Manir was losing to similar time change. No particular produce is lustrous enough for the weekly attraction, except perhaps the traditionally processed tobacco. Just like MON-&-THU TEPOH BAZAAR which closed down perhaps in 1970's when logistic to KTRG was in order.

Tobacco bourse in Manir Saturday Bazaar

Cf, Tepoh Marketplace, captured in 2001, abandoned

Done in W-Tengah while watching the receding Jan.

But more was in SEPETIR. It started with the plumbing matters. First the stop-cock leak at the meter. Then the non-stop overflow, followed by the air-trap-created piping. And lastly in the ceiling, the outlet stop-valve. Finally the water flow in the master-bath which needed the release of air-trap. POK SID helped all along. He took two evenings, and another night touching up in W-Tengah, resuming from where he left since 2015 ca.

The surrounding changed as desired by the people, but some people do not change accordingly, and thus created a Change Differential.

The worse was noted while on the plumbing matters in the ceiling. The roof structure, KEKUDA, had cracked, and would break off any time by an extra straw weight. RIPIN was summoned, and luckily he was immediately available. Jan 30 Wed the procedure was rolled out with procuring the materials, especially the timber. The job was not a 4-man one-day job, and in TRG Fri-Sat are the weekend.

I started Jan in TRG, and ended it in TRG too. NA was a month experienced in non-private legal circle, from the lowest level.


Dated 2019G Feb 8 Fri 3 J-Akhir 1440H

The roof in SEPETIR dragged into FEB. It needed a massive structural reinforcement with new, and stronger timber. The amount of work needed was much much more than initially anticipated.

Feb 7 Thu, AK6221-2120-RETURNED to Sg Merab with NA, at night, leaving WIRA in standby as before in Tok Jembal. CB fetched us in KLIA2. NA was for an RYP reminder, perhaps the last, in MMIP Damansara, the following day Fri. The home perimeter in Sg Merab needed a lot of attention. It's been a long time since my last by air, perhaps one, or two more after this 2016 flight. My Enrich was downgraded from GOLD to SILVER to BLUE for many years already.

CB-ASRI was on a DRVTGG in Nissan, Feb 2 Sat, CB said taking Jabor-Jerangau as well. Rendz-ed in SABASUN, and settled in W-Tengah. A couple of hr earlier, RUBY et al, checked-in Tok Jembal. They setoff much earlier, and were in Temerloh by sun-rise. CB and Ruby were on leave on Feb 4 Mon. The school break was all the week through to Feb 10 Sun.

MALINI et al arrived in TOK JEMBAL Feb 4 Mon, in the evening. And all gathered in W-Tengah Feb 5 Tue for a lunch. On conceding, CB-ASRI DRVKUL-ed in Nissan. He said he would like not to miss the AJJ as well, most likely from Bukit Besi.

CNY M-sia break was Feb 5-6 Tue-Wed. Nobody took notice of the break in TRG. Even h-wares were opened. Took Ripin, after the short job in Sepetir, to resume in W-TENGAH. Started with the SILING LAYANG, Feb 5 Wed, from the back of the house, circling anti-clockwise.

A Packed Mid February

Dated 2019G Feb 19 Tue 14 J-Akhir 1440H

Being in between the need to be in W-TENGAH to monitor the siling layang which was a quarter in progress, and Sg Merab matter of the 2nd HEARING in Salak Tinggi Land Office the exact date of which was not yet fixed.

In the while tended to the perimeter of the house, MOWING to maintain the primary-ness, especially at the back border which appeared neglected by the neighbouring owner.

Including in TOK JEMBAL, Feb 15 Fri, with an overnight.

Feb 10 Sun, NA, on leave on record, AK6220-1955-returned to Trg. I AK6228-1215-tagged behind, Feb 12 Tue. Hiked RUBY, on her way to USIM, detouring to KLIA2. ASRI, again opted to stay in Sg Merab.

Feb 16 Sat, a day trip to Jerteh, accompany-ing NA. A drop at the Medan Baru for the SERINDIT, a look at the Tok Bugis Orchard, and finally NA updated her matters in P-Panjang home. And collected some ole2 of plantlets for W-TENGAH. Coconut, manggis.

Feb 19 Tue AK6221TGGKUL2120-returned, solo, to Sg Merab for the 2nd hearing of ditto matter, with only two days notice by the surveyor, even though on reaching home the invitation letter was dated Feb 8. The ride in AK was very pleasant. Apart from being hi-ed by the newly minted TRG BAR CM, my 31E seat was promoted to any of 1-2, A-F. I chose 1E, then seeing still many vacancies I jumped to 1D.

