Dated: 2019 Apr 15 Mon 9 Shakban 1440H
Durian Blossom

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After my employment in Unisza ended in Feb 2014, I kept my interest in following the LADANG UNISZA PASIR AKAR development, as a kind of enjoyment and satisfaction. During my visit to the farm, 2016 Mar 9 Wed, I planted a DURIAN tree. The MUSANG KING. The durian tree I planted is my 'ghost', watching for me. My last visit was 2018 Jan 26 Fri. Today revisit, 2019 Apr 15 Mon, was with mixed excitement with its new phase of development. It has blossomed, merely after exactly THREE YEARS of planting. NA accompanied. And for the first time she's been to the farm.

A well managed santuary was established for the farm. The security was in a proper post, and functioning. I was asked for an ID. And the vehicle was dipped in a pool of disinfectant before entering the farm area. At the rendezvous point, two of the farm staff hi-ed me, they remembered me well. They were helping me in 2016 Mar when the plantlet was 'sew-ed' into the soil.

On the exit, the img of the flower buds of the durian gathered my excitement into anti-climax. The tree is in new phase. The production phase. The durian fruit is the king of the fruit. At the current mood, the fruit could attract up to 75 rm/kg, thus one fruit could fetch a quantum of hundred rm. When the trees began to give the fruit, and the fruits began to 'broadcast' the smell, the sky of UNIZA FARM began to emit a strong infrared, detectable as far as Putrajaya. When the fruits began to ripe, the right to ownership become applicable. In its natural existence, who owns the land, owns the tree, irrespective of who planted the tree, except if gazette-ed otherwise. At the end of the day, when one is of no interest to any one, who care who the one is.

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