The Cold of Feb End

Dated 2019G Feb 28 Thu 23 J-Akhir 1440H

LOT 3082 showed some lights of eventuality, Feb 20 Wed 15 J-Akhir 1440H, in the 2nd HEARING in Salak Tinggi Land Office. All parties were present. The last was made to sign the pre-comp. The first hearing was last year 2018 Oct 31 Wed during which the presence of NA, and her pre-efforts, especially in preparing the documents, and consulting her link-ed independent surveyor, were very significantly detrimental. It was a long process since 2016 Sep 4, and that was a re-organised 2015 Nov 1 of the 2nd attempt after the 1st attempt in 2014 Feb and earlier.

Feb end was actually with a heat wave, always blue sky, with only occasional thin clouds. It may sound bad, but this is a tropical land of a rain forest type. A heat wave is usually a temporary happening. In the net another form of heat wave took place. The Semenyih 4-prong PRK of Mar 2 Sat, which could become a phenomenon. The media were full of satires, from both sides.

Feb 28 Thu 23 J-Akhir 1440H, NA was on board an MH, homing for a rather extended early Mar weekend with a leave on Mar 3 Sun, and TRG Installation Anniversary break the following day Mon. She narrated strange things happened in her working place during the past ten days.

March the March

Dated 2019G Mar 3 Sun 26 J-Akhir 1440H

ANK2 organised a gathering, collecting all together, six, the Feb-Mar B-Day. Some belated, others forwarded. Mar 1 Fri 24 J-Akhir 1440H, all were home, at night in Sg Merab, including Adik-Jo, except Edi and SB. The former in TRG, and the latter in Germany. Nonetheless, Fri evening was a rather hectic gathering.

Mar 2 Sat, was the Walimah weekend. First that of Dr Suriah, an ex-colleague during UKM time, in BANGI CONVENTION CENTRE. Then, of NIK MUKTASIM, another ex-UKM colleague cum-neighbour, in PERANTAU HILL. RUBY accompanied in both cases. Some ex-colleagues were noted, from both UKM and UPM as the hosts were ex of both U. But alas, all were just hi-ing. Notably Ramli Jaya and Wan Aida of UKM, and Prof Zul, and Prof Nasir of UPM.

A Re-Cruise

Dated 2019G Mar 9 Sat 2 Rejab 1440H

Mar 4 Mon, DRVTGG with NA, and most importantly was in WFV. The last time the Merc was driven to TRG was 2017 Dec 23. It then went through a very bad poor condition. The non-firing cold start engine. The leaking power steering oil. The over-heating. The leaking auto-gear oil. In 2018 Jan, it went through a massive check up in DUTA PAKAR in 4-TAMBAHAN. But its return was only after going to SRI KEMBANGAN in 2018 Nov, for the second time, to have the over-heating, and the gear oil leak fixed.

The DRVTGG cruising was very pleasant, weather-wise, very light traffic. If I were alone, I would have taken the AJJ route, avoiding the 24rm LPT2. TRG was very dry. The grasses were brownish, signs of non-rainy season. Blue sky, very thin clouds. For the first time WFV was parked under the unlimited shadow of the house in W-Tengah.

There was no response from RIPIN, Tue-Thu, about bringing the PLASTER MAN, to see the job quantity at the house and the upah. I was waiting for three days.

Mar 7 Thu 30 J-Akhir 1440H, a small impromptu rendz. MD SOOT w-msged that he's to see JALIL in Marang, taking SHUKOR YASIN from Dungun, and would like me to join them. Jalil, Md Soot and I were classmates for four years 1967-1970 in SAS. I have not seen SHUKOR since after our HSC in 1970 Nov in SAS. He's Md Soot's class mate in southern Johor before coming to SAS in 1967. From the beginning of his career, Shukor embarked in FELDA, and he said being posted in the vicinity of Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. During which in one instance he landed in AJIL, and get married to a lass. He settled in Dungun to his retirement, with four children.

The symbol of tangible Election Manifesto, only in TRG. It happened in PRU 1999. In 2018 the PRU of similar result was repeated. The symbol was standing there. Tall, witnessing.

We'll Meet the People We've Met Before

Dated 2019G Mar 18 Mon 11 Rejab 1440H

Mar 10 Sun, a return DRVKUL, solo, and in WFV. Arranged with RAZALI in Dungun to stop by for a visit. But the main intention was to have him in company to visit AZIZAH MOHD, who I have not met since we parted in 1965, staying nearby him, an F-1AM classmate in 1964 Sultan Sulaiman, and F-2A 1965 Padang Midin. She contacted, 2018 Sep 5 Wed, quite sometimes after the AWANA RE-UNION in 2017, she said from the info in the net she asked her ank to search, the event she would have joined had she knew in advance. The visit was rather brief, but completed with the invocation of our dearest teacher CheGu Saadiah, to whom Azizah said she went to visit her at her son's home in Shah Alam, as did I in 2006 Jun 18 Sat in her home in Kapar, Klang.

RANTAU ABANG, and KUALA ABANG, two nostalgic place-names, neighbouring, on reaching DUNGUN by the beach route, once upon a time were very breezy vacant beach-land. Mok Ngoh, my father's sister always reminded me of (paternal) relatives staying in Rantau Abang, and my mother reminded me of (maternal) close relatives staying in Kuala Abang. Somehow I never met any of them. My elder brother did.

The rest of the DRV was by the beach road before taking LPT1 in Jabor to KL. Gombak toll was congested, and all along MRR2 with never ending h-way constructions.

Bangi was equally under the heat wave, especially in the afternoon to early evening. However, on some days, some very thin drizzling fall, but not enough to cool down the day heat.

Mar 14 Thu, NA MH-hopped home for the weekend, and for some matters relating to her career. On Fri it was about the APP of e-filing that needed to be bought, and installed. And Mar 16 Sat, the BAR AGM in Ampang. And hectically AK-hopped back to TRG in the evening of the same Sat.

The Great Expectation

Dated 2019G Mar 31 Sun 24 Rejab 1440H

The week from Mar 23 Sat was the School Break Week, consuming the rest of Mar. NA skipped the Sg Merab home weekend of Mar 22-23 Fri-Sat. She was at the onset of starting her own firm in TRG, to keep her profession alive in the registry.

Mar 23 Sat, took ASRI to IUKL, at the CENTRUM, accompanied by CB, for next phase of his trial of life, with a lot of doa for the hope that the time had healed. It was a swift processing, unlike the IPTA. Offer letter was issued almost instantly for a 2.5y CIT204-DVIM at ca 30k.

Mar 28 Thu, ALYA et al returned for a home weekend. And that had gathered all others et al sans SB, and understandably Hanief, and Edi, who was in TRG with his boys.

Met during the Cenering walimah a long time I have not met, that he could not remember me, the boy-buddy in the growing home of Kalang Arang in the 60's before I left for the hostel-life. RAJA MAT RAJA JUSOH. As I remembered the last time we met was in Pasar Payang in the era the pasar was still on the ground. He was having his meal.

Being in the school break week, Walimah-es were every where. Mar 24 Sun, attended the Walimah in Dewan Bankuet UPM, of Dato Dr Abdul Wahab, a UKM colleague in brief of the 80's who turned into a successful industrialist. Being in that personnelity, ex-UKM staff were only a fraction, but crossed down to the blue-collars, during which I met a few, and reminisced the days we were in UKM. All walimah-es in TRG on the same day were missed.

Mar 27 Wed, took ASRI to IUKL again. Registration, and became a full time IUKL student. Through to the end of the weekdays, it was the INDUCTION PROGRAM.

Mar 29 Fri DRVTGG, solo, in Merc. Bye-ed by ALYA et al who would leave for JB tomorrow, and RUBY et-girls who would stay through to the weekend. Told Asri to inch on to be by himself, starting from next week Apr when the lecture commence. The drive was slow in MRR2, as always due to the unending h-way construction. Traffic after Gombak was rather heavy, with many giant haulers, but beyond Karak the drive was pleasant, including weather-wise, and at Jabor exit, took JJA. However, after Muktafi, it was drizzling, and turning to heavy rain after Dendang, and was really heavy through Jerangau with cars in a single pile. The rain stopped after Jerangau, the sky was clear again. KTRG was cool. Joined NA in W-Tengah.

Mar 30 Sat was a series of KENDURI of NA's acquaintances. Started in Gong Badak, the wedding of a younger brother of Umi who is NA's ex-subordinate in RYP. Then in Masjid Raja Cenering, for the wedding NA's fellow AJK of TRG BAR. And finally in off-Jln Budiman, in Padang Negara, NA's buddy kesyukuran. The day was a full-day.

Ended Mar, Sun in W-TENGAH with the visit of POK MADI, the PLASTERMAN Ripin helped to arrange. Ripin called on last Fri when I was in DRVTGG, introducing him. And today he dropped in to quantify the job of plastering to accomplish, and estimated the cost. He agreed to my offer, having no mixer of his own insisted that I rent one.






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2019G Diary